Reverend Sang Hun Lee's Message from the Spirit World - A Seminar in the Spirit World for 120 Christians Who Illuminated History

Channeled by Young Soon Kim

Reverend Sang Hun Lee's Message from the Spirit World - A Seminar in the Spirit World for 120 Christians Who Illuminated History [Part 7]

Messages from 120 Christians - An Intermediate Report
"God is the Parent of Humankind"
Channeled by Young Soon Kim

Roger Williams (c. 1604 - 1683, representative of the Baptist churches, champion of religious toleration)

"I will prepare diligently for the Blessing."

I never forgot, even for a moment, to think of how I could attend the ability, authority, love and wisdom of God in a clean and pure manner. However, hearing the Principle in this place, I have recognized that the teachings if the Baptist churches are nothing but the basic things you teach kindergarten students.

What is sin? The standard for deciding the root of sin is different in the Baptist Church and Unification Principle teachings. Can the root of sin really be so logically and systematically revealed? The fact that this Unification Principle exists in front of us can only mean that there is a new Gospel for all humanity. The Principle is very impressive, and when I view it as a religious man, I have no choice but to confess honestly that the preaching of the Baptist Church is the fruit of a foolish and ignorant movement.

However, what I received at that time, through my experiences, was to serve the utmost power of God. There was no other method. I had no choice but to be ignorant. I came to realize clearly through the Principle that baptism gives me no special grace of forgiveness from sin. Now my heart feels very sinful and confused. There was no special theory of Roger Williams that was worth teaching to the people of faith at that time. I did not even begin to imagine that God is the Parent of humanity. How could I dare imagine the absolute God as a Parent? Because the God I have now experienced is so absolute and unique, if I just imagined that thought I would feel like a sinner. If the absolute God is the Parent of all people, then how blessed we people are.

God is the Parent of humanity, and Reverend Moon is the true Parent of humanity as well as the Messiah who will save humankind. Please grant your fortune on the believers of the Baptist Church. As their representative, I feel no small consciousness of sin. Also the motivation of my heart from the start was to serve God, and I pray that you'll take that motivation into deep consideration. I also hope you will open the gateway to the Blessing for all people who have been baptized as adults. We all lived our lives with the hope and dream of living with and serving you in Heaven. Forgive me for telling them that they could go to Heaven through the Baptist ways. Now that I've learned that in order to get to the eternal Heaven one must cross the gateway of the Blessing, please grant us the chance to do that. Even if it's a person we had to meet a long time ago, if it seems good in God's and True Parents' eyes, then please match us as partners again. We all earnestly desire this period we have been following the dream of being able to go to Heaven, where God dwells. God receive us. True Parents, receive us.

Also, Roger Williams will call all the Baptists and make them listen to the Principle and hold seminars centered on Unification Thought, and form Principle study groups. I don't know if the Principle lectures here will help us, but I will find a way if there is one to be found. Please grant us fortune, and I wait for the day I can attend you, after I've prepared for the Blessing.

Reverend Moon! True Parents of Humanity! Messiah of all people, the Second Coming of Christ! Please listen to my earnest request. First I will study the Principle steadily and explain the meaning of the Blessing, and second, I will accept the new truth and teach that the only way into the eternal Kingdom of Heaven is through the gate of the Blessing. And I will wait. Today I will gather the people and wait. I also express my respect and gratitude to Reverend Sun Myung Moon, victor of the providence of restoration.

Roger Williams --2001.10.24--

Roger Williams's Request: Madame, please help us Baptists to enter the gate of the Blessing!

Ignatius Loyola (1491 or 1495 - 1556, founder of the Jesuits)

"To those who are on the earth! The invisible substantial world obviously exists."

You can feel realistically when you study Divine Principle that there is no life that is not precious, not only in spirit world but on the earth. I came to imagine the precious life in reality. I bet that almost all the people don't know that they will go to the spirit world after they finish their life on the earth. Although people often say, "I will go to Heaven if I live nicely on the earth. But I will go hell if I live badly," they don't even know clearly that the eternal world like this exists.

I was moved deeply as I studied about the invisible substantial world and visible substantial world. Before all else, I was surprised with the logical development of thought on those two worlds. Think deeply about the two worlds, the invisible substantial world and visible substantial world. We can understand almost completely about the visible substantial world, but I wondered if the invisible substantial world could really exist.

People on the earth are living with complacent thoughts about how this a good age. Those who live on the earth should perfectly know the fact that the invisible substantial world exists and should think of their life on earth as precious. If you plant the seed in spring, you can harvest, but if you plant seeds in the fall, you cannot harvest and the seeds will die. I would obviously like to convey that you yourself determine your position in the invisible substantial world, by your level of life on the earth. Those who lived for others on earth can live with God in the eternal place, but those who lived selfishly will go to hell directly. It sounds cruel, but it is the heavenly way. It is said to be the heavenly rule. You are not to be told which way is the heavenly way, but must find it by yourself. The rules here are very cruel and fearful.

They teach us here that God is the Parents of humankind. There is not even a bit of overstatement about the way of Heaven, though. This is the rule in Heaven. Everything in Divine Principle is truth. The heavenly way that is hid behind the history of humankind is being discovered one by one. Heavenly Father, you have stood with such pain through the long history. You are so generous to your children that you brought light upon all the secrets for them, but even you have no option of getting rid of the heavenly way. Even though his children keep going to hell endlessly and suffering pain there, God can do nothing for them because of the heavenly way.

There is something we, the believers, must deeply think on in the stream of life. If parents have a healthy child and a child with illness, whom do they love more? The parents can't spend time comfortably until the child with the illness is cured. You must think over about the heart of God, who can do nothing for his writhing children who are shouting for help. He cannot liquidate the misery for them in the painful hell.

Because these groaning people in hell are those who couldn't live nicely in the earth, how can he save them with no condition? It is our life on the earth that is serious and precious. There is obvious that there is an invisible substantial world. The time you live on the earth is the time in which you build your house in the spirit world, where you will live forever.

It is too late to try to build your house here after you come here. Your house is being built while your body is on the earth, and that is the heavenly rule. A very surprising thing is happening, actually. If I had known clearly that there is the invisible substantial world, I could have built a house much better here. Following the stream of the age, I could get in touch with the Divine Principle here at last. It was very regretful that I came to know it after I came to the spirit world, but I made up my mind to accept this reality. I have something I seriously want to ask of you on the earth. The invisible substantial world exists just as obviously as the visible substantial world on the earth does. So please prepare thoroughly for the next world.

Life on the earth lasts a moment, but life in the spirit world is eternal. Don't be silly and give away the eternal life in exchange for a short-term life. I thank Reverend Moon, True Parents of humankind, Messiah, for lighting a precious truth like this. Divine Principle is the last Gospel of humankind. It is not enough even if I thank Him for that thousands of times.

Ignatius Loyola --2001. 10. 24--

Francis Xavier (1506 - 1552, "Apostle of the Indies" and "of Japan," an original member of the Jesuits)

"Why it is now that God brought to light the fact that he is the Parents of humankind?"

Although life on the earth is externally short, people live with the feeling that it is long and even eternal. But this life for a short period is for the sake of preparing one's life in the eternal world. The life on the earth is the period of preparation. If there is not the life on the earth, we cannot decide our position in this eternal world. So how precious the life on the earth is!

For my impression of studying Divine Principle, the introduction was very long, but I can't help feeling regret that I couldn't gain the benefit of the age on the earth. You should clearly realize the preciousness of life on the earth. If people on the earth now study Divine Principle, they will prepare the position where they live in the eternal world and know how to live here. There is nothing they should fear, for the Messiah who brought to light the Divine Principle for us is present on the earth. Humankind hasn't known the truth and heavenly secret for thousands of years. So we didn't know that we lived in a dark world, even though it was a dark world, and we didn't know our own status, our lineage, or the stream and direction of history. Now that it has become the age of the Completed Testament, the entire picture of the wrong history of humankind is illuminated.

I think it is not easy for those who practiced a religious life to accept Divine Principle. That is because they lived in the wrong history without knowing the direction of life. Divine Principle is the truth that lights the secret of Heaven. We can do nothing but accept this truth, even though we try to deny and deny it. We can get life energy whenever we study Divine Principle.

When I look at the figures of the lecturers here, I can see that the Messiah taught them and they attended the Messiah while they were alive. This is the reality. How lucky the twelve disciples of Jesus were for their following Him and learning his words on the earth! Aren't they the most lucky persons for living with Jesus during his 33-year life? It is said that St. Paul completely changed his life after he met the resurrected Jesus, but how lucky the life of the lecturers who attended the Lord of Second Advent on the earth! I envy and envy them for their teaching excellent Divine Principle to many people, and I wonder what they did for God that allowed them to receive such a tremendous Blessing from God in one lifetime.

Comparing my figure with that of the lecturers, how pitiful my figure is! I thought I also worked hard for God on the earth, but I'm sad that I could receive no Blessing from God. But I have no way but to accept my reality. The more I think about it, the more my heart aches. Heavenly Father! Why didn't you reveal that you are the Parents of humankind in my age? Why didn't you send the Lord of Second Advent, Reverend Moon, during my age? Heavenly Father, what is the fundamental reason you couldn't bring the Divine Principle to light for me in my age? There were many people who were attending you earnestly. It seems to me that Father is partial with children and I am mortified. I want cry and hit the earth hard with my fists. But I can do nothing but accept this reality.

Reverend Moon came as the True Father, but my heart is very painful. Nonetheless I can't help approve and believe that Divine Principle is the truth. Reverend Moon, you came as Messiah for all the races. Please wait for us to be arranged as heartistic people.

Francis Xavier --2001. 10. 25--

George Fox (1624 - 1691, founder of the Society of Friends [Quakers])

"Please order me to do everything!"

Divine Principle reforms people's minds. I had experience on several spiritual levels here of course and during my life on the earth. I dreamed a dream the day before I studied Divine Principle. In the dream a giant appeared and said "Follow me and study here. This is a factory that gives people new life," and disappeared. And the next day, a weird phenomenon took place. While I was listening to the Divine Principle lecture, a man in a picture in front came close to me little by little. Looking at it I realized that it was a picture of the giant whom I met in the dream. I was so surprised that I couldn't listen to the lecture. After a while, the giant went back into the picture. I felt weird, but I couldn't help but stay quiet as the lecture was going on.

However, the lecturer stopped his lecture suddenly and said, "Please look at this picture. This man is Reverend Moon and he is the Parents of humankind, the Lord of Second Advent who came to save humankind, and Messiah. And he is still on the earth fighting for peace on earth right now despite his old age. He is over 80 years old. I think it is the time for us to think over our mission and decide the direction of our endeavors."

I was surprised as his voice sounded loud as thunder to me. I couldn't believe how loud his voice was, and I turned pale with surprise. Is the giant who appeared to me last night truly the Messiah? Did he appear in order to lead me here? I wanted to report this mysterious experience to the people on earth. I'd like to tell them the spiritual experiences as it is, so it is very surprising that I can report my experiences to the people on the earth as I now am doing. I can see that the lady who reports this message to you must be working very hard because she is wrapping a bandage on her wrist. Very mysterious phenomena are occurring.

"Reverend Moon! Did you come to my home? If so, how can I stand this glory? How can I express this mercy? If you tell me to do something, I will dare to do everything. I believe that you obviously have things to order me to do. I will follow the order, if you direct me."

Reverend Moon! How can I stand surprising things such as this! As you said "If you study Divine Principle, you can be changed into a new person." I will calmly start with that. If you order another thing after that, I will follow the new order as well. Reverend Moon! True Parents of all the races! What a glory it is! Thank you!

George Fox--2001. 10. 25--

Here is the record of questions and answers between George Fox and the reporter.

George Fox: Are you sure you are an earthly woman?

Reporter: Yes, I am.

GF: Why do you wrap the bandage around your wrist?

R: Because I have pain in my wrist. I don't feel pain with my wrist here.

GF: Then you are surely an earthly woman.

R: Yes, I am.

Philipp Jakob Spener (1635 - 1705, founder of German Pietism)

"I will live by following Divine Principle."

I insisted on many things about God. I insisted on only serving God and not any other gods, and that humankind must attend God with our all hearts. But I couldn't even imagine that God is the Parents of humankind. It is very surprising that God can be Parents of the entire human race. I thought the changes of the four seasons expresses God's love for humankind, and the incomparably beautiful things. Because God is the Parents of humankind, the seasons reflect the harmony of all things in the cosmos for the sake of his children, but I didn't know that. I couldn't understand why God loves the entire human race.

Even though I knew I was not a messiah nor able to uncover the secrets of Heaven, I believed that my absolute faith in God was stronger than anyone else's. I realize that such thinking was arrogant in the extreme.

How did Reverend Moon live for God and appear in the position to receive all the love of God? As he illuminated the truth of heavenly secrets and achieved the position of Parents of all humankind and Messiah, envying Reverend Moon means I am arrogant, doesn't it? But, honestly speaking, I envy him very much. He would think me pretentious if I say so. It seems that I must start anew by offering my confession honestly in front of Messiah, True Parents, my master, and washing away all of my arrogance and studying Divine Principle calmly in a position of modesty and arrange my personality by myself.

It is said that the way of Divine Principle is one of truth, and the way of truth is one of re-creation. I can't help wondering how my life could become as unreliable as this. Reverend Moon! True Parents! I will accept all that you tell us. And I make effort to change myself to the original man that God created. After analyzing Divine Principle part by part in detail, I will imprint it into my lifestyle.

The Lord is the object of admiration, and I am the poorest, the most suffering, the saddest figure, so I made up my mind that the only thing I can do is to accept the new truth. Please understand me and have a prayerful heart for me, True Parents, and please wait for me. I thank you, thank you for giving me the chance to share my impressions with people. I pray that changes will come about through this opportunity. Thank you.

Philipp Jakob Spener--2001. 10. 26--

Count Nikolaus Ludwig von Zinzindorf (1700-1760, founder of the Herrnbuter [Moravian Brethren])

"I would like to make best effort to construct Nation of God."

By participating this seminar I was so deeply moved, impressed and stunned that I have to shout Divine Principle as I walk around on the earth and in spirit world. I have no way of expressing my shock. Reverend Moon, the True Parents and Messiah of all humankind, directed all of us to go to the earth. We don't have wings, but he gave us special glory so that we can fly like birds. But there is no place for us to settle down on the earth. Please believe and accept the founders of religions who are now in Heaven.

A sad history has flowed down for a long time. Now is the time to make effort to construct God's nation by gathering powers both from the earth and from the spirit world. Please open up to our spiritual wave on the earth. It is not so easy for us to go to places where there are people who don't know Divine Principle nor that the history of Messiah has started, and to help those people. But if those who have the power of Holy Spirit construct the foundation and if those who know Divine Principle and are living on the earth help us actively, we will make our best effort in Heaven. Why can't we clear away the darkness on the earth while this excellent Gospel is poured upon humankind? Let's take the curtain away and let all humankind be humble and obedient in front of new words and new truth and I'd like to make my best effort to construct God's nation and a peaceful world.

I don't know to whom and how my impression will be reported. My impression was that the seminar brought an experience of continuous emotion. Until now, most people didn't know how to attend God. They put Him far away as an object of conceptual belief, as an absolute God, and just watched. But now the fact that God is our Parents has come to light. It is the best present and Gospel, is it? If the Divine Principle, which is brought to light, is outrageous or improper, we can ignore the contention that God is humankind's Parents.

This is literally Divine Principle (Unification Principle). If all humankind only studied Divine Principle, unification would truly happen. We could make a peaceful world and solve the problem of racial conflict and also sectarian conflict. The unification of the ideal and secular culture would occur. Let's accept it as it is, if you like it. Don't complain about Divine Principle or graft your individual prejudice into it. If it is determined to be true then let's accept it. My knowledge of theories, education, philosophies, views of God was belching loudly, but it was useless.

I have completely surrendered and will accept everything, thinking of the founder's courage. I will accept with a wide-open mind. We can never compare Reverend Moon's courage, plan, thought and so forth with that of ourselves. Let us not be ones whom Reverend Moon sees with pity and let us not become shameful persons by centering on ourselves. He is just very neat. He is marvelously neat. Now the Gospel of humankind and new truth has saved us. Hurrah, hurrah, hurrah for Reverend Moon, hurrah for the Messiah, hurrah! I will show my gratitude by bowing to him.

Count Zinzindorf --2001. 10. 29--

The experience of Count Zinzindorf:

I experienced my being bathed in colorful light with charming emotion, and my being surrounded by God's love.

William Booth (1829 - 1912, founder and first General of the Salvation Army)

"Shock, shock..., but I can't attend Lord right now."

I would like to thank you for the honor of having me participate a meeting as great as this by the love of God. Many people wonder about this place, but one cannot participate here freely. I experienced heat; this place is full of God's love, God's warmth and lights.

Before entering into the seminar room, a very bright light moved to the front and back like a tornado. And within a moment it had surrounded me. At that time, I could hear a strange voice from deep within my heart. "God's love is deep and wide. God's love unites all humankind. God's love is our Parents. Welcome, welcome." This voice spoke calmly from deep in my heart.

Although I have not participated in seminars often, this place seemed strange. I looked around and found careful faces sitting or standing, preparing for the seminar. I was very nervous. The hot temperature was quietly settling in me. The lecturers invited us and guided us busily and earnestly. As the lecture started, the atmosphere of the room became dignified. But the lecture was very strange. The lecture taught me things I had never heard and the lecturer was very earnest. The themes of the lecture were new to me: the Principle of Creation, the theory of the fall, the consummation of history, the advent of the Messiah and the purpose for the Second Advent. What happened to me? The lecturers gave us serious lectures. And at the last, they explained Time Identity in the flow of history. They intended us to compare the present time with past cycles and to think about it on our own.

There are differences between the number of ages in spirit world and on earth, and the method of calculating the ages is different. The lecturers are said to be great people. They attended the Lord on the earth, and I was blank with amazement because this unfamiliar theory is precious Gospel for humankind in the Completed Testament age. I could think of nothing. I pinched my hands and legs. This was real. This was obviously real. If so, I have no hope. I lost my precious time and became as if I had fallen off a cliff. This is very amazing. I have no way expressing my heart.

What, then, was God's love as I experienced it before I studied Divine Principle? I wanted to rush to the earth, because these things are true and people on the earth are attending the Lord there. As I looked around, I found serious faces much more than comfortable faces. What should I do now? I have no measure by which to arrange my mind.

I am shouting out that Reverend Moon is clearly Messiah of humankind with plenty of confidence, but how should those people who are not prepared accept a truth like this? And if this Gospel is the word of the Completed Testament, which is given to all people on the earth and in the spirit world, and is the new truth, then where should the believers in the spirit world go? They are in a defenseless state, with no standard of measurement when they suddenly meet an age like this. And how do the report of our impressions bring a good effect in this age? I am not saying that Divine Principle is wrong. But right now we are in pain. We, the faithful, made tremendous efforts to live as believers, and do we yet have to meet the new truth with hearts collapsed like this? My heart is too aching to do so.

Reverend Moon! When you came as Messiah for all humankind, why couldn't you regard the hearts of pioneers? We didn't live worthless lives. We withstood all difficulties to live as believers. I believe that you also overcame thousands of difficulties and tribulations before you appeared as Savior of humankind, but I feel as if I am treated too unfairly to accept Divine Principle right now.

I don't understand why God welcomed me. But if all of us must obey this truth, I will pray calmly, quietly and secretly. When I have a clear and humble spirit by sanctifying myself, I will attend the Lord. Please forgive me for my inability to attend the Lord right now. And please wait for me.

William Booth--2001. 10. 30--

Here is the record of questions and answers between William Booth and the reporter.

William Booth: Who are you and what are you doing?

Reporter: I am reporting news from the spirit world to True Parents, by their order.

WB: How can you report situations here?

R: You should meet Dr. Sung Hun Lee.

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