Journal Of Unification Studies Volume IV 2001-2002

Seminar On Unification Thought


Seminar On Unification Thought
Sponsored By The Research Institute For The Unification Of World Thought Bridgeport, CT

Understanding God: The Conceptual and the Experiential in Unification Thought Keisuke Noda

Prolegomena to a Philosophical Inquiry into the Spirit World Claude Perrottet

Knowledge of God? A Critique and Proposal for Epistemology in Unification Thought Andrew Wilson

An Exploration of Questions in the Ontology of Unification Thought David Burton

God as Masculine Subject Partner Stephen K. Nomura

A Reflection on Unification Thought, Evil and Theodicy Thomas J. Ward

Notes Toward a Universal History: Insights from the Unification Principle Michael L. Mickler

Freedom of Belief as a Human Right Erwin Scheuch

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