Reverend Sang Hun Lee's Message from the Spirit World - A Seminar in the Spirit World for 120 Christians Who Illuminated History

Channeled by Young Soon Kim

Reverend Sang Hun Lee's Message from the Spirit World - A Seminar in the Spirit World for 120 Christians Who Illuminated History [Part 9]

Messages from 120 Christians - An Intermediate Report
"God is the Parent of Humankind"
Channeled by Young Soon Kim

Barton Stone (1772 - 1844, founder of the "Stonites," or "Christians")

"You have the special right to order men on earth and in spirit world freely."

It is strange thing to have a man in the spirit world report his impressions to earthly men. Most of those who studied Divine Principle say that it is an amazing heavenly secret. They say that it is too amazing that they can't believe it. The lecturers struggled to make us understand the seminar. To report our impression of the seminar is not Dr. Sang Hun Lee's request but that of the True Parents of humankind, Messiah, Savior. The lecturers explained that this is the period for us to make earthly men understand Divine Principle and proclaim in detail that True Parents, Messiah, has appeared. And also they explained that by the order of God and Reverend Moon, we were reporting our impression to the earth. And God and True Parents, Reverend Moon, specifically ordered the lady clairvoyant to report our message to the earth.

God raised this lady for a long time. So please believe her. And I think this is the first and last time in history for a thing like this. To proclaim the Messiah while he, Reverend Moon, is alive on the earth is worthy of celebration. So those who are selected here will remain in history. And please remember that this is a very glorious place. If one doesn't like being on the list participating this ceremony, one can refuse it. If anyone has another opinion on this, please tell me. And please make sure who you are before you start reporting, and call this reporter "samo-nim." "Samo-nim" is just a title. Somebody asked Dr. Sang Hun Lee if it is her name, but he explained that samo-nim is not a name but is what earthly men call her. Someone asked again then if it is her title, but Dr. Lee said that he would explain it later. He asked us to remember the order of reporting and be prepared for this busy ceremony.

Everything was weird and I could not understand it. But after a long time of explanation by Dr. Lee and study of the analysis of Divine Principle, I agreed to report here. He is a very good man. I told him that he is a very good man, and he replied that Divine Principle made him reticent and changed him in various ways. And he told me that various Christians would respect me and that I have been respected for a long time, and he asked me to gain deep understanding of the Divine Principle and study it. I thought about whether Divine Principle is truth or not for a good length of time during the lecture. I asked Dr. Lee about the points I could not understand and I read carefully again and again and had conversation with Dr. Lee several times. That gave me pretty good help. I don't know why, but I felt happy and hope came to my mind and I was filled with courage. According to Dr. Lee, this was the life element from God.

Divine Principle is very profound in many parts. By understanding Divine Principle, I always felt happiness and I felt that it was mine. Then I wondered if something other than Divine Principle had been surrounding me until now. Anyway I want to express my gratitude. If he didn't have any interest in me or care for me, I couldn't have been moved like this. I thank Dr. Lee who led me like this with such kindness. I have no doubt that Divine Principle is the new truth, even though I couldn't digest the entirety of it completely.

And Reverend Moon is naturally Messiah, Savior and True Parents of all the human race, and he has a special right to order men on earth and in spirit world freely. Who can order spirit men to do something like this? If someone orders something up here, no one follows the order. It is clear that he is Messiah by seeing this effect. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for discovering the new truth.

Barton Stone --2001. 11. 4--

A. J. Tomlinson (--?dates?--, founder of the Church of God)

"I know that God is the Parent of humankind."

God was the highest happiness, hope and light for my lifetime. I thought that I have never lived a life without thinking of God.

One day when I was about 20 years old, I was walking down a field path alone. Suddenly beautiful singing came from somewhere, with a voice that said, "You ought to follow me." I couldn't see anything; I just heard the voice. So I couldn't know who was talking to me. When I looked around to discover, again I heard, "You ought to follow God." And I heard beautiful singing.

After that in my life, I tried to keep the voice fresh in my mind. Although I had been told to follow God, I couldn't figure out how to do so. At that time I felt God was with me all the time. As I got older, I couldn't do anything but think of God. About ten years after hearing the voice, God told me, "Follow me," and told me to go to the top of the mountain to build a church there. But I wasn't able to do what he said to me because of various personal circumstances. Though I couldn't obey his words immediately, I built God's church a few years later.

Now that I've summarized my past experiences, it is time to share my impression of the Unification Principle. Other than that, I have conversed with God several times. But then, the most impressive part of the lectures is the fact that God is the Parent of humankind. This is truly an amazing fact. I am not sure why the God who appeared to me didn't reveal it to me. It seems that I was so unfilial before God. For all of the reality of that truth, I wasn't able to attend God as my Parents even once. Indeed I've never considered Him as my Parents. How sorrowful God must have been!

Reverend Moon ascertained that God is the Parents of humankind, and he attends God as his Parents. He even considers deeply God's situation and heart. He has discovered all the secrets about Parents, God. Therefore he should be in the highest position as a Son of God. How much is God waiting for peace? True Parents, who have saved God's children from Satan's net inside wars, poverty and diseases, thank you for your sincere works for us! You are the Messiah of all humankind, our savior of the world. I regret that I couldn't even be near him, despite all I have experienced of God.

God prepared comprehensively to light the way for humankind. He prepared Messiah for humankind and unification Principle. As the time has come, he sent Messiah to the people and undid the bundles of truth one at a time. Reverend Moon is truly the Messiah for humankind, our savior of the world. And Divine Principle is the book all humankind must read. Now the way of peace, hope and happiness for humankind is wide open. I am thankful to True Parents for showing the way to us. I was stunned many times while I was listening on to Unification Principle. I confirmed several times the fact that God and Reverend Moon are practically of one mind. I witnessed the bright light from God rolling around Reverend Moon's portrait and the light finally was mixed with the portrait. Even though it might have been a spiritual experience, I do believe in it. I have no choice but to believe it since it was an event that I have personally experienced.

Reverend Moon you have done so much for us, thank you very much. And please judge us and liquidate what you need to.

I understand True Parents has to take a responsibility to lead humankind on the way of truth, since True Parents is the savior of the world. And I also understand that it is a tough course to fulfill. Isn't there anything we can do for you? I do believe all the content of Divine Principle. Please give me the opportunity to work with the Messiah of humankind. Thank you very much.

A. J. Tomlinson -2001.11.4--

Cowman pastor --? -- dates--?-- (representative of the Holiness Church)

"Unification Principle is a fresh welcome rain for our dry throats."

I think Reverend Moon gave a great gift to humankind. There has rarely been such a leader, who could give the knowledge of the word definitely and teach us about the eternal way of life clearly. He taught true goodness and leads us to the kingdom of Heaven attending God, not only us but also all humankind. Most religious leaders led abstractly based on a direction for all humankind and were not able to develop it clearly. And yet Reverend Moon showed humankind a clear direction for life and he gave us clear material to follow. Where could we find such a great leader? It would be still fine even though he is neither Messiah nor true Parent. He could be just a great teacher.

How thankful we are that he is the True Parent and savior! I think we have to be unconditionally grateful for his being and Unification Principle. I, Cowman, accept the Unification Principle unconditionally and give thanks for it. I pledge to accept the new truth with a new heart. Haven't we been thirsty for the right direction of our life? I think this truth that came to us now is a fresh welcome rain for the people who have been thirsty for the truth. We are the people who have taken great pains to look for the right way of a life of faith. But we didn't notice the right direction nor have clear view on God.

But now everything is clear. God created the human ancestors, who are Parents of humankind. Everything is disclosed here, such as Adam and Lucifer's fallen lineage that started in the Garden of Eden, the direction of human life and the wrongly flowing history. We might think at this moment that we have already figured out about the proper way of living a faithful life. But we should abandon such ideas without letting them linger in our mind. Let's start again from the beginning.

And now I think we have to transmit the Unification Principle with the attitude we had when we founded our religious association as the responsible person. I myself will start to do so. And Reverend Moon our Messiah, Second Coming, will be here someday. Let's prepare for that time. I, Cowman am willing to concentrate on the propagation of Unification Principle. I think we need actions more than words. I truly appreciate everything that came from the Completed Testament era.

Cowman --2001.11.7--

Joseph Smith (1805 - 1844, founder of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints [Mormon Church])

"God! Have pity on Mormon believers."

Ever since God created humankind, there was no way to decipher God's love and expectation for humankind. God wanted to give us more and more, even after he had given all things to us. God lost his children, who could have dwelled in his love for all, as his love is reflected in all things. How terrible his heart was in that situation! I listened carefully to Divine Principle lectures. Who else in the world could ever figure out God's circumstances as deeply as he did? Reverend Moon noticed God's suffering, which had been hidden beyond history. Though he has a an advantage in doing so as a chosen messenger from God, it is still an amazing truth.

Divine Principle is Completed Testament truth. In it is included all the content about absolute direction and guidance for humankind. Supposedly, God had to disclose the truth throughout history, and Reverend Moon dug out one of the biggest parts all at once. All the pain and suffering that God had hidden came into view as clear as daylight. How sorrowful has God's heart been? he must have endured great pain without saying a word. Both Divine Principle and the way of attending God are precious. Now we came to understand the absolute truth and God's original will.

Reverend Moon! I, Joseph Smith, confess as follows. I realize how precious the Unification Principle is. And from now on, I absolutely admit to study Unification Principle and to try my best to witness to other people. But I would like to say a few words as the founder of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. We are in a severe sorrow. I am the founder of the church, but I feel painful about not being able to receive the benefit of the times. I admit there are plenty of fallacies in our teachings to our believers. I don't know how to manage these problems, by which I have made them false believers. Would there be a special favor for their salvation?

Someday, True Parents will come to organize the Heavenly kingdom according to the law of spirit world. Could you consider us then? The way we attend God and our level of heart are far from your standard, but we pursue goodness in the same way as other religions do. I would like to ask a favor of you. If you give them a special favor based upon a certain condition, Joseph Smith will set the condition no matter how tough it is.

Thank you very much for giving me a chance to write a message to the Messiah, savior, True Parent and great teacher. Thank you for your hard work. Please extend your grace to consider us.

Joseph Smith --2001.11.7--

Brigham Young (1801 - 1877, successor to Joseph Smith as leader of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints [Mormon Church])

"I will liquidate the mistaken ideas about being born again, centering on the new truth."

Unification Principle is great truth that shows humankind the right direction to go. And it disclosed to humankind another side of the world that remained covered. I think denominationalism arose out of the different levels occupied by all the religions founders, without exception, who prayed and devoted their lives to serve God sincerely. God is only one, but the ways people and religions serve Him differ. That would be the reason for denominationalism.

But as I learned Unification Principle, I discovered that ultimately God is only one under all the religions, even though there are many religions. No matter what the religion is, they pursue true goodness and love without a single exception. There could be no religion that teaches its people to live badly. And there could be no religion that teaches not to love, but to hate each other.

Now, I think that God, who is love itself, has been waiting for some time, pacifying his children and listening to their prayers and wishes. And I think he has been waiting patiently, expecting that we, his children, would know as the time comes. Who would ever be aware that the ups and downs of history arose because of our ancestors? It would be a riddle that no one ever even presumed to know anything about. The miserable knot of history is now untied. We have discovered the clue to resolve the tangle of history.

So the clues for all the historical complications will be found naturally. God has been waiting for this time by exposing Himself to snow, rain and strong storms until now. Meanwhile God, the Parents of humankind, has been nervous and broken in heart, as if he were all but dead. This is the time for our beloved brothers and sisters to offer all the precious jewels that we have been holding for our Parents, God. And let us pray that God, who has been waiting and longing for his children for a long time, reshapes the precious jewels within his warm bosom by melting them into his melting furnace of love. To make it real, let's kneel upon our knees before God, our Parents. And leave all our right and wrong to God, laid upon our Parents' breast.

The footprints we set down in our life will be the evidence granting us qualification to be God's son or daughter, since he is our Parent. Everything from us will be the greatest work after God melts it through his love. Then he will return it to us.

Reverend Moon! This is my genuine confession to you. What is the use of me worrying about something of you have already shown us every nook and cranny? I will pass over the past, consoling myself that I joined God's world and that I will start anew. I am sure that the unification movement can resolve the problems coming from many fields by transcending religion, race, ideology and philosophy. I will try my best to delete all the wrong ideas of the past and to be born again centering on new truth. Messiah for humankind, savior and True Parents for humankind, may he receive honor from all the people in the world.

Brigham Young --2001.11.8--

William Miller (1782 - 1849, founder of the Adventist churches)

"True Parents, please show special concern for the believers of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church!"

The course that humankind has been walking thus far has not followed the direction that God wished. Humankind should go back to the beginning and restart. So many religious people have tried to live in service and devotion to God. But it seems to me that there are only a few prophets who truly taught us the flow of history and the right way to serve God. The reason that we are sincere with our life is because we all without exception are struggling to find a new direction in life. We attempt to find new life models since most men and women are not satisfied with their life.

In the meantime, the Unification Principle is disclosing a new direction for life in all respects. It shows not only the direction of history and a model of new life but also eternal matters concerning the world after death. God created humankind and granted them life in a happy, joyful, hopeful and peaceful Garden so that they could live joyfully. It would be impossible for God to grant humankind such a great consideration were he is not the Parent of humankind. He created a world that humankind could not understand at all simply out of his unconditional love. We are unable to realize that God is our Parents while viewing his profound creation. This ignorance brought forth the sin.

As I learned the Unification Principle, I came to view the universe in the proper way. I can see his ideas and ways from the right angle of vision. I do not see them through a glass darkly but they seem to be very bright and beautiful. It seems that all natural entities are objects of hope and pure desire. I can see that my view of nature has changed.

William Miller is a precursor of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Basically my range of ideas concerning God's Sabbath and God were very limited. God created all things on several levels in order to love humankind and yet we hardly realize that his love dwells in what he has created. Then how can God, humankind and nature can take a Sabbath?

I don't have regret or feel mortified over the past. According to the flow and the providential direction of this contemporary time, I cannot get the benefits of the time no matter how much I try my best to serve God, since the time in which I was born was not a favorable time for that. I consider my ideas on the world and my values were good enough for that time.

If I didn't set even that condition, I would have wandered and become more confused. And I would not have been able to come to know about the Unification Principle. I am truly grateful now and even was before.

Reverend Moon came to us as a Messiah in the Completed Testament era. So everything will settled down as we meet him and serve and attend God in accordance with his teaching. We were able to meet the Messiah at this time because our life wasn't wrong in the past, right? But as I view my idea of God on the basis of the truth of the Completed Testament era, I cannot deny that my prestige and dignity as a founder is disgraceful.

However, just as God gave a favor to Reverend Moon, isn't it true that I am in the time to get a favor from Him now? All the brothers and sisters in our church were in Sabbath centering on God, so I am sure to be given the favor from God. So please keep the Sabbath continuously in order to receive new truth and to meet Messiah. And the obscure beliefs of the past should be changed centering on the Unification Principle as we welcome the Completed Testament era. So we should study the Unification Principle more actively and put it into practice in our life. Let us join this unification movement with active and positive thinking.

Reverend Moon, humankind's Messiah, savior, Second Coming! Please consider and care especially for the believers of our church. Not only me, a founder of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church, but also all the religious founders must have established their church to serve God for their life. Parent of humankind! I believe that you, True Parent, can take responsibility for the direction of life for humankind and even for the soul after death.

I am grateful for the Unification Principle, so I offer a bow before it. Thank you for your hard work.

William Miller --2001.11.11--

Karl Rahner (1904 - 1984, Roman Catholic theologian, representative of Vatican II)

"Unification Principle is the Bible of the Completed Testament era."

The theologians of the Old Testament era and even the New Testament era had difficulties discovering what God is like. God neither has a body nor can he be seen. Yet we shouldn't ignore Him because we cannot see Him. All true believers must have been in agony thinking about God at least once. That's why no one throughout history could ever explain about God. But the Unification Principle discloses God in detail very well.

God is the Being in whom the dual characteristics of original internal nature and original external form are in harmony. God is manifested in masculinity and femininity and appears in masculinity. He created natures and humankind and exists as our Parents. And it is said that he wished his children to be fruitful, multiply and have dominion over the creation. Unification Principle cleansed the greatest anguish of believers.

According to the Unification Principle, Reverend Moon is Messiah of humankind, savior and True Parent. I am truly grateful about this fact. Second Coming, Lord! Have all honor from humankind. Thank you. Thank you. You've worked so much. I had anguished about God, praying and thinking for many days and nights. But I couldn't find the answer. My conclusion then, was that it would be arrogant to try to figure Him out with my human brain. And I also concluded that I had to block out all the questions about Him, even though I was curious. And I thought, that's the good way and true attitude of believers.

No one knows well about God. That's why just believing in Him should be the attitude of believers. This is expected to be the established fact. And I think most of the contents of the Unification Principle are the Gospel of the Gospels.

Now a new hopeful way is opened to the people who have anguished to know about God, spirit world after death and the original problem of faith. Most people live their life justifying themselves to resolve anxiety over the spiritual problem after death. Unification Principle shows clearly about spiritual matters after death, so I think that the way of life for humankind can be corrected accordingly. We can be truly grateful for this!

And it is clear that one's position in Heaven will be decided according to one's life on earth. So we don't need to worry about the spirit world after death. Divine Principle is required reading for whole of humankind. Reverend Moon, Christians are only reading the Bible. The Bible is hard to understand. The Bible for the Completed Testament era is only Divine Principle. So please let the whole of humankind read the Unification Principle readily. And show them the right direction. This is my favor to ask you.

I will discuss it with the people who have listened to the Divine Principle here in the heavens. I believe that people on earth who have to be concerned about life after death will be able to live with God forever if they prepare completely. True Parents, our Father and Mother! Please give us the opportunity to transmit the Gospel to the whole of humankind. I know that True Parents have busy schedules on earth.

It is very hard to lead people to the place where God is in the Heavens. Don't we do it so that they can be recognized as God's children once they change their life course by learning the Unification Principle? Now the right direction is open for the people on earth, so they will take the position of eternal light here in the Heavens only if they follow the way. So please give us the opportunity to lead them.

Reverend Moon, please invest your effort some more. How could we pay commensurate to our gratitude to you! We will try all our best to preach the Divine Principle. Thank you very much. Glory is to Reverend Moon!

Karl Rahner -2001.11.12--

William Temple (1881 - 1944, Archbishop of Canterbury, pioneer of the Ecumenical Movement)

"It is never too late to begin after being awakened with the Unification Principle"

It seems to me that God has abandoned humankind for a long time. Humankind has been struggling to find his existence and value, but he didn't show us any exact direction. So I think it is natural that there have arisen various religious denominations. God is one, but the different ideas on Him resulted in several religions and the conflicts among them. I think God must have been very painful seeing humankind acting in this way.

As long as humankind exists, religious denominationalism is unavoidable, and the conflicts follow accordingly. In human society, conflict, trouble, fights and wars will take place ceaselessly unless we have a clear idea of God. Humankind is ordained to wander about because there has been no universal Principle nor any prophet who showed the exact direction for human life. The world has been like a baseball game without an umpire. That's why everything is always opposed to everything else without a winner or a loser. This has been the way of history so far.

I am considering what the common impressions of celebrities who listened to the Unification Principle would be. Who would ever give us such a great Gospel? Would there have been denominations if there were such a Gospel already? Actually it caused God inexplicable sorrow to see the religious wars between denominations in history. How much pain races and humankind have had due to denominationalism! What is the significance of the beings, Adam, Eve, and Lucifer in the Garden of Eden? They are the criminals of history, humankind and God! They are the criminals who distracted the lineage for a long period of time! How can they atone for their sins? I feel like punishing the criminals by having them sacrificed to God as burnt offerings.

What on earth is it? From where could we manage such an historical pain? Now it seems that I understand the reason we couldn't find a clue from the Bible. How could we find the clues necessary to solve the problems of life, considering the results that came just due to hiding the original secret of life? God, Reverend Moon! It is too harsh for us! Even though many religious people have been trying all together to unite humankind into one, they couldn't lay the problem to rest fundamentally. So I also consider how much pain God had all this time. I have witnessed the suffering of criminals in Heaven. God, how would you deal with them? Reverend Moon! In order to lead people in the right direction of heavenly life on earth, we should break their conservative view of faith. How would you deal with those who are lost in the inherited ideas and faith?

Now I have listened to the Unification Principle. I couldn't run away anywhere. It was obvious that I was struggling at first. But I can see the way and realize the fundamental pattern of faith. Whoever may avoid this way has no way but to return. Most celebrities here must have been struggling a lot for their faith.

God is Parent of humankind and Reverend Moon is True Parent, savior, Messiah and Second Advent. We've got the answers for questions on God and everything about humankind. Now all the conflicts, struggles and wars between religions will be stopped. I think the ingredients necessary to solve our problems are understanding and forbearance among people.

Reverend Moon, are we too late? I don't think so. Now we understand the Unification Principle, so we will start refreshing ourselves. Nobody knows if he will win until he goes to the field. Nobody knows whether the last runner will turn around the result by being the first runner to meet the Lord.

Now I, William Temple, will start. I will run wearing a field uniform and comfortable shoes with headband on. Please watch over me. Till I meet the True Parents of humankind.

William Temple -2001.11.12--

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