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QUESTION: 1. If marriage is so important to salvation, was Jesus married to Mary or Martha; to either or both?

ANSWER: Marriage is a blessing resultant of salvation. Jesus comes to give us the privilege to eat from the Tree of Life (Rev. 22:14) which represents the prerequisite for marriage (perfection) that Adam and Eve lost.

QUESTION: 2. What did Jesus mean when He said ..."In Heaven there will be no marriage of giving in marriage"? (Matt 22:29-30). Is it true that in your doctrine you can't enter Heaven unless you are married?

ANSWER: In the beginning God gave Adam and Eve the Three Blessings. He told them to be 1. Fruitful, 2. Multiply, and 3. Have Dominion. It was God who established the ideal of marriage. But before Adam and Eve could multiply, they had to fulfill the ideal of "fruitfulness". This means individual perfection in their relationship with God was the established prerequisite for their marriage (multiplication). They would have obtained that perfection had they maintained an absolute standard of faith in God's word, the commandment. The ideal of perfection (the prerequisite for marriage) is symbolized by the "Tree of Life". We also see that the consequence of the fall is that the Tee of Life has been unobtainable to mankind beginning with the first human ancestors (Gen. 3:24). Thus, no marriage since the beginning has met the original standard of qualification. It is for this reason that God's heritage has been untransmittable through the descendants of Adam and Eve. It is also for this reason that the goal of God's salvation plan is the restoration of that very qualification (see Rev. 22:14).

Now, with regard to Matthew 22:29-30; Jesus did not state that "in heaven" there will at no time be families or the marriage state. Jesus says at "the resurrection" they will neither marry of be given in marriage. The goal of resurrection is to attain the very aforementioned Tree of Life. In that the Tree of Life is the prerequisite for true marriage, then the resurrection process will only take place on the individual level. Therefore, no marriage will be true until the completion of the process of resurrection and the reclamation of the right to eat of the Tree of Life. The statement that we will be like the angels in heaven is to indicate that we will never die, not that the single state is the ideal of existence (see Luke 20: 36...."and they can no longer die; for they are like the angels).

QUESTION: 3. The scriptures indicate no marriage in Heaven. Comment?

ANSWER: Scripture indicates no marriage at the resurrection, not "in Heaven". The statement that we will be as angels in Heaven means that we, in Heaven will never die, not ever marry (see Luke 20:36). Resurrection takes place on the individual level. The Tree of Life is a symbol of perfection which was the prerequisite for original marriage. Christ returns in order to complete the process of resurrection, the goal of which is the restoration of the potential to eat from the Tree of Life (Rev. 2:7; 22:14). the complete process of resurrection is the foundation upon which the original ideal of marriage ( as expressed in the "Three Blessings") will emerge. Before the completion of the resurrection process, no true marriage exists or can exist and therefore we see the response that Jesus gave in Matt. 22:30.

QUESTION: 4. Jesus was single, Paul said we could be a eunuch for the Gospel's sake. Why is it eventually necessary to marry? Can a person not be married and be single until death and have the same degree of spirituality and truth as a married person?

ANSWER: In the beginning, God established the ideal marriage He created Adam and Eve and told them to be fruitful, multiply and have dominion. Thus, the prerequisite of their marriage was to become "fruitful". Their fruitfulness represents their perfection in their relationship with God and is symbolized by the Tree of Life (Prov. 11:30). By sinning, Adam and Eve could not fulfill that important prerequisite for their true marriage and thus lost the right to eat from the Tree of Life (Gen. 3:24). As a result, their multiplication only brought forth children of sin and not children of God. Since the fall of man, no marriage has been in the original ideal of marriage and will not be until the restoration of the right to eat from the Tree of Life. This will take place at the second coming of Christ (Rev. 2:7; 22:14). The key point then is not the comparison of the "single" with the "married" but rather the comparison of the children of marriages linked to the dead Adam and the children of marriages linked to the Tree of Life. Between those two would be a great difference of spirituality and truth.

QUESTION: 5. In Matthew 19:9, as you pointed out, Jesus says that there is not any grounds for divorce, except for the case of adultery. This would support your idea that places adultery as one of highest, if not the highest, of crimes. However, I thought the King James Version translation of the Greek word adultery (Topvn) to be in error and that it actually is referring to Greek converts who were married to relatives too closely linked by blood (uncles, aunts, cousins, etc.). In other words, Jesus actually gave no grounds at all for divorce and this was only added later to appease Jewish sensitivities.

ANSWER: The literal translation of Topvn would be "harlot" or "prostitute". The word in Matthew 19:9, however is Topveia which means "fornication".

QUESTION: 6. What about the polygamy that was practiced in the Old Testament times?

ANSWER: After the fall of man, man had fallen to a very low position and thus had lost touch with the original standard of morality. Therefore at the time of Jacob, man was not yet responsible for the standard of morality that would forbid polygamy, because it had not been revealed at that time. After God reintroduced the spoken and written Word of God (the law), man became responsible for that higher, more Godly standard of morality. When Jesus came, He extended it to the next level by ruling out divorce, save for the condition of marital unfaithfulness. (We see that Deut. 17:15-17 declares that the King should not have many wives. When Solomon violated this law, he was judged). We will reach the highest standard of morality at the Second Coming of Christ when we regain the right to eat from the Tree of Life (Rev. 2:7, 22:14).

QUESTION: 7. Rev. Chung Hwan Kwak stated that the Unification Church never has an immorality problem. Please explain why Rev. Moon is now married to his fourth wife. Also explain about his sexual involvement with the women in this movement during it's early years?

ANSWER: Of course, this is not true. This was a rumor spread by the people who wanted to destroy Rev. Moon's movement, but God would not allow it. If such a history was at the root of the Unification Movement it would be impossible to find the high moral standard that is the common living example of all Unification Church members and families. Rev. Moon was married once before, that first marriage was during the Korean War years under the most suffering circumstances, including a three year period when Rev. Moon was in North Korea in prison. Rev. Moon's first wife did not know if he was dead or alive until he returned from the North almost five years later. By that time she no longer wanted to remain married to him and after several years of effort on his part and at the behest of her family (which included physical intimidation), Rev. Moon did not resist her effort toward divorce. It should be noted that this woman, today freely admits her mistake as does her family.

QUESTION: 8. Are Unification Ministers allowed to divorce and remarry and thereafter continue to retain credentials and be recognized as approved Ministers? Give scripture!

ANSWER: Jesus said that there are no grounds for divorce, except in the case when one spouse has committed fornication. Likewise, in our Church that would be the only grounds for divorce (Matt. 5:32; 19:9).

QUESTION: 9. Would the benefits of the Three Blessings be denied to infertile couples or persons who elect not to marry? Would this in any way affect their eternal rewards? Are there first, second and third class residents of Heaven?

ANSWER: Marriage centered on God is a blessing from God to His children. It is not meant to be a standard by which the single and the childless are to be judged.

QUESTION: 10. What about the single life and the Bible in view of the Unification Church Four-Position-Foundation?

ANSWER: Scripture supports the tradition of celibacy as conducive to spirituality. This is, however, in the context of man in the unoriginal state of sin in which the flesh nature, tainted by sin, seeks dominance over the pursuit of the spirit. Matt. 22:29-30 is often misconstrued. Jesus is not declaring that the single state is the highest and last state in Heaven. He is stating that "at the resurrection" there will be no marriage, which means the process of resurrection must be experienced as an individual. He is not saying that at no time will there be the family state in "Heaven". When Jesus says that we will be like the angels in heaven, He did not mean "single". He meant "we will never die" like the angels. See Luke 20:36.

QUESTION: 11. What does the Unification Church believe about homosexuality?

ANSWER: Homosexuality is a perversion of God's principle. As an act and lifestyle, it will never be accepted by God. Homosexual lifestyle will never prosper and will always lead to decline as will the society that condones it likewise declines. People who practice this lifestyle have lost their true sense of self and worth as an individual, as with all people who are trapped in the negative cycle of sin. Our posture towards such people is not one of condemnation or scorn, but rather a commitment to love and a determination that by showing true love we can guide lost souls, lovingly to the realization of their true self and identity.

QUESTION: 12. According to your teaching, what is the status of the homosexual, the single person or the celibate who chooses not to marry. You seem to restrict the ideal to the man, woman, child unit.

ANSWER: Leviticus 18:22 and 20:13 make clear God's displeasure with the act of homosexuality. Sexuality is reserved for marriage of one man with one woman....this will never change. When ever in history man tried to circumvent this absolute law, it was man who declined not God's law. Marriage is a blessing given by God, it is not meant to be a standard by which the single and childless are to be condemned into hell fire.

QUESTION: 13. What special rewards are reserved for members of the Unification Church?

ANSWER: Rev. Moon did not come to start a "Church" but rather, a movement to unite all Christianity. The early enemies of Rev. Moon's movement gave us the name Unification "Church". Rev. Moon's mission is to share the Blessing of Marriage that represents the completion of God's dispensation for restoration of His Kingdom. This Blessing is not reserved for "Unification Church Members", it is a gift reserved for all those who will understand and value it.

QUESTION: 14. Does a couple have to be married by Rev. Moon to be part of the Kingdom of God?

ANSWER: The Blessing that Jesus has called Rev. Moon to share with the world is a Blessing, not a standard by which people are to be condemned. All Rev. Moon's effort, blood, sweat and tears have been to create an environment in which the value of that Blessing can be understood. In order to receive the Blessing of God, God's only requirement is that we understand it's value. This Blessing is not for Unification Church Members alone, it is for the whole world. Rev. Moon is putting the Unification Church in the sacrificial role, investing millions and millions of dollars on conferences like this one, in order to make that Blessing and it's value known to all Christians.

QUESTION: 15. Does the Unification Church teach that they are the ones that will bring the perfect family into existence?

ANSWER: Christ returns to grant is the right to eat from the Tree of Life (Rev. 2:7). This is the same Tree of Life that Adam and Eve were seeking (Gen. 3:24) and would have obtained had they maintained faith and righteousness (Prov. 11:30). The Tree of Life is a symbol of their perfection as individuals on their relationship with God. This was the prerequisite for the consummation of their marriage (the second blessing: to multiply). Christ returns to bless us with this right (Rev. 2:7, 22:14). He does not come for only one Church of a particular denomination. He comes to share His Blessing to all mankind (2Peter 3:9; Acts 3: 21; Rev. 21:5).

QUESTION: 16. Are children born to Unification Church Members born without the taint of sin? If not, when and how do they reach the point where their children are born without sin?

ANSWER: Rev. Moon never came to start a "church" or to establish members of "his church". Jesus called Rev. Sun Myung Moon to share this Blessing with all those who can understand it, value it and take responsibility for such an incredible gift from God. Children of this Blessing are indeed born without the ancestral link to the dead Adam, and therefore, inherit none of the consequences of the original sin. This does not mean, however, that they are born automatically in the state of perfection. They must, like Adam and Eve, fulfill a growing period as immature beings where they observe a period of faith in God's word; this is their responsibility. The near future will be the testimony to the special quality exhibited by these young people, many of whom are now in their middle twenties. It is in such young people that God's Kingdom is emerging. This is not meant to be an exclusive Blessing for "our church", it is a Blessing for all mankind.

QUESTION: 17. Was your son born without "original sin", because your marriage was blessed by Rev. Moon?

ANSWER: The Blessing is not meant for Unification Church Members alone. This Blessing that Jesus came to give 2000 years ago, is for whosoever will understand it and value it. Before you can value it, you must be willing to understand it. Children who will be born under this Blessing will be their own testimony.

QUESTION: 18. The general make-up of the conference as well as data reflecting the status of families in America indicates that the number of single parent families is approaching or exceeding the two parent families. Lectures seem to reflect traditional family structure as a prerequisite to Unification beliefs.

ANSWER: Marriage is a blessing from God. It is not, however, a standard of judgement by which single people or single parent families are to be condemned. The ideal of perfect marriage is for us the highest blessing and virtue one can obtain. It does not mean it is the exclusive base of virtue.


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