Reverend Sang Hun Lee's Message from the Spirit World - A Seminar in the Spirit World for 120 Christians Who Illuminated History

Channeled by Young Soon Kim

Reverend Sang Hun Lee's Message from the Spirit World - A Seminar in the Spirit World for 120 Christians Who Illuminated History [Part 6]

Messages from 120 Christians - An Intermediate Report
"God is the Parent of Humankind"
Channeled by Young Soon Kim

Daegun Kim (1821-1846, Korean Roman Catholic Father, martyr, one of our 103 saints)

"A new culture will be created in Korea, centered on the Lord."

The term "Unification Thought" itself is purifying the hearts of many people. The path to this place is bringing many people. There have been huge uproars as a result of the conflict between the people crying out to hear the unification Principle and those who are trying to stop them from hearing the Principle. Most of the people here have been enlightened to the new truth and the good news that the Reverend Sun Myung Moon is in fact the Second Coming of Christ. This place has come to be known as the education grounds to receive the Messiah, the True Parents of humankind.

I am extremely grateful that even though I did not leave behind many notable accomplishments, I have been called to this place. Since I've been here there are many weird emotions and strange feelings that are truly hard to express. I had just entered the lecture hall. The lecture hadn't even begun. I don't know where it came from, but a brilliant amazing light wrapped all around me. At that moment, my entire mind and body was filled with so much joy. Then I started to fall into a trance, not even knowing who I was. That was incredibly amazing and mysterious. As I look back on it now, it was a very spiritual experience. Thank you so much. How beautiful and peaceful this place is. And how there are only very humble people gathered here. Occasionally I get the impression that the lectures and the guides are looking at me.

As the lecture began, I announced to everyone that I was Daegun Kim and without hesitation went up and greeted the lecturers. It was as if my body wasn't mine but was going off somewhere else. As I was thinking, "This is a spiritual experience", I started to listen to a truly mysterious lecture.

The lecturer's voice came to me like a voice from Heaven. It was as if the intervention were coming straight from God. It wasn't just a lecture, but it was a teaching through God's voice. I could really feel God's calling to me directly in that atmosphere. After a little while, it was just as if I was earthenware on a store put peacefully on top of a table. My mind and body, too, became tranquilized and at ease.

From now, Daegun Kim began to tell us of his thoughts about Unification theology. All of the Unification ideology and Principle lectures had all of us in complete oneness, as they spoke with such passion, devotion and sincerity. That's how awesome their lectures were! But there was this one part that I just could not understand in the slightest. How did this happen? My biggest worry and struggle in trying to live with God was whether or not I could live my life alone. Of course, I wasn't the only one with questions about this. The reason for this is that our biological make up is not so that we live alone. But the way of a monk or a nun is to cut off from all physical conditions and live only to serve the Lord. This is the obvious path of a monk, and we thought that it was a holy lifestyle.

Here is where my old theory starts to break down. If God's fundamental will for people is to multiply children through the Blessing, why did we have to live lives of celibacy? How many people are both believers and sinners, using a hypocritical, two-sided mask of faith and reality? And how contradictory a life is that? This is just another form of sin. How will today's Christianity solve that problem?

The Unification Principle and Unification Thought, however, revealed by Reverend Moon, are giving joy and hope to all people, and are presenting the correct way for monks and nuns. If we go by the Unification Principle and Unification Thought and attend True Parents, the Second Advent, the Messiah, and receive the Blessing, then all these problems will be solved. Until now, monks and nuns lived their lives of faith separate from reality. But the human biological make up was created to fulfill God's purpose of creation, so what should we do? If the teachings of the Principle are in any way self-contradictory, then the very question of human blessing is a contradiction. But the Principle is the new God-given Gospel, a revelation, and so therefore doesn't have any contradictions of truth. Everyone, listen to the Unification Principle. You will feel in every paragraph the truth that God is the Parent of humanity.

Reverend Moon, what did we do to have the Principle come to our nation? I am so grateful that it did. My history ended tragically, but you have raised the honor of our nation, raised up our nation, and set up Korea as the Motherland of faith for all the people of the world, and that moves me eternally. I believe the Unification Principle is an amazing Gospel for all the citizens of the world. God has loved our country, Korea. He sent the Second Coming as a Korean to the land of Korea. That means the Korean culture will shine to all the world, and Korea will become the holy land, and Korean shall become the world's language. It seems the blood I shed into this land is a part of this providential history.

Reverend Moon, True Parent of all people, please save the many Catholic monks and nuns. I sincerely thank you for revealing that God is the Parent of humanity. And I eternally thank you for uncovering this great new truth, and for setting the standard for a filial son in front of God, in the position of all people.

Daegun Kim, in front of this truth, will unconditionally follow and show gratitude. Also, I think it unfortunate that I cannot write down all the mysterious experiences and feelings I have had. But I feel the way of victory is the way of eternal truth. I believe everyday the Principle comes closer to becoming the national religion, and that the people of the world are rapidly developing in the direction of walking the way of oneness, the way of unity, and towards attending God as their Parent. I respect Reverend Sun Myung Moon and I will serve him.

Daegun Kim, --2001.10.6--

Seon Ju Gil ( c. 1869 - 1935, Presbyterian minister, one of the main 33 members of the March 1st Movement)

"Through the Unification Principle I will shed sweat and blood for my brothers in North Korea."

First I would like to show my gratitude to the sponsor for inviting me to such an extraordinary place. Reverend Moon is the Second Coming, the Messiah and the True Parents of all humankind. To climb to such a position, he had to undergo numerous tribulations and the hardships of prison. Then claiming victory, he set the standard of the most filial child by serving God and humanity.

Reverend Moon, I am Seon Ju Gil. I have made great effort to plant the seed of God's truth in North Korea without being able to establish God's desperate position. Many people have had to suffer of starvation to this day. They have become a destitute people.

Lord of Second Coming, you know the condition of this place more than another. Please save them. It made my heart hurt to come here and hear the Unification Principle. If they could just hear the Principle their thinking will change.

Coming to know the Principle, I have not been able to contain my frustration and misery. Without the bloody battle of the Messiah claiming victory in the position of ultimate suffering, how could the Principle have become the Gospel of all humanity? I now know that through the love of God and the labor of Reverend Moon the Principle has become a precious message to all humankind. The Principle is the explosion of the Holy Spirit of God coming down to humanity. The Unification Principle and Unification Thought will bring people to be born anew. It is so systematic, so detailed and very orderly. Principle teaches everything to the last detail of human heart.

It is a book that is necessary to be read in every company and put into school textbooks. It is the word of the Completed Testament for all people of faith. It is the great truth that will blow the winds of a new revelation into the hearts of humankind.

I forget what words I could possibly say to the suffering of my teacher who has prepared himself since age 16. I can feel how fretful God must have had been protecting him. How can you express God's waiting for the True Parents of humanity to arise? How can I sum up my feelings for the Principle in one phrase? I am just so grateful, so touched. The opposition against the Principle is not small here. Although it soon will all come to an end, it makes me sad seeing so many groups against it on earth too. It is so sad that they can't understand the heart of the Parents who are saving them. But as time goes by, our devotion and intellect will move Heaven.

Those who know the Principle usually don't live quiet lives. God's love will clearly be established together with the Messiah on earth. Thank you, Lord Messiah for enlightening us with the amazing truth of the Divine Principle. Even though I live in the spirit world, I could not realize the fact that God is our Parent. This makes me the most unfilial son, but now I will rise up boldly. I will now serve the True Parents with the Unification Principle and Thought and invest my sweat and blood beneath the sky above North Korea.

I offer my gratitude and respect to Reverend Moon, who has come as the True Parents

Seon Ju Gil --2001.10.07--

Yong Do Lee (1901- 1933, Methodist minister, revivalist)

"I lament that I was not able to meet the Lord while on earth."

It has always been my desire to know God, live with God and wait and long for the Lord to come. And therefore I have lived so without one speck of shame, but with happiness in my heart. That was my life. However, after I got to know the Unification Principle and Unification Thought, I got to find many problems in my life. Our ignorance led to many sins and those sins have sprouted and bore fruit. When I tried to take out that root of evil sin, I found that it was fastened so strongly. I came to the conclusion that it isn't easy. What shall I do? My great concern is how I can thoroughly put the Principle into practice in my life.

It seems the Unification Principle and Theory are systematically logical and that there is nothing to criticize. What I was curious about in the beginning was resolved in the end. This Principle solves all problems of the universe, world and life on many levels, so if you just listen to this truth you cannot oppose it.

There are no questions left hanging in the theory of Unification Principle. Just when I put my faith, philosophy, and belief in God and trust for Jesus alongside the Principle, I saw that my beliefs were so off. This fact made me lost in amazement. That the Lord humanity had been waiting for was none other than Reverend Sun Myung Moon, that God is the Parent of all humankind and that Jesus came to our teacher when he was 16 to ask him to inherit his mission is a stunning proclamation

We should have been able to share in the benefits in the age of the Messiah. How can I from here in the spirit world make the people living today believe this truth? I cannot help expressing a regretful heart at the fact that at my time the environment and opportunities were there for me to serve the Messiah, so why didn't God do it at that time? Why could I not receive the benefit of the age?

I do not have the least idea of criticizing this Unification Principle. The Unification Principle and Unification Thought are humankind's greatest Gospel. The fact that the Principle emerged from Korea and that the Messiah himself is a pure Korean gives me limitless pride as a Korean. What dissatisfactions can I hold if Korea becomes the original homeland and center of the world? Even here in spirit world I want to wave a flag boasting that the Messiah is Korean and was born in Korea! But the fact that I wasn't able to do so on earth is so devastating I feel that someone has hammered a nail in my pride.

God! My fallen nature is still boiling. When I compare myself with these lecturers, it is obvious how wretched I am. But I should throw away my useless inferiority. I must take off my wretched self that is being pulled by my fallen nature. There is always a vicious war going on between my body and heart. But by receiving the new truth, I will make a great effort to get out of this conflict.

Reverend Moon, please give me a chance. When I heard the lecture of the Parallel Periods, I thought I would go mad. Please give me an opportunity to serve the Lord. I can do it. I can do whatever you ask of me. From now on, believing and following Reverend Moon, I will do my up most best to make God's will a reality. Reverend Moon! True Parents of humankind, crying out your sacred name I ask for a chance. My teacher. You really have been working so hard. As the Second Advent of the Messiah, as the True Parent of all people, I pray that you can become victorious in front of humanity.

Yong Do Lee --2001.10.07--

Church, Denominational and Group Representatives

God's words

Many people are waiting here to see whether their name will be called. People who are not in the list make a commotion that they should be given a chance

If a foundation for us to help is formed on earth, they will all be able to be resurrected.

Theodosius I (Roman Emperor from 379 to 395, who founded the orthodox Christian state)

"He who revealed the secrets of Heaven is now on earth."

Hello. Thank you so much for the opportunity to come here and listen to the Principle. There are an infinite number of people that have come here to study it. I thank you even more to give me this chance to share my impressions. After hearing the Principle, I realized my idea of going to Heaven just by believing and serving God was an intoxicated, obscure faith. Christians, even without knowing the answers to such questions as "Who is God? What is Heaven? What is salvation? Is there really life after death? What happens to our spirit after we die? What is the origin of faith?" were stuck in an extremely selfish faith that believed that they could go to Heaven just by believing in Him. To that end, they lived preaching brotherly love and public service.

Aside from the fact that we must come to unconditionally serve God's absoluteness, I couldn't really come to any conclusions. When I hear the Unification Principle, my heart really aches. God is our Parent, but because of our false Parents we weren't able to recognize our True Parents. Therefore, we've lived as orphans. The Christians of today must know this clearly. We must throw away the belief that just faith in God will get us to Heaven, and truly recognize that God is our Parent and that in order to save his numerous children suffering in Hell we have not a moment to spare. We must have the attitude of faith that we will follow our Parent all the way down to hell.

So then, what is Heaven? Who goes there? I declare right now that no Christians of this modern age who hold fast to old-fashioned faith will be able to enter Heaven. You must find the reason for this. You must hurry. Your concepts of Heaven and the reality of this place are truly different. What is salvation? How can we attain salvation? Knowing this clearly, I ask you Christians to reconsider your views on salvation, for if your existing outlook on salvation ties you down, you won't receive it. What is salvation? Please think about it again. The Unification Principle explains this point very clearly in detail.

What is life after death? If there were no afterlife then why are you striving to go to Heaven? If you really want to go to Heaven and live well there, then it would only be reasonable for you to want to go together with your beloved children and descendants and of course your ancestors. Is this not so? Then why have you no interest in your ancestors? Then wouldn't you have to save your ancestors who are undergoing indescribable pain in Hell, not being able to go to Heaven? Or would you just enter Heaven by yourself?

But you carry on the latter, and by doing so you make God's heart grieve. You must clearly realize this. Your way of serving God has been wrong. A sincere filial child would know their Parents' heart and live consoling them. If you let your Parents live with you and profess your filial piety only in words, then that is the most unfilial act. Look after your Parents and see if they are uncomfortable in anyway. Then sincerely ask what it is your Parents want. Ask earnestly what their biggest internal struggles are. If you Christians really believe that there is life after death, then you must definitely change your direction of life.

If you wish to go to Heaven, you must teach your children to follow and serve this path as well. Furthermore, you must teach your children the basis of serving God. This is your genuine responsibility. You must also think about where your spirit will live in after life. But without knowing this origin, you will not be capable fellow Christians! You probably do now know who I am. But please know one thing. I had to go through many difficulties in order to make Christianity the national religion. Do not think it was an easy decision. It was what I decided after undergoing extremely hard tribulations and agony. Now I am suffering with a heart that feels I haven't been dutiful, and that I couldn't serve God as my Parent. The anguish is unbearable. It makes my heart break. I am very envious of all of you living on earth in this Completed Testament age. It is such a blessed age. He who has received revelations from God and enlightened us with the Principle and secrets of Heaven is now on earth, is he not? he is our True Parent, the Messiah, the Lord you all have been waiting for.

He is Sun Myung Moon himself. You must believe, trust, and follow him. If you believe and follow this Principle, then your faith will mature and you will definitely turn into heavenly people. If you ever doubt on some part of the Principle, pray. If you pray sincerely then I myself will teach you. As you believe in the resurrection of Jesus, you must believe in the resurrection of Theodosius as well ,with Heaven and earth under the dominion of the Reverend Sun Myung Moon. Those given the mission are bound to move. Pray, and then have faith as God's children.

Theodosius --2001.10.21--

Please spread the Unification Principle widely, which has revealed the secrets of Heaven.

Antony (251? - 356, hermit)

"Centered on the new truth you will make an important decision."

God created humankind as his children and through his children he was going to fulfill his will, but because his children fell his will could not be fulfilled. By the very ancestors of humankind falling, history got off on the wrong foot. This history of wrong has flowed on for such a long time with no one to fix it. Most of humanity doesn't even know that history has been in the wrong. Discovering this truth through the Principle, I am very resentful. Now that the whole hidden truth behind history has been made clear, we must completely pull out humankind's root of evil. And we must clear up God's historic resentment.

I, Anthony am greatly embarrassed. What do people think about monasteries? When I think about them I'm embarrassed in one sense, but I'm proud of them also for they are places that didn't spread evil lineage. Humankind didn't know God's fundamental providence, but even so has strived to serve and worship Him. For people can't find this road living peacefully having babies.

Now, I understand, theoretically, God's providence of restoration, his will, and his heart for humankind. What use is there now to regret the past? The pain of regret and loneliness now all rush in together. Now is not the time to express my gratitude for letting me hear the Principle and express my feelings about it. But it definitely is not the time to be bound by regret and pessimism. I can't distinguish whether this is to relieve us, or to make us repent, or to teach us, but I will try to obey this new truth that seems to be the way. Everyone is jealous about this position, but to tell the truth, I want to give it up. But now that I'm here, there's nothing I can do about it.

Reverend Moon, the True Parent of humankind, how can you approve of our lifestyles? There's no need to say that we weren't blessed with the merit of the age. There was no leader to guide and lead us logically and systematically. We only had the heart of serving God in the highest. Now understanding the Principle, I clearly confess that I have been a sinner. There is no opposition I can raise to any part of the Principle. Therefore I feel even more pain in my heart.

Reverend Moon! Thank you so much! These words do not emerge easily. I feel so undeserving. But you, being the Lord, will embrace all of our lives. How can my direction of faith in these days and this direction of the new truth be so different? It makes it unbearable to stand the pain of regret and misery.

When I hear lectures on history, I come to know that the people living in the Completed Testament age are the most blessed of all. Is this something we can solve by coveting? What can we do? How does God think about us? Even if he doesn't welcome us warm-heartedly, I pray that he can understand us. I wanted to be in the position of being the most beloved child, but I see that was wrong.

Reverend Moon! True Parents of humankind! Please broad-mindedly understand our lives. Now I have no desire to read the Principle or hear it again, but I know that is not right. So please wait until our hearts calm down. Until then, I will pray and study the Principle. Through this meeting centering on this new truth, we will make important determinations. Reverend Moon, in front of your messianic mission I give you my congratulations and please overcome the hardships and tribulations.

Anthony --2001.10.21--

Dominic (1170 - 1221, founder of the Order of Friars Preachers [Dominicans])

"Upon hearing the Principle, I realize my own wretched and disappointing form."

God created man and he waited with hope and expectations for humanity, but we turned our backs on God's will. However, God came to us as our Parent. People have thought that throughout the long passage of time they have shaped history, while all the while they lived tormenting their Parent's heart. Through this realization, I've come to understand the level of God's heart, while he has waited and watched people at this tail end of history.

As I've studied God's history of his providence of restoration, it seems the same as a situation in which someone founded a country, and then some false owner came by and stole that nation, ruled it as he pleased, and called it his own. Would the original founder just stand and watch? Would he try and get his country back? To put my feelings and reflections on my education of the Principle into one phrase, I have no choice but to conclude that the history of humanity has been too gruesome.

Because they did not know the truth of history, many religious people spent their lives by throwing away all earthly pleasures and tried only to live their lives devoutly in service to God. Why was this truth kept so far away, until a false history, false Parent, and false lineage already were formed? God sent Reverend Moon to the earth in this Completed Testament age in order to clean up this pathetic history, and I feel that the people on earth are truly glorious and blessed. But how then will the spirits in this place, whose fates and futures are different from the earth, be compensated, especially those who lived alone in their ascetic lives? After studying the Principle, I feel as if our situation is so miserable and desperate. The fact that we did not know God's original will, and the fact that we could hardly receive the benefit of this age, is to us a most cruel and desperate situation.

Reverend Moon, Completed Testament Parent of humanity, how shall we manage our lives? Even if you comforted us saying, "You cannot receive the benefits of this age, so what would you like to do?" I would not accept it! How earnest must my heart for God have been to choose the life of a monk? Why, God, as the Parent of all people, do you make us suffer so? My life of asceticism was not an easy life. But because of my desire to stand in a position of absolute obedience under the one and only God, I cut off from all earthly things and chose the path of a monk, believing that in such a life would be my reward.

In today's world, people have a family and follow all the physical desires that they wish, while at the same time leading a life of faith. Monks, however, cut off from all physical things and devote themselves to a lifestyle of purity, devotion and holy worship. So imagine how wretched it is to discover that that lifestyle was in vain?! To the monks, there is no four-position foundation. Without an object, how can there be a four-position foundation? True Parents of all people, Reverend Sun Myung Moon, what will you do with us monks and nuns? The ideal of Heaven is in the perfection of a family, so what are we to do? I don't want to be treated liberally, nor do I want you to be generous. Based on the standard of the Principle, what will you do?

God, despite being an almighty Parent, did you let us go down such a wrong path? I will go confront the people who originated the destruction of humanity, Lucifer, Eve, Adam and others. I will confront them and ask them if they can take responsibility for our lives. It is so depressing, so regrettable. I cannot bear it. There is no way that we cannot envy for all time, the people on earth today, who are blessed to be in the position to receive the Messiah's grace.

Reverend Moon! There is no reason for you to know who Dominic is. I am a sinner who encouraged all people to live ascetic lives only. And reading the Principle, I've realized that that's not even the whole of what I've done. It's so depressing and miserable. It would be better if the Unification Principle were just one big lie. Hearing about the Parallel Periods of Providential History drives me insane. Who can truly understand this pain I feel? In the course of hearing the Unification Principle, I gave no small amount of effort to find parts of it that were false. All my effort was in vain.

Messiah of all people, Reverend Moon, True Parents, what should we do? Please ease our hearts of this misery and frustration that we feel, and provide us a way. To put my reflection into one phrase, I am miserable, irritated and depressed. That is all.

Dominic --2001.10.23--

Henry VIII (1491 - 1547, King of England from 22 April, 1509, founder of the Anglican Church)

"Lord, whatever you command, I will assist you here."

I have come to realize the resentment of the God of history who, after creating human brings, was throughout the long years of history betrayed and rejected as he stayed in the position of our Parent. I first would like to talk about my motive for listening to the Principle. According to the news of the populace here, there was a new type of human teaching being taught at the Unification Principle Seminar Education Room, and people visit that place often. They didn't know what type of education it was, but they said that some people who went there would come back with few words to say, some would weep loudly, and some would tell of strange experiences. It was truly a mysterious teaching. Henry VIII is not the type of person to be disturbed by such news, but one day an advertisement went up asking for people. My name was on it. After confirming that my name was on a list of people who contributed to the history of developing Christianity, I became very interested, and so I came to participate in this education. After hearing the Principle though, there was nothing I could say except for the words, "I'm incredibly sorry."

You have no idea how embarrassed I am now for being caught up in my own pride, hypocrisy and appearance, not really caring about the lectures, while the lecturer gave his whole body and soul into speaking about the direction of history and the new way humankind must go.

For me, expressing the while Principle in just a few words is incredibly difficult. If I could become a king like before, ever in this place, I would make all my citizens, by force if necessary, listen to the Unification Principle. I want to make all people, without exception, listen systematically to the Unification Principle.

Until now, history has been wrong, so where is there a teaching that presents the new direction humanity must go as well as the Unification Principle? The thing that most upsets my heart is how sad a position God is in. God has suffered too much for humankind. Now we who have become renewed by listening to the Unification Principle must attend God as the True Parent of all humanity. The human ancestors started off on the wrong foot, but if we as God's children mend our ways and return to our Parent, can we not then attend Him with even greater devotion? From the position of the first human beings, Adam and Eve, who passed down the sinful lineage from generation to generation, will have to apologize publicly in front of God and all people. How gruesome the pain God and all humanity had to endure because they deviated from the most fundamental standard of universal law!

Reverend Moon came as the True Father of humankind. But how did he, in that position, endure the many sufferings that blew his way at every crisis in history, in order to cleanse the original blood lineage and sinful history? And though the people on earth are so blessed by this period, how will you cleanse the original sin of all the people here? God sent Reverend Moon to solve these of historic problems, but how troublesome to him it must be to deal with all the accumulated and stored baggage of history. It would be nice if all the many troubles could be divided among certain people.

Reverend Moon! True Parents of all people! How much did you struggle to overcome the crisis of the cross, as the Messiah of humanity? What can I do and how can I help? How can I comfort the course of indemnity you took to ascend to the position of the True Parents of all people and take the responsibility of God? We believe that knowing the Unification Principle can break down all the barriers of culture, race and denomination, and we pray that you can open a way for all people without exception to hear the Unification Principle. Please tell us what we must do here to assist you, and we will give our best.

You have worked so hard, and I am grateful. Henry VIII will discard all his appearance of pride, and I pray that you can spread the exposition of the Principle far and wide. Thank you.

Henry VIII --2001.10.23--

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