Il Shim 10 Week Program Outline - 2020
Blessed Family Ministry USA

 Table of Contents

Il Shim Participant Packet

Il Shim Parent Packet

Session 1: Youth: All About Il Shim! Learn why Il Shim is an important part of our faith tradition

Find Someone Who Activity

Parents' Resource: Easing Peer Pressure with Love and Logic By Charles Fay, Ph.D.

Parents' Resource: Give Your Children the Values They Deserve

Parents' Resource: Talking With Teens -- Tips for Better Communication

Session 2: Your Heavenly Parent and You - How to develop a personal relationship with your Heavenly Parent

Session 2 Questions

Session 3: Your Family; Your School of Love - Utilizing God's blueprint of the 4 realms of heart in your life

Would You Rather?

Session 4: Becoming the Best "Me" - Developing integrity in your everyday life

M & M Icebreaker

Session 5: Being a Unificationist - Learn about the core tenants of our faith

Session 6 Retreat: God's Design for Me - A 2-day retreat including fun, content and a service project

World Religion Articles

Family Session: Family Mission Statement Questions

The Great Discovery

Let's Have Lunch Questions

Session 7: I'm Worth Waiting For - Understand the impact of the Fall and the value of purity

Effects of Porn Activity

My Plans for My Internet

Discussion Questions

Session 8: The Greatest Blessing - Prepare for your future marriage and Blessing

Session 9: Plugging In - Integrating service and your personal passions

Session 10: Graduation

Il Shim Graduation Powerpoint

Sample Il Shim Graduation Powerpoint from 2020

Program for Il Shim Graduaion

Certificate for Il Shim Graduation

Il Shim Leader Packet

Il Shim Leader Welcome Letter

Tips for the Il Shim Team

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Moon Family Page

Unification Library