The Report on the Seminar in the Spirit World for 120 Communists

by Young Soon Kim

The Report on the Seminar in the Spirit World for 120 Communists [Part 5]

Received by: Ms. Young Soon Kim
April 18 to May 9, 2002
Campus of Sun Moon University
Asan, South Korea

97. Sam Ryong Kim (1910-1950, the chief organizer, and later the chief executive, of the Southern Labor Party, arrested by police and sentenced to death.)

"The life of the Communist comrades in North Korea should be changed."

Why was I so rapacious? So what if I had had only a little? Why did I seek after nothing but the highest and supreme position? I was completely ignorant of God, who created man, and I thought that all is to end when we die. I was the victim of an illusion about life. I was the slave of an ideology. I have never dreamed of the afterlife and now I am living here in spirit world. I cannot return to the Earth, and it is of no use however much I repent of the past. All things take their courses here. Nobody forced me to come here, but I came on my own two feet. I am in a hut on a hill in the endless desert. I have always wandered in the desert like a gypsy. Very rare travelers glimpse me. I have been a beggar here.

And then a hand of love sought me out. I heard a message that an opportunity of special amnesty would be given to Communist theorists, politicians and followers, if they attend the lecture on Unification Principle and follow its teaching. I couldn't make up my mind whether to go or not, but at last I decided to go and attend it. I hesitated once again whether to go into the lecture room or not, because I was wearing the attire of a beggar. But I found that there were various clothes available, and so most of the people changed into them and went into the lecture room. I followed suit. I really made a good decision. Unification Principle and Unification Thought deeply moved me, and I thought the new truth is the real truth of the highest dimension, and that all intelligentsia have to listen to it.

Most of attendants were deeply touched and shed lots of tears. We cannot help crying over God's sorrow and suffering given to save man through the providence of restoration. We cry over Reverend Moon's way on the providence to be enthroned ultimately as True Parents. We cry over his life of imprisonment in North Korea, South Korea and America. These things move us deeply to tears. I am really sorry that I know this fact only now. God! Please forgive me. Now I know I lived a wrong life. Now I, a prodigal, know about God's heart. Now I feel your heart and the history of Providence. Now that I know You, I will live as a filial son from now on.

Please Reverend Moon, True Parents, save your countrymen in North Korea! I'm determined to serve True Parents and follow your directions with my whole heart. Listen! Comrades in North Korea! Please serve Reverend Moon and follow him. Though on Earth, you don't know yet what he is. Here in the Heavenly world we all know him plainly. You should wait upon True Parents and arm yourself with Unification Principle and Unification Thought. Ex-President Il-Sung Kim is together with us. Please make of our life here a lesson for your life on Earth. Man's Creator and Parent is the very God. God existed even before I realized His existence. God is not only the God of Christianity but also the God of humankind. God truly loves my Communist comrades and then He gave us a special opportunity. You should change your life direction before it's too late. Don't forget the fact that the afterlife clearly exists. I pray that you should live the right life on Earth and then meet us here in the eternal world. Sam Ryong Kim, May 5, 2002.

98. Heon Young Park (1900-1956, First secretary of the Communist Party of young people in Shanghai, news reporter of Dong-A daily newspaper, general secretary of Chosen Communist, general director of politics in the department of Chosen People.)

"I will do my best as God's child to unify Korean peninsula."

I found out that God and the afterlife exist. God is our Parents and we are His children. The Unification Principle altogether shook me, a Communist, out of my false knowledge and beliefs. I realized that all of us are brothers and sisters with one Parent. However, we turned our backs upon each other and aimed guns at each other as though we were enemies. I desperately ran after political power. The glorious life on Earth has become nothing here. It didn't help anything here. Now I regret that I have lived a false and empty life on Earth.

Here in the Heavenly world, the murderers and the murdered are sitting together and listening to the Unification Principle in the same lecture hall. Now we have come to realize that human ignorance of God's sorrow and suffering resulted in enormous disasters in human history. How sorrowful and bitter God has been to see Hell! God! I confess my fault and sin on Earth. I would like to go to Hell again to witness to the truth that God is our Parents. I felt deeply God's sorrow and pain from His children's disloyalty to Him. God! I did wrong. Reverend Moon as True Parent, gave us the special chance to receive pardon and to liberate the Communist world, and so we will band together in oneness centering on Godism. I want you to put Unification Principle and Unification Thought thoroughly into practice on Earth, and prepare yourself for the afterlife. God! I come here now. From now on surely I will do my utmost to help unify South and North Korea. Heon Young Park, May 5, 2002.

99. Zoo Ha Lee (1905-1950, arrested during socialism movement in Geeba hyun, entered the preparation committee to reconstruct the Chosen Communist Party, organized the Communist group in Won San, arrested with Sam Ryong Kim, who was the central border area member of the South Chosen Labor Party, sentenced to death after the Korean War.)

"Unification Principle is the new Gospel to all men in the world."

What word shall I speak first? Korea is a sacred land and Koreans are a blessed people. I am a sinner who is not qualified to say anything as a member of a sacred country. As for me, my egoistic greed was the root of my sin. God! I lived wrong. I didn't know that there is God as my Parent. I hurt many people's hearts out of my avarice. I never thought that I would receive the punishment after the wrong life on Earth. I didn't know what is right and wrong, and so my life was like that of animal. In my life here, I haven't been treated as man.

But God pardoned us and opened a new way to us because He is our Parent. There is nothing I can say except to express gratitude, deep gratitude, and shame. I am resolute to tell the people on Earth that there is certainly another world in which we live forever after death. Here in the education center for Unification Principle and Thought it is a snug, comfortable and peaceful spring. The lecturers are very humble, gentle and mild. And their hearts are full of love. Here in the spirit world, I have so far roamed aimlessly filled with fear, anxiety, fretfulness and horror. It has rained heavily in the darkness. But now I am at peace and in comfort, as if in a trance. Unification Principle captivated me. It was like symphony from the sky. I can't believe that there is the place like this in the world. At the same time I could not avoid the feeling of shame and regret about the past.

God, forgive my disobedience to you in the past! Reverend Moon found Unification Principle in spite of enduring many threats to his life. It is neither Communism nor capitalism, but the new Gospel to save humankind. God! I will start a new life. I believe you will forgive the sins in my past. I will change my life to Your way and do my best to play the role of a child of God. Zoo Ha Lee, May 5, 2002.

100. Ga Yee Huh (1908-1952, Leninist Communist, entered the General Youth Confederation, Organization Director of Amur Committee, clerk of the branch party in Niznitzitzik, member of the political department of the North Chosen Labor Party, the first vice chair of the North Chosen Labor Party, the third person in the hierarchical order in North Korea, but committed suicide after being accused of negligence over the security of the Soon Ahn reservoir.

"I will do my utmost to put the Unification Principle into practice in daily life."

What I thought was right was wrong! I lived a wrong life on Earth. Here is a world of which I never dreamed or imagined on Earth. I cannot help repenting of my past life. God's existence is plain here. God is humankind's Parent and we are His children. This fact was beyond imagination on Earth. It is a stark truth. The Unification Principle confirmed this truth. All its contents are undeniable facts.

This Heavenly world is classified into various strata, and all people go to their proper level in relation to the fruit of their Earthly life. All things are automatically decided according to their results from life on Earth. However sorrowful and regretful we are here, it cannot be helped. God leads the life directions of the spirit men as Parent. Reverend Moon, True Parents! I'm shameful. I committed enormous sins on the beautiful land to which the Messiah has come. I deeply repent of my past life. Now I will serve True Parents wholeheartedly, study Unification Principle hard, and put it into practice. Ga Yee Huh, May 5, 2002.

101. Gun Gang (1918-1950, chief of staff of the People's Army of D.P.R.K. He was killed during the Korean War. )

"Divine Principle is the greatest scripture in human history"

Reverend Sun Myung Moon, True Parents , I regret from the bottom of my heart, although I was born in the country where True Parents were born, I disgraced you. I beg your pardon. I was wrong. My futile self-conceit and arrogance led me to develop wrong thought. From now on, with pride as a Korean, I repent completely for my activities on the Earth. I'll get rid of my old way of thinking when I lived on the Earth. And I promise to start a new life centering on the new truth. Please forgive me for my faults. I firmly believe that God is the True Parents of mankind. I am confident that the soul exists after one's death. I believe strongly that Reverend Moon's Divine Principle will be the greatest scripture in human history. Please believe me as I start a new life. Gun Gang, May 7, 2002

102. Chack Kim (1903-1951, joined the Chosun Communist Party in Manchu, became Secretary of the Chinese communist party of Binhyun special chapter, served as cabinet deputy prime minister of the People's Republic of Democratic Korea, served as Field commander in the Korean War.)

"I participated in the Divine Principle seminar at the invitation of Muhammad."

After learning the Divine Principle, I feel ashamed. It would be better to feel pain in hell. Who in the world would want to show himself being punished for having lived a wrong life on Earth. But I confess the pain in my heart. God, forgive me. I lived a wrong life. I participated in this seminar, not by my own will, but at the invitation of Muhammad. Divine Principle moved my heart. I was especially moved by the lectures on Unification Thought by Sang Hun Lee. His life story of abandoning his practice as a doctor after learning the Divine Principle moved us greatly.

Why was man so stupid? What is power? I didn't even think about God. The afterworld surely exists, but I came to this world without any preparation. Suddenly I came to dwell in an unexpected place. God, forgive me. I thank you for giving me the chance to live a new life. I was mistaken. I apologize in my heart. I contaminated the holy land of Korea, where the messiah of mankind came. How can I atone for my sin and start a new life? I repent in my heart and beg pardon from the Savior of mankind, True Parents. I'll do my best if I can be given the opportunity to work. Chack Kim, May 5, 2002

103. Doo Bong Kim (1889-1961, president of Chosun Independence League of Northern China, chairman of the Chosun New Democratic Party, chairman of the Labor Party of North Korea, president of Kim Il Sung University, standing chairman of Supreme House of People. He was later purged as a sectarian person.)

"Since I realized the new truth, I'll never live a wrong life as before."

Humans are the masterpiece of God. God invested every power and created us as children. I didn't do what was expected of me on Earth. How can I reveal my place here? I committed a lot of sin on Earth. I didn't forgive people, officials or laborers, who were against the party platform. I almost disregarded the dignity of man.

After learning the Divine Principle, I realized that I lived a crazy life on Earth. Therefore I am treated as human trash in this spirit world. If people yell at me or throw stones, I can do nothing but hear and be hit, being chased into the dust. That's my appearance. Here people call me trash. They say, "Throw it away!"

Dear comrades, especially the ones who suffered on Earth because of me, please forgive me. I am receiving the punishment for my sin here. God, how can I atone for my sin? Mr. Sang Hun Lee consoled me constantly with a loving heart, but I don't know how to be forgiven. Reverend Moon leads the movement for the liberation of Communists in the position of the Savior of mankind and True Parents. But since I am also a Korean, I am the sinner. I feel shame. Since I realized the new truth of Godism, I will never live a wrong life as before. I'll start anew, attending True Parents. I'll do my best for the unification of South and North Korea. Doo Bong Kim, May 5, 2002.

104. Sam Ryong Kim (1910-1950, organization office and leader of the South Labor Party; arrested by police and executed.)

"Comrades in North Korea, your direction of life should be turned."

Why was I so greedy? Why was I so avaricious in always wanting the highest position? I lived life without knowing God, who created mankind, thinking that everything ends at the end of Earthly life. I was utterly mistaken on Earth. As a result, I lived as a slave of a dreadful ideology. I came here unexpectedly without even thinking about the life after death. I cannot return to the Earth, and it's too late for regret. Here the rule is strict. Nobody brought me here; I came here by myself. I live here in a hut on a hill in an endless desert. I wandered the desert like a gypsy, until now. Once in a long while, a passerby looks at me, living as a beggar. That's my appearance.

Then, the hand of love reached here. I heard that a special pardon will be given to the Communist ideologists, politicians and followers. After long hesitation, I participated in the session. After arriving at the lecture room, I hesitated once again because of my beggar appearance. But there was clothing at the entrance. Most people changed their dress and entered. The contents of Divine Principle and Unification Thought are high level. Intellectuals must listen.

During the lecture, most people were moved and shed tears. Many parts of the lectures seemed to peck at my heart: God's sadness and pain lasted a long time to recover mankind; prison life of Reverend Moon in North Korea, South Korea and overseas. Now I know the truth. God, forgive me. I lived a wrong life. Now this unfilial child knows your will. Now, I know Father. From now on, I'll do my filial duty as a child.

Reverend Sun Myung Moon, True Parents, please save the people in North Korea. And I beg your pardon for the grief True Parents felt for North Korea. Now I truly want to serve True Parents and be taught.

Comrades in North Korea, please serve Reverend Moon and be guided by him. People on the Earth don't know who True Parents are, but here we know well. Please serve True Parents and arm yourself with the Divine Principle and the Unification Thought. President Kim Il Sung is here with us. Please remember our life here. God is the creator and the True Parents of mankind. God exists. God is not only the God of Christianity but the Parents of all mankind. God loves our comrades and gives us special opportunity. Your direction of life on Earth should be changed. Life after death clearly exists. I request that you earnestly live well on Earth and let's meet here in the eternal world. Sam Yong Kim. May 5, 2002

105. Hun Young Park (1900-1956, secretary of Shanghai Youth Communist Brigade, reporter of Donga-ilbo, general secretary of the North Korea Communist Party, director of the North Korea People's Department.)

"I'll do my best for the unification of Korea in the position of a child of God."

God exists and life after death also exists. God is our Parents and we are children of God. Divine Principle shook the whole spiritual world of me, the sinner, Hun Young Park. We were essentially brothers and sisters. Nevertheless, we struggled to get power and killed each other. That kind of life was useless. We lived in vain.

Here in spirit world, the one who killed and the one who was killed look at each other and listen to the lectures on Divine Principle together. It seems as if it belongs to another age. Human ignorance about God's sadness and suffering for years caused tremendous tragedy in human history. How painful God's heart would have been looking at hell. God, I did wrong. I'll go to hell again. There, I will tell others that God is our Parents. I deeply felt the sadness and pain of parents not recognized by their own children. God, I really did wrong. Having the mission as True Parents, Reverend Moon gave us a special opportunity to liberate the Communist world. We in the spirit world will unite and serve him centering on Godism. I want you people on Earth to attend Reverend Moon, practice the teachings of Divine Principle and Unification Thought and prepare for life after death, while living on Earth. God, now comes Hun Young Park. I'll do my best for the unification of Korea in the position of God's child. Hun Young Park. May 5, 2002.

106. Joo Ha Lee (1905-1950, he was arrested in Chiba prefecture while joining socialist activity. He participated in the preparation committee to rebuild the Communist party of North Korea. He organized Wonsan Communist group and was arrested with Sam Ryong Kim, central committee member of the South Labor Party. He was executed after the outbreak of the Korean War.)

"Divine Principle is the truth that can ring an alarm bell to the life of all mankind."

What should I say first? Korea is a holy land and Korean people are blessed people. In the holy land where the messiah came, I, Joo Ha Lee, became a sinner who cannot say a word. For me, it seems that my selfish desire became the root of sin. God, I lived a wrong life. I didn't know that God exists as my Parents. And because of selfish desire, I broke many people's hearts. It didn't occur to me that if you live a wrong life, you will be punished. I didn't know the standard of wrongdoing and I lived life at an animal level.

But, as Parents, God pardoned us and opened a new way to us. I only feel deep gratitude and shame. I feel that it's necessary to let people on Earth know that life after death really exists. Here, the lectures are given in a warm and peaceful atmosphere. All lecturers are gentle, humble and full of love.

I used to live with anxiety, fretfulness and fear, running away here and there, always in rain and darkness. But, here was the place I first felt peace and ecstasy. Divine Principle captured me. It sounded like a symphony coming from high in the sky. It was wonderful. But I also felt unbearable pain.

God, I was unfilial. Reverend Moon revealed the Divine Principle. He felt his life threatened several times. The Principle is neither Communism nor capitalism. It's truth that can ring an alarm bell to the life of all mankind. God, I'll start anew. Forgive me for my previous wrong life. I'll turn to the lifestyle based on Godism and fulfill the filial duty. Joo Ha Lee. May 5, 2002.

107. Ga E Huh (1908-1952, first vice-chairman of the Labor Party of North Korea. He had a National ranking of third. He committed suicide after being criticized as negligent in his duty of defending the Sunan reservoir.)

"I'll devote myself to the practice of Divine Principle."

I had a wrong idea. I lived a wrong life. An unimaginable world really exists here. It's something to cause one to wail. God exists! God is Parents of all mankind. And we are all children of God. These facts were all beyond imagination to me. I was too terribly busy to confirm these facts. But they were true. This is the wandering and agony of Ga E Huh. Divine Principle reconfirmed these facts. These are all undeniable facts.

This spiritual world is classified into several social strata. One's dwelling place is determined according to the result of one's life on Earth. This is the life of the soul in the spirit world. It's no use to grieve. God guides the direction of children's lives as Parents. Reverend Moon, True Parents, I am really sorry. I committed tremendous crime in the land of Korea before the messiah. I deeply repent for my previous life. Now I'll devote my life to the study and practice of Divine Principle, while attending True Parents. I want people on Earth to understand my intense grief before starting anew in the spirit world serving God. Ga E Huh, May 5, 2002.

108. I. Ehrenhurg (1891-1969, a writer of the former U.S.S.R., he received the Stalin Award, praised socialism and later criticized socialistic realism.)

"How can I atone for the mistake of treating man, God's children, as material."

I really didn't know. I was really ignorant. The world after death exists in an orderly manner. By not knowing this, I became shabby. I became miserable. Divine Principle was really great. We deeply understand the teachings of Divine Principle.

Divine Principle explained God's existence and the various aspects of this spiritual world logically and systematically. A lot of people experienced God here. We never knew that mankind lived on Earth temporarily and lived here permanently. When I realized that God is the Parents of mankind, I had mixed feeling of sadness and deep gratitude. I feel keenly that I am also a child of God. According to the theory of Communism, man is treated like accidental material. How distorted the Communist theory is. We feel pain for acting based on that theory. Divine Principle is great. According to the lecturer here, Divine Principle is a new truth found by Reverend Moon through revelations from God. And Divine Principle is taught here to liberate Communist thinkers, politicians and followers.

God, I lived wrongly and from now on I'll live rightly. We will not make excuses for our sin, but pay the price. We will start again and educate people who lived like us. And we implore Communists on Earth to prepare for the world after death by learning lessons from us. Please keep in mind that God exists as Parents of mankind. I. Ehrenburg, May 4, 2002.

109. F.M. Dostoevski (1821-1881, participated in the revolution movement as a liberal intellectual in Russia. After being exiled to Siberia, he changed his mind and sought the essence of Communism through writing literature.)

"God is at the center of the realization of the ideal of mankind. " I, Dostoevski, believed in God's existence while I was on Earth. Criminals are punished. Reverend Moon is the Saviour of the world, the messiah sent by God.

Dear Communist politicians, thinkers and followers, you are going in the wrong direction. The ideal of Communism is nothing but distorted fantasy. I send you new messages from the world after death. Abandon the Communism fantasy as soon as possible. The ideal of mankind is not fulfilled by that way. Please keep this in mind and discard everything related to Communism. God is at the center of the realization of the ideal of mankind. Any ideal excluding God is an illusion. This is the eternal world of the soul. Please study Divine Principle in detail and be guided by Reverend Moon. If you follow the same way as before, there will be only ruin. Catch the new eternal truth, Divine Principle. I ask you earnestly. Only Divine Principle is the hope of mankind. Dostoevski, May 4, 2002.

110. Bela Kun (1886-1939?, the founder of the Communist Party in Hungary, he was later purged by Stalin.)

"The Unification Principle made us realize the underdevelopment of our ideology "

God is the creator and Parent of human beings. Nevertheless, I, Bela Kun, present among you here, am sincerely apologizing to God for living against this great Heavenly Law. The Unification Principle and its ideology made us realize the underdevelopment of our ideology and taught us that human beings are very precious and have significant existence. Since human beings have eternal life after death, their existence is very precious. According to Communism, a human being is merely the accidental result of the environment. If human beings live with this point of view, then, they can only live as animals do. Even now, there are more than a few of people who live like this. Now, we realized God's ideal of creation. The Unification Principle is the absolute truth , with no room for any criticism or comment. There is no content to be denied. God, we live with deep remorse for our mistaken lives that we led until now. We now deeply understand the reality of several dimensions in the Heavenly world and recognize how human spirits have to live. Reverend Moon, True Parents! Thank you for giving us the great Unification Principle. From now on, we will live our new lives practicing the Unification Principle. By doing so, we will not neglect, even a little, the stature of God's children. Bela Kun, May 7, 2002.

111. Xun Lu (1881-1936, writer and supporter of Chinese Communism.) "The education of Unification Principle is suggesting a new vision to human kind."

God exists as the Parents of human beings. There is a world after death. I, Xun Lu, am living in the Heavenly world and giving this message to you. Ideologists and politicians of Communism! You are living wrong lives. You are not gaining anything out of your underdeveloped lives based on ideology, politics, and economics. I am truly sorry for not knowing that on the Earth. Here, I was taught the Unification Principle. It gave me a new point of view of the universe and life. It's really wonderful and great. The Unification Principle is the new vision that Reverend Moon elucidated with God's revelation. In reality, Reverend Moon, as a True Parent of human beings, is making effort and opening several dimensions to save human beings. Comrades, please study the Unification Principle. The beginning and ending of human history and the blueprint of God's ideal of creation is in the Unification Principle in detail.

Life after death clearly exists. Prepare your spirits when you are on Earth because our souls will spring eternal in the world of life after death. And, you will need Reverend Moon's guidance. It's time to revolutionize human beings. This world is the place where all sinners have to compensate for every bit of their wrong deeds. Everything here operates by the laws of Heaven. Xun Lu. May 7, 2002.

112. Mo-Ru Guo (1893-1978, revolutionary intellectual in China and a representative writer)

"God is absolutely the Parent of human kind."

God exists as the Parents of human beings. There is a world after death. Sinners are definitely judged here. Reverend Moon is the Savior, Messiah and True Parent of human kind. He is the person chosen by God. I, Mo-Ruo Guo, was taught the contents of Unification Principle and its ideology in detail by Dr. Sang Hun Lee and Muhammad. Now, I know that I misunderstood and lived wrongly on Earth. If the politicians and ideologists of Communism read the Unification Principle in detail, they would realize clearly that they are doing wrongly. I vow firmly to start a new life centering on the Unification Principle. I realized that God is the Parent of human beings. I proved it with reasoning and experiences. I swear that I will start with God's ideology cleaning up my old method of thinking. Mo-Ruo Guo. May 7, 2002.

113. Pyotr Alekseevich Kropotkim (1984-1921, confronted Marx in the first International, he was a revolutionist and an anarchist of Russia.)

"Please lead us in the right direction, away from the wrongness in the realm of Communism. "

I have nothing to say after learning about the Unification Principle and the Unification ideology. Oh, I lived wrongly. The ideology of Communism was wrong. This is my true feeling. Our rebel movements did nothing but increase God's sadness by many degrees. In spite of the fact that there exists the world after death where human spirits live, we strongly denied the existence of human spirits. I don't know how to deal with my Earthly life in which I degraded human beings to an animal level. I deeply regret. I confess with honesty. I did wrong. I lived wrongly.

Now, I finally realized that God is the Parent of human beings. Heavenly father of love and empathy, we will begin our new lives with our best efforts to inherit your love. Also, Reverend Moon, thank you for revealing the Unification Principle. I appreciate it. Reverend Moon, who came to the Earth as the Parent of human kind, please lead us in the right direction away from the wrongness in the realm of Communism. If we understand the reality of the incorporeal world, where spirits live forever, the people in the realm of Communism will be converted wholly. Pyotr Alekseevich Kropotkim, May 7, 2002.

114. Chernyshevskii (1828-1889, writer and economist in Russia, appreciated Marxism and influenced to Narodnik Movement.)

"Thank your for liberating the realm of Communism."

I, Chernyshevskii, am sure that the Unification Principle will influence many ideologists of Communism. Anyone who compares the Unification Principle to Communism will be able to recognize the fallacy of Communism. Generally, revolutionists, ideologists, and politicians try to revolutionize the wrong reality and to fix it. Since they concentrate on reality so much, they have a tendency to neglect the aspects of God's existence, spirits, and the world after death.

By becoming intoxicated by their pursuits of intellect, political power, and reputation, they lose the most precious things in life. Now, I am very sad. I thought God's existence was limited to Christianity. But, God is the Parent of all human beings. Also, I thought the world after death was obscure and abstract. There was no time to think about the spirit world in my busy physical life. God, now we are here. We realized that we have lived wrongly. We will start anew. So far, I have compensated for my sins by living in the place where there is no human trace. Now, I came here. I will begin my life as a child of God. Reverend Moon, thank your for liberating the realm of Communism. Chernyshevskii, May 7, 2002.

115. Clara Zetkin (1857-1933, female Revolutionist in Germany, made Sparacus with Rosa Luxemburg , exiled to Moscow.)

"At that time, I didn't see the fallacy of Communism, but now I clearly see it. "

If I, Clara, had had a chance to hear the Unification Principle and its ideology earlier than the ideology of Communism, I would have still remained as a female revolutionary Communist, who was ambitious, considering the ethos at that time. I thought that the life on Earth was all there was to life. I thought that the problems of God's existence, spirits, and the world of death were the results of the imagination of people who were lacking in intellect. However, I am confessing in the world after death. There is a world after death, and God is the Parent of human beings. The desire for ambitiousness, arrogance, self-satisfaction, and self-praise on Earth is simply meaningless.

The place where I am staying now smells awfully bad. It is difficult for a human being to endure this place, but it is the result of my life on Earth. It is the price of sins that a person who lived wrongly on Earth should compensate. This Heavenly world is very interesting and mysterious. Nobody orders spirits to go to any place considering the sins that the spirits made. Nevertheless, spirits find their places by themselves.

In terms of ideology, Communism is really wrong. Now, comparing it to the Unification Principle, a new point of view on the universe and life appears. At that time, I didn't see the fallacy of Communism, but now I see it clearly. Now, I will start anew centering on the ideology of God. Reverend Moon, I believe in the existence of True Parents. Thank you for liberating the ideologists and politicians of Communism. Sincerely, I admit that I have lived wrongly. Pease forgive me. Clara Zetkin, May 7, 2002.

116. Kun Kang (1918-1950, fought in the North-Eastern Army against Japan (the fourth group, 1941). He died during the Korean War as a general in the North Korean Army.)

"The Unification Principle is the greatest scripture in the human history."

Reverend Moon, True Parents! I am truly sorry. I repent that I have shamed True Parents by my birth in Korea where True Parents were born. I misunderstood. My useless arrogance and self-praise developed into the wrong ideology. Now, I repent for all that I did on Earth and have pride as a Korean. I will cleanse my old thinking method that I had on Earth. Also, I vow to begin a new life centering on the new truth. Please forgive my wrong deeds in the past. I am sure that God is the Parent of human beings. I am sure about the existence of the world of death and spirits, too. Now, I know the fact that indemnity exists if a human lives wrongly. I believe that Reverend Moon's Unification Principle will be the greatest scripture in human history. Please, trust my beginning of a new life. Kun Kang, May 7, 2002.

117. Jung Moo (1905-1951, general of Artillerist Army in China party, joined Chinese Communist party, general of Pallo Artillerist Army, secretary of North Korean Army (to protect Pyung Yang). Purged due to disobedience.)

"God, am I truly one of your children?"

I, Jung Moo, experienced the real existence of the world after death which is operated orderly and systematically. At that time, I already realized that I had been trapped in my ideology on Earth. The opinion that the existence of human beings does not extend beyond the material world, was in itself extreme fallacy. Why do I see it now? I am sure that the Unification Principle and its ideology are the alternatives of Communism.

Considering this education, I should appreciate highly Muhammad's devoted efforts and love. All the lecturers also led us with kindness, sacrifice, and love. For the first time, I experienced God's sadness and Reverend Moon's providential course. These kinds of tears and love can't be found in the ideology of Communism. We really lived the wrong way on Earth. God's ideal of creation has the essence of love. God, am I truly one of your children? Forgive me. I would like to start again as a child of God. Also, I know how to indemnify my sins that I made on Earth. Until you forgive me, I will be waiting at my place, shouting that God is the Parent of human beings. I know the Heavenly laws are applied here. God, my father, I, a poor child, will start again. Reverend Moon, thank you for saving our lives. Jung Moo, May 7, 2002.

118. Yak Soo Kim (1892-1964, the central figure in founding Korean Communism and the chief of the Korean Democrat party. He was elected to the senate in Pusan, arrested under a conviction of spying for the South Labor Party. He was purged considering against party member.)

"The Unification Principle and its ideology reformed the structure of my consciousness."

Being a Korean, I became a sinner in front of God. I, Yak Soo Kim, feel endless sorrow. I am honored to have been born in the same country that the Messiah of all humanity came to. Korea is also where the True Parents of mankind were born.

God has watched His children for a long time with sadness and pain. In this providential course, I acted as a figure who was against the flow of human history. I planted wrong hope and wrong point of view to Korean people at that time. However, The Unification Principle and its ideology reformed the structure of my consciousness. Reverend Moon, who elucidated the Unification Principle, True Parent of humankind, I am truly sorry. God, I came here, though so far I have lived wrongly. I will clean up my wrong point of view and will weave a new life serving God as Parents. I think I should indemnify my sins because I lived like a mad man, neglecting the importance of humankind. I believe that you will open the door of liberation. True Parents of humankind, Thank you for giving this opportunity. Yak Soo Kim, May 7, 2002.

119. Ha Mook Oh (1895-1936, drafted into the Russian army. After graduation from Irkuzk Army Academy joined the Russian Communist Party. He became the vice-secretary for Korean Communist Party and the Korean Revolutionary Army. He was a general in the Korean Special Army. He was killed when Stalin made the great purge.)

"I realized true love, true truth, and true peace."

Reverend Moon, True Parents, thank you for giving me the chance to liberate Communism. But I can't avoid feeling sincerely sorry. I don't know why I was so devoted to the power and reputation I had when it was so useless here. I suddenly came to this world of Heaven after not even giving a thought to the eternal life of spirits or God. Who told me to come here? Nobody ordered me. I came here myself. People of the Earth, there is a world of Heaven where your spirits will live eternal. If you neglect this fact, you will really regret it.

God, I lived wrongly. I couldn't find my Parent God because I was so crazy about materialistic substances. I did wrong. I will go back to the swamp and stay there until you forgive me for my impiety and disobedience. Because I have experienced my parent's, God's love, I am not afraid of whatever kind of bog or swamp I have for my living place. Now I know God's true love, true truth, and true peace. I will live by the Heavenly law. God, Father, please forgive my disobedience. Ha Mook Oh, May 7, 2002.

P.S. Ha Mook Oh reported crying very much. How will he solve the feeling of great sin for being born in Korea, and yet not helping Koreans, just leaving a great sin to God..?

120. Dolores Ibarruri (1895-1989, involved in the establishment of Spain's Communism as a Prime Minister.)

"I regret living as a sinner, caught by the nets of ideology."

I believe in the existence of God. I am certain that human beings, existing with spirits and not just simple matter, are the children of God. I proclaim to the people of the world, that there is a world after death, where spirits live eternally. I also proclaim that there is a law of indemnity where sinners judge their own sins and compensate for it. I, Dolores Ibarruri, truly regret that I didn't know this fact on Earth. I really regret living as a sinner, caught by the nets of ideology, and not living by centering on and serving God.

I learned, through the teachings of Unification Principle, that the laws of Heaven are used here, and I clearly realized the dignity and greatness of human beings. I realized that God's creation of humankind was due to love and heart, and therefore, that a human being's true essence was love. I realized that their essence was not the existence of power, economics or instruments. I experienced God's love here. And so I knew that I lived my life wrongly. Now, I will stand as the female revolutionist of God's ideal. Reverend Moon, True Parents of the world, thank you for giving and allowing me this golden opportunity. I will be born again as the right female revolutionist. I will wait until my period of indemnity is over. Dolores Ibarruri, May 7, 2002.

The Chosen Resolutions of 120 World Leaders of Communism


Master of Ceremonies...Muhammad
Representative Prayer...Jesus
Proclamation of Resolution...Marx
Determination Prayer...Stalin
Three Cheers of Man Sae...Lenin

Contents of Jesus' Prayer

God, True Parent, thank you very much. Thank you for forgiving us children who betrayed you and giving us another chance for liberation. The 120 politicians, ideologists, and advocates of Communism appeal to you in tears to repent for our past lives and live a life centered on God. Now please be comforted after living a life of tears and sighs from watching the scenes of hell, and we vow, we pledge to you Father, God, to go through any hardship with you. We pray at a beautiful garden where You are present, so please bless us with happiness and peace. The liberation of Heaven and Earth from the realm of Communism is helped by the four great saints. So my eternal Father, please bless us in a position where we can make You, our God, happy as your children. Also, our aged True Parent, I would sincerely like to thank you for giving us a chance to be liberated from the realm of Communism. I pray in the name of Jesus, a blessed central family, Amen.

Proclamation of Resolution by Marx


1. We believe that God is the Parent and creator of human beings.

2. We believe that we are the children of God.

3. We believe that the world after death clearly exists.

4. We believe that there is a law of indemnity in which there is a sure judgment for sins.

5. We believe that Reverend Moon is the Messiah of the world, the Savior of the world, and the True Parents. Now the 120 politicians, ideologists, and advocates of Communism vow, I vow, and I vow again, to forget the past wrong ideologies and start anew by working for the establishment of world peace, led by Reverend Moon, centering on God.

Prayer by Stalin (Representative of the 120)

God, I did wrong. I truly lived wrong. I, in the position of a sinner, have been given a new life. I, the cruel Stalin, learned the love of human beings through Your love and the four great saints. I learned the right way of living of human beings through Unification Principle and ideology; and I learned why my past life was wrong. I can't dare to ask for Your forgiveness, but I will give my best effort to establish God's Kingdom as a child of God.

And Reverend Moon, True Parent, I will promise, because you gave me a new life, which I greatly thank you for, absolute obedience and absolute submission. I, Stalin pray, representing the 120 others.

Three cheers of Mansei led by Lenin

God Mansei! True Parents Mansei! Liberation of the realm of Communism Mansei!

May 9, 2002.

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