The Report on the Seminar in the Spirit World for 120 Communists

by Young Soon Kim

The Report on the Seminar in the Spirit World for 120 Communists [Part 3]

Received by: Ms. Young Soon Kim
April 18 to May 9, 2002
Campus of Sun Moon University
Asan, South Korea

47. Aleksandr Fyodorovich Kerensky (1881-1970, chief of the temporary government established by the February Revolution who lost power to Lenin's Bolsheviks as a result of the October Revolution.)

"Walk the path of true persons."

We Communist Party members pounded on each other, clawed at each other, spied on each other, and were focused only on power. As a result, in this world we live as animals.

Party members and people of Communist countries! We said, "There is no soul. There is no world after death. There is no God. Where is God?" We lived as crazy people who sought only power. Yet the world after death exists, and viewed from the standpoint of its clear order and discipline, we lived our lives wrongly. I cannot possibly adequately express the extreme sadness I feel now. At this moment, we are not able to live with human beings. Instead, we live in fear of being captured by a wild beast and dragged into its lair. It is natural that anyone who strays outside the law of Heaven will suffer punishment. There are no excuses here. I came to this seminar, despite my shame, because it gives me the opportunity to live again.

Party members! People of Communist countries! We were ignorant and lived our lives in error. God exists. He exists as our Parent, and we are His children. Now from the spirit world, I, Kerensky, am sending you these words with a heart of concern. So please correct your erroneous path and receive the guidance of Reverend Sun Myung Moon on Earth. He is our True Parent sent by God, so please fully receive his guidance and walk the path of true persons. If you think incorrectly about God, you can only go the way of death and destruction. Please remember this point.

I now believe in God, and have realized the standard of absolute value. I will cut myself off completely from my past and live a new life. Aleksandr Kerensky, April 28, 2002.

48. Alexsei Kosygin (1904-1980, Soviet Premier during the Brezhnev era.)

"No one can escape the law of Heaven."

Hearing the Unification Principle has made me acknowledge God's real existence even more than before. I was not able to acknowledge the existence of God and the world after death during my life on Earth, but I have recognized and experienced them here. It has shattered much of the ideological framework that I believed in during my life on Earth. Communist thought had not a few contradictions within itself from the beginning. The Unification Principle demolishes Communist thought unsparingly. Because its starting point was wrong, its content could not but become distorted over time. Communist Party members! I, Kosygin, live here with only feelings of disappointment and failure. We Party members have lived the wrong way until now. We are treading the wrong path.

I dare to shout this out: "Communism will be destroyed." The reason is simple: God has existed all this time as the Parent of humanity, and the world after death exists. Yet the path we have taken until now makes us enemies of God. We have been unfilial in the worst way towards our Heavenly Father. Right now, I wish I could find a rat hole and hide there. Yet God has been working from the position of our Parent in order to save us. Therefore, with a heart of thorough repentance I send this message to the people on Earth. There is definitely a law of Heaven decreeing that those who sin must receive punishment here. No one can escape the law of Heaven.

I sincerely request to Party members that they attend Reverend Sun Myung Moon, who is on Earth, and receive his teaching about what is wrong with Communist thought. He holds the key to the salvation of Party members. I sincerely ask you to believe him, obey him, and follow the correct path. God as the True Parent of humankind has sent Reverend Sun Myung Moon. The world after death definitely exists, so for the sake of the life of your souls be careful not to transgress the law of Heaven. Alexsei Kosygin, April 28, 2002.

49. Sergei Kirov (1886-1934, a leader of the Leningrad Party who was purged by Stalin.)

"I want to cut myself off. from my past life that was in violation of the law of Heaven, and live the correct way henceforth."

Have you ever hated someone so much that even killing him would not be enough to satisfy your desire for revenge? I, Kirov, met such an enemy here. It would not have satisfied me to just kill him with a gun. I wanted to rip the flesh from his body piece by piece, then stomp on him and watch his entrails burst out of his body - that is how much I hated this enemy whom I met here. Yet what pains me even more than this hatred is the feeling of meaninglessness that comes from the knowledge that Communist thought is a lie. Even more than the hatred that I feel toward that enemy, I am pained by the thought that I lived all my life wrongly as a result of my belief in Communism. The agony I feel over this is unbearable. It dominates all other feelings.

My purpose in coming to this seminar is to become a new person. During my time in this world, I have been dwelling inside a fiery kiln. Countless people run here and there trying to escape the heat. They spend lifetimes like this. I confess everything honestly. I want to cut myself off from the wrong way of living, my past life that was in violation of the law of Heaven, and live in the correct way henceforth.

God definitely exists. The afterlife exists. The Unification Principle lecturers here serve by sacrificing everything for us. They are genuinely warm and humble. When we came here to the spirit world, those of us identified as Communist Party members were separated into various refugee camps. We were so suddenly transported from our dwellings to the seminar place, that it is difficult for me to describe how the others are dressed and how they look. Each one does his best not to let on how he has been living, although it is easy to guess from their facial appearances. I have made a new determination - to be born again centering on Godism.

Party members, comrades! You must live correctly centering on the new thought. You must prepare thoroughly while you are on Earth, so that you do not have to live as we do when you come here. Also, I have a final request. You must receive the teachings of Reverend Sun Myung Moon, the True Parent of humankind, so that you can correctly understand the essential value of human life and live accordingly. I hope that you will firmly believe that God is the Parent of us human beings. Sergei Kirov, April 28, 2002.

50. Gregory Zinoviev (1883-1936, member of the Politburo of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union who stood with Trotsky against Stalin. He was later executed.)

"There is a place where your soul will spend eternity."

I, Zinoviev, am a sinner among sinners. The Unification Principle teaches the fundamentals of life. On learning it, I now feel such regret and despair over my past life. It hurts me in every cell of my body and even to the morrow of my bones. Who can understand my pain? I will confess everything here and begin anew. Even though life on Earth passes away after a short time, I lived believing that it would last forever. Here in the afterworld, military might, power, and political authority are of no use whatever, and I cannot understand how I could have lived like such a merciless crazy man. My dwelling-place here is the result of my incorrect life on Earth. I am in a dark stable, and there are cobwebs all around. Why do I live here? It is so that no one will see me.

One day, though, people came shouting and broadcasting my name everywhere. They had a list of names, and they were going from house to house and place-to-place to find the people on the list. It was impossible for me to hide any longer. I thought I would be taken to a place of execution. But this is amazing. This is a place where they call sinners and deal with them kindly, even though they lived their lives in a wrong way. And they teach us the right way to live. God exists. He exists as our Parent. You, too, are all God's children. I never knew that there was such a wonderful place as this in the world after death.

The lecturers earnestly asked us to help people on Earth understand these facts. Also, God sent Reverend Sun Myung Moon, and he is working day and night in order to guide Communists to the correct way of living centering on the Unification Principle. Communist Party members, you must receive his guidance and throw away all of your erroneous philosophies, ideologies, and opinions. The path of Communism leads to destruction. You must understand the heart of Zinoviev, who conveys this message to you from the afterlife. Think deeply and carefully about the life of your soul. Know that there is a place where your soul will spend eternity. Gregory Zinoviev, April 28, 2002.

51. Nikolay Ivonovich Bukharin (1888-1938, Soviet leader who allied with Stalin after Lenin's death and fought against Trotsky and Zinoviev. He was later purged and executed.)

"Why couldn't we have treated people as human beings?"

How can I apologize for my wrong life in a way that will let my heart find peace? Why couldn't I recognize that God exists while I was on Earth? Innumerable people on Earth have the same appearance. Regardless of their crime, the many people whom we purged were human just like us. Why couldn't we have treated them as human beings? After all, all people are God's children. I don't think anyone can look at me as I now stand here and not turn away. I am completely naked. People follow me wherever I go and tear off whatever clothes I may be wearing, so it is impossible for me to wear anything.

In this education center they treat me as a human being, so I am able to cover myself. The shame of my appearance is terrible, beyond description. I don't know how it is that I could suddenly be here, wearing clothes and listening to the Unification Principle. Here, too, there are those who shout that I should be stripped of my clothing, but I am saved by the love of the lecturers and their ability to maintain order.

Party members! I have received Heaven's punishment. God exists, and the soul is created to live forever. God and human beings were intended to form a relationship of parent and child and live together forever. But, Party members! Please save me. When you deeply understand Godism and the existence of the world after death, both you and I will be saved. There is one thing that you must keep in mind if you wish to live correctly. Reverend Sun Myung Moon, the True Parent of humankind, is on Earth. He is the one who, by the revelation of God, has proclaimed the Unification Principle. I ask you to study the Unification Principle in detail and receive his teaching. Then you will discover the path that you must go. Please think about this point deeply. Nikolay Bukharin, April 29, 2002.

52. Georgy Valentinovich Plekhanov (1856-1918, the first Russian Marxist. Born in an aristocratic family, he participated in the narodniki movement. He translated the Communist Manifesto into Russian, and as leader of the Mensheviks he stood in conflict with Lenin's Bolsheviks.)

"Communism. must completely be uprooted from the Earth."

I, Plekhanov, lived my life wrongly. My life was a great mistake. Marxism was wrong in its origin. I didn't know this on Earth, but after coming to this place I have been thoroughly regretting and lamenting. I long for human company, but I have a miserable appearance here that makes me fearful of letting others see me. I have had to live in the lowest realm of existence. I am truly grateful that now my sin and punishment have been covered with forgiveness and love, so that I could be permitted this new and hopeful opportunity.

The Party members, philosophers and politicians of Communist countries are all living wrongly. They must discard completely their politics and ideas. Even the final remnants must be washed away. Clearly, the spirit world exists, in which the soul lives eternally. Communism and its thought, which trampled at will on God's beloved children, must be completed uprooted from the Earth. I, Plekhanov, am watching that from here. It is a law of Heaven that if you live wrongly you must receive punishment. No one executes you or administers the punishment. Here in the spirit world, everyone goes their destined way on their own.

Party members! God exists as the Parent of humankind. I have made my determination to thoroughly repent for my past and to live with total dedication centering on Godism. Furthermore, there is one person from whom you should receive correct guidance regarding your lives while you are on Earth. God sent Reverend Sun Myung Moon, the True Parent, in order to guide you on the right path. I strongly encourage you to follow his teachings. His new thought will lead humankind to the correct future. Those who do not believe it will be forced to wander in a place of fearful punishment here. Georgy Plekhanov, April 29, 2002.

53. Vyacheslav Molotov (1890-1986, worked with Stalin, forcibly pursued establishing "One Nation Socialism." Frushichov later defeated him while confronting him.)

"Communism will definitely fall."

I, Molotov, lived a wrong life. Such a voice of lamentation and regret did not leave from my heart. I was living here in such suffering and pain. However, God has granted me a chance to be liberated from such misery. Since God is the Parent of all humanity, such a wretched sinner as I was given a chance to be forgiven. A large placard was posted: "Anyone who has lived a wrong life, come forward to reveal his or her own sins and crimes and repent." I hesitated repeatedly, but I finally decided to come here in order to expose my own wrongdoings of the past. I now come to realize that God truly exists and He is the Parent of humankind.

During my Earthly life, I abused my power and authority. I am now covered with blood from constantly being stoned. No matter how much I try to avoid stones and rocks, they are constantly being thrown upon me. Despite living in such an environment, my awareness of being a "sinner" is more painful than the baptism of rocks and stones. Although God exists surely, during my Earthly life, I treated Him merely like a stone or a pebble . How could I ever avoid the consequence? The Unification Principle systematically explained the purpose and direction of human life. Even before listening to the Principle, I realized the existence of God and life after death. Thus, my pain is greater, even to an intolerable extent.

Dear Communist comrades, Communism will most definitely fall. It is so because it is not truth. Listen to me. The reality is that Communist thinkers and leaders are being punished after coming to the spirit world. Communist parties and members will have to uproot their wrong ideas. Reverend Sun Myung Moon is living on the Earth. Unless you inherit His ideology, you will never live a true life. I hope that you will keep in mind that God is alive and that the spirit world truly exists. Sincerely, Vyacheslav Molotov on April 29, 2002.

54. Lavrenti Beria (1899-1953, Person in charge of Soviet national security and the police; used terrorism and incited fear during Stalin's regime)

"One should change his view of life, centered on Godism."

Dear Communist party members, thinkers and politicians, I, Beria, appeal to you, shouting: God exists! So does the life after death. God is the Parent of humankind, and we are His children. God is not only the Being of Christian faith, but He is also the Parent of all humanity. Therefore, dear Communists, I can say that I did not live my life well. Communism is not the right path for humankind to walk. Therefore, Communists must return to God as soon as possible. While living on Earth, I did not believe that the spirit world existed, but after coming here, I am indemnifying the sins and crimes I committed on Earth. I did not want to reveal my identity to anyone; but I was somehow brought here as a criminal.

However, this workshop for the Unification Principle is not to punish sinners or criminals. It is a place to educate people so that they can repent for their wrongdoings committed in the past and the present; and to understand that God is the Parent of humankind; and to realize that all human beings should live as brothers and sisters. I was deeply moved by the fact that such a place exists. Here, we do not need power or honor. No one controls others, but everyone is educated peacefully and harmoniously. Here, no matter how sinful one may be, every one is treated with respect and dignity. This is such a mysterious and touching place. The Unification Principle educates people to attend God as the Parent and live with Reverend Sun Myung Moon as the True Parent of humankind. Thus Earthly people should also change their view of life centered on Godism.

Dear Communist comrades, we lived a wrongful life and are still continuing to live such a life. We must thoroughly repent and be educated by True Parents. I beg this of you from the bottom of my heart. Sincerely, Lavrenti Beria on April 29, 2002.

Communist Politicians of Japan

55. Sen Katayama (1859-1933, as a Christian, approached Marxism, pursuing socialism. He played a key role in founding the Japanese Communist Party as an executive committee member of Comintern)

"The future of the Japanese people will be secured only by following the will of True Parents."

I, Sen Katayama, betrayed God. When looking at the creation in which we live, the five senses and the physiological functions of human beings, one certainly cannot deny the existence of God. Nevertheless, my ambition for honor and power darkened my spirit. Reverend Sun Myung Moon, I am grateful for your discovery of the Principle.

I, Sen Katayama, according to the will of God, will abandon my belief in communism without any reservation. Hereafter, undoubtedly, I will live my life in the belief that everything belongs to God; and I will believe the teachings of Reverend Moon, our True Father.

Dear Communist party members, Communism is leading us in the wrong direction. All Japanese people, not to mention Japanese Communists, will have to follow the will and direction of Reverend Sun Myung Moon in order to secure their future. I earnestly request that you accept the idea of peace with True Parents. Sincerely, Sen Katayama, April 29, 2002.

56. Kyuichi Tokuda (1894-1953, one of the founders of Japanese Communism. After the war, he was active as the secretary of the Japanese Communist party. Later, the government forced him into asylum in Manchuria.)

"I will live my life, introducing God and True Parents to the ignorant."

I, Kyuichi Tokuda , thought that God is the Supreme Being of faith only to Christians. However, it was such a serious mistake. Because of that wrong belief, I came to deny the eternal life after death. Here at the present time, my life is filled with remorse, lamentation and grief. So far, I have been living a life, thoroughly experiencing the heart of a blind person. However, God's love liberated me. Dear God, I thank you. Reverend Sun Myung Moon, I thank you.

From now on, I will be thoroughly armed with Godism, and will introduce God and True Parents to those ignorant of the Unification Principle in the spirit world. I thank You for your forgiveness. I hope that all Earthly people will be guided and be given direction by the True Parent, Reverend Sun Myung Moon. Sincerely, Tokuda Kyuichi, April 29, 2002. 57. Richard Sorge (1895-1944, an international spy from Germany. According to the direction of Comintern, he attempted to lead the revolution in Japan with Communism. After being arrested, he was executed.)

"I came to realize that I lived a wrongful life upon studying the Unification Principle."

When living on the Earth, I, Sorge, did not know that the spirit world existed. I never imagined that something was wrong with Communism. Yet now I know that God clearly exists as the Parent of humankind. Then, who are we? We, humans, are His children.

Dear Communist party members, Communism is wrong. You must realize that you are going the wrong way. You should keep in mind that in the life after death, you will have to be punished for your wrongdoings. After listening to the Unification Principle, I came to the realization that I did not live well on Earth. I deeply regret it. Everyday, I cannot stand the pain in my heart.

The Unification Principle must surely be a revelation from God. Reverend Sun Myung Moon discovered such truth and conveyed it to humankind. The Japanese people must quickly follow his teachings and direction as soon as possible. Bear this in mind. Life after death truly exists, and if you do not follow his teachings, you will not be free from grief, frustration and fear. Sincerely, Richard Sorge, April 29, 2002.

58. Hotumi Ozaki (1901-1944, a journalist at Asai Newspapers. According to the direction of Comintern, he, along with Sorge, attempted to revolutionize Japan with Communism. Later, he was executed alongside Sorge.)

"What could be greater pain than not recognizing the existence of True Parents? "

To me, Hotumi Ozaki, the most painful thing is that Japan failed to recognize the Korean people. That is more painful than denying the existence of God and the life after death, and not understanding that we are God's children. Korea is a chosen nation and the birthplace of True Parents. In the universe, the greatest pain and sorrow would be not recognizing the existence of True Parents. Despite the fact that Korea is the nation where the Messiah of humankind was born, why did Japan persecute that nation so desperately? That is the greatest torment to me.

Actually, I am a sinner who denied God and the life after death. However, the Unification Principle of True Parents liberated me. The greatest thing that happened to me is that I accepted Godism and started a new life, cleansing my past life.

Japan must follow the directions of Reverend Sun Myung Moon. Look at the history of humankind. Who is the leader who brought the meaning and direction of life to the light so clearly? I, Ozaki, am frustrated. Currently, Japan is unable to see the future due to her national pride. Japan must be able to recognize the true leader. And Japanese people must change their faith in various spirits to that of Godism. This is the earnest wish of Ozaki, who denied the existence of spirit world after death. The teaching of the Unification Principle and the Reverend Sun Myung Moon will shine as the splendid hope for humankind. Let Japan believe in this. The master of the life after death is God. Sincerely, Hotumi Ozaki April 29, 2002.

59. Inejiro Asanuma (1898-1960, the chief secretary of Japanese Society Party. He was killed by a right wing youth)

"I will live a new life centered on Godism."

The world is so vast, with a huge population. So are ideas and thoughts, but why did I live the kind of life I led in such a short life span? After coming here, I, Inejiro, cannot help lamenting over it. God is my own Parent and life after death clearly exists, but I lived my life like a fool. After coming here to the spirit world, I have no place to reside. People who lived a wrongful life do not have a place to live here. Nor is there a room for any forgiveness. On Earth, with force, power and money, our social status can be determined; but that does not work here at all.

Dear God, please forgive me. I repent for my wrongful life on Earth from the bottom of my heart. God truly exists as our Parent. Even the life after death certainly exists. God does not punish those who lived an evil life. They punish themselves.

According to the Unification Principle, the relationship between God and human beings is a Parent-child relationship. Reverend Sun Myung Moon, who revealed the Unification Principle, True Parents, I am immensely grateful. Hereafter, I will live a brand new life, attending God as my Parent, only centered on Godism. Communist party members, you are going the wrong way. I hope and wish that you will turn around your way as quickly as possible. Sincerely, Inejiro Asanuma , April 29, 2002.

60. Yoshio Shiga (1901-1989, a leader of the Japanese Communist Party. After the confrontation between Russia and China, he was expelled by the party for supporting the Russian side)

"I clearly realized the greatness of God and human beings."

I, Yoshio Shiga, have finally come to a realization about the truth. I am truly grateful to the lecturers of the Unification Principle, who awakened me with the truth. On the other hand, I am deeply apologetic. Through the Unification Principle, I have finally come to acknowledge the existence of God. I also came to realize what the spirit world is like.

This is the place where our spirit self can live with God for eternity. I did not realize that when our Earthly lives were centered on the temptation of Earthly thought, it would cause that much pain to God. Heavenly Father, I am so sorry. I also apologize for not having regarded, with respect and dignity, human beings ,who are in the image of God. I now have come to know clearly the greatness of God and human beings. I will follow the teachings of this new truth.

To my Communist comrades! You are going the wrong way. There can be no comparison between Godism and Communism. Communism is full of conflicts, distorting history, human beings and the phenomena of the universe. Communism is destined to fade away from the Earth. Therefore, the more quickly you abandon Communism, the better it is for you. Afterward, you need to study deeply the Godism brought by True Parents. That is the path that leads Communist party members to freedom.

My beloved Communist party comrades! Please be prepared with your future life that you will be living in the spirit world. Life after death surely exists. Sincerely, Yoshio Shiga , April 29, 2002.

61. Sanzo Nosaka (1892-1993, a chairman of the Japanese Communist Party. Later, he was indicted on charges of espionage activities and expelled from the Party.)

"Find God. God is the Parent of humankind."

The fact that God is the Parent of humankind was extremely shocking to me, Sanzo Nosaka . During my physical life on Earth, I was not interested in the existence of God and life after death. I was so intoxicated by the ideology of reforming the reality of the present life before my eyes that I never paid attention to my future life. That is very regretful.

Beloved Communist party members! We are now in a place where we can come to learn the new truth and rededicate ourselves to start a brand new life. Earthly people, please pay attention to my message: you should find God. Every single human being is a child of God. Study the Unification Principle. The Unification Principle, a revelation from God, is the truth that Reverend Sun Myung Moon discovered through numerous struggles with Satan, as he searched for answers to the fundamental questions of the true meaning and purpose of the physical life and the spiritual life.

In order for you to guide your spirit in the right direction, you need to follow Reverend Moon's teachings. He is the True Parent of humankind sent by God. Japan, especially, must accept and follow the will of Reverend Sun Myung Moon for her future development. Otherwise, she cannot indemnify the sins and crimes committed by the people of Japan. I hope that you keep this in your mind. Sincerely, Sanzo Nosaka , April 30, 2002.

62. Satomi Hakamada (1904-1990, a leader of the Communist Party. For the charge of espionage, he led Obata Tabuo to death during the interrogation. Later, he was expelled from the Japanese Communist Party.)

"Humankind can prosper and develop only by Godism."

After coming here to the spirit world, I found out that life after death truly exists. This is the place where we are punished for the wrong doings committed during our Earthly life. Yet, I have now been given a chance to be forgiven for my sins and crimes. Before, I was suffering from pain more lethal than swords, guns or poisons. However, I will clear up all of my wrong understanding and concepts from the past, and will replace them with the Unification Principle. And I will boldly expose the real identity of myself to Communists on Earth.

My beloved comrades, since coming to the spirit world, I have been imprisoned in a cave with fear Heaven might punish me. But from now on, I will live like a human being centered on the Unification Principle. Even before my realizing it, God had been my Parent, and humans had been living both an Earthly life in the flesh, which is temporary, and a spiritual life in the spirit body, which is eternal. What is important is that once we do not live a right life on Earth, we shall be punished for it here in the spirit world.

My beloved comrades, life after death exists. Reverend Sun Myung Moon is the one who revealed the historically hidden secrets of the physical world and spirit world. Now, the only way for you as my comrades to restore your spiritual life is to accept Reverend Moon as the True Parents of humankind and receive his teachings and guidance.

Satomi is now informing Japan: We, Japanese people, are committing wrong doings to Koreans, and are misunderstanding Reverend Moon. He is the Messiah of humankind sent by God. If you are not certain, please study the Unification Principle carefully. And Japanese people themselves should make a decision as to what to do. Humankind can be prosperous only by Godism. The prosperity of humankind goes side by side and hand in hand with Godism as if they are synonyms.

In the world after death, I came to realize many things. Japan needs the guidance of True Parents. That is the way for us Japanese people to live. If they do that, God's protection will be always with them. I wish and pray that Japan and Communists will always keep this in mind. Sincerely, Satomi Hakamada on April 30, 2002.

63. Ritsu Ito (1913-1989, a leader of the Japanese Communist Party. He later condemned this institution.)

"God is not the Parent of Christians alone, but of all humankind."

I, Ritsu Ito, found out here in the spirit world that God exists. Through the Unification Principle, I came to know that God exists as the unified Being, comprised of the dual characteristics of internal character and external form. I learned this systematically. God is not merely a conceptual Being, nor is He only for Christians. He is the Parent of all humankind, and we, humans, are His children.

Communist members and people of Japan! When watching you from here, you are so ignorant of Reverend Sun Myung Moon. Reverend Moon is the one who came to Earth to realize the world of eternal peace for humankind. His constant teaching is that all humans throughout the world are children of God and therefore siblings to each other. Right here, I saw it, heard it, and realized it. Humankind is too ignorant in recognizing Reverend Moon, who came as the True Father.

Ignorant people crucified Jesus. They made such a critical mistake, being ignorant of him as the leader of humanity and the Messiah of that time sent by God.

My beloved Japanese people! Politicians in particular, please listen to me clearly: Jesus, who was crucified on the cross, was the Messiah and Savior of humankind at that time. The Savior at this time is the Reverend Sun Myung Moon. And the Creator of the Universe, God, is our Parent. Therefore, we are brothers and sisters. Japan must attend the Messiah as soon as possible and be directed by Him. If a similar incident of Jesus' being crucified is repeated, Japan will perish. Please deeply reflect upon this. I am sending this message from the sprit world. Sincerely, Ritsu Ito on April 30, 2002.

Communist Thinkers of Germany

64. F.J.G. Lassalle (1825-1864, a Jewish Hegelian and a school junior to Karl Marx. He pursued a capitalist revolution from the standpoint of Hegelian philosophy.)

"An unfilial son of God finally has come now."

The Unification Principle opened a way to life for us Communist members. The reason why the Unification Principle could provide such detailed information on the existence of God and the reality of life after death is because God truly exists. That is certainly a concept separated from the distorted reality of today. The intellectuals of humanity cannot help but pay attention to the Unification Principle. I, Lassalle, would like to be totally open about everything that I know.

The fact that a criminal admits his own crimes means that he feels repentance for his acts, which can occur only when he is able to see a certain hope and vision out of doing it. I do not want to mention my Earthly life at this point. I just want to be honest about my life here. The place where I ended up living to avoid people is a deserted, barren place that is so dark that no one can recognize anyone, whether it is day or night. Yet, what is more intolerable, is the terrible odor that is indescribable. However, God reached out a loving hand to even such a place as this. Someone called out the name of Lassalle, a sinner who could not be saved even after tens of thousands of years, and invited him to a Unification Principle seminar. First, more than anything, I was grateful to get out of a place with such an unendurable odor. The Unification Principle lecturers were yelling and shouting with a tearful voice: "Please meet God. God is your Parent and will forgive your sins and heal your wounds." Past concepts and thoughts about my belief were totally melted away by the depth of the Unification Principle and the passion and zeal of the lecturers. Although God was invisible, I could feel myself being embraced by Him.

Lectures continued. My body became wet with tears and sweat from head to toe. I desperately cried out with tears in repentance, moved by the voice within me: "Heavenly Father, I was wrong. I came to you only now. Your unfilial son appeared only now. I did wrong. Please forgive me." Then, I heard a voice from somewhere: "You are my son. Do not go back to the place of suffering any more." I finally felt myself being liberated.

I am now brought back to life. My beloved comrades, God is alive. He is the Being of love, forgiving us as the Parent of humankind. Thus far, we did not live a right life, being possessed by wrong concepts and a false ideology. From now on, centered on Godism, I will embark upon a new life with all of my heart and soul. And wherever I go, I will live, shouting: "Heavenly Father, Mansei."

I want you to study the Unification Principle revealed by Reverend Sun Myung Moon. Communism is not a truth.

My dear comrades, stop and turn around. Attend Reverend Moon and receive his guidance. He is the one who was sent by God as the Savior of all humankind to liberate Communists. Follow his teachings and prepare your life on Earth before coming here to the spirit world. Sincerely, Lassalle on April 30, 2002.

65. Edward Bernstein (1850-1932, a German Jewish Marxist. He later expounded the need to revise the dialectical materialism of Marx.)

"I will now heal the wounds of God's heart."

There are a variety of ideas and thoughts in this world, but I do not know how I ended up confronting God by becoming a Communist thinker and member. I am immensely regretful after coming here. When the Unification Principle lecturers gave me lectures on the existence of God and the incorporeal substantial world, great pain burst from my heart. Suddenly, tears flowed out unceasingly, and I heard a voice so loud that I felt that my nose and ears were about to explode: "So far, God has been feeling a stabbing pain in His heart. Please melt away His wounds." I looked around and saw a twinkling light gradually fading in the air. Then, I felt the short words, "God's wounds, God's wounds," resounding in struggles within my heart.

My dear members of the Communist party, I henceforth declare that I will clean up everything in the past and attend God only. I will trample upon the past I so wrongfully lived and will serve God alone. I will do my very best to heal God's wounds. I firmly believe that Reverend Sun Myung Moon, who brought the Principle to the light, is the True Parent or Father of all humanity. I feel deeply hurt whenever thinking of the meaning of a True Parent. We have been ignorant of God, the Parent of humanity. You, members of the party, please look at the reality of our situation here in the spirit world and make your own judgment. I just want to cry to my appeasement. God! God! Hereafter, I will live well. Please forgive all of my wrongdoings in the past. Sincerely, Edward Bernstein on April 30, 2002.

66. Moses Hess (1812-1875, Jewish editor of "Rhine Newspaper." Cooperated with the work of Karl Marx and was also involved in the publishing of "Germany-France Annual Magazine." However, in the latter days of his life, he confronted Karl Marx.)

"The Unification Principle is the alternative of Communism."

I deeply thank you, God, for opening a way to salvation to a sinner who lived an evil life.

Dear Communist comrades, politicians, philosophers, thinkers, and Communist followers, your Communist countries are not taking the right direction. God is alive, and life after death exists. God is our Parent and we are His children. Communism is not partially incorrect, but entirely wrong.

Please deeply think of your future after seeing our reality and situation here. And I hope and wish that you may take the right course in your life. You need to understand that the life in the spirit world is the continuation of our Earthly life. Especially, you must keep in mind that God is the Parent of humankind. To me, the Unification Principle seems to be an alternative for Communist thoughts and theories. The Unification Principle is the incredible truth revealed by God through the Reverend Sun Myung Moon. You should thoroughly study the Principle and follow the teachings of Reverend Moon. The only way for us to live is by following his teachings. I am sending you this message from here in the spirit world. Please be wise and make the right decision in order to be prepared to come to the spirit world. If you do not live a right life, you will be punished for it. That is the Heavenly law. Sincerely, Moses Hess on April 30, 2002.

67. Rudolf Hilferding (1877-1943, Jewish author of the "Financial Capitalism." He made a contribution to the development of the economic theories of Karl Marx.)

"There is no pain more severe than that of denying God."

Through the Unification Principle, I came to clearly understand that God is the Parent of humankind, and we are His children. Marxism made a serious error from the very beginning. There is no greater sin than that of denying God. I, Rudolf Hilferding have surely continued to exist here in the spirit world. However, from now on, I will be living for God, thoroughly armed with Godism. Reverend Sun Myung Moon has made an incredible contribution to the development of human history. You would not know the standard of judging the significance and value of True Parents.

Now, you need to wake up from Marxism. You need to clearly understand who Reverend Moon is. The portion of your life that you lived wrongfully is your responsibility, in which no one can interfere. Sincerely, Rudolf Hilferding on May 1, 2002.

68. Bertolt Brecht (1898-1956, a German communist, a theatrical writer who wrote the textbooks for the communist revolution. He was awarded with a Lenin Peace Prize.)

"The Unification Principle is a true textbook for the revolution of human beings."

Indeed, the theories of communism are wrong. God clearly exists and so does the life after death. Humans are not merely physical but also spiritual beings as the children of God.

After listening to the lectures on the Unification Principle, I, Brecht, came to realize many things that I did not know before. The Unification Principle is the new truth revealed by Reverend Sun Myung Moon. That is the revelation of revelations of God, which enable us to set our life straight and penetrate all phenomena of the universe. It is a true textbook for the revolution of human beings. I will follow all teachings of the Principle as the truth of God. Communists and thinkers must make a correct judgment for their lives. They need to be prepared for the next life in the spirit world. I wish and hope that you will make a right decision so that you will not regret later. Sincerely, Bertolt Brecht on May 1, 2002.

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