Reverend Sang Hun Lee's Message from the Spirit World - A Seminar in the Spirit World for 120 Christians Who Illuminated History

Channeled by Young Soon Kim

Reverend Sang Hun Lee's Message from the Spirit World - A Seminar in the Spirit World for 120 Christians Who Illuminated History [Part 3]

Messages from 120 Christians - An Intermediate Report
"God is the Parent of Humankind"
Channeled by Young Soon Kim


"The theory of Give and Take Action is mysterious."

It was so surprising that the words of truth exist to guide human life. I feel so sorry that Isaiah did not live in a time when he could receive the benefit of the age. On second thought, it seems that the truth is in no small part simple, logical matters that we experience in everyday life, so why couldn't I discover it? Give and Take Action is truly a wonderful and mysterious theory, particularly in light of the fact that this wonderful truth is found in our everyday life. Why do we not realize that the truth is in living according to the Law of Give and Take Action? I thought that if even a part of the truth of Give and Take Action had been revealed at the time of Isaiah, humankind could have enjoyed a happy life.

Reverend Sun Myung Moon, who revealed this valuable truth, how much pain and trouble have you been enduring as you appeared to humanity? Over and over, I offer my thanks.

Isaiah --9. 9. 2001 --


"I recognize the greatness of True Parents from looking at their children (the lecturers)."

It is quite difficult to express my views on this Principle education comprehensively in such a short time. I feel a great thanks and admiration to all the lecturers who taught us this truth of immense value. In particular, Jeremiah was deeply impressed by those passionate speakers. First of all, I offer my thanks to Reverend Sun Myung Moon, who has come to humanity as True Parents. Next, I offer my thanks to this new truth. Furthermore, I offer my congratulations on the victorious foundation of True Parents, who raised and educated these honorable lecturers (children). How great a devotion they have shown as they talk proudly about True Parents! I offer my sincere thanks to all the lecturers.

I think that they, as true children of True Parents, have fulfilled their responsibility to propagate this new truth. The ardor and serious attitude of those lecturers made me feel the greatness of True Parents. I thought that we also should not hesitate to serve True Parents and proudly testify to the greatness of True Parents. I will try to be reborn with a new mind and new body before this new truth.

Jeremiah --9. 9. 2001--


"The Principle clarifies Heaven's secret."

Daniel deliberately pondered about earth and spirit world, writing down the teachings of this truth in detail. Evidently this is not the place where entities with a physical body stay, but the place of eternal life where spirit beings stay. Then, why are we able to hear this truth in spirit world? I heard that the one who had clarified the Divine Principle, called True Parents or the Messiah, have been exerting painstaking effort on the earth, not wasting a single moment, in order to bring about peace and the liberation of humankind. When Daniel entered the den of lions while he lived on the earth, he actually experienced what true peace and happiness was like, under the brilliant light of God. Thus, I found the lion looking lovable, not frightful. And during this Principle seminar, I once again experienced equally the same brilliant light of God as in those times. Inside the light, Reverend Sun Myung Moon appeared before us and said, "The Divine Principle is the clarification of Heaven's secret that has so far been concealed. So, realize Heaven's truth, and you will be able to stay for ever in this kingdom of eternal life." Then, Reverend Moon showed us the words, "Heaven's secret, Heaven's secret," and disappeared suddenly. It was such a mysterious and touching experience that I didn't want to tell anyone. I just want to keep it within the heart of Daniel.

Daniel will have firm faith in Reverend Sun Myung Moon as the Messiah at the Second Coming and serve him. If the Messiah wants Daniel to convey the Principle to other people, I promise and pledge that I will do it. To the Messiah, I offer my sincere thanks for the great blessing I have received.

Daniel --9. 10. 2001 --


"I realize how ignorant human beings are."

In my opinion, there has been and will be no meeting as serious and impressive as this, in history. First, I offer my thanks to those enthusiastic lecturers, and I will express my views briefly in a few words. I would like to say that the seminar enabled us to experience a precious awakening. Every part of the Principle is equally surprising and touching. Moses felt as if he were being attracted by a strong magnetic power. What impressed me most in this seminar, however, was the fact that man was so ignorant and caused such concern in God. In short, this seminar enabled Moses to realize with no doubt the fact that he had been an undutiful son to God. Probably, that feeling will remain within Moses' heart forever. Moses didn't know anything. Moses didn't know the purpose and direction of God's providence. At last, Reverend Sun Myung Moon has overcome such indescribable hardships and has revealed Heaven's truth, so all of us should truly pay our respects with thanks and homage to Reverend Moon. But we feel sorry to Reverend Moon, because we weren't able to do anything but accept this great truth in this environment of spirit world. Who can deny this truth? No one should do so. Even though there should be only one and single truth, it is a commonplace that in spirit world as well as on the earth, there occur struggles and conflicts between many religious denominations. I am a little worried about this, but I believe that after some time, this will be settled fundamentally.

True Parents of humankind, Reverend Sun Myung Moon, you have made great contributions to God's Dispensation for Restoration, especially at this Completed Testament Age. Thus, I pray that Reverend Moon will live a life of a thousand and ten thousand years, enjoying God's love and glory until the day all those providential purposes are accomplished on the earth. How glad I would have been if even one part of the Principle had been conveyed to Moses when I had lived inside the court of Pharaoh in Egypt! Moses feels so much regret but thinks that to feel regret is a sort of arrogance.

Moses --9. 10. 2001--

Figures representing Christianity

Apostle Paul (d. c. A.D. 65, "Apostle of the Gentiles")

"I recognize the importance of human responsibility."

The Apostle Paul is the most blessed one. It's because Paul met Jesus and received his love, furthermore received the direction and mission from the Messiah, and finally listened to the new truth under the devoted love of God. Before seeing Jesus on the road to Damascus, the Apostle Paul kept firm faith in the traditional view of God. In fact, if I hadn't had the experience of seeing the resurrected Jesus, that way of my thinking would not have changed in the least. Faith is truly a mysterious and inexplicable thing. Just after seeing and experiencing the resurrected Jesus on my own, I finally could discard everything that I had theretofore believed. I gave up everything and I wrapped myself in the resurrected Jesus. Now after learning the Principle, I became even more confident that the Apostle Paul's traditional view of God was very mistaken.

We necessarily should have attended God, the resurrected Jesus and the Messiah. Whenever people frustrated God's Will, they prolonged the history of the Dispensation for Restoration, requiring a new central figure.

The Apostle Paul's ideas were very limited. Paul didn't realize the fact that while God's will is unchanging and eternal, if a central figure in the providence failed to fulfill his responsibility, the God's providence would be prolonged and another new central figure would be needed in order to fulfill that mission. In other words, I became well aware of the importance of human responsibility. I had just relied upon the omnipotence of God, not taking into consideration human responsibility. Small though the responsibility of each individual may seem in comparison to God's great will of predestination, that responsibility is of 100% significance to the individual. Therefore, that individual responsibility of 100% significance is of tremendous importance for God's providence, even though compared to God's will, each individual's responsibility is extremely small. Paul didn't even think of this fact.

The strict doctrine of predestination in modern Christianity is nothing other than a big mistake that stemmed from Paul's wrong ideas. Paul feels extremely sorry about this to True Parents, who clarified the Principle.

Another part of the Principle that so much impressed Paul was the theory of Give and Take Action. In fact, it is a too obvious truth that religious believers should love one another. Then, why couldn't we realize this simple truth, and chose instead to fill this world with struggle, strife, envy, and jealousy? Paul didn't know that the theory of Give and Take Action is an actual presence in the world. Paul knows that no normal person could possibly discover this theory. Then, how can Paul pay restitution for his mistaken ideas that influenced the whole field of Christianity? Can Paul redeem his mistakes if he continues to make effort and contributions to Christianity until the end?

True Parents! The partial ideas Paul planted into Christianity have acted as obstacles to the providence of the Messiah, haven't they? Now in spirit world I will never repeat my mistakes. I promise to study the Principle and lead Christian believers here in the right direction. I have been making thorough preparation for accomplishing my assigned mission.

Paul --9. 11. 2001--

John Calvin (1509-1564, French reformer and theologian)

"I recognize the theoretical problem of the doctrine of absolute predestination in traditional theology."

As God tried to come to man, he suffered unimaginable hardship and trouble. Behind history, God's heart is concealed, for no matter how miserable he felt, he would not show his pain to his children. In particular, Calvin felt deeply sorry when he heard that in the history of the dispensation for restoration, we didn't even know that God is our Parent. Before, Calvin thought that God will accomplish his will on his own, because God is omnipresent and omnipotent. Calvin thought that all that the omnipotent power of God would solve all that had arisen in the Dispensation for Restoration, whether difficulties, joys, or sadness. In particular, Calvin didn't even imagine that God is the God of righteousness, sorrow, and regret.

Calvin did not think that the human fall was the fault of man and woman, but just stuck to the belief that God predestined the fall. Calvin knew that his belief was self-evident, beyond doubt. In fact, even though Calvin himself endlessly questioned why God created humans so defective that they could violate God's words, I couldn't find a definite answer.

Here at the seminar to which many important persons were invited, Rev. Lee Sang-Hun discussed the differences between the thought of True Parents and the thought of Calvin. After that, as Calvin listened to the entire Principle, in particular, the theory of Dispensational Time Identity, he admired it. Reverend Lee Sang-Hun gave me his lectures, shedding tears and trying to make me understand. Reverend Lee said, "If I had not been taught the teachings of Reverend Sun Myung Moon, today I would be wandering around at the bottom of the hell," and confessed, "After long years of mental conflict and suffering, upon hearing the Principle I was able to set my course of life." The Principle utterly demolished Calvin's theory.

Calvin believes in God as the absolute being and comprehends the doctrine of absolute predestination just from the perspective of God's will. I, Calvin, am extremely regretful. I recommend that all believers study the Principle. Without understanding why the absolute being, God, created this universe, centered upon humankind, we cannot attend God as the Parent of humankind. I am thankful to Reverend Lee Sang-Hun. Those thinkers and philosophers who cling to Calvin's thought will feel shameful when they hear the Principle. They will realize that Calvin's thought is just a fragment of the truth.

I request that people on earth make a systematic study of Unification Thought and the Unification Principle. These serve as two axes that lead us to understand the fundamentals of human life. And people on earth must have absolute faith in and absolute obedience to Reverend Sun Myung Moon, who came as the Messiah, the Parent of humankind, and clarified the Principle. John Calvin promises to do this.

I bear in my mind the lesson that the doctrine of absolute predestination presently adopted in Christianity is quite wrong and it originated from a error concerning God's fundamental Will. This is John Calvin's confession. Thank you very much.

John Calvin --9. 16. 2001--

Martin Luther (1483-1546, founder of the German Reformation)

"If the Divine Principle had been known, the Reformation would not have been necessary."

First, I would like to express my gratitude and respect. I'd like to write this letter out of gratitude to the Reverend Sun Myung Moon, who discovered this excellent thought for us. I, Luther, have practiced a life of faith on the basis of innumerable experiences of God's love. As I participated in this seminar, I had complicated feelings, because the Reformation might emerge as an event that brought sadness to God.

It is proper to call the Reverend Sun Myung Moon True Parents of all humankind and Lord of the Second Advent. What can I give in return for this mercy? I'd like to thank him for conveying Heavenly secrets arranged logically in this seminar. I have confidence that the way of salvation for humankind is opened. Divine Principle is absolute truth that embraces all philosophy and religious thought. If Divine Principle, systematically expressed as it is, has appeared in the time of Luther, the Reformation wouldn't have been necessary and many lives would not have been sacrificed. It is regretful that many people were sacrificed in the name of religion. If religious people only knew Divine Principle, the walls between religions, races and viewpoints would have disappeared. Why has the truth emerged at this time in history? I can do nothing but regret as I look back our history, full of conflict and friction.

Through which name should I express the deepest respect and gratitude to you, Reverend Sun Myung Moon? I am deeply moved and am full of gratitude. I pray that disasters on earth may come to an end by conveying Divine Principle widely, even to the end of the earth, and that the world of God's love actually will appear on earth while you are alive. Reverend Sun Myung Moon, the Lord of Second Advent, I still don't have the right to call you "Father," do I? The Lord has come as Parents of all humankind, but humankind must discipline themselves and be reborn as true children. I think it will take a long time until I become true child. Can you accept a figure like me as your child? Reverend Moon, I will make my best effort to become a true child. Thank you from bottom of my heart for discovering the Heavenly secret for us. I'd like to finish this letter by expressing my deepest gratitude. Thank you very much. Truly thank you very much. I will do my best for this truth.

Martin Luther--2001. 9. 16--

A word from Dr. Lee, Sang Hun

I put a list of 192 names (a group of 180 and a group of 12) on a wall in spirit world and said "I'm looking for the people on this list. If you know anyone on the list, please let him (her) know that they should participate in the seminar as soon as possible. We have no time. Whoever doesn't appear by a certain time, I'm sorry but I must put another person on the list in their place." Then even those who were not invited came to the lecture, and I had to make more lectures. The way is opened for witnessing and I'm excited about making lectures.

John Wesley (1703-1791, founder of the Methodist movement)

"We should make Divine Principle the new theology textbook."

I conclude that Divine Principle and Unification Thought are an excellent Gospel and are must-read books. There are various types of religious and non-religious people here in spirit world and on earth. Many live just because God gave them life, and most of them don't know the direction or purpose of their lives, or the origin and direction of history. As the marvelous message has appeared for those who are on earth and have gone to spirit world, all of us, transcending sects, should read and comprehend this truth carefully.

I knew that God gave me my life, so I must live in gratitude for God's mercy. Also I knew that I must live rightly because the life given by God is precious. The Divine Principle is a marvelous and great truth. I have no means to express the greatness of this truth. The explanations of the eternal nature of humankind and Heaven and paradise are especially powerful. People alive now are extremely fortunate. As I listened to the lectures I became like a fireball of burning spirit several times, a situation I can hardly bear. Nobody knows my spirit self, but I felt my spirit self flying in the air, turning around and then coming down. When I was on earth, I thought that we must "open high disturbances" and go through 12 pearl gates to enter Heaven. But there was no disturbance at the gate, and countless flowers bloomed with perfume, and countless animals are playing. There is no precise word that expresses how beautiful, abundant and happy Heaven is. As I listened to the Divine Principle lecture I experienced Heaven. I felt as if I completely had become a man of Heaven. How could I express this feeling? Oh, God! Thank you for giving us such well-organized, systematic thought.

Why can't theology students on earth have the blessing of learning this even though there are many great teachers? Reverend Moon, it is very tragic. The theology textbooks must include it. If theology students cannot realize this truth, they are sure to follow the wrong way after their graduation. Thank you very much for your troubles, Reverend Moon. Lord of Second Advent, please do your best until the end so that all theologians can know this. I am full of regret. The lectures deeply moved me from the beginning to the end. As Divine Principle is logical and systematic, anyone who listens to it becomes humble. Lord of Second Advent, you appeared as True Parents so please save humankind. Reverend Moon, thank you and thank you for all your effort. I cannot greet you in any way other than this. I, who have completed my education in Divine Principle, receive special treatment from many people. Now I will give my best for God in the providence of restoration by being reborn into a new life.

John Wesley--2001. 9. 17--

Wesley thanked samo-nim, Young Soon Kim, and left. He thanked her because she enabled him to reveal his heart of regret to people on earth. He wishes that theology students could study the Divine Principle as a textbook.

St. Augustine (354-430, Bishop of Hippo Regius and one of the Doctors of the Church)

"I wish Divine Principle could be conveyed to the cosmos."

Many people in spirit world have come to realize that the Divine Principle is great truth. Those who learn Divine Principle change their way of thinking and lifestyle completely. This phenomenon is the same both in spirit world and on earth. Only if you learn Divine Principle will you be re-born. So it is very regretful that some impatient religious associations and sects draw conclusions about it before they learn it.

I almost became crazy as I listened to Divine Principle. I regret that I came here without knowing this truth on earth. But on second thought, it is good to prepare to welcome the Lord, as Reverend Moon will come here someday. I will separate from everything in the past and will follow this truth only. I will live faithfully and always remember my mission in my heart.

Many saints like Divine Principle. I teach Divine Principle to them through conversation. I'm spending intimate time with Christians. Some of them have different opinions about this truth, but I'm trying to persuade these people.

One day, an ardent Christian lady appeared to me and asked why I have no reaction after listening to Divine Principle. She meant that it is a heresy and why am I driven like a fool to support it. This lady really hurt my pride. I almost got angry, but controlled it and told her what I experienced. "Listen carefully to the Divine Principle lectures in detail. Don't make a decision before the lecture is over. If you listen to the lecture all the way through, you will have nothing left but pain." I told her this earnestly. Many people are like this lady.

Reverend Sun Myung Moon! True Parents. I am Augustine. Please believe me and have a peaceful mind. I never doubted nor resisted this truth. Thank you for your giving me a chance to greet you again. I pray for this truth to be spread here and there in the world as soon as possible.

Augustine --2001. 9. 17--

Samo-nim (Young Soon, Kim), please send my best greetings to my wife, Hyun Shil Kang. Please tell her that I still can't lecture well but I am studying hard. And also please tell her that I love her.

Polycarp (c. 69 - c. 155, martyr, Bishop of Smyrna)

"Divine Principle is the Gospel for humankind."

I was very moved and stunned by the Divine Principle. I have never experienced such a thing. This systematic and organized new truth is the Gospel of salvation for humankind. Why did such a great truth appear at this time? If it appeared several centuries earlier, there would not have been any difficulty to save humankind. I just regret this.

No one refuses this truth. I feel as if I was struck dumb by knowing this truth. What more is needed? This is the complete truth. In one word, to hear it was a shock. I'd like to arm myself with this truth and shout it out loud. How accurate and moving is its logic! This can be nothing but God's message. It is impossible that it could have come from a human brain.

Reverend Moon, who came as the Second Advent at the call of Jesus, is truly a great master. I'm sorry I called your direct name, but you are really True Parents. This is the best medicine for saving humankind. Please guide all people to learn it and return to the original purpose of creation and then live forever in God's kingdom. Those people who participated in the seminar are in an exciting whirlpool, some are very serious and the others are having a very happy time.

True Parents! Thank you very much. Thank you very much for your finding Divine Principle. And I believe that those who realize Divine Principle have a new direction for their minds. How can one live silently after knowing Divine Principle? It is as if a stone hits your silent mind. I thank you very much and respect you deeply. As I was moved in each part of Divine Principle, I have many points to tell you, but there is not enough time so I am concluding this letter.

Polycarp--2001. 9. 18--

Tertullian (c. 160 - c. 225, African Church Father, a representative of Montanism)

"I'd like to make a peace movement for humankind. It is urgent to practice Divine Principle in everyday life."

Thank you for the chance to participate in such emotional lectures and to express my impressions of it. In the stream of history there are many people who are born and die without knowing the purpose of life or much anything else. But those who are alive in the present time have the opportunity and circumstances to learn truth like this. What happy people they are! Many times I envied them.

Divine Principle is the message from God. If it were not, it would not move people's hearts like this. All parts of Divine Principle are very moving and stimulating, but especially the theory of Give and Take Action. The theory of Give and Take Action is a universal Principle that can be applied to all beings in common. I think if all humankind live by this theory, there would be no conflict, friction nor struggles in society. This theory has no mistake and is very detailed and systematic, which makes me admire it. If we are armed with the theory of Give and Take Action, I'm sure that we will have remarkable success in gaining the salvation of humankind. I just regret the fact that they couldn't have known this Divine Principle. Also it is very regretful that Reverend Moon, who discovered this Principle, is very old.

Who would disagree with Divine Principle? If there were such a person, s/he would proof him/herself to have no feeling and be very foolish. How could this truth emerge from a human brain? If I could return to earth, there is a thing I want to do by all means. I'd like to actively pursue a peace movement campaign on the basis of this truth. Only the theory of Give and Take Action explains God's love for humankind exactly.

Hell would naturally disappear if Divine Principle were applied to the lives of all the humankind. There is not enough time for me to share my impression, so I can't say everything I want to. Reverend Moon, who is on the earth, came as True Parents of Heaven and earth! This fact is worthy of our eternal celebration. How we are blessed now that the way of human salvation is opened widely! I think that if we spread Divine Principle from the earth to the cosmic then the unification of earth and spirit world will take place. I will make my best effort to spread Divine Principle as I wish that the day will come as soon as possible.

Today, people on earth must realize the existence of spirit world by throwing away old concepts and researching God's providence rightly. There are many religious sects, even though God is One. Is it God's will? I think the true believer is the one who understands the focus of God's providence and follows it. The nation of God is not far off. The place humankind must settle at last is only one place. It is God's will that humankind live with God in his house, our eternal residence. If so, we must think over where and how we are now standing.

True Parents of humankind! How hard you have worked to restore us! You had such difficult times. We pray for all humankind to have one direction of life centering on Divine Principle.

Tertullian --2001. 9. 19--

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