Journal of Unification Studies - Vol. II


The Unification Doctrine of the Trinity Theodore T Shimmyo

Amorous Archons in Eden and Corinth Robert M. Price

"A Friendly Biography About an Extraordinary Man": Michael Breen's Sun Myung Moon: The Early Years, 1920-53 Michael L. Mickler

A Study of the Formation and History of the Unification Principle Jin-choon Kim

A Reappraisal of Typologies of New Religious Movements and Characteristics of the Unification Church Yoshihiko Masuda

American Democracy and the True Society Gordon L. Anderson

Visions of the Spirit World: Sang Hun Lee's Life in the Spirit World and on Earth Compared with Other Spiritualists' Accounts Andrew Wilson

Book Reviews

The Ideal in the World's Religions: Essays on the Person, Family, Society and Environment, edited by Robert Carter and Sheldon Isenberg Robert M. Price

Principled Education, by Mose Durst Kathy Winings

Boundless as the Sea: A Guide to Family Love, by June Saunders Dieitrich Seidel

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