Journal of Unification Studies Volume XI (2010)

 Table of Contents

The Problem of Circumcision (Andrew Wilson)

Education Realities in the Republic of Korea (Maarten Meijer)

The Godly Form of Household Government, and Its Demise (Tyler O. Hendricks)

Taking UTS to the Streets: Teaching Living Religions in the Neighborhoods of New York (Ronald J. Brown)

The Wagner Conundrum: Art as Transmoral or Ethical? (David Eaton)

Sleepless in Jerusalem and other Poems (Lloyd Howell)

The End-Time Calculation of Johann Albrecht Bengel (Mark D. Isaacs)

Learning to Live in Cheon Il Guk: Lessons from Brain Research (Ute Delaney)

Force and Relationship in Unification Thought and Classical Physics (David Burton pdf)

The International Peace Highway: Reflections on its Role for World Peace (Thomas J. Ward)

The Bering Strait and Korea-Japan Tunnel Projects: A Strategic Planning Model (Michael L. Mickler)

Book Review: Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, Version 4.0, by Gordon Anderson (Tyler O. Hendricks)

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