Reverend Sang Hun Lee's Message from the Spirit World - A Seminar in the Spirit World for 120 Christians Who Illuminated History

Channeled by Young Soon Kim

Reverend Sang Hun Lee's Message from the Spirit World - A Seminar in the Spirit World for 120 Christians Who Illuminated History [Part 8]

Messages from 120 Christians - An Intermediate Report
"God is the Parent of Humankind"
Channeled by Young Soon Kim

Mary Baker Eddy (1821 - 1910, founder of the Church of Christ, Scientist)

"The questions about liquidating original sin and salvation are resolved."

A person is born knowing nothing. People live fighting with hard hearts, shedding tears from birth. I lived on earth with the understanding that this was the general status of humankind, but my biggest anguish was the problem of original sin and salvation. I had a theory for how to liquidate original sin and a view of salvation of my own, but it didn't answer these questions completely.

But when I met Divine Principle, I saw that it clearly solves the question of how to liquidate original sin and bring salvation. I got perfectly correct answers from Divine Principle. I got it very clearly. I feel very good about the answer. It answers the choking problems clearly, but when I think of people on earth now living in vexation, I am filled with regret and even anger over how this sorrowful history grasped humankind and made us live in suffering. All of those who believe must agonize over this regrettable history. Moreover, if I had been born in their age, would I have become an ancestor who failed like Adam and Eve? What can I do? Even I am in the grasp of this regrettable history. What can I do?

I don't care if Reverend Moon is the Messiah and True Parents or not. I thank him just for shedding light upon the most fundamental human problem. But of course Reverend Moon is the Messiah of humankind, Savior of humankind and True Parents of humankind, which is the most marvelous Gospel among Gospels, and Divine Principle is the truest of all truths. I accept it with huge gratitude. I believe that Reverend Moon will take responsibility to solve the problem of saving humankind, as he is the one who illuminated the fundamental root that liquidates all people's original sin.

Reverend Moon! Please receive glory from all humankind and enjoy it. I thank you for your mercy. I will make my best effort to convey the Divine Principle through studying it in detail. I thank God for allowing me to participate in this seminar. I thank you, as I know that I have not wasted my life on the earth and in the spirit world. I express profound and deep respect to Reverend Moon, True Parents. Thank you.

Mary Baker Eddy--2001. 11. 1--

Charles Taze Russell (1852 - 1916, founder of the International Bible Students Association [Jehovah's Witnesses])

"I will throw out the concepts of the past and start anew."

I felt as if I were being tortured after studying Divine Principle. I do not mean that someone inflicted pain upon me. Even without physical pain, my body and mind were in deep suffering, as if they were being hit by a fearful whip or were being given a cruel punishment. How could a theory like this exist? How is it that a truth arranged systematically and logically could be hidden behind history? Humankind has been suffering throughout history, not knowing which way to go. There have been myriad believers who struggled to live nicely. Why has the heavenly secret been brought out? For those living now, it is a very emotional and impressively clear Gospel, but there must be many people who feel it unfair. How should we settle on this, since we already knew the truth? Most of those who participated in the seminar or are sharing their impressions of the seminar are famous Christians. I am sure that they experience the same pain I am feeling.

God gave us free will. Is that why God only watched as sects separated on many levels? God is the Parents of humankind and we are brothers and sisters under our Parents. How can we fight each other as we live here and there? How can we be proud of our religion alone and criticize other religions? Is this why we fight, because we don't know that God is our Parents?

Reverend Moon, how would you arrange these thousands of religions? Are those who lived in the past supposed to go to Hell? Those who believed did not attend God or long for any rewards or punishments. But the differences in their opinions about how they knew the precious God made them separate into various sects and religions.

One fundamental purpose of Divine Principle is to unify those sects. But why is the truth like this illuminated now? If you study Time Identity in the providence, God can do nothing but repeat the same thing when the central person changes. This is no problem for those who were born in the Completed Testament and have this providential blessing. But what can we who are crying with earnest hearts here do, as we couldn't get the Blessing? I think on it and think on it again, but I am very regretful and stunned. Divine Principle is systematic and well organized. It is planned so that it can guide people how to live. How amazing it is!

Reverend Moon! Savior of humankind! Messiah of humankind! All the people must welcome him with loud praise and thank him. But I am suffering too much. He is too old to realize world peace, but we cannot help him nor have we such opportunity. What can I do? Lord, the Lord of Second Advent, I feel very painful. How can I relieve this painful heart? I will start anew by throwing out my concepts of the past. I think that this is a short cut. I definitely know that I should do so. I definitely know. But my past life is too disappointing. Please give me munificent forgiveness and love, and please be considerate of our remorseful lives. Can we manage the sins that we committed during the days we lived? I feel regret that there is no way to make compensation. I'm filled with regret and anger. Please help us so that our suffering minds can be cleared up. Please forgive us...

Charles Taze Russell--2001. 11. 1--

Edward Herbert (Lord Herbert of Cherbury, 1583 - 1648, philosopher, deist and poet, considered the forerunner of English Deism)

"I will make my best effort to convey Divine Principle and save ignorant humankind."

God created all things and blessed humankind so that we can enjoy the beauty of all things and live happily. There is nothing in nature over which we cannot feel a sense of mystery. But humankind has just lived without gratitude toward nature. How arrogant we are! That is profanity toward God. Many scientists developed science, but what they created cannot be compared with the things God created. This is the truth that we cannot deny. The scientist today must surrender before God because of their ignorance. They must obey God and lower their heads. All humankind including scientists must thank God without condition.

I want to express my gratitude for the opportunity to convey my impression of Divine Principle. I want to thank deeply Reverend Moon that he shed light upon the fact that God is the Parents of humankind. I had thought, how can we say that God is our Parents so boldly? But the more I listen to the lectures on the various topics, the more the truth has become certain. Because God is the Parents of humankind, he prolonged providence as a result of the failures of central persons. He had to wait and wait as he appeared in the providence of time identity. If God is not the Parents of humankind, he could not have been so patient. We can answer all questions, such as those concerning the fall of the human ancestors in the Garden of Eden and the rise and fall of nations in history, if we take the viewpoint that God is Parents.

If Reverend Moon had brought to light only that God is Parents of humankind, it would be supposed that he could liberate the lost by showing a certain way. Even for that, I thank Him from the bottom of my heart for revealing that God is the Parents of humankind.

But he moreover brought out the truth that can unite humankind, so I was moved deeply. As God is the Parents of humankind, the children must be one centered on the Parents. As God is the one and only Parents, the truth must be one. But we have many sects. That is because the methods of attending God differ. So their thoughts must unite as one centering on Divine Principle, as it is the thought of the common Parents. This is exclusive news for humankind. We couldn't break down the walls between religions. That is because we couldn't discover the fundamental truth that formed the basis of all religions. Divine Principle illuminates the fundamental life of humankind, the salvation of spirits, and even life in the spirit world. This is the first truth that enlightened the visible world and the Heaven clearly.

All believers and religious leaders! Please gather your thoughts as one. Your fundamental purpose is to attend God earnestly. So this standard of goodness is the same, no matter the religion. We should unite all the religions by discovering the points common to them all, and how they supplement each other, and engrafting them into Divine Principle. Let's construct a new unified world centering on God by attending God as Parents and being brothers and sisters under Him and by clearing up the sad history.

And Reverend Moon is the savior of humankind and Messiah. Let's follow the orders of the Messiah correctly. There is no worry either on the earth or in spirit world. If we only follow the order of Messiah, all the problems will be solved. Is there any blessing greater than this?

Reverend Moon! Thank you for your hard work. We will become one and attend the Messiah, and convey Divine Principle and make our best effort to save humankind. If we become one in spirit world, we can restore spirit world. There would be no problem if people on the earth only would prepare for their future life after death. I pray for Divine Principle to be conveyed both on the earth and in the spirit world as fast as possible. Thank you, True Parents of humankind, Reverend Moon. Please be healthy and live to a ripe old age.

Edward Herbert --2001. 11. 2--

George Whitefield (1714 - 1770, Methodist evangelist, a founder of modern revivalism)

"How much has God longed to appear before his children, both as the Parent of humankind and as the subject of truth?"

Even after ransacking every chapter and verse in the Bible from Genesis to Revelation, we couldn't come across any clarification as crystal-clear as the Unification Principle. It is marvelous that this Principle has revealed the truth that man has urgently desired. One big problem remains, however. Christian believers may not be willing to believe in the truth of the Principle, because they find the teaching of the Principle contradictory to the Bible. Christian believers may find that the Principle is so contradictory to the Bible that they can't accept it, but at the same time they will find the Principle so undoubtedly true that they cannot help believing it. And this dilemma will then cause them considerable mental anguish.

I, George Whitefield, am no exception. The knowledge of the Principle makes me think that every verse of the Bible is almost absurd and confusing. Therefore, Whitefield feels the same as you. But Whitefield determined to embrace the Principle, especially as the truth of this Completed Testament Age. There's no problem if we recognize the independent value of each truth given in each of three ages, that is to say, the truth of the Old Testament Age, the truth of the New Testament Age, and the truth of the Completed Testament Age. In this way, we Christians can accept the Principle without causing any theoretical problems.

This is truly a curious phenomenon: God loves man so much that he concealed the Gospel of supreme value and has just been waiting until the one person chosen and prepared finally came to the earth. Without God's persistent waiting and love for humankind, he would have hoarded the Gospel of the Principle. The Principle is stunning to Whitefield. If God and man hadn't been in the relation of Parents and children, there would have been no way to convey this elaborately organized truth to us.

Since God's creation of man and woman, God has just persevered over and over, unable to appear as the Parent of humankind and to reveal this noble truth. Whitefield cannot help viewing this as a curious phenomenon. How long was God enduring and waiting? Isn't it right that God must have longed to appear as soon as possible before humankind as their Parent and to reveal this new truth and guide humankind in the right direction? After such a long waiting period, God finally sent Reverend Sun Myung Moon to us, as the savior of humankind and the central figure of the Completed Testament Age. Thus, God's grace and blessing to us is great beyond description. Furthermore, in my view, the overall content of the Principle is an indispensable truth and the Gospel to those ignorant people in the spirit world as well as to all religious believers on the earth today.

I, Whitefield, want to share the experience I had at a very young age. I felt so curious about the various expressions in the Bible. I read the Bible over and over, but I found it confusing and hard to understand. For a time, therefore, I didn't so much as peek at the Bible. After some time, I concluded that it might be impossible for us to know the whole secret of this unknown world. I began to study the Bible again, silencing the desire to know all of its mysteries and trying to forget my recurring doubts. But when I heard the Principle, I found that it disentangled and straightened out my confusion about the Bible. According to the Principle, the very beginning of history was spoiled, but the Bible didn't exactly clarify the details of this fundamental problem of the human ancestors. This is why any reader fails to grasp the real meaning of the Bible and hence finds it incoherent. This is my conclusion.

Today, Christians without exception cannot avoid severe mental anguish resulting from the abstruse expressions in the Bible combined with their confinement within obstinate faiths. But the Principle is rightly named the Principle. It provides us a clear explanation of the mystical expressions in the Bible.

My Lord, God, how much travail you have had for such a long time! And Reverend Sun Myung Moon, I feel deeply thankful for the painful effort you have made until you established the Principle. In my humble opinion, it will be very difficult to convey this Principle to many Christians. Please see to it that we can help in this. We are well aware of the fact that you, as the Messiah of humankind, have to endure humiliation before humanity as well. Until the moment of ascending to the throne of victory and glory, may Reverend Moon keep his health and be blessed with glory for a long, long time.

George Whitefield -- 11. 2. 2001--

(An unnamed representative of Unitarianism.)

"The Principle is the only adequate guidebook for human life."

God created human beings and bestowed on them the three blessings: the ability to perfect his/her character, the ability to have an ideal family, and the right of dominion over the whole Creation. But we lost the entirety of God's blessings given us in the Garden of Eden. This is the origin of the evils of human life and history. This is what is manifestly revealed by the Principle. This is a teaching of extreme importance to humankind. At this moment, we came to know that history was polluted by the fall of the first human ancestors at the very beginning, and that thus we must restore everything. Of course, it might be highly frustrating in many ways for us if we have to restore irreversible historical faults to an original state. But, the entire historical secret and hidden truth have been brought to light and thus are a great Gospel, to which nothing is comparable. Let us be thankful for this new truth, remembering the feeling in God's heart over having had to suppress his feelings and pain. The Principle presents the way of human life. What we have to do is to follow that way. In the seminar, I heard that Reverend Sun Myung Moon is our savior and True Parent. Nobody will deny this fact.

Of course, there must be crucial differences among the various religious faiths in which each individual has believed to this day. This is inevitable. A personal opinion, however, must be absorbed into the universal truth of the whole. Just as tiny drops of water gather and form a river and then the sea, so the entirety of humanity should take the path of universal truth. This is the quickest way to build God's Kingdom of Heaven. Centering upon God, we have to demolish all the barriers that exist among the diversity of disrupted religious bodies. Likewise, the clear and evident truth, God's revelation, has been manifestly unfolded before us. Now let us be encouraged and brave and take the shortest way to God's Kingdom. We need never to take a roundabout way.

Reverend Sun Myung Moon, even though he is advanced in age, is now working hard to build world peace. Let us put together our efforts for the completion of this holy work. Accept this Principle as your truth as soon as possible. First, let us make this Principle our truth, then make strenuous efforts to break down racial and religious barriers, and ultimately liberate God. When I heard about the Principle at first, I felt many conflicting ideas arising in succession. But as I became more and more involved in the series of consecutive lectures on the Principle, I was able to disentangle myself from the maze of doubts and questions. And as I listened to the lectures, I felt if I were undergoing a new change. I felt invigorated by an unprecedented inner power. A new hope and joy is welling up within me, even though I don't know its exact source. Isn't it an enormous miracle coming out of this new truth?

I am not the only one experiencing this miracle. I believe that everyone in this seminar has had more or less peculiar miraculous experiences of his or her own. I think we have no other way but to follow the Principle. In order to accept a new truth, everyone at least once may go through severe mental agony. Let us all overcome such inner conflict and agony and become members and children of God's Kingdom and share the eternal joy and hope.

And Reverend Sun Myung Moon is the Savior and Messiah. So if only we attend and follow Reverend Moon, we will become one of the greatest people to participate in God's redemption. The way of human life likewise is definitely defined. The Principle is our Gospel and new truth. The Principle is the guidebook of human life, so I think we must read that book intensively.

Let us all fight in the cause of this truth, with desire, hope and joy. To the Savior of humankind, Reverend Sun Myung Moon, I offer my heartfelt thanks. May Reverend Moon receive the entire glory of humanity. I really thank you over and over.

An unnamed representative of Unitarianism --11. 3. 2001--

William Tennent, Sr. (1673 - 1745, founder of the Log College, a precursor of Princeton University, a leader of the Great Awakening)

"I am confident that we can transcend all kinds of barriers, such as religion, thought, culture and race."

I find it hard to say in a word how I feel about the Principle, because it is so great and beyond my ability to describe it. If the whole academic world adopts the Principle first to renovate the corrupted and aimless education, we will not have to worry about young people any longer. Reverend Sun Myung Moon is the contributor to and founder of world peace, the teacher, Messiah, and savior of the entirety of humanity. I am definitely confident that the Principle can transcend all barriers in religion, thought, culture, race and so on. It is a truly wonderful teaching. I think this truth is the greatest of all. The lack of this truth caused all sorts of problems in our religious faith and life. And the lack of this truth, in order words, the lack of a clear view on the purpose of life, also caused all kinds of strife between races and religions. The Principle, in my view, is the universal truth that can absorb and embrace everything. I believe the Principle was not discovered through the intellect of a certain individual. I believe it clearly is a revelation from God. No one can deny it. When this Principle is firmly established in the hearts of young people today, it will even more facilitate the movement for world peace.

What is crucial here is our attitude of accepting this truth either in Heaven or on the earth. There are two ways: will we affirm the truth, or deny the truth out of our intellectual arrogance or obstinacy? We need to give more serious thought to this matter. God has desired that we love each other. And all human beings are brothers and sisters centering on God. At this point, let us think logically. What is our duty, particularly as brothers and sisters centering upon God? It is to tolerate, humbly respect, understand and accept each other. All people were created to live for the sake of others and help each other without selfishness. Due to the original sin that the human ancestors, Adam and Eve, bequeathed to their descendants, we have had a painful life so far and we are living in that miserable condition at this moment as well. But if we try to reach the logical and reasonable truth only by distinguishing between right and wrong, there is no way for us to be united as one.

The Unification Principle is, in a literal sense, the truth to unify everything into one. Now God has given us the new Gospel to guide human life in the right direction. My earnest desire is that the entirety of humanity should become united on the basis of this Gospel of God. And Reverend Sun Myung Moon is the one who came to the earth with this new Gospel in this Completed Testament Age, so the entirety of humanity needs to welcome and serve Reverend Moon as the Messiah. In receiving the Messiah of humankind, people living on the earth may have an advantage over people in the spirit world. The Savior Messiah is the True Parent both on earth and in spirit world, and thus it is proper for everyone living in either world to receive the Messiah. People living in the spirit world, in particular, need to conform to the Unification Principle and wait for the Messiah to come.

We all offer our sincere thanks to those who are working hard to teach the Unification Principle here. My earnest desire is that the Unification Principle will be applied to the education of young people as soon as possible.

Reverend Sun Myung Moon! I offer many thanks to you and I appreciate what you have done. We welcome Reverend Moon as the Messiah of humankind and offer our congratulations.

I pray that the whole world will advance forward to the one nation that God desires. Countless people in the spirit world can't escape the difficulties caused by the conflict of various thoughts, but their course of life is now definitely defined and they thus only have to move forward. The way of truth is sure to gain the final victory. Thank you very much.

William Tennent -- 11. 3. 2001 --

George Williams (1821 - 1905, founder of the Young Men's Christian Association [Y.M.C.A.])

"The theory of the Dispensation for Salvation is lucid and crystal clear."

George Williams thought that an irrecoverable distance separates God and man from each other. By contrast, the lectures on the Unification Principle here elucidated the fact that God is the Parent of humankind, and Reverend Sun Myung Moon is the Savior and Messiah of humankind, the one who discovered the new Gospel.

Even though many parts of the Unification Principle were quite unfamiliar to me, the theory of the Dispensation for Salvation was crystal-clear. So far our views on salvation have been too abstract. On the other hand, the Unification Principle first clarified what the original sin is and then presented the theory of salvation, concrete and clear in its course and aim. I feel confident that it is absolute and not just an abstract idea.

Our hope that we would serve God and somehow finally enter the Kingdom of Heaven was nothing other than a daydream floating in a mystical world. The Unification Principle, however, clearly defines what salvation is, on philosophical and theological grounds. It is so amazing. Every bit of the Unification Principle is systematic and logical. A rumor says that anyone who participated in this seminar would be bound by a strange magic, but that is totally groundless and false. I am one who has attended the lectures on the Unification Principle and I announce that the rumor is false.

Most people who participated in this seminar were bewildered at first and then dazzled by the rather strange ideas. Listening to those lectures, George Williams felt the urge to launch a new campaign for the Unification Principle here in spirit world. My own idea for that campaign is to make placards covering each theme of the Unification Principle. Since people may not know the root of the Unification Principle, a single peek at those themes will be effective enough to arouse their desire to know the Principle more. When does the Messiah come? Where does the Messiah come? Who is the Messiah? Can we meet the Messiah? Many people are sure to show interest in those placards containing such expressions. All I need to do is to carry them. Then, if they are invited to this seminar on the Principle, they are sure to be regenerated into a new type of person. This is one method of general witnessing, and furthermore, this is one effective way to make the Unification Principle more accessible to a great number of people. Of course, we can think of other ways.

Another way is to form research groups to study each theme of the Unification Principle. That will enable us to obtain in-depth understanding of the Principle, by exchanging opinions and holding discussions. For example, on the theme of "Give and Take Action," each of us can give a lecture and present a paper in his or her own way. That will produce a good deal of interesting research on the Unification Principle.

How beneficial it is that the Unification Principle contains a detailed and precise account of life after death, which has been a source of human anguish from time immemorial? Men and women living on the earth are allowed to have the benefit of providential favors and blessings. Thus, I hope those on earth will take good advantage of this opportunity and obtain deeper awareness of the salvation now available. I also hope that they will learn and increasingly practice the Principle and prepare themselves for eternal life after death.

Though Reverend Sun Myung Moon is on the earth, we are greatly pleased with the hope and expectation to receive him in the spirit world. And God suffered indescribable hardships in sending Reverend Sun Myung Moon, the Savior and Messiah, to humankind. Now, may God be comforted and glorified! Reverend Sun Myung Moon, I appreciate what you have done. I offer my sincere thanks. May you forget every tribulation you have suffered on the way toward achieving victory as the True Parents of humankind and now may you just receive all the glory. The one who listens to the Unification Principle even one time will necessarily be changed into a new person. Just wait for this without anxiety.

George Williams --11. 3. 2001 --

John Smyth (c. 1554 - 1612, reputed founder of the General Baptists)

"Did Smyth lead such a meaningless life?"

I don't know what to say first. The Unification Principle contains so many stunning facts. I feel quite agitated by hearing such deeply moving education. My mind is all mixed up and I don't know how to express this state of disorder. I, Smyth, thought that I had never once in my entire life been negligent in serving and attending God.

When I heard about the Unification Principle, however, I came to realize that Smyth had been so disconnected from God in his life of faith. I feel so ashamed and regretful. I am seized with various thoughts and depressed. All of a sudden, the pain of penitence overwhelms me over having had such a wrong idea of God. I am tormented with remorse. We have been totally ignorant of God.

The Unification Principle is certainly a new truth and a new Gospel, but then what was the Bible teaching us until now? Even if we admit that we were not able to receive the benefit of the providence of this age, were we that ignorant that our life of faith in our own age was utterly unrelated to the new truth and Gospel of this Completed Testament Age? I heard that God is the Parent of humankind, but it made me somewhat sorry to think that God's love to us had been partial. How much did we endeavor to live a true life? How much did we endeavor to serve God? We strived to serve God with our whole body and heart, but after all is said and done was it in vain? Did Smyth lead such a meaningless life?

God desires that man be regenerated by conforming to the new truth of the Unification Principle. What reward or punishment will God give to the countless people responsible for each religious denomination in the spirit world? I really want to know whether they really can't receive any of God's favor. This regretful feeling lurking in my heart makes Smyth sad continuously.

I am definitely confident that the Unification Principle today is a new Gospel and a revelation of God to humankind. This makes Smyth even more painful. The entirety of humanity must be clearly aware of their life after death and prepare themselves.

The Parent of humankind, Reverend Sun Myung Moon, how many hardships did you suffer until you found this truth of God, and until you achieved the final victory on the bloody battlefield? Reverend Sun Myung Moon, I pay my great homage and thanks to you. I feel bitter regret about my past religious life. I feel even more sorrowful because my religious life was based on a merely superficial understanding of God. From now on, I will take a proper view of God and faith and then attempt to reestablish my life on that basis. The Unification Principle is definitely the truth of the Completed Testament Age. However, as a person responsible for a religious body, I misguided countless people by a mistaken view of life after death. How can I be responsible for the spirits of those people? I'd rather defend myself by saying that it was inevitable in those times when the new truth was absolutely inaccessible to us.

Reverend Sun Myung Moon, just tolerate and embrace everyone with your magnanimous heart! Our original intention was to serve God well, but to our grief, our life and ignorance resulted in offending the will of God. I pray that God will forgive everything. I always feel grateful for this new truth and for God's grace that permits us to know the Savior, Messiah of humankind before anyone else.

Please tolerate all religious believers here in the spirit world and permit us to know how to give positive support to God's providence. And please allow us to receive the Blessing. I really want to receive the Blessing, even if it sounds like an immoderate desire. I express my heartfelt thanks.

John Smyth --11. 4. 2001-

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