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ICC - Questions And Answers - Rev Moon, UC & Members

QUESTION: 1. When were members of the Unification Church first called Moonies? How do you feel about this nickname? What would you like to be called?

ANSWER: Just as the term "Christian" was coined originally as a derogatory label for the first believers in Jesus, the term "Moonie" also finds it's origin in the mind of those that need to give a funny or derogatory name to that which they are afraid of or do not understand. It is an invention of that enlightened bastion of liberal thought: the news media. Of course, we are not offended by it, it has become somewhat of an inside joke for us. Rev. Moon's spirit is to make a bad thing and to use it for good, so even we now sometimes refer to ourselves as "Moonies."

QUESTION: 2. Where at present is Rev. Moon? If he is still under restriction of freedom, what are we doing to set him free?

ANSWER: Rev. Moon is now in the United States. He was incarcerated for 18 months in Danbury prison in 1984. He was released from prison in 1985. During this time, a tidal wave of support and outrage regarding his case, rose throughout the country. Support came from of the most respected and well known voices for justice. The particulars of Rev. Moon's case exposed the true intent of the prosecution: To eliminate Rev. Moon and his movement. Never afraid of persecution, Rev. Moon, without bitterness or resentment, humbly went to prison and continued the work of God from behind prison walls. Many prisoners came to Christ as a result of his work and example there. There is, presently, a ground swell movement to procure a Presidential Pardon for Rev. Moon.

QUESTION: 3. Why couldn't parents take their teenage children out of Rev. Moon's group? The paper said that they were brainwashed and drugged into believing Rev. Moon's teaching.

ANSWER: Anyone can come and go in and out of the Unification Church as they please. It has always been that way. The allegation of brainwashing is a hoax, a pretext and justification to infringe upon the religious rights of people who are members of the Unification Church (not teenage children) by those who don't agree with our beliefs. Unification Church members are honest, sincere and aspire to the highest moral standard. We, of course, never use drugs.

QUESTION: 4. How much do they pay you to believe all this?

ANSWER: As a missionary, I don't receive a salary beyond basic living expenses. I certainly didn't join the Unification Church expecting to get rich. Rev. Moon is motivated by the desire to comfort the suffering heart of God and he has taught us about that suffering heart of God quite well, so well in fact, I would say that the awareness of that suffering heart and the desire to comfort His heart is the reason that God guides and protect this movement as He does.

QUESTION: 5. Why is it that Rev. Moon has been under so much pressure from the government while Rev. Choi with the largest church in the world has not been under such pressure?

ANSWER: Rev. Moon's goal is not to build the biggest church in the world, his goal is to return this world back to God. It is precisely for this reason that Rev. Moon is so opposed. It is also important to observe what kind of people and institutions oppose him and the kind of people who support him. Remember, 2000 years ago, Jesus was also opposed by government and was cast in and unfavorable light. He also promised that true disciples of Christ would take up the cross and experience the same hardship that Jesus himself experienced.

QUESTION: 6. What is Dr. Moon doing in New York and not home on his wicked throne?

ANSWER: Though Rev. Moon spends a lot of time in New York, he is presently in Korea. Rev. Moon does not have a throne (he did not even sit in a chair until he came to America!).

QUESTION: 7. Was it not in God's plan to give us our free agency, to choose between good and evil? Shouldn't we be free to develop and grow from our mistakes, to decide for ourself whether to serve God or not? Is it God's plan to take away that free agency? Is it not taking away free agency by having another make decisions for you? Why do you give up your free agency to Rev. Moon and allow him to choose your wife? Doesn't that take away your responsibility to grow and learn?

ANSWER: Rev. Moon's matching does not override our own choice of responsibility. It is a loving suggestion based on our respect for him. It is not required to accept. Personal choice is accepted. In my case I can only testify that truly God worked through Rev. Moon to match me with my wife, Carol. It is, however, our responsibility to make our marriage a success. By the way, what kind of choice did God give to Adam with regard to his wife?

QUESTION: 8. What would make Rev. Moon more qualified to be the one called to fulfill the Second Coming than the late Dr. Martin Luther King?

ANSWER: Rev. Moon does not consider himself to be more qualified for his role in comparison to anyone else. All he knows is that for some reason Jesus called him. Rev. Moon was as surprised as anyone. He has dedicated his whole life to fulfilling the direction and call that came to him.

QUESTION: 9. How is loving your enemies manifested through the Unification Church toward the communists of North Korea?

ANSWER: Rev. Moon prays daily for the repentance of Kim Il Sung and harbors no hatred toward him or anyone in the North. In view of the incredible tortuous treatment Rev. Moon received in the North, his attitude is quite admirable and sets an example for all Unification Church members. Rev. Moon is engaged in extensive projects to help effect the unification of North and South. By the way, Rev. Moon's home village and most of his family and the place where he received the call from Jesus Christ are located in North Korea.

QUESTION: 10. Do you believe Rev. Moon is the Coming of Christ? If so, what will happen when he dies?

ANSWER: We do not follow a man, we follow the tradition of Christ which Rev. Moon is also following.

QUESTION: 11. What makes you think that Rev. Moon has done so much more than other prophets or movements?

ANSWER: Let God judge how much Rev. Moon has done, for it was God who called him.

QUESTION: 12. Does Rev. Moon have two wives? If so has he failed?

ANSWER: No, Rev. Moon has only one wife. It is true that an earlier marriage failed. This is a very tragic story reserved for understanding hearts, suffice it to say that the woman who was Rev. Moon's first wife has since repented for her mistake and is now a member of this movement.

QUESTION: 13. Was Rev. Moon virgin born?

ANSWER: The sign of Immanuel was established for the First Coming of Christ. Scripture does not mandate that the Second Coming also be born of a virgin. It is enough that Jesus called Rev. Moon and commissioned him for this role. If you have an argument with that, your argument is with Jesus.

QUESTION: 14. Does the Second Messiah need great factories to accomplish his goal?

ANSWER: Last year, Christians in America spent over 1 billion dollars on records, tapes, theme parks, trinkets and other "Christian" paraphernalia. Rev. Moon and his members, sacrificing with their blood sweat and tears, in this impoverished nation, erected an industrial foundation whose sole intent and purpose is service to all mankind. He is doing that...what are you doing? You would be wise to start with Matt. 25:31-46.

QUESTION: 15. Did the Bible say "this same Jesus" shall return, not Moon?

ANSWER: Rev. Moon is not replacing Jesus, he was called by Jesus and Jesus is with him. If you pray with the same pure heart as Anna the prophetess, Jesus can come to you as He did to the Apostles after the resurrection.

QUESTION: 16. What new message? Read Gal. 1:6-8.

ANSWER: The Divine Principle is not "another Gospel". Paul was referring to any message that stood in violation of the basic kerygmatic agenda.

QUESTION: 17. Paul says the believing husband or wife sanctifies the children. comment?

ANSWER: Give scripture. Do you believe your children are exempt from the need for repentance and rebirth?

QUESTION: 18. Is it not true that without the spirit of Christ you are none of His, or don't belong to God? (Romans 8:9).

ANSWER: Amen, see also Matt. 7:21-22.

QUESTION: 19. Did God choose the five fold ministry to perfect the church, or Moon? (See Ephesians 4:11).

ANSWER: I'm sure if all concerned had fulfilled their missions and responsibility, there would be no need for the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity, otherwise known as the Unification Church.

QUESTION: 20. If Abraham failed, why was it said that he staggered not and received the promise?

ANSWER: Abraham failed, but he indemnified that failure with his successful offering of Isaac. It was Isaac who then replaced Abraham and carried out his mission. Thus, the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob.

QUESTION: 21. How can you hear without a preacher?

ANSWER: If the preacher has the truth, and is walking the walk...he'll be heard.

QUESTION: 22. How does a person start to train himself to sleep two hours a day? How is it done?

ANSWER: I would say by not letting himself sleep for the other 22 hours! Just joking...As I have observed Rev. Moon for many years, I would say his secret is his incredible awareness and experience with the suffering heart of God. For Rev. Moon, it is the feeling that if God is suffering and longing for His children for 6000 years, how can he rest or seek an easy life or ever complain about his situation. It is Rev. Moon's sole desire and aspiration in life to comfort the sorrowing heart of God.


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