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Issue 7

Monkey Girls
February 7, 2000

Hello Hello. First off, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to all those people who were Blessed this day last year (1999), including Konni! One Year, good job…. just keep it going…

All's well. It's FINALLY Blessing-Korea week.

But before we go, we leave you with a pre-Korea issue. We were both in a rush so in ends up we're just putting up our STF/PLA updates and the regional updates will be basically taking verbatim from our sources. Daniel oppa sent us this update on the Guatemala and it's AMAZING what they're doing over there, LA apparently has been feeling left out in our issue but now you can all about what they're up to.... And for those of you who are concerned about PLA 2000 and outside participants, Robert Kittle sent some words on that. Anyway, read on...


Ok so, well by now you all probably know all the matches. CONGRADULATIONS!!! ( to the new couples) All the MFT members were at UTS, finishing up a 5 day Divine Principle and sports workshop. They are at this momeK. Rattleylane out of NY to Korea. The Chicago PLA members still have some last minute classes and small details and we will be leaving this evening. We will be participating in the World Sports and Culture Festival (great joy) and... David Stein and Mlane out of NY to Korea. The Chicago PLA members still have some last minute classes and small details and we will be leaving this evening. We will be participating in the World Sports and Culture Festival (great joy) and... David Stein and MK. Rattleyill be in the Mr./Miss University Pageant, we'll be at the BLESSING (duh) and yeah so our schedule's PACKED. Is there anything else? Oh, Mo Sook Park and Kenji Watanabe, Bowney Jones and Fong Luu, Matt McCoy and Teri Davin and Jago Gavin and ill be in the Mr./Miss University Pageant, we'll be at the BLESSING (duh) and yeah so our schedule's PACKED. Is there anything else? Oh, Mo Sook Park and Kenji Watanabe, Bowney Jones and Fong Luu, Matt McCoy and Teri Davin and Jago Gavin and K. Rattley finished teaching five week courses at the Chicago Public Schools... Actually Bow and Fong and me (Tamami) and John (Prevost) still have classes right after Korea.

Non-UC Participation on PLA 2000 by Robert Kittel

Thanks for your inquiry about Pure Love 2000. Yes people that are not UC members can participate in the summer tour. We have had this on each of our previous tours. However, it is not easy -- in many ways.

First, the schedule is tough. Literally. To make the program work smoothly individuals have to be willing to make personal sacrifices, i.e. sleeping on gym floors or even in parking lots, or sometimes only an apple for lunch, or getting up very early in the morning to make it to the next city on time, etc. Marching and rallying is also physically demanding too.

Secondly, although we try to be sensitive to this situation, we operate in an Unificationist culture. We don't mean it to be that way, but it may seem alien to non-UC members. The more they know about us and our teachings the easier it should be to find common points of interest.

Thirdly, Second Generation children are an awesome group. They have such a common bond and love for each other, they form groups and friendships easily and deeply. Remember they often meet each other at holy days and at summer camps. They constantly communicate on email. So when they finally get together, they naturally bond. This, as you can imagine, creates a problem (more correctly a misunderstanding) with new people. Again it is not intended, but it happens nonetheless.

That said, we are encouraging non-UC participation on the summer tour. This can take place in several ways. They could take part in the local event, when the tour is in their town. This will be a great experience. There will be the marches, rallies, public speaking, music and entertainment, a social service project and, the unique element added this year, a teachers' training workshop in each of the cities we visit. They could participate in the US portion only. This will be the first two weeks of the tour.

More importantly, how could we bridge the gap between the UC and non-UC cultures? First if a non-UC person is attending the tour (not just participate in a local event), they must have a close UC-friend, whom they've connected with already go with them on the tour. Also the non-UC participant should have a clear understanding about the UC, the PLA and the purpose of the tour. He or she should be of a good character with a written recommendation from the state leader or regional director. The more they know about us, the easier it will be to bridge that gap. Especially, if their local (non-UC) pastor supports UC or FFWP activities, this too will be a great assist to the participant.

We, as tour organizers, will try to be more sensitive and need to learn quickly. Help, suggestions and support in this area will be greatly appreciated.

PLA Guatelmala -Daniel Bessell (edited)

We have started PLA Guatemala in September 97 after the PLA tour in The US and we have since than had a lot happening we taught in the first school in October 97.

Every year since then we had something like a national tour. The '98 tour we basically had a mix of school teachings and public demonstrations (rallies) in '99 we started a radio program in one of the Departments of Guatemala and kept it for a bout 2 months and we had weekly additions! In '99 we also were invited to national radio and some people responded to our radio program one of the people who responded also is continuing to teach PLA thought on the radio!

Since we had a lot of good result in the Departments we now are working more in the Capital in Guatemala and we are teaching in one, sometimes two schools in a week and after the blessing we are preparing the tour 2000! Last week we received a special permission from a government supervisor of school education in one of the Departments. It allows us to teach in school before we always need a special invitation from the director but from now on we can just tell the school officials in that area when we want to come and we can give our education!

We are one of the first countries to finish the goal of 120 public rallies in Central and South America.

We finished our goal about 4 months ago!

To reach our goal and to be able to do the rallies we rebuilt a van. It is a Dodge ram 15 seats and we built a special platform like a stage on the roof and some other stuff so we just drive thru a city with PLA volunteers on the roof an a PA system and than we park in the central park of the city or the market place and just let the people come to us by playing music and giving PLA speeches! We so could do a lot of demonstrations or rallies with very few people sometimes only 2 of us reach thousands!

In the past weeks we have been focusing on matching candidates and fundraising which is not so easy in Guatemala! We have two 2nd .generation applications from Guatemala but they probably did not get matched but we are still hoping!

We are planning a big RYS program in July and a conference in May and are hopping to bring people from PLA in to RYS!

We opened a new CARP center 4 months ago and it is located inside the biggest university of Guatemala and it is set up to be a cafe and study and Video center it is very small but is growing slowly!

In Santiago Atitlan that is a very poor city in the country side and a place were CARP from the US used to have World student service programs. we just finished a new school building for our elementary school which is visited by mostly orphan children!

Los Angeles - Masami and Akemi (slightly edited)

On God’s day the 2nd gen's (7-11th grade) did a play in front of the 1st gen's.

It was called "the night before God's day" just by the title you'll know what it's was about. Jeanine was the main star for this. The whole script was written by Jeanie and me (Masami). Jeanie was the main director, she worked very hard typing up the script, making sure everyone knew their lines and to see if the make-up and costume were ready. We had to do this all by our selves, with no help from the adults or older onni's and oppa's. Basically it was made by kids only. i think it was real good and if a famous producer saw us, we would be on Broadway right now. (haha).

After God's day Jesse utter had this huge party for the high schoolers. We all had a blast. the LA girls are gonna have a kick-back party at Akemi's house. It's mostly like a stress releasing, no more finals..., have fun party. All of us (Caroline, Jeanine, Akemi, Masami, Karen, Jeanie, Jinae, Amina) are gonna go watch a movie, do kareoke, go ice skating, then the next day go swimming at Masami's house.

Oh yeah, our beloved Josh has gone back to NEA. we all wish him the best of luck there and to keep warm. also! Chris stein is gonna visit L.A. on February 6th.

last time you only mentioned people from Arizona and Texas. well we had people from Washington state, Oregon, Canada, Nevada, New Jersey, different parts of Cali. (Ares & Jove).

Josh and Shawn had a birthday party for their 16th birthday. They had it after church, inviting all the high skoolers. It was pretty fun.

Thanks girls!

Washington State - Miwa

(This was something from earlier we forgot to mention. sorry !!!) I just wanted to let you guys know that the varsity cross country team that Bobeya and I are a part of won the Washington State Championships!! I guess that's kind of a minor compared to all the exciting stuff you guys are involved in right now. But, we worked really hard for this and ran for God, True Parents, and we ran the State race for Young Jin Nim. At that race, Bobeya got 3RD PLACE overall!! there were 72 runners. i was 18th. So, there are a couple of moonies at the top of the high school cross country scene.


The DC crew just had a PLA meeting yesterday (the 6th). Apparently a lot of them are coming on the Tour. ALL RIGHT! They also had a bake sale to raise money which was a big success. AND they’re planning a ski trip! How nice, right?

I feel like we're forgetting something but. Well that's it for Issue 7 this week. let us know what you're up to and.... we'll tell u about Korea next next week.


Kone-Doggy-Dawg (Konni) and Ta-Monkey (Tamami) signing off 

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