Reverend Sang Hun Lee's Message from the Spirit World - A Seminar in the Spirit World for 120 Christians Who Illuminated History

Channeled by Young Soon Kim

Reverend Sang Hun Lee's Message from the Spirit World - A Seminar in the Spirit World for 120 Christians Who Illuminated History [Part 1]

Messages from 120 Christians - An Intermediate Report
"God is the Parent of Humankind"
Channeled by Young Soon Kim

Professor Kim Hyun -Kwang, College of Theology, Sun Moon University, selected these 120 Christians.

1. The Twelve Disciples of Jesus

2. Fifteen Central Figures of the Old Testament

3. Twenty-six persons representing Christianity

4. Thirty-five persons representing major churches, religious bodies and denominations (27 in this report)

5. Thirty-two others who made great contributions to Christianity (not included in this report)

Oh Jae-Whan, School of Humanities, Sun Moon University selected 120 Confucianists

Thirteen Disciples of Confucius included in this report

Source in Spirit World: Reverend Lee, Sang-Hun

Channel on Earth: Reporter Kim Young-Soon

Received between August 27 and November 12. 2001 at Sun Moon University, Asan Campus, Asan, Republic of Korea

Introductory Letter from Dr. Lee

I present this letter to True Parents.

True Parents, this is Lee Sang-Hun. I hope you both are in good health.

In celebration of the 42nd True Children's Day, I would like to send kind regards to True Parents and report on the seminar organized through the four religious denominations. My report eventually will be complete, but I have decided to make an intermediate report at this time, thinking that True Parents have been waiting a long time.

Please review it and ascertain that it corresponds to the desires of True Parents. First I convey messages from 80 figures among 120 who illuminated Christianity throughout history.

Father, do I have to have people from Confucianism, Buddhism and Islam give individual impressions just as those from Christianity? Or may twelve representatives among the 120 nominees give their impressions and then have each representative submit written resolutions? On the other hand, I wonder whether it is fair to let all the 120 Christian figures give their impressions one by one, while the 120 figures from Confucianism, Buddhism and Islam who are taking part in the seminar have only twelve representatives each give their impression. Buddhists and Muslims want to give their individual impressions just as the Christians are. Please inform me what True Parents desire.

In celebration of True Children's Day, I want True Parents to receive all the glory.

Yours very truly from the spirit world,

Lee Sang-Hun


Editor's note:

Especially those who are not conversant with spirit world may question the bonafides of these communications. To read of a seminar in spirit world that includes Jesus, his twelve disciples, Augustine, Aquinas, Luther, Calvin, Wesley, St. Francis and so many other figures well-known and obscure seems utterly fantastic. Further, that they all sing the same chorus of praise for the Divine Principle and the Reverend Sun Myung Moon seems disingenuous in light of the fact that the report is provided by devout followers of Reverend Moon and is published by his church. As editor of the English edition I would like to share that I resolve these matters in my own mind with reference to my conviction, through experience, that spirit world is real.

As a believer in eternal life, I must affirm that these people do exist there. I have no basis to know what they are doing there, hence no foundation to deny that such a seminar could not take place as described. As a person to makes the same faith-affirmations that they are declaring in this text, concerning Reverend Sun Myung Moon as True Parents of all humankind, savior and Messiah, it is self-defeating to reject out of hand that these individuals, all of whom I would presume to possess spiritual and theological acumen greater than mine, might not come to the same conclusion as I have.

At the same time, spirit world is indecipherable. Why, one might ask, have not these Christian saints, to whom countless Christians on earth are praying everyday, revealed their dramatic experiences to anyone other than this lone Unificationist lady? Assuming that the spiritual life of non-Unificationists is valid at all, why are they getting completely different messages in the name of Jesus, Peter, Francis, Dominic or Loyola? To answer this I refer to my knowledge of spiritual communication, or channeling, limited though it is.

There naturally is ambiguity as to who is speaking, the reporter (Mrs. Kim) or the subject (Augustine, Karl Barth, etc.). Thus we see, even grammatically, the admixture of two personalities. The reporter affects what is reported on earth, where events are far more concrete than they are in spirit world. And in addition to the reporter on earth, there is Rev., or Dr., Lee Sang Hun, who is managing the event in spirit world. I view what is taking place as follows. The spirit selves, all of a significant historical personage, occupy a specific field of energy. Words received in their name come on the foundation of the conscious knowledge of the reporter as she relates with an open heart to that field of energy created by the historical personage. We must confess that even in our communications with each other on earth, each person interprets any interchange according to their own subjective experience of it. Two parties to a conversation will take away entirely different feelings and conclusions as to what had been communicated, how the other person felt, and so forth. Communication with invisible entities who are strangers to the reporter will naturally be reported with a good deal of the reporter's personal bias.

At the same time, the reports are not all "peaches and cream." Many of the personages report anguish, internal conflict and struggle, questions about the teachings, complaints and, in one case, unwillingness to accept the directions of Reverend Moon. They report a good deal of opposition to their seminar; they report that most who attend depart before the lectures are over. The picture is not totally triumphalist, although triumpahalism is the major tone.

So, is the purported subject of the communication, Booth or Eddy, actually participating in the event? One searches for clues relating to the traces of their life left in history. Here it is the reader's knowledge that may be the limiting factor. Few readers would be aware of who A. J. Tomlinson was, or the fact that he did have a spiritual experience on top of a mountain in North Carolina in 1903. Few have read Origen and can recognize traces of his concerns over the sexual problem. Origen castrated himself in order to achieve liberation from sexual desire, and he happens to be the only figure in the text who dwells on the issue of the sexual fall. On the other hand, the anguish of monks over having no married, and the militancy of Joan of Arc might be explained by reference to the reporter's generic reasoning. There are other examples of which I lack time to recount.

We have experienced in our church a channel of an historical personage much closer to all of us than these Christians and Confucianists. This channel was unable to speak in the language of the personage and knew virtually nothing about that personage's earthly life, relationships, belongings, etc. One theory explaining this was that the personage in spirit world had lost his memory during the transition from earth to spirit world. This Platonic extrapolation was supplemented by the suggestion that the details of the earthly life were so insignificant that the personage let them drop totally.

While not rejecting either of these views, I want offer another explanation of why these hundreds of historical figures are so similar to each other, and have a minimum in common with the historical records, writing or actions that these persons actually left on earth. What we have in this book is a melding of the personality of Mrs. Kim as she relates in deepest prayer with the historical personages, enhanced by the effort of Dr. Lee, but limited by the knowledge that Mrs. Kim has of these historical persons.

In addition, in order to enter the Completed Testament era, all persons including spirit selves have to shed their life in the fallen world. These saints are modeling for us the way to deny and forget their past and interpret it strictly from the viewpoint of the truth of the Divine Principle. In a sense it is a whitewash of history, but we think of Zechariah who had his sins covered up in "rich garments." These testimonies are the rich garments. (Zechariah 3:3-4, cf. Revelation 22:14 -- "washing their robes") I report that I began this editing project with a skeptical mind, then struggled through hours of fighting off sleepiness, and finally and poetically found myself in a space of enjoying the work and the encounter with the historical personages. I hope that the reader may arrive at the stage of joyfulness must faster than I did.

Some of the brief biographical information was provided me and the rest, including spellings of names, was gleaned from several sources, chiefly The Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church (Revised edition). I could not ascertain the dates for A. J. Tomlinson nor the correct name of the holiness founder identified as "Cowman." The original text provided no name whatsoever for the "representative of Unitarianism;" it could be Faustus Socinus, William Ellery Channing, Theodore Parker or a number of others, but I dared not hazard a guess. I did guess that the disciple of Jesus referred to as Jacob is one whom the New Testament calls James.

Yours very truly from the physical world.

Tyler Hendricks

The Twelve Disciples of Jesus

Confession by Judas

"The Teaching of Jesus is that the Lord at the Second Coming is True Parents of humankind."

It is unbelievable that Judas was allowed to make a confession. In fact, however, he was allowed to do so because Jesus and other brothers gathered together here in spirit world when Jesus joined in the seminar on the Unification Principle. He loved his disciples even more than he did on the earth. Such grace of Jesus is indescribable.

Today, in particular, Jesus asked us 12 disciples to gather together and take part in the education program, the seminar on Unification teachings. The long-term schedule of the seminar was hard for us, but we were truly well educated just as we were taught by Jesus. Listening to the detailed and enthusiastic lectures, our minds were awakened.

Through multiple themes in the lectures presented under the main title, "God is Parents of Humankind," we came to realize an enormous but concrete truth. Those lecturers explain the essence of human life, as if wanting to clarify each point in the textbook of human life. With so much touching material with which we are unacquainted, we are going through many changes every day.

In particular, Jesus took in the entirety of the lectures with serious attention, and so we also strongly endeavored to sit straight the entire time. An appearance of such efforts could be plainly seen. In the middle of the lecture on the Messiah, Jesus cried so much and we also loudly wailed, and the lecturer also cried while giving his lecture. As soon as the lecture on the Messiah came to an end, Jesus stood up and called us twelve disciples together and exchanged friendly talk with us, reflecting Jesus' love toward his disciples in the past. And before giving us his conclusive remarks at the end, Jesus made us pledge as follows.

First of all, Jesus asked us exactly the purpose of "the Advent and Second Coming of Messiah." Furthermore, Jesus asked us, "Will you believe and follow me?" ascertaining our faith. Lastly, Jesus said the following with a very emphatic tone of voice and with utmost seriousness: "I, Jesus, am resolved to attend the Messiah who has already descended on to the earth as my teacher. And I, Jesus, have formed a conjugal tie with one woman living on the earth, in front of the Lord at the Second Coming, that is, the Messiah. Now I will follow the true teacher who had revealed new truth. This is none other than the Messiah at the Second Coming, the Reverend Sun Myung Moon. Reverend Moon came as the Parents of humanity, so you must attend him as your Parents." After this, Jesus offered an intensely emotional prayer to God.

"Heavenly Father, I didn't even imagine that the failure of I, Jesus, caused your heart to bemoan to such an extent. How deeply painful and sorrowful your heart would be when you had to restart your providence by sending another Messiah. And what a painstaking efforts of the Messiah, who had to reorganize that remorseful history! Now here, the twelve disciples and I, Jesus, have made determinations and pledges before God. We all determine and pledge that we will attend the Messiah working on the earth, the Reverend Sun Myung Moon, as our eternal True Parents. Thus, I pray that God will bless our gathering here and God may be glorified."

Looking at this desperate prayer of Jesus, some disciples were choked with tears, and others cried stamping their feet or hitting their own bosoms. I also found myself crying, hitting myself on the head. We really created a sea of tears.

All of us knew that. We understood the suffering at the time of our Lord Jesus better than anyone else. We all knew well that in those times, Jesus was confronted with circumstances too difficult for Jesus himself alone to walk the way of the Lord. In this educational seminar, we came to know and realize more deeply the providential reasons the Messiah at the Second Coming should come to the world and the path that the Lord at the Second Coming would walk on the earth. We all are ready to follow the road of the True Teacher whom our Lord attends.

Now Judas made resolutions again and again not to become an unfaithful son, saying, "I would like to return to the true original self of Judas."

Judas --2001. 8. 27--

Simon Peter

"We have to obey what the Messiah directs and teaches."

First, I will briefly tell how I felt about this seminar, "God is Parents of humankind." Either on the earth or in the spirit world, I have never had this kind of education, and this unfamiliarity made me feel even ill at ease at first. The contents of seminar, however, truly were full of grace, wrapped up in a good atmosphere. I found the lectures very familiar and impressive, reminiscent of the words of God and Jesus. So far, Jesus has guided and taught us, but from now on Messiah at the Second Coming must be our guide and teacher and we should attend him as our Parent.

Simon Peter also determined to have absolute faith in the Messiah and follow the Messiah, saying, "I would like to have another opportunity to listen to all the lectures that I heard here."

Simon Peter --2001. 8. 28--

Confession of Andrew

"I feel acutely the responsibility of the twelve disciples."

First of all, I feel grateful that I was one of the twelve disciples of Jesus, and I also feel it a great honor to take part in this holy education.

Andrew feels too much pain in his heart, knowing that our Lord Jesus suffered innumerable hardships on the earth and that the Messiah at the Second Coming must come again for the fulfillment of God's providence.

It pains my heart even more to think of the pain our Lord Jesus must have felt over this, especially as the one responsible figure recorded in history. Facing the reality of Christianity today, Jesus wept over having left a great deal of difficulties for the Messiah at the Second Coming. Jesus' effort to persuade and advise us to "attend the Messiah well from now on" made us feel more remorseful. In this seminar, we definitely came to realize that even though Jesus fulfilled his responsibility as the Messiah in spite of such difficult, antagonistic circumstances, we twelve failed to fulfill our responsibility as the disciples of the Messiah. With this lesson in mind, I earnestly wish that the disciples of the Messiah at the present time, even though I don't know exactly how many there are, fulfill their responsibilities, never creating a history as painful as we did at the time of Jesus.

Andrew earnestly requests, "We twelve disciples strongly determine and pledge that we, together with Jesus, will attend the Messiah at the Second Coming as the Parents of humanity."

Andrew --2001. 8. 28--

Confession by Jacob (James son of Zebedee)

"Fully realize God's providence and man's responsibility."

Jesus said that it would be the gathering of the twelve disciples, so I thought it simply would be the twelve disciples only.

Listening to the presentation of totally new revelations, however, Jacob was stunned.

There's no way to express my heart. I felt both surprised and sorrowful in my heart. And I felt so much sorrow as well. It is even shameful that I was one of twelve disciples. I never realized that God's providence is systematic and purposeful to such an extent. I never realized the extent to which the human responsibility is crucial. I felt deeply ashamed, recognizing that we are none other than sinners before this amazing Providence of God. In this situation, how can I dare give my confession? Furthermore, I don't know how to express my feelings in knowing that my confession will be conveyed to humanity on the earth. Nevertheless, if I am allowed to express a single view, I only hope that I will be forgiven, because I am definitely the sinner who didn't fulfill my responsibility as a disciple of Jesus. And all of us, the disciples of Jesus, feel deep remorse before this new truth. My sincere desire is that the Messiah at the Second Coming not suffer hardships as Jesus did in his time, and that people on the earth support the Messiah, thus not bringing sorrow to the heart of God who has been waiting for ages.

Messiah at the Second Coming, you may not know who Jacob is, but please forgive me. "Messiah, we came to realize that we disciples were the cause of Jesus' hardships, which in turn are related to your suffering. We truly ask you to forgive us for this. I pledge that I will attend the Messiah as the Parents of humankind.

Jacob -- 8. 28. 2001--

Confession by John

"I feel touched by the theory of the invisible substantial world and the visible substantial world."

People on the earth, in particular Christians, can barely understand the reality of what has been happening in the spirit world, the fact that Jesus and his twelve disciples got together and have been studying the Unification Principle. In this spirit world we have no physical body but feel free and more comfortable than on earth. Here we lack nothing and we are being taught the Unification Principle at a location chosen by God. How can I express what I have learned? I was considerably impressed by the fact that the Messiah who came after Jesus, through painstaking effort, revealed the truth and theory about the invisible substantial world and the visible substantial world. My deep impression at that time is beyond description.

I learned a great variety of new theories and teachings, but I feel very sorry because John was not given the opportunity of expressing all that he had learned.

"The single most important point that I would like to express is that we must attend the Messiah as the teacher of humankind, but still more as the Parents of humankind. How can I express my heart of gratitude for having been taught this in this seminar? The only thing I can do is to give thanks forever.

John -- 8. 29. 2001--

Confession by Philip

"I feel acutely man's responsibility."

Philip had thought that a man is predestined to be blessed when he is born.

After being taught at this seminar, however, I woke up big time. Learning that every man has a responsibility of his own, and that his failure to fulfill his responsibility prolongs the providential history, I became repentant. When the failure of central figures obstructed and prolonged God's providential history, God, the absolute being, had to wait for ages just cherishing his plans. Until another new central figure was properly established, the providential history had had to endure a long wait. I came to think that our Lord Jesus was not exceptional in undergoing such path. When I think of what Phillip's own responsibility had been, I felt extremely remorseful.

Now that I came to realize the truth after this prolonged history of interminable waiting, I, with all my heart, am thankful to the Messiah who has revealed this truth. I realized that human destiny depends upon the seemingly petty but in fact highly significant responsibility of every individual. Everyone cannot help lower his head before this truth of immense value. In particular, the doctrine of predestination in Christianity seems to be wrong. I look forward to seeing the time when all the Christians came to realize that the human responsibility is of absolute necessity for the fulfillment of God's providence. In my opinion, the truth that we have to attend the Messiah as the Parent of humankind is not only self-evident but also totally unexpected. I am endlessly grateful for this truth.

Phillip -- 8. 29. 2001--

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