The Report on the Seminar in the Spirit World for 120 Communists

by Young Soon Kim

The Report on the Seminar in the Spirit World for 120 Communists [Part 2]

Received by: Ms. Young Soon Kim
April 18 to May 9, 2002
Campus of Sun Moon University
Asan, South Korea

15. Georgy Maksimilianovich Malenkov (1902-1988, a successor of Stalin.)

"How can a man live without following the way of Heaven?"

God certainly exists. I haven't seen Him directly, yet, but I came here and I know He exists and that there is a place where the spirits live. I saw how Stalin lived and I realized that if a man lives a wrongful life on the Earth, he will be punished. That is the way of Heaven. I learned the Divine Principle from Mohammad first, and then participated in this seminar. I can speak; I even have a mouth.

Friends of the Communist Party! I'm in the spirit world. You must realize that you have lived in the wrong way until now. God truly exists. It is difficult to escape existence in Hell after having lived according to the Communist way of thinking. God is the only way you can live. This is my last wish.

Reverend Moon, who brought to light the Divine Principle, is the one God sent to save Communist countries, and he is True Parents of humankind. If you receive his guidance, you can know the truth about life in the spirit world. Please be guided by him. I beg this of you. I pray for God. I pray so that God can forgive the wrongdoing of my past and that He can save the Communist countries. I'd like to thank Reverend Moon. Malenkov, April 21, 2002.

16. Erich Honecker (1912-1994, ordered the building of the Berlin Wall, assumed the chairmanship of the East German Communist Party August 31, 1961.)

"Well manage a new life centering on Godism."

After pounding a nail into God's heart, I stood here in spite of building the Berlin Wall. Friends of Communism! Communist countries will perish. You must renew your way of thinking by seeing the lives of the Russian and Chinese Communist leaders here. How could these things be worked out except by God's great power?

Friends! Power, honor and material things have less value than garbage here. They are totally useless. You must remember this. God exists. God is the Parent of humankind. And the spirit world exists. If you live rightly, you will live in a good place here, but if you do not, you will be punished. Do the Communist leaders live in good places? Or do they live in Hell as their punishment? That is up to you. But please remember to receive the guidance of Reverend Moon on the Earth. He is the Messiah for Communist countries. You will live if you follow him, but absolutely perish if you don't. He brought the four great saints and major religions into oneness centering on the Divine Principle. I will manage a new life here centering on Godism. Honecker, April 21, 2002.

17. Janos Kadar (1912-1989, the last Communist leader over the Hungarian Communist government.)

"Godism is the only thought suitable for humankind's world of eternal peace."

I'm repenting thoroughly for having lived wrongly, depending upon my individual power and denying God. Even though we can't see God here, nobody denies Him. I am the same. I realized anew that God is the Parent of humankind through Divine Principle. Even before I studied it, I could know God's existence and felt suffering in my mind for quite a while. I will live attending God as my parents. I will live attending and believing Reverend Moon, True Parents on Earth. My last word is that Communism will perish and that the only way for it to live on is to change it into Godism. Godism is the only thought that can lead to eternal peace. J. Kadar, April 22, 2002.

18. Matyas Rakosi (1892-1971, the founding leader of the Hungarian People's Republic.)

"There is hope only if you receive True Parents' thought."

My ignorance, thinking that I could live forever on the basis of my Earthly power and honor, led to me being punished here in this place. I, a man, must seek out the feed of animals here. I have not enough time. Communist friends! God exists. The Communist parties are perishing. Change your ways. Reverend Moon on the Earth is True Parents and He teaches Unification Thought and the Divine Principle in order to save Communist countries. You can find the method to solve all the problems of Communism by his guidance. Please believe him and be guided by him. You will perish miserably if you remain as you are. Remember this. Rakosi, April 22, 2002.

19. Klement Gottwald (1896-1953; established the Communist government in Czechoslovakia.)

"Communism is wrong."

Most of you Communists know that materialism and the Communist worldview are wrong. You lived like gods with your power and your organizations, denying the spirit and God. But if you have a spirit, then there must be a spirit world, and there must certainly be God, who manages this world.

Because this is a good chance to liberate the Communist bloc, I participated here without a trace of shame. Unification Thought and the Divine Principle are the great truths. We recognized that we lived wrongly on the Earth. I will repent for my wrong past in front of God and realize that God is the Parent of humankind. True Parents on the Earth are trying to liberate the Communist countries. Communism is a misguided, error-filled philosophy. Godism is rising as the central thought of humankind. Humankind must live as brothers and sisters attending God. Reverend Moon, True Parents, thank you very much. Gottwald, April 22, 2002.

20. Antonin Novotny (1904-1975, a successor of Gottwald.)

"Communism is a twisted view of the universe and of humankind."

Communism will perish. It must disappear from the Earth. In spite of God's holy presence, it denies His existence. It ruined man, turning him into a merely material existence. God is not only for Christians but also for all people. Communism is a twisted view of the universe and of humankind. A golden opportunity has come to liberate Communism. Communism must be engrafted with Reverend Moon's Unification Thought and Divine Principle. I realized this by learning Unification Thought and Divine Principle. God sent Reverend Moon to change Communism into Godism. We must not miss this chance. The chance will appear only once. I tell you this message after studying the reality of the spirit world. Think long and hard, remembering this point. Novotny, April 22, 2002.

21. Nicolae Ceaucescu (1918-1989, a dictator controlling the Rumanian Communist government.)

"I clearly experienced the way of Heaven."

If you throw your eyes, mouth, nose and other sense organs into a compost heap, the smell that comes as they go bad is worse than that of fish. Why did I live like this? It is useless to repent for it now, but I'd like to make people realize that Communism is wrong by showing the reality of the shape I'm in here. As my punishment, I live in a place of thieves. There is no place where I can sit. There is nothing that is mine. I sit down and get up and soon see a man sitting where I was sitting. I lie down and get up, then a man sits there and shouts that it is his place. He calls me a thief and tells me to go away. How can I express this? I long for a place where I can peacefully sit. I always have to keep standing up. The blood vessels in my legs are about to burst. You will be punished if you live as I did; that is why I reveal my situation clearly. I want to tell you that there is a world after death and that God certainly exists. We can't see Him, but He does exist. So if you commit sin, you will be punished. God doesn't give the punishment. I came here of my own will, as a season on the Earth arrives of its own nature. It is like the magnetic needle on a compass. Why else wouldn't I think of going to a better place?

Dictatorial power is useless here. Power and having a state apparatus have less value than trash. There is no use for them. And God exists. He is the Parent of humankind. I punished myself. I was punishing myself thoroughly. Communism certainly will perish. Dictatorship will perish. They must disappear as soon as possible. It is being proven as a fact on Earth.

Members of the Communist parties! Leaders of the Communist parties! Please uproot the wrong ideas of Communism as soon as possible. And this is my last favor. The only way for Communists to survive is to follow Reverend Moon's guidance. He is the Messiah sent by God to save the Communist countries. You can live only if you grasp him. I will absolutely follow God. I realized clearly that it is the way of Heaven. I will begin anew with Godism. Ceaucescu, April 23, 2002.

22. Ho Chi-Minh (1890-1969, leader of the Vietnamese Communist Party. He repelled United States forces during the Vietnam War and brought about the unification of North and South Vietnam under Communism.)

"The Unification Principle is the hope and torchlight for all humanity."

I, Ho Chi-Minh, lived in a very wrong way when I was on Earth. I struggled for decades to bring about national liberation, but because I was unable to find an ideology that was correct, I ended up creating one of the poorest countries on Earth. I do not want to spend even a moment in this place thinking about my life on Earth. I am truly grateful that I was called to attend this seminar in spite of everything. Through the Unification Principle education I received, I have come to understand a new view of life and worldview. Now I want to cut myself off from all my past without hesitation, and live in attendance to God as my Parent. The Unification Principle is the hope and torchlight for all humanity. The Unification Principle clearly reveals the errors of Communism.

President Sun Myung Moon, True Parents! Please save us brothers who are wandering about from place to place because we have no suitable dwelling-place. In this seminar, I have come to know God and to deeply understand humanity's life after death. Please guide the Communist leaders on Earth so that they, too, may lead correct lives centering on Godism. Ho Chi-Minh, April 24, 2002.

23. Pol Pot (1925-1998, leader of the Cambodian Khmer Rouge. He carried out the slaughter of some 2 million people.)

"You, too, must change to a worldview and view of human life that is centered on Godism."

During my life on Earth, I, Pol Pot, treated human life as if it were merely material existence, in accordance with the Communist view of life. Therefore, I indiscriminately executed those who opposed the ideology of Party members. For this reason, in my existence here I cannot be treated as a human being. I cannot escape the consequence of the sin of having slaughtered such a large number of God's childrenˇ¦ Communist leaders on Earth! It gives me much shame to say this, but in this place I am living with a pony. I have been allotted very little time, so I cannot explain much about my situation here, only that I am constrained such that whenever the pony jumps, I must jump with it.

I tell you that through the Unification Principle I have come to a definite realization about life after death and the existence of God. It is the final chance for us Communists to survive. It provides Communist Party members with one last chance to repent for having denied God. All Communist Party members here can receive the opportunity for new life by attending the Unification Principle seminar. I acknowledge the existence of God, and clearly reveal to you my situation in the afterlife. My message to you on Earth is that you, too, must change to a worldview and view of human life that is centered on Godism. Only when you do this will the Communist Party members who are now in Hell in the spirit world be liberated. I have one final sincere appeal. It is that Communist Party members understand that Reverend Moon's way is the only way for you to follow from now on. He is the True Parent of humankind, and you must follow his teachings. This is the only way that Communist countries can survive. People on Earth, please bear this in mind. Pol Pot, April 24, 2002.

24. Walter Ulbricht (1893-1973, a founder of the German Democratic Republic on October 7, 1945.)

"If you study the Unification Principle and Unification Thought, you will discover a new guiding ideology for your countries."

I, Ulbricht, lived proudly when I was on Earth as one who believed there is no God. I replaced Nazism with Communism as the guiding ideology of the state. From my vantage point here in the spirit world, however, I came to recognize that the demise of Communism was inevitable. God definitely exists, and He is the Parent of all humanity. At this moment, my soul conveys the real situation of the spirit world to people on Earth. No one should doubt that there is a world after death. Having heard the Unification Principle, I cannot find the words to express how sorry and ashamed I feel before God. I have the appearance of a sinner who does not dare to lift his head.

Communist leaders! God is the Parent of humankind; therefore He forgives us. Reverend Moon is working very hard in order to liberate Communists. He received a revelation from God, and has proposed a new future for humanity. You leaders of countries on Earth that live by Communist ideology must accept the leadership of Reverend Moon. If you thoroughly study the Unification Principle and Unification Thought, you will discover a new guiding ideology for your countries. God definitely exists, and there definitely is a world after death. I make this ardent appeal to the leaders of Communist countries on Earth. Only Godism can show us the way to live. Walter Ulbricht, April 24, 2002.

25. Che Guevara (1928-1967, a leader of the Communist revolution in Cuba, he later separated from Castro. He took part in the struggle for a Communist revolution in Bolivia and was shot dead by Bolivian government forces.)

"I thoroughly repent for my life as a revolutionary on Earth, because it was based on a wrong ideology."

I, Che Guevara, acknowledge the existence of God, and experience that there is a world of the soul. I cannot help but point out that Marxist philosophy contains many errors. I declare to all Heaven and Earth that God and human beings are in a relationship of parent and child. I thoroughly repent for my life on Earth as a revolutionary, because it was based on a wrong ideology. I firmly pledge that I will become a child of God. You on Earth must clearly know that Reverend Moon, who is on Earth, is working day and night for the true peace of humankind and the liberation of Communist countries. I am convinced that he is the True Parent of humankind. Che Guevara, April 25, 2002.

26. Anastas I. Mikoyan (1895-1978, a Communist leader for some forty years under the regimes of Lenin, Stalin and Khrushchev. Together with Khrushchev, he advocated U.S.-Soviet peaceful co-existence.)

"The guiding ideology of your world is not Communism, but Godism."

I, Anastas Mikoyan, was a sinner among sinners and an enemy of God, because I confronted God as an enemy. Yet God freed me from the swamp where I was bound tightly with an iron chain. Truly, God is the Parent of humankind.

Communist Party members! God clearly exists. Mikoyan declares from the spirit world that God exists and that there is a world in which you will be punished for your sins. Communist Party members must accept Reverend Moon's philosophy of peace and actively study Unification Thought. Always bear in mind that the guiding ideology of your world is not Communism, but Godism. You must change your paradigm as quickly as possible. Reverend Moon is the True Parent of humankind sent by God, he is the Messiah for all humanity, and he is working hard to liberate Communist countries. You must actively support him and follow him. I hope you will not turn away from this fervent appeal, which I send you from the world of the soul. Anastas Mikoyan, April 25, 2002.

27. Rosa Luxemburg (1871-1919, a Polish woman revolutionary of Jewish ancestry. She rose up in an armed revolt to bring about a Communist revolution in Germany, but the revolt failed and she was killed.)

"The time has come for humanity to live in one bond of brotherhood and sisterhood based on Godism."

Communist Party members! God exists. God exists as the harmonized union of femininity and masculinity, and when He appears to us He appears in a masculine manner. I, Luxemburg, have completely understood this through studying the Unification Principle and Unification Thought. I now understand with certainty that God has always existed as the Parent of all humankind.

While on Earth, I dedicated my life to the actualization of a biased ideology. The revolution I pursued during my life was not so much a Communist revolution as it was a revolution for the liberation of human beings. Here in the spirit world, however, I have clearly understood that the ideology to bring true human liberation is the Unification Principle. In the Unification Principle I have found a new vision that humanity can strive for. The Messiah of humanity, the True Parent, has become manifest on Earth, and he is working arduously to cut off Communism and other erroneous ideologies. This person is none other than Reverend Sun Myung Moon. He is the savior who gives new leadership to humanity with a philosophy of peace that is centered on God. I will now attend God and dedicate my heart and soul to following the teachings of Reverend Sun Myung Moon. God is the Parent of humanity. I will live my life shouting out that the time has come for humanity to live in one bond of brotherhood and sisterhood based on Godism. Rosa Luxemburg, April 25, 2002.

28. Karl J. Kautsky (1854-1938; published Marx's manuscript posthumously as The Theory of Surplus Value. A leader of the Second International.)

"Receive his teachings about what is the wrong way of living and what is the true way of living!"

Someone who doesn't know about God should remain quiet. While I was on Earth, I, Kautsky, didn't know about God with any certainty, but still I went ahead and insisted on atheism. Here in this place, through my education in the Unification Principle, I have come to understand that God is the Parent of humankind. Now I realize that the acts I committed on Earth were unforgivably unfilial towards my Heavenly Parent. In spite of that I have been called to this place, and for this I am grateful beyond words.

Communist nations and Party members! You are now following a path that is in serious error. Material and power seemed so much more real when I lived in a physical body. I, Kautsky, confess here in the spirit world: A world after death definitely exists for human beings. Moreover, I clearly convey to you the fact that God exists in reality, and He is the Parent of humanity. You who are of the Communist countries must receive guidance from Reverend Sun Myung Moon with regard to the true way of living. This teacher is the True Parent sent by God, and he is the Messiah who aims through his leadership to liberate Communist countries, present a correct view of life, and bring about lasting world peace on Earth.

Party members of Communist countries! Grab hold of this teacher and don't let go. The lives of human beings on Earth bear fruit in this eternal place. You must receive his teachings about what is the wrong way of living and what is a true way of living. Party members, please do not forget this point. Karl J. Kautsky, April 25, 2002.

29. Maxim Gorky (1868-1936, founder of proletarian art.)

"I will bring about a true human revolution based on Godism."

God clearly exists. Gorky is now in the spirit world. Communist Party members! I have discovered amazing things here. When I was on Earth, I exposed the contradictions of capitalism and praised socialist society, but now I want to expose the many levels of contradiction in Earthly society and give definite praise to life in the spirit world. You Communist Party members on Earth must change your way of thinking. The standard of right and wrong must be established based upon the existence of the spirit world. Those who live their lives wrongly on Earth cannot find forgiveness here, no matter how remorseful they may be.

During my Earthly life, I was interested in literature that would encourage socialist revolution in order to overthrow capitalist society and bring about true human life and a society of equality. In this place, though, I have come to realize that these goals cannot be achieved on the basis of Communist theory. One's power in Earthly life has less value here than a piece of toilet paper. Here in the spirit world, the most precious thing is to live one's life with God at the center. God is the Parent of humanity; God and human beings are in the relationship of parent and children.

Communist Party members! A new teaching called Godism has appeared that will enable you to understand just how wrong your atheistic lives have been. You must change your way of living as quickly as possible centering on Godism. Reverend Sun Myung Moon, who is on Earth, revealed this incredible truth. As the True Parent of humankind, Reverend Moon is making all possible efforts to liberate Communist Party members. I hereby affirm that I will bring about a true human revolution based on Godism. Maxim Gorky, April 25, 2002.

Communist Theoreticians (Japan)

30. Kozo Uno (1897-1977, a leading Marxist economist.)

"Communist Party members must receive the guidance of Reverend Sun Myung Moon."

Thank you for this opportunity, in which a person who has nothing to say may open his mouth and speak correct words for the first time since he was born. God does exist. I, Kozo Uno, am definitely conveying this message from the afterlife. Communist Party members! God and we humans are in a relationship of parent and child. God is our Parent, and we are His children. I am a great sinner, but I have participated in this seminar so that I may receive forgiveness here in the spirit world and so that I may speak correct words. I confess to you my sincere heart.

Marxist philosophy is a theory that has led to the commission of great crimes before God. God is the Father of humanity. The Unification Principle is a truth revealed by Reverend Sun Myung Moon, who is correcting Communist thought on Earth and is leading Communists in the direction of Godism, a philosophy of peace. Unification Principle is humanity's eternal sacred text. Therefore, Communist Party members must receive the guidance of Reverend Sun Myung Moon. The path followed by Communist Party members until now was a mistaken path. I earnestly ask you to turn back. Reverend Sun Myung Moon is the True Parent whom God has sent to humanity. This is the message of Kozo Uno, who lives in the spirit world. Kozo Uno, April 27, 2002.

31. Yoshishige Kozai (1901-1990, a leading Marxist philosopher.)

"Godism is the only path for us to follow."

I really lived my life terribly! Now I earnestly beseech the members of the Communist Party. This place, the world of the soul, really exists. I, Kozai, was brought to this place to hear lectures on the Unification Principle. I regret that I cannot explain in detail in the short time I am allotted. We Communist Party members did not know God. We were so ignorant of Him! From the beginning, God has been the Parent of us human beings. We have always been His children. Communist Party members, your socialist ideas are wrong. Now, you must acknowledge the philosophical errors of socialism and follow the teachings of the Unification Principle that was revealed on Earth by Reverend Sun Myung Moon. Also, you must find out who he is. Our lives are not nebulous paths, but are profoundly connected to God. Please bear in mind that Godism is the only path for us follow. Yoshishige Kozai, April 27, 2002.

32. Takiji Kobayashi (1903-1933, proletarian author who died while being tortured by police.)

"How can you treat God's precious children as mere material beings?"

I, Takiji Kobayashi, herby confess that the soul lives. Human beings are composed of a soul and a physical body, and the soul is constructed to live for eternity in this place. God created all creation, beginning with plants and animals, for the sake of human beings. Human beings have been endowed with the greatest intelligence, and are God's highest creation. God created human beings in a relationship of parent and child.

Communist Party members! How can you treat God's precious children as mere material beings? You must recognize that you have committed a serious error. Let's turn back quickly! It is not the way, not the truth. Your philosophical starting point is wrong. Unification Principle and Unification Thought are roadmaps for humanity and textbooks of life. The one who revealed the Unification Principle is on Earth. He is Reverend Sun Myung Moon. You must study who he is and believe in him absolutely. Takiji Kobayashi is living here in the world of the soul. If you cannot believe this, you will be destroyed. I tell you definitely, there is no truth more certain than the Unification Principle. Takiji Kobayashi, April 27, 2002.

33. Itsurou Sakisaka (1897-1985; Marxist economist and member of Rounou [Worker-Farmer] group that fought with the Japanese Communist Party.)

"God exists as the Father of humankind."

There exists in the spirit world a place where souls live for eternity. Here, there is no need for power, fame or riches. Communist Party members, you should know that the most fearful among all Earthly philosophies are those that treat the human being as merely a material existence. This idea leads to the greatest crimes before God. God clearly exists. Those who committed sin on Earth are punished for eternity. In this place, even great power cannot save a criminal. No matter how much riches and fame a person may have enjoyed on Earth, these are of no use in solving problems here.

Party members! Do you say God doesn't exist? He clearly does exist. God exists as the Father of humankind. Without exception, we are all the children of God. Party members! Our sins are unforgivable, but there is just one way for us to receive forgiveness, and that is to receive the teaching of Reverend Sun Myung Moon, who is on Earth. Do this, and when you come here you will be able to live in realms where people dwell together with God. Do not forget this point. If we study the teachings of Reverend Sun Myung Moon and receive his guidance, we will not be destroyed. If you find you are not on the right path, it is best to turn back. I tell you this after coming to deep understandings here, so please keep it in mind. Itsurou Sakisaka, April 27, 2002.

34. Hajime Kawakami (1879-1946, a pioneer in introducing Marxist economics to Japan and the first in Japan to begin a serious study of Capital.)

"The philosophy of you Party members is an incorrect philosophy and a philosophy of destruction."

I should not have published those erroneous theories, or even begun to develop them. God exists as the Parent of human beings. I, Hajime Kawakami, have heard the Unification Principle. It teaches that it is intended for the human body to return to the Earth but for the soul to live for eternity in the spirit world in attendance to God as our Parent. Realizing this, I really don't know what to do with myself. I have no idea. What am I to do about this sin?

Party members! Now I, Kawakami, am in great agony. I am surrounded by inexpressible agony. The philosophy of you Party members is an incorrect philosophy and a philosophy of destruction. While on Earth, I did not look at anything apart from power, but in this place power has so little value it cannot even be placed in a garbage dump. You Party members are now going the wrong way. Receive the guidance of Reverend Sun Myung Moon, who is on Earth. That is the true path. I beseech you. Hajime Kawakami, April 27, 2002.

35. Shinzo Koizumi (1888-1966, a Japanese economist who analyzed and criticized Marxist economics and engaged in heated debate with Marxist economists.)

"What are you Party members going to do about the life of your souls?"

While I was on Earth, my arrogance and power were too entrenched to allow me to think deeply about God and humanity. Communist Party members, this is the world after death. The human soul was intended to attend God here and live eternally, but we Communist Party members are unable to do so. We definitely lived our lives in error. God is the Parent of humanity, and our condition causes Him great sorrow. Human beings are all His children, but we did not know it. How can we receive redemption for this incredible sin? We must receive the guidance of Reverend Sun Myung Moon, who is on Earth. Reverend Moon uncovered the Unification Principle by God's revelation. The Unification Principle passes judgment on the path that Party members are going. What you must bear in mind clearly is that the world after death exists only for human beings, and that if you sin you will certainly be punished there. That is the law of Heaven.

Party members! You are going the way of great sin. What are you going to do about the life of your souls? You will be able to make this decision once you have received the guidance of Reverend Sun Myung Moon. I beseech you and convey to you the distressed heart of Shinzo Koizumi. Shinzo Koizumi, April 27, 2002.

36. Hitoshi Yamakawa (1880-1958, politician who participated in the founding of the Japanese Communist Party. He formed a Marxist labor Party and supported the left wing of the Socialist Party.)

"I hope that Party members. will quickly change their direction."

I acknowledge that God exists. I, Yamazaki, did not know God, who is the Parent of humanity, and I did not know that all people are God's children. I thoroughly apologize for my erroneous way of thinking, and I pledge that I will completely change my direction to that of Godism. Communist Party members, you must change your thinking, which holds that there is no soul. The world of the soul definitely exists. I hope that Party members will read these words and quickly change their direction. If you live on Earth according to the guidance of Reverend Sun Myung Moon, then when you come here you will be able to go to much better places than where we dwell now. I sincerely ask you to do this. Hitoshi Yamakawa, April 27, 2002.

37. Yuriko Miyamoto (1899-1951, wife of Kenji Miyamoto [highest leader of the Japanese Communist Party] and a proletarian author.)

"What hurts me most is our unfilial behavior as children who failed to attend God as our Parent."

Oh God! We were wrong. We were very wrong. I, Yuriko, thought that You were only a god worshipped by Christianity and had nothing to do with us. I have committed a great error. I now thoroughly understand about the world of the soul and the principle concerning the two-part structure of human beings. What hurts me most is our unfilial behavior as children who failed to attend God as our Parent, even though God and human beings are in a parent-child relationship, and our failure to regard other people as God's children. I thoroughly apologize for these points. I totally believe that Reverend Sun Myung Moon, who teaches the Unification Principle, is the True Parent of humankind and the great world teacher who will liberate the Communist countries. Yuriko Miyamoto, April 27, 2002.

Communist Theoreticians (China)

38. Chen Boda (1904-1989, drafted the basic content and purpose of the Cultural Revolution with approval from Mao Tse Tung.)

"I will dedicate everything I have to the universalization of Godism."

Coming here, I realize for the first time that even though human beings can see, hear, and feel the blessings of nature, we have been truly ignorant with regard to God. I am now experiencing a pain that I cannot put into words. It makes my heart ache to find out now that human beings are God's children. Still, now I want to accept this incredible great truth, and help the Communist Party members and Communist countries on Earth understand these facts deeply. Also, I will attend Reverend Sun Myung Moon, the True Parent of humankind who has been manifested on Earth, and dedicate everything I have to the universalization of Godism. I will not go back to the erroneous path of life. I will cut myself off from my error-filled past and begin a new life. I will do my best to introduce Godism to those here that are ignorant about God. I earnestly request that members of the Party in China study the thought of the True Parents as quickly as possible. Chen Boda, April 27, 2002.

Resolution by Thinkers Who Were Precursors to Communism

39. Claude Henri de Saint-Simon (1760-1825; divided society into two classes - "those who have leisure" and "those who work.")

40. F. M. Charles Fourier (1772-1837; criticized the evils of bourgeois society. He proposed the creation of harmonious social groups called "phalanxes.")

41. Robert Owen (1771-1858, one of the three great utopian socialists. He organized the "New Harmony" cooperative society in America.)

42. Gracchus Babeuf (1760-1797; advocated the abolition of private property and the realization of a society of equality. He incited a riot, was captured and executed.)

43. Louis Auguste Blanqui (1805-1881; participated in the French revolutionary movement. He advocated taking power by means of violent revolution by a small number of well-trained people.)

44. Etienne Cabet (1778-1856; proposed a communal system of property on the theory that the basis for all social science lies in the equality of wealth. Author of Travels in Icaria.)

45. Pierre Joseph Proudhon (1809-1865; French economist who sought the overthrow of capitalism by peaceful means.)

We seven thoroughly repent and regret that we provided the initial impetus for the creation of a thought that has obstructed human cultural development, and adopt the following resolution:


First: We believe with absolute certainty that God exists.

Second: We firmly believe that God is the Parent of humankind.

Third: We absolutely believe that human beings are not material existences, but were created as God's precious children.

Fourth: We believe with certainty that just as there is a corporeal world, so also there is a world after death, an incorporeal world, in which the soul lives eternally.

Fifth: We believe with certainty that Reverend Sun Myung Moon is the True Parent of humankind and the Messiah.

We seven thinkers hereby declare this resolution, whereby we firmly pledge to attend God as our vertical True Parent and Reverend Sun Myung Moon as our horizontal True Parent and dedicate ourselves to bringing about a world of peace for humanity centering on Godism. April 27, 2002.

Communist Politicians (Soviet Union)

46. Lev Borisovich Kamenev (1883-1936, member of the Politburo during the regime of Joseph Stalin, he was purged for opposing Stalin's dictatorship.)

"Communists are following the wrong path. If you continue on this way, you will all become extinct."

I confess that God clearly exists. We humans were created as precious personalities in the position of God's children. We are all brothers and sisters receiving God's love. When Communist Party members and Communist countries come to know Unification Principle and Unification Thought, they will all spin round and round and lose their minds. Even though we all claim to be one brother and sisterhood, we have oppressed, kicked, struck, fought with and killed each other because of our selfish lust for power and fame. What are we to do?

Reverend Sun Myung Moon has loved his enemies, and Jesus prayed on the cross that those who crucified him might be blessed. Communist Party members and people of Communist countries, how have we lived in fact? Let's reflect on ourselves. I, Kamenev, know that I must love my enemies, but how can I do it? The Unification Principle is an incredible truth that recreates human beings. I am hearing this precious Principle, but I still cannot forgive my enemies.

Party members, the path we now follow was a path of destruction from the beginning. God's desire is to live happily with His children eternally in this place, the spirit world. But human beings on Earth have no idea that they have a Parent, so they fight and struggle against each other, and kill each other. Here we go through a period during which we suffer punishment for the wrong ways in which we lived in the past. That is our life in Hell. After paying for our sins, we will be able to live in a parent-child relationship with God. How can I possibly explain everything about the situation here? If it is not the right path, and not the truth, then you must turn back without a second thought. Communists are following the wrong path. If you continue on this way, you will all become extinct. Because God, as the Parent, loves His children eternally, He sent Reverend Sun Myung Moon to teach Communist countries how their philosophies are wrong. So you must receive his detailed guidance and carefully study the Unification Principle and Unification Thought.

Communist Party members must be contrite and acknowledge that their opinions on the dignity of human beings, the existence of God and the future world are utterly wrong. The soul definitely has a life in this place. You must correct all that you did wrong while you are still on Earth. Before you come here, to your eternal place in the world of the soul, you must know God correctly. Before you come here, you must prepare yourselves centering on Godism and practice it. It is the law of Heaven that you must receive punishment for your sins.

Party members! Remember this point well. I have briefly communicated to you the suffering and pains I experience here, and the situation here, so remember it well. Lev Kamenev, April 28, 2002.

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