Reverend Sang Hun Lee's Message from the Spirit World - A Seminar in the Spirit World for 120 Christians Who Illuminated History

Channeled by Young Soon Kim

Reverend Sang Hun Lee's Message from the Spirit World - A Seminar in the Spirit World for 120 Christians Who Illuminated History [Part 5]

Messages from 120 Christians - An Intermediate Report
"God is the Parent of Humankind"
Channeled by Young Soon Kim

Emanuel Swedenborg (1688 - 1772, Swedish scientist and mystical thinker)

"Truth that theologically and philosophically shows the basis of spiritual phenomena."

I experienced spirit world while I was still on the earth. I experienced the real God in several ways while I was on the earth. That's why I have never doubted the existence of spirit world. But I didn't know that invisible world exists forever with our appearance the same as in the substantial world. I have never treated it with systematic logic, nor did God ever teach me about it. There are so many people on the earth. But if they accept and understand the existence of the invisible world, they will live completely different lives.

There was no basis in experience, logic or the invisible world for what I wrote and left as books on the earth. It was only a deduction of what might be. Also an extremely small part of it was written down. But Divine Principle and Unification Thought are explaining spirit world philosophically, theologically, historically and with detailed accuracy based on the purpose of creation. The way to spirit world is open so that even a blind man can discover the way to the invisible world. Is there any Gospel more important than this? It is truly excellent. No one who is educated in the basic Principle of invisible world and substantial world could go to hell. Because most people can't realize the truth, they can't escape from the eternal thorns of hell.

I had much experience of spiritual phenomenon while I was alive. I will tell you only one episode among them. Most of my experience of spirit world is ideas of godly phenomena in the invisible world.

One day, as I was praying and meditating, suddenly a bright light appeared in the rain and took me somewhere. Just as suddenly the light disappeared and lightning and thunder started. With the sounds of thunder, I could hear roars, groans and loud cries. I wandered what place this was, and looked over the place in detail. I found people pressed down by a huge stone, as if an earthquake had taken place. I was overcome with fear as I heard shouts for help from bloody figures. I soon realized I was in Hell. I thought that the light was truly God and that he wanted me to see them because he wanted to ask me to save them. God was teaching me that there was Hell in the invisible world, and that if you commit sin, you will come here. I regret that I couldn't realize that at the time. Even though I had salvation from God, I couldn't help God. My mind was tormented. I thanked the lecturers many times, but that is not enough. My heart really aches. The lecturers here understand God's mind and practice accordingly.

Father, I'm sorry. And I know who is the hero of Divine Principle, who is Reverend Moon. At the moment I hear lectures, I glance at the master's face. I saw his face with too much heartbreak. And I saw his body receiving God's love. I know it is late but I'd like to help God and True Parents. I could not explain spirit world systematically, because we didn't have systematic logic that applied to the spirit world. Now hearing the logical basis to teach spirit world makes me stand straight.

True Parents of humankind, I will attend you and study Divine Principle hard with hope. And I will harmonize my spiritual experiences and Divine Principle and let people here know this. I will always make effort for that and pray for that. True Parents, thank you for your hard work. I believe in the teaching of the Father of humankind. I will do my best until I meet you. Thank you very much.

Emanuel Swedenborg--2001. 10. 3--

The words of Swedenborg:

Samo-nim (Young Soon Kim) contributes greatly to various people in spirit world because you write down so many experiences of spirit world. I have heard that the thing like this is possible because True Parents are on the earth. I envy you very much.

Matteo Ricci (1552-1610, Jesuit missionary in China)

"I wonder what is the inner situation of God."

My impression can't be summarized in a word. I will elucidate the reason why. I experienced God's existence while I was on the earth, as I applied myself to that very problem. After the experience, I lived with the concept that I am with God all the time and with a determination to attend God. The topic of this seminar today is "God is the Parents of Human Beings." I could have experienced God's love, which gives and gives forever, and never been shown nor taught that God is the Parents of humankind.

If so, are the God I experienced and the God shown by Divine Principle and Unification Thought different? Logic answers that God is One. I don't deny that. Then why did not the God who appeared to me teach me that he is the Parents of humankind? I think about that very much. I can't stand wondering God's reason for that. I think that Divine Principle and Unification Thought that Reverend Moon literally illuminated the deep, inner situation of God. There is no doubt about it.

But why did the God of love only light up truth like that only through Reverend Moon? How good and fair it would have been had God let other believers and martyrs know this truth. Their only mishap was that they appeared in the wrong stream of history, which started incorrect, before Reverend Moon! I believe that God has no prejudice and that all human beings are his children. Why, then, didn't God give the mercy to any number of Christians? I can understand the logic of Divine Principle but we, the Christians, in great numbers feel a sense of alienation from God. We are just sacrifices, aren't we?

All the lecturers in this seminar earnestly introduced Divine Principle with divine love, kindness and sincerity. All the lectures are ringing in my mind. I want to receive glory from God, too. And I envy Reverend Moon, because he is the Parents of humankind and Father, and even illuminated the Heavenly secret through Divine Principle. God must love him very much. I feel that Divine Principle and Unification Thought cruelly exposed my arrogance and insolence.

Reverend Moon, please take special care of us when you come here someday. I made my effort to look for holes in Divine Principle and Unification Thought, but I finished in failure. They have very wonderful logic and theories. Thank you.

Matteo Ricci --2001. 10. 4--

William Carey (1761-1834, Baptist missionary)

"I have realized the providence for Time Identity and ..."

I lived entire life relying on God, as I believed in God's existence and thought the life attending God is the happiest one. I have never had complaints nor doubts about it.

I think Divine Principle and Unification Thought were brought to light by God's message. The human brain can't bring forth such thoughts. Moreover I was stunned when I heard God is the Parents of humankind. Reverend Moon was given his mission when he was 16. Before he appeared as the Parents of humankind, I bet that God prepared for long time. I also believe that no one can deny this truth. But I feel empty knowing this great truth here in spirit world, not on the earth. It occurred to me that only the people who were born with the right background, circumstances and era on the earth can accept Divine Principle.

All the lecturers here are doctors of Divine Principle, and through their lives on earth, they were refined in mind and body as they attended Reverend Moon. They were very lucky in their lives the earth. I can't stand feeling empty and lonely even though I have accepted this wonderful truth. I have questioned why I couldn't have known this truth while I was on the earth. When I do, I feel that God abandoned me or was careless with me.

Later, when I studied the theory of Time-Identity, this question was answered. So I think I must completely throw away sediments of the beliefs I had until now. Otherwise my sin can't be forgiven in the age of this marvelous thought. I was stunned very much. This is my honest confession. But I think that making effort to be reborn by unifying mind and body centering on this truth is the best way to awaken from this shock. Reverend Moon, the Parents of humankind, how much you suffered to restore all humankind! I could fully understand that from the lecturers here. Thank you.

William Carey --2001. 10. 5--

Dwight Moody (1837-1899, evangelist)

"To say God is the Parent of humanity."

At first I was very surprised and deeply impressed to hear the words, "God is the Parents of humanity." I thought of God only as a transcendent being living in a high position, unable to have any relationship with us people. However, if God is the Parent of all humanity, then how has God lived all this time?

Many people have looked up into empty space and have made requests of God. They have asked for help in times of trouble. Parents and children share everything: troubled times, happy times, sad times, all these are shared together. So in comparison, we are criminals before God, and are the most disloyal of children. Even being disloyal to our earthy Parents is a sin. Jesus and the Ten Commandments make it clear that we must serve our Parents well, but why, oh why, has there not been one line written saying we must serve our God as our Parent?

Reverend Moon! How is it you have brought this great blessing to humanity? How can I express my heart of gratitude in words? When I see the way that God has lived through history without even once being treated as a Parent, I realize without a doubt that Reverend Moon is the True Son among True Sons. This man, a True Messiah and True Parent of humanity, has saved humankind from the muck in which we've been stuck.

Also, my impression of the Principle is that it is so wonderful it is awkward to express it in words. It has opened the way of salvation for so many people. How can I ever repay the one who bestowed such a fortune? True Parents, by all means I pray that your health can be preserved, and I earnestly wish you great success in caring for the salvation of the spirits in Heaven and people on earth.

And I finally offer thanks to the lecturers, who throughout the course of this seminar have united us together and have imbued each lecture with great enthusiasm. I truly believe that for each participant here, and even those who didn't participate, and even those who oppose us, this truth will become a Gospel. I offer my gratitude and respect to Reverend Moon, the Messiah and True Parent.

Dwight Moody -2001. 10. 6-

Madam, I am truly envious of you. How happy these people would be if you could grant this special privilege to them all! There is a great uproar, and people are saying there is a privileged period in which you can convey your own your own message to the earth.

Karl Barth (1886-1968, Protestant theologian)

"If you hold fast to only the traditional theologies, then the spirit of that time shall become exhausted."

Karl Barth thought that he had studied an immense amount about God. However, today's Divine Principle puts Karl Barth to shame and has silenced him. I merely want to absorb myself quietly in contemplation. How can I express my heart in words?

It is impossible to know from where to where stretches the realm of the infinite God. The entire earth and the Heavens above and below display God's attributes, abilities and intellect, but upon hearing the truth of the Divine Principle, Karl Barth's gaping mouth could not be shut. I twice believe that the man who discovered this truth, the Reverend Sun Myung Moon, is the returning Christ as well as the Messiah. Where has such a profound truth been hidden such that it has only now been revealed? I was stunned to learn that the fact that God contained within his chest an infinite Heavenly secret. How can we unearth the facts hidden with God's being? I feel that people who think that they know everything about God have incredible arrogance and pride.

However, Reverend Sun Myung Moon has fathomed the depths of God's heart and has become the truest Son of all true Sons. How did he know the location of this precious jewel, and how did he dig it up? How could Karl Barth have been that ignorant? I merely realized the limitations and incapability of humankind. What have I done until now to serve God? What does theology teach and for what purpose do you study it? Since coming in contact with Unification Principle, I want to completely throw away the word "theology." What is taught and learned though theology? It seems to me that there is no way to solve the question of the origin of the universe with our own human brains. Instead, we are merely caught up in a sense of futility.

Today's theology merely breeds arrogance and pride, and drives one into a delicate corner. It seems we cannot solve these types of theological problems without the Unification Divine Principle. Upon realizing this fact, I've recognized that Karl Barth has led a meaningless life and is an incredibly incapable person. This is an honest confession from my heart.

Theologians of today, raise up your heads! Open your two eyes and pay attention. Karl Barth wants to put away the traditional ideas of theology and burn them to ashes. My mind is irritated. Theologians, change your thinking. How do you see the Bible? Sometimes it seems that the profound truth of the Bible restricts you. Karl Barth, today in this place, will throw off his old self without reservations. You should do the same. Burn it to ashes and receive the new truth. God is our Parents, and you are his children. This truth is an atomic declaration, a Gospel to you, as well as to all humanity. The Unification Principle of the Completed Testament Age is an atomic document, a Gospel that surpasses all sixty-six books of the Bible. Karl Barth learned Unification Thought and Unification Principle in the form of a spirit in this place.

Theologians, if you live fastened to the Bible, your spirit will not be able to get out of that snare. In the end, you'll become a poor, pathetic soul. It seems there are more than a few problems in the realm of salvation in which you believe. How can you possibly elucidate all these things here in spirit world? When you compare your ideas of a realm of salvation to the reality of this place, there will be many aspects that you will completely fail to understand. However, these are facts, this place is a reality. I hope you will be liberated from the trap of narrow-minded faith.

I see that my impressions on this seminar have taken on the tone of a message. Karl Barth's heart is going topsy-turvy. I truly hope you will study the Unification Principle and Unification Thought deeply. I hope you theologians will compare the Unification Principle with the many books of Karl Barth. God is our Parent. Reverend Sun Myung Moon came as the Savior of humanity, and with him he has brought an incredible Gospel to all people. This new Gospel is the Unification Principle and Unification Thought.

All you theologians, have you not tried, as you've read the Bible, to understand it no matter what? There is the Old Testament, New Testament and Completed Testament. The Gospel of the Completed Testament is the Unification Principle and Unification Thought. Reverend Moon has revealed that "God is our Parents." This man is the True Parent of all humanity, the Messiah, the Savior.

Theologians, the blood of justice shall spring forth from your chest. Your passions shall be armed for God's truth. I ask you not to be servile in front of this complete truth. Karl Barth will light the flame of this new Gospel within your hearts.

The Second Coming, Reverend Moon, Savior of humanity, and our True Parent, I thank you. Please save my fellow theologians. This is the earnest request of Karl Barth.

Karl Barth --2001.10.16 --

If you give Karl Barth the opportunity, I want to offer Reverend Moon a more sincere writing, rather than merely a reflection-style piece. Thank you so much, and thank you again. Madam! I'm asking you.

John XXIII (Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli, 1881-1963, Pope from 1958, the Pope who led the Vatican II reforms)

"The teacher who fought tens of millions of devils."

John feels that the Unification Principle is a great truth, with a mysterious, magical power that is changing all of humanity. Human faith can be described as coming from a state of not knowing anything at all, to a state that you absolutely believe that something is "probably so." "Probably so" means that it is an abstract concept. It's completely different from the words "That is so." Everything within the Principle gives you no choice but to come to the conclusion, "That is definitely so." The Unification Principle introduces God's love and opens the true eyes of all the ignorant people of the world.

I believe that if people only knew the Principle then they could all live a proper life of faith, as well as have an enlivened existence with a clear purpose ahead of them. The God we have been attending until now and the God we have been waiting for are fundamentally different. This is another incredibly surprising fact. God is our Parents, but we have not served Him as such. God was known as being far from people, and was known as a Being who came to us when we were weak or lacking, in order to fill up our weaknesses. People only sought God when they were in need. They never served God as the Parents of humanity, who shared both our troubles and our joys.

Reverend Moon has revealed a great Principle, great and incredible. How hard a path must he have walked to have discovered the position of the Parent of humanity, the omnipotent, omnipresent, eternal and infinite God? How many frightening tests did Reverend Moon receive from the Devil, Satan? Satan would not have left Reverend Moon alone, for fear that he would reveal the false actions of Satan, who played the role of humanity's false king and false owner in God's place. The one phrase, saying Reverend Moon "fought against the tens of millions of devils" still rings in John's soul.

No one has known the darkness that has covered history. How frustrated God must have been! Even as our Parent, forgetting the difficulty of seeking his children, he carried out his providence of restoration. I cannot begin to imagine how we can possibly compensate God for his years of sadness in his effort to conquer this reality, where truth and falsehood are mixed together. Reverend Moon is the truest son among sons in front of God. He has fulfilled all his responsibility as a son, and is a True Parent in front of all humankind. He has established the victorious standard of the Messiah and is the king of kings. We people of faith must clearly know the fact that all people have come from one heart and one place. If we all try to work together in order to correct the direction of our wrongful history, then we will be able to attend God from a much more comfortable position. However, many people of faith have become so absorbed in the old, incorrect customs, that their ability to discern the new truth has become vague. When I think of the fact that this only causes even more suffering and pain to God and True Parents, my heart aches.

Now all people of faith must realize that a new age has arrived. Recall the age that presented the Ptolemaic theory and the age that presented the Copernican theory. The age may change, but the purpose of God's providence is unchangeable. God is our Parent, and we cannot change our destiny as his children. The secret of history, which has been hidden for so many thousands of years, has been revealed and at the same time the Lordship of humanity is being returned to God. The false Parent of humanity shall be exposed for all to see.

How frustrating and regrettable!! Now all you fellow believers here must receive the new truth and realize from when the salvation of all people has started. A heart that cannot accept this new truth is not a sincere heart. We can put new wine in new wineskins. The direction and flow of history is not going where it should. Our ignorance has given birth to sin. What is original sin? No matter how holy a life our ancestors might have lived, their descendants are born carrying the original sin. This world is filled with contradictions. The Bible and the Christian teaching also have many unclear points, but we faithfully believe.

You people of faith, fellow believers, the core of faith is being together with God, but we people could not understand the God who was the object of our faith. There are many saints who have, during their lives, lived a life of celibacy, and there are many saints who willingly took the path of death. This is because history started in the wrong way. Now that a new truth has been revealed, all of you who are living ascetic lives must receive this new truth. The biological make up of humankind is set up to accomplish God's purpose and ideal of creation, which is in the multiplication of God's children through the love of a man and a woman.

So then why and where did things go wrong? I ask you people of faith and you who live a life of celibacy, please do not be stingy about points you must clearly recognize. Times have changed. They have changed a lot. Think of the central figures in history who have failed their responsibility. Why were the Parallel Periods necessary? Unification Principle has brought an amazing power that can renew humanity. It's a truth all people need to learn and study. People's lives on earth are drastically short in comparison to life in spirit world. However, the Unification Principle clearly teaches that your residence in the eternal, incorporeal world is determined through your earthly life.

Reverend Moon; in front of such an amazing teacher I gratefully receive this Unification Principle with a heart of devotion. Seeing your never-ending effort for the peace of humanity, I again offer my gratitude.

John XXIII --2001.10.6--

Martin Luther King (1929 - 1968, Baptist minister and champion of civil rights)

"The truth by which to abolish racial barriers has come."

When God made humankind he made them as his children. Therefore God is the Parent of humankind. This teaching is deeply inspiring. When Martin Luther King discovered that racial discrimination between Asians, Caucasian, Blacks, etc., the conflicts among different denominations, the complication and conflicts of brothers within democracy and totalitarianism, the friction between countries, etc. were not God's original intention, and when he realized that the false start of humankind in the Garden of Eden brought this false history about, it touched him deeply.

God is not a person of favoritism. He did not create the walls of racism and religious denominationalism on various levels. They came about due to the skewed directions of our misled lifestyle. Martin Luther King is very grateful in light of the Principle. All people are granted equal value from God. That is the special right you receive from God. Despite this, racial discrimination and conflicts between religious sects have continued ceaselessly throughout history. The Unification Principle, though, is an ideology of peace, given equally to all people. Unification Thought is a truth that can unite all people. This was not something that could be done through human power, but is a Heavenly secret revealed by God. The fact that such an amazing Heavenly secret has been revealed is an occasion for all humanity to celebrate. Martin Luther King is twice thankful for the appearance of the Unification Principle. By this Principle, freedom and equality are rights for all to pursue, regardless of their social status, race or religious sect.

When I feel the truth of this fact, I again raise eternal thanks to the Lord. And because I know the suffering and pain that Reverend Moon endured until the great secrets of Heaven were revealed, I offer up my thanks to him as well. Knowing that the relationship between God and all people is one of Father and Son fills me with eternal happiness.

The Principle is not restricted to any one sect or denomination, but a teaching that all denominations can accept. Because the Principle contains the internal and external truths of humanity, if all religious people, in fact, all people, read its contents deeply, it will become a true guide for their lives. It is a guidebook to the lifestyle all people should live. I cannot suppress my admiration for the systematic logic of the Unification Principle.

Humankind has made effort ceaselessly to become liberated and establish peace, but because there was no truth like this, these efforts always dissipated into thin air. A movement would start, created by the masses, and then just disappear. There is no doubt that the Unification Principle is the truth that can realize peace for humanity. I feel that it is a unique truth, and as God's only ideology, it can break down all the barriers among humanity and bring about unity. If I were given the chance, I am confident I could start a new human revolution, based on the Principle. The lectures here may not seem revolutionary, but rather to possess an amazing power of conversion that inspires people and gets their hearts pumping. It is not the result of human power, but the sum of the power of truth and the power of the spirit of God.

Reverend Sun Myung Moon, thank you so much for bringing peace to all of humankind, and for enlightening us to the amazing truth. I also want to thank you so much that throughout the manifestation of the True Parents,, you have realized the absolute standard that can diminish completely the resentment the human race was been bearing due to racial discrimination. I'm so truly grateful.

We need to proclaim strongly, with all our hearts, humanity's Savior and Messiah, the Second Coming, our True Parents. The happiness I feel for being able to attend and serve God's true son and daughter, the True Parents, is truly unfathomable. Thank you.

Martin Luther King --2001.10.6--

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