The Report on the Seminar in the Spirit World for 120 Communists

by Young Soon Kim

The Report on the Seminar in the Spirit World for 120 Communists [Part 4]

Received by: Ms. Young Soon Kim
April 18 to May 9, 2002
Campus of Sun Moon University
Asan, South Korea

69. Franz Mehring (1846-1919, a representative theory writer for the German Social Democratic Party. He is one of the members who founded the Communist Party in Germany. He is the author of books on Marx.)

Life on Earth is nothing but a moment in comparison to the eternal life in the spirit world. Nevertheless, we have been attached to the Earthly life, while ignoring the eternal life after death. I do not know why I lived such a life. When thinking of my life here, I am deeply regretful and painful.

Dear Communist comrades! God existed and still exists. He will exist forever. God and spirit world are inseparable. Communism is greatly distorted. Now, before humankind, the Unification Principle has newly appeared. The presentation of our life and reflections would be helpful in deciding your lifestyle as the follower of Communism. You need to receive the education of Reverend Sun Myung Moon and obey the teachings of the Unification Principle. If you carefully read the Unification Principle, you will clearly come to know how to live your life. I will clear up the wrong ideas and concepts of my past and start anew. I hope that you too will judge all situations well, paying attention to the life of spirits. God existed as the Parent of humanity and so will He. Now, what are you going to do? Sincerely, Franz Mehring on May 1, 2002.

70. Bruno Bauer (1809-1882, Hegelian senior who influenced Marxism. In the later days, Marx criticized him.)

"Rev. Sun Myung Moon is fulfilling our dreams."

I, Bruno Bauer, seem to have had a wrong view of life and the world during my Earthly life. Such views impacted many juniors in the wrong way. I confess that I am an indescribable sinner before God. Communism is wrong. It is going the wrong way. Through the Unification Principle, I came to realize that God is our Parent and Communism and its theory is extremely wrong. Devilish elements are contained in Communism. The relationship between God and humans is that of parent and child. That is why God has been always looking for His children as the Parent of love.

Dear intellectuals on Earth, please carefully read the Unification Principle and study the contributions made by Reverend Sun Myung Moon. You have to understand his contributions and what he is doing now. You will easily realize that he is fulfilling our dreams. Sincerely, Bruno Bauer on May 1, 2002.

71. Ludwig Feuerbach (1804-1872, Hegelian party member. He denied religions from the humanistic viewpoint and influenced Karl Marx in the formation of his atheistic thought.)

"God is your Parent and Father, and you are my child."

I, Feuerbach, am shouting out to the thinkers, politicians of Communist countries, and to other atheists who do not know God. God exists indeed. He exists as the Parent of humankind. And God wanted for humans to be living in the beautiful garden He created in a Parent-child relationship. On the Earth, however, I had the wrong belief of God and human beings and thus lived a wrongful life. Before my Parent, God, I committed such a serious sin. And I am paying the price for my mistakes on Earth.

I will make a frank confession to all of you. Ever since coming to the spirit world, I have been living in the cave where thieves were gathered together. There is nothing that I own. Even the clothes I was wearing could be stolen. When I came to the spirit world, I was living like a beggar, wearing clothes made out of leaves and grass, being dragged by someone to the place I arrived. But lately, someone changed my clothes, and with his guidance, I attended a seminar where I could hear the lectures on the Unification Principle. During the lectures, I shed so many tears that they stopped coming. It is hard to describe my pained heart. I just wish that there be no trace of the human spirit. I just wanted to disappear to some place. How could I have lived such a wrongful life? How could I end up being in the situation where I could not wear my own clothes? No matter how much I cry, hitting my chest, I came to a point in which I realized that I could not change my situation.

Dear Earthly intellectuals! Please study the Unification Principle. I beg of you that you listen carefully to its lectures, while taking notes seriously. The Unification Principle is the revelation from God discovered by Reverend Sun Myung Moon, who fought Satan in numerous battles and struggles. Therefore, I wish that you live a right life, clearly knowing the truth. The Unification Principle will become a universal truth that can unite all humankind. God has now accepted me, Feuerbach, as His son. I repent for the past life that I lived, filled with wrong concepts and ideas.

I heard God's voice in the pain of pressuring my heart and my eyes swollen and blistered with too many tears that I could not even touch them: "Feuerbach, Feuerbach, God is your Parent, your Father, and you are His son." That voice was similar to the outcry of lecturers. God's light embraced me, swirling around me, and then left. That is how God appeared to me.

Dear intellectuals! I am deeply sorry before you. I seem to have carved humanism so deeply into human brains. Now, centered on this new truth, I will start a new life, overcoming any kind of ideological barriers and thoroughly attending God. I hope that on Earth, you will study the Unification Principle and be guided by Reverend Sun Myung Moon, attending him as the True Parent. The human spirit will remain forever. Hence, you should prepare your life in the spirit world during your Earthly time.

Beloved intellectuals! Let us meet each other in the spirit world, in the attendance of God. If you continue to think wrongfully and live wrongfully, you will be punished. This is one of the principles by which of all humankind is bound. Sincerely, Feuerbach on May 1, 2002.

72. A. Ruge (1802-1880, a Hegelian. He criticized Hegel's views and influenced Marxist thought.)

"The justification of atheism is not different from the globalization of the Devil "

"Where is God? God does not exist. Life after death does not exist." That is the standpoint of Communism. It is not merely partially wrong, but entirely so. Communists should totally change. God undoubtedly exists. So does the life after death. Because it does, I, Ruge, am conveying a message now from the spirit world. Ruge was educated with the Unification Principle here. The Unification Principle, God's revelations, was discovered by Reverend Sun Myung Moon through numerous battles and struggles with many satans. One of his messages is that God is the Parent of humankind. As the partner of the Devil, Communism strived to rationalize its belief that God does not exist, thus making Satan the Master of the world. Communists must listen to the lectures of the Unification Principle and compare it with the ideas of Communism. I am looking forward to your wise judgment. Humans cannot be considered simply as physical beings. Humans are God's precious children. Reverend Sun Myung Moon, who revealed the Unification Principle, is the True Parent. All of us should attend him and be given directions from him. Earthly people must be prepared for the next life. You should keep this in mind. Sincerely, Ruge on May 2, 2002.

Thinkers of Russia

73. A. Bogdanov (1873-1928, a Russian philosopher, economist, natural scientist. He was influenced by Marxism and was criticized by Lenin.)

"The greatness of human beings should be discovered from spirituality."

God exists, as does life after death. God and human spirits remain for eternity. In spirit world, I, Bogdanov, am alive just as Earthly people, but eternally, not temporarily. I came to realize the reality of spirit world systematically through the Unification Principle. The Principle affirmed that humans are not merely physical beings. You should understand that the theory of Marxism on human beings is wrong. I only hope that communists could uproot the theories of Communism. Unification Principle is not something ordinary in its contents and organization. It must be revelations from God. Reverend and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon are True Parents who came to the Earth to save humankind and build the world of peace, both on Earth and in Heaven. And they are toiling hard to rectify the wrongfulness of religions and thoughts that appeared throughout history. I, Bogdanov, pledge that I will start a new life centered on God, with a new view toward life, universe and value. Dear Earthly people, please take the spiritual life seriously. The greatness of human beings should be discovered from their spirituality. Sincerely, Bogdanov on May 1, 2002.

74. Makarenko (1888-1939, suggested the "Theory of Group Education" in Russia.)

"Unification Principle is the absolute truth, transcending time and space."

I, Makarenko, came to realize the following from the education I received from the Unification Principle: First, God exists. In what manner does He exist? He exists in dual characteristics of masculinity and femininity, bringing harmony between the two. I learned from the Principle that since He appears in the position of man, He is called "Father."

Second, we human beings are not merely physical beings, but are children of God with His divine nature is within us. We are precious beings created by God as His object partners to bring joy. God is our Parent, and we are His children. Thus we are in a parent - child relationship.

Third, I came to a logical realization that life after death exists. The physical incorporeal world is the place where physical beings sustain their lives with a physical body or form and the spiritual incorporeal world is the place where spirits live for eternity. Humans, unlike other animals, were created in dual structures: spirit and physical self. Hence, the Heavenly law is that we live as the children of God, bringing Him joy.

The Unification Principle is a revelation from God delivered to recreate human beings, and is the absolute truth, beyond time and space. All throughout my life, I have never experienced such a great education. Reverend Sun Myung Moon, who revealed the Unification Principle, is the True Parent. He is toiling day and night in order to bring all humanity to the original world, becoming one, centered on Godism, so that they can live in happiness for eternity.

Dear Earthly people! I am conveying this message from the spirit world, and I hope that you can keep this in mind and prepare yourself for the life in spirit world. If you do not live a good life on Earth, you will have to pay a price for it. That is the Heavenly law. Sincerely, Makarenko, on May 1, 2002.

75. Evgenii Preobrazhenskii (1886-1937, a representative theory-maker for the Troki school/group as well as an economist. Later, Stalin removed him.)

"Here, only Godism exists for eternity."

"I, Evegenii, lived a wrong life. Indeed, I did." That is all I can say to express my regret. The Unification Principle expounded the fundamental purpose of life systematically. What was most painful to me is that during my Earthly life, I did not know God and the reality of life after death. Although spirit world clearly exists so systematically, I was completely unaware while living on Earth. I am truly a fool. I am now being punished for my wrongful life on Earth. Where and how do I live in the spirit world? It is embarrassing to say, but I will confess.

I have been living like a gypsy, here and there, so that my identity would not be revealed. I have been hiding myself from everyone. Here in the spirit world, I met Stalin. He suggested to me: "We were too ignorant of God and the life after death. As new comrades, let us live a new life centered on God." At that point, what could I say? I just tolerated it because both of us were sinners.

God is the vertical True Parent of all humanity, and Reverend Sun Myung Moon is the horizontal True Parent. This is truly an amazing truth. He is teaching humankind how to live with God in the original world of creation.

Dear Communist thinkers and politicians, here in the spirit world, only Godism can remain for eternity. Communism will definitely perish due to revolutions. I earnestly request that you would keep my message in mind. You must follow the guidance and direction of Reverend Sun Myung Moon. Sincerely, Evegenii Preobrazhenskii on May 2, 2002.

Hungarian Thinker

76. G. Lukacs (1885-1971, a Jewish Hungarian. He cooperated with Frushichov in criticizing Stalin. Refuted doctrinism and insisted on the coexistence on peace.)

"I am sure that God is the Parent of humankind."

Lukacs believes in the existence of God and life after death. I absolutely believe that God is the Parent of humankind, and humans are children of God. And I believe that Reverend Sun Myung Moon is True Parent of humankind. Sincerely, Lukacs on May 2, 2002.

French Thinker

77. Henri Lufebre (1901-1991, French philosopher. His name was removed from the communist party due to a Hungarian matter. He was an anti-Stalin Marxist.)

"I pledge to start a new life centered on Godism."

God exists. So does life after death. God is the Parent of humankind and humankind are His children. I firmly believe that God and human beings are in the relationship of parent and child. I believe that Reverend Sun Myung Moon is the True Parent who came to the Earth to realize the world of peace for all of humanity. I, Henri Lufebre , affirm and believe all of this, and pledge to start a new life centered on Godism. Sincerely, Henri Lufebre on May 2, 2002.

Polish Thinker

78. Wladayslaw Gomulka (1905-1982, Chief secretary of the Polish Labor Party. Once, he was considered to be on the right wing, and he lost his position. Later, he supported Russia.)

"Heavenly Law is being applied here."

God exists as the Parent of humankind. God is not only the Parent of Christians but also of all humankind. We are the children of God. Life after death truly exists. Yet what is most fearful is that there exists Heavenly laws by which sinners will be punished for their wrongdoings. No one would command to go here and there. However, the Heavenly law is that we must face the consequences. I, Wladayslaw Gomulka , am looking at this straight. Reverend Sun Myung Moon is the True Parent and Messiah sent by God to humanity. I firmly believe in this and I pledge that I will live in accordance with Godism. Sincerely, Wladayslaw Gomulka on May 2, 2002.

*P.S.: Due to short time allowed to me, I cannot convey a detailed message. It is too painful for me.

79. O.R. Lange (1904-1965, Polish economist; confronted the "Impossible Social Economics" of Mises, Hayek, etc. He insisted on the effectiveness of Social Economics.)

"Godism will lead me to a new life."

I am sorry to God. I am sure that God is my Father and Parent. I am also sure that life after death absolutely exists. Whether we lived well or badly, depending upon the merit of our Earthly life, we will find our place to stay accordingly. That is amazing. I am full of pain for not having known the Heavenly laws. I am truly grateful to Reverend Sun Myung Moon for revealing the Unification Principle and guiding humankind in the right direction. Now, I know about the coming of True Parents and its significance. Hereafter, I will attend True Parents and follow them. Godism will lead me to a new life. Sincerely, Lange on May 2, 2002.

Philosophers (China)

80. Jiang Ching: (1914-1991, Wife of Mao Tse Tung, one of the Communist "gang of four")

"All things can be realized through God's love."

I, Jiang Ching, had the experience of meeting God here in the Heavenly world. When I enjoyed material abundance on the Earth, I had no interest other than in temporal things. I was not concerned for the world after the death. But I came to realize that political and economic status and power and money mean nothing here. I always felt lonely, and got to wander around in this Heavenly world. I wondered, "What on Earth is this world?" Almost nothing was as I wanted. "Why should I be afflicted with loneliness and alienation? Why should I be here?"

One day, I was squatting down in a sunny spot to avoid the cold. I felt a ray of sun approaching and surrounding me. And all of a sudden it disappeared. I began to cry without knowing why. And then a voice was ringing, briefly but full of dignity, love and generosity, "This is the place where spirits live forever. Do you know God? Who is God? Look for God! Where is He?"

I felt unconsciously it was God's voice though nobody told me. At that moment strangely enough my loneliness and suffering vanished, but soon came down on me again. But God didn't forsake me but guided me to listen to Unification Thought here. I was deeply moved by it. I could experience God's warm love there. Now I could understand Unification Thought and passed through my loneliness and affliction through experiencing God. In spite of myself, I decided to start a new life centering on Godism.

Now I am sure that Reverend Moon is True Parent of humankind. "God! Thank you very much! I'm very sorry that I meet you late here in the Heavenly world, but from now on I will also bear witness to God. Behold! Humankind, I met God in this afterlife. You should know human spirits live forever. I hope that you on the Earth, especially the Communists, prepare yourself well for life in the Heavenly world. The power and position you are now enjoying on the Earth are of no use here. Without God's love, nothing can be realized here. I sincerely wish that you prepare well on the Earth for this world. Jiang Ching, May 3, 2002.

81. Zhu De (1886-1976, one of Communist leaders, struggled with against the gang of four.)

"I wish I had known Unification Thought on the Earth."

Not a few people are unaware that God exists and that He is the Creator and Parent of humankind, and believe that all things can be realized with worldly power. Now I'm in the spirit world. I had never thought of the afterlife, but I was had anxiety and fear of death. I had not dreamed at all that there exists another world after death. I couldn't see any thing other than political power.

I repent much for the folly of my life on the Earth. No power or arms are of help in this Heavenly world. I was very tenacious in clinging to the Earthly life. I lived only for the physical comforts and had no interest in the spiritual life. Unification Thought elucidated logically and systematically the relationship between God and man, and between the visible and the invisible world. It shows what the direction and purpose of human life is. I wish I had known of this Unification Thought on the Earth. My life on the Earth was one of slavery to the body, and so I deserve of the scourge of God.

After I received Unification Thought education here, I realized deeply that there cannot be any meaning without a God-centered life. I want to live here forever with Godism. I never want to return to where I was, full of gloom, horror, and ugly animals. Now I have come to realize God is our Father and that we are the children of God.

Reverend Moon, our permanent True Parent, has devoted himself to extricating Communists from their sins and crimes, and so I sincerely pray for the ability to follow his teaching. I beg of Communist states and leaders from my deep heart to follow his guidance. This is the place we are obliged to pay dearly for the sins we committed on the Earth. That payment is not made by others, but by oneself. It is a natural course. I sincerely want you, Communists, to live based upon Reverend Moon's teachings and come here with success. Zhu De, May 3, 2002.

82. Lin Biao (1907-1971, prospective successor to Mao Tse Tung. He attempted to topple Mao Tse Tung, and was killed in a plane crash while escaping.)

"I'll do my best to bear witness to the fact that we are the children of God."

If I had definitely known on the Earth that there exists the afterlife and God, my life here would be completely different. There was nothing I could not do with the power I had. But it is of no value here. I was in the mire filled with aphids. I would reveal all my sins and crimes if they could be redeemed.

The Unification Principle lecturers are very humble. Their life and attitude to me is beyond all comparison with mine on the Earth. Their voices fell on my ear like God's thunderous shout. I felt terrible and fearful. I was really sorry that when I was on the Earth I had not realized the clear meaning and direction of life that the Unification Principle shows to me.

"Please forgive me. I swear that I will live a good life from now on. Now I know for certain that God is the Parents of humankind. I experienced the reality of the order of things in the afterlife. Oh, God! God! I was in the wrong. From this day onward I will try my utmost to witness that God does exist and that we are the children of God. I earnestly ask you Communists on the Earth to follow the teachings of Unification Thought and to not deviate from the right path. God sent Reverend Moon to save you, and I eagerly request that you serve him as True Parents and tread the path of righteousness. You should not continue the life you are enjoying now. Truly God and the afterlife exist. Lin Biao, May 3, 2002. Korean Thinkers

83. Zai-Bong Kim (1890-1944, led the foundation of Chosen Communist Path and was appointed as the first secretary in 1925.)

"I swear firmly that I will not bring shame on my mother county."

All people are envious that Korea is the country to which True Parents and the Messiah came. But I was so ashamed that I couldn't raise my head in front of them. But now I am going to give up all things and start a new life. I tried to live a life more valuable than that of the average people, but I have come to know that the direction of my life was wrong from the start. I always thought I could solve any problem on my own, without God's help. I looked upon the people who pray for God's help and believe in the afterlife as unrealistic and full of illusions.

However I found a new recognition of God and life through the Unification Principle education. It was very wonderful. We Koreans cannot but to be surprised and really proud that God sent the Messiah of humankind to Korea, and that he proclaimed Unification Principle to guide the world and to realize the peaceful world. I never thought that I would stand in this sorrowful and disgraceful position.

Reverend Moon! You are the patriot of Korea. And I truly thank God for sending you to Korea as the Parents of humankind in this world. From now on I firmly swear that I will not bring shame again upon the motherland to which the Messiah came. I will wait upon God as my Parent and follow True Parents' direction. Please forgive me of my wrongdoing on the Earth! I offer prayers for peace, health and long life! Zai-Bong Kim, May 3, 2002.

84. Mam Woon Back (1894-1979, professor in the business administration department in Yeun Hee College; he wrote Chosen Social Economic History, and crossed over into North Korea in 1948, where he served as director of the North Korea Science Academy, president of Marx-Leninism radio and correspondence college, and chairman of the democratic front for the unification of Korea.)

"I will start a new life centered-on-Godism."

Reverend Moon, please forgive me of my ignorance on the Earth. Now I will thoroughly educate the spirits in this Heavenly world that God is the Parents of humankind, about the reality of the invisible substantial world and the law of redemption for sinners. I sincerely listened to Unification Thought. I can imagine the bloody struggle and suffering Reverend Moon passed through to receive God's revelation.

Reverend Moon, though I face many difficulties I will teach the Communists what is wrong with Communism on the basis of Unification Thought. I overlooked the value of the spiritual life because I had an excessive passion for an abundant economic life for Koreans. As a result, I didn't look for God, and never thought of the afterlife. Now the leaders of socialist system in the North Korea absolutely need a reformation of consciousness centering on a new ideology. Whenever I think of Reverend Moon's hard work confronting modern people to solve world problems although he is already over 80, I always feel sorry, anxious and heartbroken. I am really regretful that I should realize this truth here at this late hour.

Reverend Moon, True Parents! You have spared no pains to save humankind. Thank you very much for your suffering for me, for Korea, and for the world. Now I thoroughly and openly repent of my past imprudent deeds. I am determined to start a new life centering on Godism. Heavenly Father! Please forgive me! Nam Woon Back, May 3, 2002.

*P.S.: He cried a lot because he was so sorrowful and repentant over his wrong life on the Earth.

85. Dubcek Alexandr (1921-1992, led the "Prague Spring" in Czechoslovakia, but was subdued by Soviet Union.)

"I swear firmly that I will live according to the teaching of Unification Principle."

I, Dubcek Alexandr, truly apologize to God for my wrong life on the Earth. I stand in the presence of True Parents in order to announce my decision to throw away the false ideology of Communism and serve God by Godism. God is the Parent of humankind. I am convinced that the relationship between God and man is that of Parents and children and the Invisible Substantial World describes the afterlife of humankind. Reverend Moon is the True Parent and Savior of humankind. Now I swear firmly that I will live according the teaching of Unification Principle. Dubcek Alexandr, May 3, 2002.

86. Husak Gustav (1913-1991, became the President of Czechoslovakia by the help of the Soviet Union after the Prague Spring.)

"Please pardon my disloyalty on the Earth!"

I am completely ashamed! Please God! Forgive me! I committed myself to Earthly power and honor. I disregarded God's children's personality and never bore in mind a concern for the afterlife in spirit world. The Unification Principle clearly illuminates the identity of God and man. It gives me the logical and systematic explanation about the afterlife, etc. When I reflect on my past, my heart is broken. I did live a wrong life. But from now on I will do my mission as God's child. There are many spirits who don't know what God is. I want to teach them Godism. And so I hope to set a condition for the redemptive of my sinful Earthly life. Reverend Moon, I would like to take your direct guidance. Please pardon my disloyalty on the Earth. I am thoroughly repentant of past wrong deeds, and I will start a new life. Husak Gustav, May 3, 2002.

Chinese politicians

87. Pen De-Huai, (1898-1974, Chinese minister of national defense, purged for criticizing Mao Tse Tung's "Great Leap Forward.")

"This is the place where spirit men live according the Heavenly way."

How can a person who was intoxicated in arrogance, power and reputation, and was indifferent to the afterlife, wish for comfort and peace here? Only after I lost my body and came here did I find out that spirit world exists. I perceived after learning the Unification Principle that God is the Creator and Parent of human being and that man is composed of a dual structure, and so the physical man lives on the Earth temporarily, and the spirit man live perpetually in the Heavenly world. The fact that I lived Earthly life without knowing this truth makes me frustrated and stunned.

Now there is no repeating the Earthly life. I am the result and fruit of the life on the Earth here. Life works in the same way farming does. In the spring, the farmer sows the seed, in the summer he cultivates and grows, and in the fall he reaps the harvest of his or her hard work and has an abundant life in the winter. But I didn't reap the good harvest from my life. The eternal life of the spirit man depends on the way one lives on the Earth. The law of redemption is the natural and Heavenly way. No one here forces our movements or activities, but we go and do according to the Heavenly Way (Law) spontaneously, without any orders.

It is indeed too late to come to know that God is my Parent, but I will redeem my sin at any cost. I deeply repent for my life on the Earth. Oh, God! I lived a wrong and bad life. Now I made up my mind to teach the new truth to the spirit men who are ignorant of God in the spirit world. I will do my utmost to disseminate the Unification Principle. I will follow True Parents, Reverend Moon's guidance and teaching. I am penitent over the past and beg absolution from True Parents, and I will make a new start. Pen De-Huai, May 4, 2002.

Followers (Soviet Union)

88. I. Ehrenburg (1891-1967, a Soviet writer, won the Stalin prize, praised Socialism but later criticized socialistic realism.)

"What shall I do to atone for my sin of dealing with God's children as material beings?"

I really didn't know! I was really ignorant. I didn't know that the spirit world exists in this way. I became too miserable here, owing to my ignorance of the nature of the afterlife. I cannot help bemoaning my lot here. Unification Principle is truly wonderful. Unification Principle criticizes the theory of Communism, but doesn't exact obedience to that truth. We are deeply moved by its teaching.

Unification Principle logically and systematically explains the existence of God and various aspects of Heavenly world. Not a few people here experienced God. We didn't know the stark fact that man lives a temporary life on the Earth and lives eternally here in the spirit world. I cannot express enough my joy mixed with regret and deep gratitude when we found out that God is our Parent. I felt acutely that fact. According to Communism, the human species is accidental, a material being, not God's children with personality. Communism perverts the truth. My heart is very much broken that I should have been deceived and lived my life according to that deception.

The Unification Principle is truly grand and great. The lecturers of Unification Thought said that Reverend Moon, True Parents, disclosed it through God's revelation. It is said that they are commanded by Reverend Moon to teach Unification Thought in order to emancipate the Communist politicians, theorists, and followers. God! I did wrong. Now I will do right! I will not excuse my sin but will pay its dear price. I will start a new life and educate the people who are bringing up the rear. I ardently pray that my repentance can serve as a good lesson to the Communists on the Earth and they thoroughly prepare themselves for the afterlife. Please take it to your heart that God is the Parent of humankind. I. Ehrenburg, May 4, 2002.

89. F. M. Dostoevski (1821-1881, participated in the Russian Revolution as part of the radical intelligentsia, was converted after exile under the czar to Siberia, and pursued the essence of Communism through literature. sic)

"God is in the center of the realization of the human idea."

I believed in God on the Earth and that sinners will be punished. Reverend Moon is the Savior and Messiah of humankind, whom God dispatched to the Earth. Communist politicians, theorists and followers, you are on the wrong path. The ideal of Communism is nothing but a completely distorted illusion. I am sending you who are on the Earth the new message. Please overthrow the Communist illusion as soon as possible. The ideal of humankind cannot be fulfilled in the way the Communists think. I implore you to bear this in mind and give up all things related to Communism. God is in the center of the realization of human ideal. Any ideal excluding God is a fantasy. I am in the world where spirit men live forever. Please study Unification Thought in detail and receive Reverend Moon's direction. If you continue to go on your way, it will at last lead to collapse. Please hold on to the eternal truth, Unification Thought. I earnestly ask you. Keep it in mind that only the Unification Principle is the permanent hope to human beings. F. M. Dostoevski, May 4, 2002.

90. N. K. Krupskaya (1869-1939, wife of Lenin, educator)

"I want to be a revolutionary for Godism."

God, I did wrong. Krupskaya lived a wrong life on earth. I didn't know that God exists as Parents of mankind. And I devoted myself in my life on earth as a socialist revolutionist, with no time to think about the world after death. God, from now on I want to teach the people ,who don't know God, that God is Parents of mankind. I want to be a revolutionist of Godism. Now I am in the position of a criminal who cannot stand before you honorably. But I want to be a revolutionary fighter for Godism, repenting for my previous wrongdoing. Now I am living at the place where a lot of aborted fetuses are dying. I am at the place where I cannot teach Godism. God, please forgive my situation. I will study Divine Principle steadily. Reverend Moon, True Parents, forgive me and receive me as a woman revolutionist. I am confident that I can be a wonderful lecturer. I'll teach the Divine Principle with the heart of crying and regret for the wrong life I lived and the sadness I caused. I adhered too much to the passing life on earth. I didn't know the existence of the world after death. From now on, I'll live centering on Godism. Dear comrades on earth! We took the wrong direction. Please change your direction to Godism . Godism is the only truth that rightly guides mankind. Krupskaya . May 4, 2002.

91. Karl Liebknecht (1871-1919, early German Marxist; he planned to organize the German Communist Party with Rosa Luxemburg and push forward communization; it was in vain and he was assassinated.)

"Unification Principle gave me new and complete enlightenment and opened the door to new life."

I wanted to be set free from this situation. All men have an Earthly life with a physical body, and a Heavenly life with the spirit. However, I was simply ignorant of that truth. I never dreamed of the existence of God and the afterlife. I thought that to believe in God is to believe in the fantasy of the weak and immature. But I found out the afterlife exists and God exists as the Parent of humankind. I live now in the slough that I cannot extricate myself from on my own. Why did I come here? As I found out, this is the result of my life on the Earth. Unification Thought is the truth that clarifies the value of man, the essence of life, and the existence of God. The people who commit sin and crime necessarily pay the price. Reverend Moon is the True Parent of humankind. Now I will start a new life centering on new truth. The power that I enjoyed on Earth is meaningless here. The bitterness of repentance over my sinful life on Earth cannot be expressed properly by words. Now thank God for enlightening me and opening the way to a new life. I will surely live a righteous life. Karl Liebknecht, May 5, 2002.

Politicians (Hungary)

92. Imre Nagy (1896-1958, prime minister during the Hungarian Revolt, the center figure among reformists, killed by the Soviet Union.)

"To believe in atheism is to brag of ignorance."

My features in this Heavenly world resulted from my ignorance and violent use of Earthly power. God exists clearly. I will go public with my figure in the afterlife to convince the people on Earth of the Heavenly law that if you commit sin on Earth, you are bound to be punished in the Heavenly world. Here I have stout limbs and had no suffering other than being dumb. I was not able to say what I wanted to. So I read others' minds. But when I did them improperly, they used to kick me on the leg.

But fortunately the Unification Principle saves me from that difficulty. My mouth could open in this Unification Education Center. People who are ignorant of God, alas! Listen to me, you! I repent over my life on Earth that I lived without centering on God. I knew the improper world, and lived a wrong life. From now on, after burying past repentance and deploring, I will start a new life centering on Godism. I beg you to live right lives on Earth before you come here. To do that, you should receive guidance from Reverend Moon, who discovered the Unification Principle. That is the way you can live a good life eternally. Now the Unification Principle has liberated the person who had to live dumb forever. I am resolute that my belief in Godism will be absolute. If you on Earth insist on atheism, it is as if you are proud of your ignorance. And it leads to a kind of evil. Clearly, God exists. Please know this truth and prepare yourself thoroughly for the life after the Earthly life. Imre Nagy, May 5, 2002.

Politicians (China)

93. Li Li-San (1899-1967; one of early chief leaders of the Chinese Communist Party; banished from China and exiled to Soviet Union.)

"Whoever seeks after power and fame will remain an ignorant person."

I didn't perceive the existence of the afterlife when I was on Earth, but now I live here in the spirit world, and I am sending you my messages. I repent over my ignorance of spiritual knowledge. Why didn't I recognize, when I was on Earth, the dignity of man, who also has the spirit body? It starts from my single-minded pursuit of power and fame. I didn't find out until I came here. I am crippled here. The reason I lay myself bare now is to give you on Earth lessons, to repent of my sin in the public and promise to God that from now on I will live a life centering on Godism. Unification Principle explains in detail the existence of God. I came to know many new truths through the education in Unification Principle. I cried so much that my tears at the lectures soaked my suits. The lecturers gave me a new suit to change into. They gave me warm and kind treatment and said, "God is our Parent, and He forgives His children of all their sins. Shall we pluck up the courage to start again?" Now I repent with all my strength of my sinful past, and I will run to bear witness to God. And I will follow all the way Reverend Moon's, True Parents' teaching and never repeat that foolish way of life on Earth. Li Li-San, May 5, 2002.

94. Wang Ming (1904-1974; one of leaders of the Chinese Communist Party, a promoter of Cominform who criticized Mao Tse Tung, and was exiled to Soviet Union.)

"You should make preparation for the life in the Heavenly world when you live on Earth."

Unification Principle is really wonderful. It saved my life. "God! I am Wang Ming, a terrible sinner. I did wrong. Truly I lived an evil life." I couldn't move my limbs, but now I can do so after listening to the Unification Principle. I was deeply moved by the fact that God is always the Parent of humankind. It made me cry with heart-rending pain. How can I repay what you have given me? Unification Principle made plain the existence of God and the spiritual life and its value. I will exhaustively dispose of my faulty system of ideology I clung to in the past, and I will always cry out, "God already existed before I was, and He is now and will be forever. And He is our Parent."

Listen! All atheists and political leaders in Communist countries! Please go the righteous way when you see our lives in the Heavenly world. God is our Parent of love, and we are His children. This is an amazing truth! We have been impious to God, our Parent, due to our ignorance. We committed inexcusable sin, but He embraced us and forgave us. You should throw away the past wrongful life and convert yourself to God, and get ready for the life in the spirit world. This is my last request. You ought to believe absolutely in Reverend Moon on Earth, True Parents' thought, and follow them. If only you believe and follow him, the eternal Heavenly peace and happiness is yours. All is in peace here in the Unification Thought lecture center. Now I have a new life. Thank you God! Thank God very much! Wang Ming, May 5, 2002.

95. Chaeck Kim (1903-1951, entered Chosen Communist Party in Manchuria, Clerk of Binhyun, a special branch of the Chinese Communist Party. Vice-prime minister of the Chosen People Democratic Republic, Commander of the North Korean army during the Korean War.)

"I attended a Unification Principle Seminar by Mr. Muhammad's suggestion."

After I understood Unification Principle, I became greatly ashamed of my ignorant and sinful past. Nobody presumably wants to reveal his appearance when he is receiving punishment. In my mind I would prefer to be suffering in Hell rather than disclose my sin in public. But I want to atone for my sin by confessing in public.

Oh, God! I did wrong on Earth. I walked on the wrong path. I took part in this education not by my intention, but by that of Mr. Muhammad. Every word of Unification Principle pierced my heart. Especially the teacher, Sang Hun Lee's, lecture on Unification Thought and his witness moved us deeply. He stated that he gave up and left the position of physician to follow Reverend Moon's guidance when he listened to Unification Principle and met Reverend Moon. Why was I stupid while on Earth? Why did I never think of God, as I indulged in power on Earth? I was never ready to come to the eternal spirit world, and all of a sudden one day I came here and lived unexpectedly.

God! I appreciate your forgiveness of my sin and giving the opportunity to lead a new life. I truly did wrong. And I thank Reverend Moon for revealing this truth. I am sorry that I defamed Korea, the holy land where the Messiah of humankind came. From now on I will do my best to redeem my sin on Earth, and will never lose this chance to work for God and Reverend Moon. Chaeck Kim, May 5, 2002.

96. Doo Bong Kim (1889-1961; President of the Chosen Confederation for Independence in North China, chairman of Chosen Democratic Party, chairman of Labor Party of North Chosen, president of Kim, Il-Sung University, standing chair of the supreme people council, was falsely-accused and liquidated as a sectarian)

"I will not repeat the past false life now that I know the new truth."

Man is the masterpiece of God. We are the children God devoted His knowledge, heart, and will to. I didn't live on Earth as a proper man. I committed lots of sins and crimes on Earth. I didn't have mercy upon any Communist staff and laborer if they were against the ideology of the workers' Party. I paid no heed to the likes of human dignity.

After I listened to Unification Principle, I found out that my life on Earth was like that of a madman. So I am here treated as a human caterpillar. Every where I go, I have to listen to whatever they say, be kicked by whoever kicks me, and get driven out without any reason. I am just like human trash. Actually other people call me trash. And they say of me, "throw it away!"

I beg the people who suffered difficulties as a result of my persecution to pardon me. I am suffering here for my sins there. Oh, God! God! How can I redeem my sin? Though Teacher Lee continuously consoles me with love, commiseration and mercy, I don't know how to redeem my sin. Reverend Moon and I are both Koreans, but he leads the liberation of Communists in the position of the Savior and True Parents of humankind, but I am a sinner as a Communist. I am so shameful that I cannot say, "Pardon my sin." Now that I have realized the new truth, I will never repeat my past false life. I will begin a new start serving True Parents. I will do my best to unify the Korean peninsula. Doo Bong Kim, May 5, 2002.

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