Reverend Sang Hun Lee's Message from the Spirit World - A Seminar in the Spirit World for 120 Christians Who Illuminated History

Channeled by Young Soon Kim

Reverend Sang Hun Lee's Message from the Spirit World - A Seminar in the Spirit World for 120 Christians Who Illuminated History [Part 2]

Messages from 120 Christians - An Intermediate Report
"God is the Parent of Humankind"
Channeled by Young Soon Kim

Confession by Matthew

"The reason that the Messiah is to come."

Matthew is one of Jesus' twelve disciples, but he never received a teaching as systematic as this.

I feel nothing but sorrow even when I share my impressions. I found myself impressed by so many parts that I don't know how to express them all. But I was told to be brief, so I will share only one thing. Matthew was very surprised that a Messiah is necessary again for humanity after Jesus.

In order to save humanity in God's providence, a mediator is absolutely necessary. For this reason, God had to wait a long time. This gives me pain in my heart. The Messiah at the Second Coming came as a mediator to save humanity. The Messiah is indispensable not only for humanity but also for the absolute being, God. I hope that innumerable believers living on the earth will do their best to enthrone the Messiah majestically as the Parents of humankind.

I wonder how Jesus feels now. Twelve disciples of Jesus, who participated in the seminar, feel just blank and absent-minded. Matthew is far from being pleased; his feelings are very complicated.

To the Messiah who revealed this new truth, I truly give my heartfelt thanks. To the Messiah I offer many thanks for your enduring pain and trouble. I have no other way of expressing my thankful heart right now. I promise I will study Divine Principle again.

Matthew --8. 29. 2001. --

Simon, the man of Canaan (the Zealot)

"God is Parents of humankind."

What I realized anew at this seminar is that God is the Parent of humankind, that history first went wrong in the Garden of Eden, and that to restore this required central figures. Furthermore, I realized the reason human beings in and of themselves were not permitted to go straight toward God, even though God is their Parent. The truth is that man must begin again first as a servant of servants, and can then advance toward the status of God's children, but only through a mediator. Someone may feel mortified about this truth, but there it is.

I cannot but express my wonder at and admiration for painstaking efforts of the Messiah who clarified this truth. Now that we have realized the essential truth that we must serve the Messiah as our Parents, attending God as the Parent of humankind, we have resolved to become true children, keeping in mind the lessons that we have learned thus far from the providential history of restoration. I offer once again thanks and glory to the new truth.

Simon -- 8. 29. 2001--


"The Messiah who liquidated the original sin."

Thomas always thought that he was the least capable among the twelve disciples of Jesus.

In this seminar, I felt awkward and uncomfortable, but Jesus talked to me personally. What Jesus said to me was that all of us have been unfaithful sons to God and we must try to become perfect even though we are not qualified. This is why I decided to take part in this seminar.

In this seminar, Thomas was convinced by the account of the regrettable story of the providence of restoration.

I truly appreciate this awakening. It is such a regrettable fact that no man was born without the original sin, and that history has been corrupted and distorted from its beginning by our human ancestors. I also realized that for countless ages since the fall, man and woman haven't become the children of God; that the mistaken history has remained without correction for ages; and the fact that to bring about fundamental change in history, a new central providential figure should appear as the new human ancestor and liquidate the original sin. I was surprised a great deal to realize this truth of enormous significance. How difficult and complicated it must have been for the Messiah finally to correct this mistaken history and liquidate the original sin! It is unimaginable.

Thomas feels so grateful, even though he couldn't understand all the lectures because many of them were totally unfamiliar. Now, I feel a little confused, because I am absorbed in thinking how I can help the Messiah. Following the instruction of Jesus, however, I will study hard and put forth effort.

I will try to discover what Thomas can do for the Messiah, and I promise I will work hard.

Thomas --8. 30. 2001 --

Nathaniel (Bartholomew)

"I realize human nobility by studying the theory of human responsibility."

Nathaniel would like to convey his impressions.

I feel very ashamed to think that the reason that the Messiah had to come again was that we failed to fulfill our responsibilities as Jesus' disciples, due to our lack of exact understanding of the times. I came to understand the value of humankind in view of the historical fact that the failure of central figures prolonged God's providence again and again. It became obvious to me that each individual's failure to fulfill his or her responsibility has had tremendous criminal repercussions in history and to God. Whenever history was prolonged, we humans lived on, committing sin upon sin, and thus the entire human race contains nothing other than sinners. Now the Messiah has to reform us faithless sinners, and thus I earnestly hope that ones like us, twelve faithless disciples, will not appear again. How should we help the Messiah? Following the instruction of Jesus, I will make the utmost effort to prevent humanity from following the sinful way of faithlessness.

Nathaniel -- 8. 30. 2001--


"The Blessing is for us, too."

Thaddeus will give his words.

The realization that we are born with original sin is a great shock to me. Why did the human ancestors, Adam and Eve, not know God's providence? Why did they disobey God's words? The fact that the corruption of the human ancestors was passed down to all humanity through blood lineage is hard to conceive, but it is absolutely true. To think about this gives me unbearable regret. The Messiah at the Second Coming should solve this problem of the blood lineage of humanity. I wonder how innumerable people in the spirit world can benefit from this providence. Of course, we twelve disciples failed to fulfill our responsibility, but we still want to receive the benefit of having True Parents liquidate our original sin. Jesus received the Blessing and I am eager to know what we should do to receive the Blessing, and what conditions we should lay in order to advance toward the Messiah. Messiah, True Parents, please give us this opportunity. This is an earnest request not only of Thaddeus but also of the other eleven disciples.

Thaddeus -- 8. 30. 2001 --

James (little James)

"The Reverend Sun Myung Moon is the True Parents of humankind."

Now, lastly among twelve disciples, James will say a few words. I think that the Divine Principle will serve as a guide for life that every person should learn, be familiar with and practice. The Principle is such a systematic and essential guideline of human life. I offer my thanks to everyone who taught the detailed contents of the Principle to me. To the Messiah, Reverend Sun Myung Moon, the True Parents of Humankind, who revealed this Principle and truth, I offer many thanks for your suffering. I appreciate what you have done. I offer my thanks and bows representing us twelve disciples.

James -- 8. 30. 2001 --

Central Figures in the Old Testament Age


"We must be well aware of the Messiah's painful path of tribulation."

People on the earth can barely understand that God constantly has shown his greatest love to humanity, from the Old Testament Age through the New Testament Age and up to the Completed Testament Age. I think that the Messiah's appearance on the earth after a long course of history is the result of God's everlasting love and his efforts to restore us corrupted humankind and our distorted history into the original state of his creation.

Every time I intensely read the Divine Principle and listen to the lecture, I feel so obliged to God. People on the earth should be well aware that Reverend Sun Myung Moon, the Messiah, walked the painful path of tribulation until he finally could ascend the throne of True Parents in order to save all humanity.

Reverend Moon is the one who gained the final victory after traversing the thorny path and penetrating the bottom of the Hell. Now he has made his majestic appearance as True Parents before all humanity. I request that people on the earth attend and offer their thanks and glory to Reverend Sun Myung Moon.

I also offer my thanks to God, who remembers the life of Abraham and enables me to witness the existence of the Messiah today in this Completed Testament Age.

Abraham --9. 4. 2001--


"Let us become the children of God through grace and Blessing of True Parents."

When I heard the Unification Principle for the first time, it attracted me by a certain mysterious power. As time went by, the joy of God's love intoxicated me more and more. God has been constantly loving and waiting for humanity, even when central figures that he predestined failed and had to be changed. God's love is indescribably touching to the point of rendering us dumb in the presence of its greatness.

I also thought how we humans could repay the grace of God, who had been persistently waiting until establishing True Parents, who symbolize the perfected Adam, before humanity. Now that True Parents of humankind, the Messiah at the Second Coming, has finally come to the earth, what a great grace it is to people on the earth, and how glad God must be! I advise people on the earth to receive the entire Blessing of the Messiah in the realm of his blessed environment. I earnestly hope that all of you absolutely will participate in the Blessing Ceremony, through which you are allowed to be reborn directly as the children of God by way of the Messiah, Reverend Sun Myung Moon. And with all my heart, I pray that everyone will meet in one place after becoming the children of God.

Isaac --9. 4. 2001--


"I will accomplish my mission as required in this Completed Testament Age."

Joseph, after learning the Principle, thought exactly how and where he could stand directly before God. This idea is what has been whirling incessantly inside Joseph's mind.

I deeply felt the heart of God who, since the creation of humankind, has had to overcome and endure innumerable difficulties in his providence of restoration. He has maintained responsibility for that providence of restoration and for settling problems such as that of the blood lineage, of the human race and of each religious denomination. I pondered upon what we, as the earlier arrivals in the spirit world, should do in order to find an ultimate solution to the problem of the earth and the spirit world.

With what words can I express my heart of gratitude for the Messiah, who led me to the original human state by finding the Principle for us? Meanwhile, I think that our mission and responsibility for this providence are extremely important. First of all, I will live up to the teachings of the Principle. Then, I want to find and do my small mission and responsibility, in search of the fastest ways to convey the Principle to many people who are not ignorant. I want to do something before the Messiah comes to the spirit world.

In fact, Joseph listened to the enthusiastic lectures of the Principle, waiting for a certain mission to be assigned to him. Still, Joseph hasn't decided anything.

I offer my thanks to God and the Messiah, Reverend Sun Myung Moon. I promise I will do everything I can do, according to the teachings of the Principle and God's desire. Furthermore, I promise I will make utmost efforts to acquire even deeper understanding of the Principle, never taking interests in anything connected with the time of my living on the earth

Joseph --9. 5. 2001--


"I want to live keeping my position as a true child."

During each lecture, as I encountered the central figures in the providence of restoration, I thought about the regrettable failures in God's providence and felt most painful over the historical reality that required several ages of dispensational time-identity. I realized that the great variety of suffering in history was the result of the struggles through which God restored the misguided actions of history. Thinking over this fact, I felt so much regret.

I offer my thanks to the Reverend Sun Myung Moon, who made painstaking efforts to find this Principle. Reverend Moon, particularly as the Parent of humanity, came to this earth receiving God's greatest love and expectation. Now Jacob will live as a child fulfilling his responsibility before True Parents.

Jacob --2001. 9. 6--


"I want to become the warrior for God's providence."

What most impressed Joshua's heart during those comprehensive lectures on the Principle was the fact that God constantly sent central figures to save humanity. When I thought about the historic reality of humankind in each providential age persecuting and even killing the central figures sent by God, I felt extreme regret over man's ignorance and stupidity. I reflected that Joshua also might be one of those ignorant men. I earnestly desire that the era of such ignorant people may be over. Joshua did his best in his predestined environment. There are innumerable human beings to whom the fact that they didn't fulfill their responsibility in God's providence has never even occurred. Realizing that this has been repeated over and over, I realized that there has been so much sin in history.

Now, the Messiah who has come as the True Parents of humanity, Reverend Sun Myung Moon, please forgive those central figures who failed in the providential ages and restore this wrong history. I offer my greatest thanks to God, who led me to realize this truth. But Joshua feels extremely remorseful about having been born at one specific point of the Old Testament Age.

Even if I am not a precursor to fulfill God's providence in the environment of the Completed Testament Age, I want to become a warrior in the Completed Testament Age. I offer many thanks.

Joshua --9. 6. 2001--


"What is the way to save the innumerable people in the spirit world?"

No man has been born into this world out of his own free will. My general view of life was that every man and everything in this world comes and goes like water in a river, but the lectures on the Principle made Samuel change his view of life and history. I came to know that history has moved toward fulfilling a purpose in an unbelievably systematic way. At first, I was so surprised that history has advanced in a definite direction and orbit win accordance with the elaborate plan and purpose of God. Nevertheless, humankind has lived in total ignorance of this. This reality obsessed me. No one took the viewpoint that they had to save humankind.

Meanwhile, how can the Messiah, a man born on earth, solve everything, those intricate historical problems related to saving humankind? Whenever I listened to a series of lectures, even just two or three, I thought about this. Why have humankind remained ignorant of this, even as God's providence has advanced to this moment?

Reverend Moon, you who came as the Messiah at the Second Coming, what can Samuel do? How will you be able to cope with such hardships and pain? And what is the way to save those innumerable people in the spirit world?

God and True Parents, most brothers and sisters who gathered here were touched deeply by the new teachings of the Principle. However, they are also suffering from mental conflicts. In fact, they feel quite discouraged, wondering what people in the spirit world can do for themselves. Just like Samuel in the past, Samuel will endeavor to become a warrior needed in this Completed Testament Age.

Samuel --9. 6. 2001--


"I am impressed by the great truth."

Of the many figures in history, who else could establish such a systematic and logical Principle of human life? In history, no one will be as great a teacher as Reverend Moon. I offer my heartfelt thanks to Reverend Sun Myung Moon. Who else in history could clarify such an immensely valuable truth as: "The Messiah should come as the Parents of humankind"? Indeed, Reverend and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon are the True Parents of Heaven and earth, the teachers of humanity. He is absolutely qualified for possessing the whole love of God.

Keeping in mind this truth of the Principle, David will try to live as David is expected to live. I over and over offer my thanks to True Parents, who have clarified this truth of enormous value.

David -- 9. 6. 2001--


"I feel impressed by the theory on the invisible substantial world."

I have learned the Principle in this systematically scheduled seminar. But I find it very difficult to be brief about my impressions. Because the lecturers here provide so much detail in their accounts of the invisible substantial world, anyone, even ignorant people, will experience mental change by listening. People would never commit crimes if they were confident of the real existence of the spirit world. Solomon's kingdom would have become the God-centered kingdom if they had possessed the truth, including the details on the spirit world. Countless people of those times could have lived, cherishing their hope for God. I feel great regret because we didn't have this truth at the time of Solomon.

I offer my sincere thanks to the Reverend Sun Myung Moon, who clarified this truth of enormous value. I also offer my congratulations to Reverend Moon, who came as the True Parents of humankind after winning victory over innumerable hardships and sufferings. With the love of True Parents, please forgive Solomon for his inability. I pray that we can stay in the kingdom of God, centered upon the thought and love of True Parents. And please bestow tolerance to the people in the spirit world.

Solomon --9. 7. 2001--

Mrs. Kim! I think that if I had met a person like Mrs. Kim at the time of Solomon's kingdom, it would have been easier to teach about the spirit world to the people.


"How can people in spirit world have their original sin liquidated?"

I offer my sincere thanks for teaching this truth of enormous value to people as ignorant as us. Reverend Sun Myung Moon! This is Elijah. Rather than expressing my impressions about this seminar, I would like to make one request. I heard that all of us are born with the original sin. People on the earth have the providential benefit of having their original sin liquidated, but how can people in spirit world have their original sin liquidated? Please open the door to the people in spirit world. We, as children, naturally should attend the True Parents of humankind, but there is no way for us to do that. Then, what should we do? True Parents, Reverend Sun Myung Moon, please bestow a favor upon us too.

It is Elijah's earnest request.

Elijah --9. 7. 2001--


"Human beings are the children of God."

I feel really thankful. I feel just so grateful because we are informed of this new truth and hope. Leaders of innumerable religious denominations on the earth must humbly accept a new truth as great as this and deeply think about the original will of God. The Parents of humankind is just one, God. The believers of each religious body are God's children. If we accept as natural that numerous religious denominations were meant to exist, then we should also posit numerous gods in spirit world, one for each denomination. In spirit world, however, there is only one God and he is the Parents of humankind. All of us in spirit world are equally the children of God.

Reverend Sun Myung Moon is living on the earth and has appeared as True Parents of humankind. He walked the path of tribulation, the path of blood, sweat, and tears, keeping his absolute faith in the original Will of God, particularly in order to overcome religious divisions. He has transcended the barriers of religious denomination and race, thereby bringing God's grief to an ultimate conclusion and making us properly aware of what we humankind should do in the end. Thus, I request that everyone both in spirit world and on earth obey this new truth and the will of Reverend Sun Myung Moon. You will thereby ultimately become one as the only children of God. This truth shows the exact way of to save humanity.

Nehemiah feels thankful. Nehemiah feels truly thankful because we humans have found the truth of hope.

Nehemiah --9. 7. 2001--


"I intensely feel the heart of the God who wanders around in search of his children."

This program of Principle education was presented under the theme, "God is the Parents of Humankind," and prior to this seminar Ezekiel himself never heard or thought of the teachings that he learned here.

I couldn't possibly deny the teachings, because they were truly ultimate, right and reasonable. The declaration that God is the Parents of humankind is so surprising and even stunning that I can't even dare to utter the words as I would like. We seem to be given too little time to express our views. How can we express just one thing?

During this seminar, Ezekiel observed God, who has been suffering pain for long ages due to the mistakes of humankind, and has wandered around from here to there in search of his lost children. It was just a momentary impression, but I felt unbearably painful in my heart. God looked like a beggar. Ezekiel was an undutiful son to God. He didn't fulfill his responsibility. God was so pitiful. Ezekiel didn't act as a guide for God, and Ezekiel was just looking on when God was searching for his lost children. God, Ezekiel has realized everything now; please forgive him. And Reverend Sun Myung Moon, who elucidated the Principle, came to the earth as the Messiah in order to save humanity, but in light of the fact that Ezekiel no longer lives on earth, what should he do? Ezekiel doesn't know what to do.

I offer my thanks to the True Parents of humankind, who have been exerting painstaking effort in order to reveal this truth. If the Divine Principle had been revealed much earlier, God would not have had to endure such pain in his heart as he advanced his dispensation for restoration.

Ezekiel will try not to be a useless person. It pains my heart not to have enough time to fully express Ezekiel's views.

Ezekiel -- 9. 9. 2001--

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