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ICC - Questions And Answers - The Second Coming - Rev Moon And Korea

QUESTION: 1. Not much has been said about the earlier influence on Rev. Moon's life. To what extent did those influences shape his theology.

ANSWER: Rev. Moon did not invent the Divine Principle as the culmination of religious study. The Divine Principle is a revelation on many parts that was given to him, by God, over the course of nine years, beginning at the age of sixteen when he was called by Jesus. The Divine Principle, however, did not just float out of heaven and land on Rev. Moon. Certainly, much prayer, meditation and study was involved and contributed to effort of flushing out and articulating the Divine Principle revelation. Because of the depth and centrality of the Divine Principle revelation, it has the unique ability to harmonize the truths expressed in all religions and areas of God inspired human endeavor and thought.

QUESTION: 2. Do you teach in your church that Rev. Moon is the one born of the flesh to be the Second Coming of Christ?

ANSWER: As I mentioned in my presentation, this is a matter of recognition and not of proclamation. It was Jesus who called Rev. Moon to fulfill the role I described in my presentation and Rev. Moon is being faithful to that call. 2000 years ago, no one recognized Jesus as a result of any teaching. Those that could recognize Jesus were people who received the inner confirmation of heart. It will be the same in this age.

QUESTION: 3. Quite a few people here are Moon worshippers. Is this right, in the sight of God?

ANSWER: We love Rev. Moon very deeply. I love him as a spiritual Father. I respect him and try to follow his example. I have never worshipped Rev. Moon, nor do any Unificationists, nor would Rev. Moon approve of such a thing. What do you see in our dedication that to you seems to be "Moon worship".

QUESTION: 4. Are you saying that Rev. Moon is infallible and has never sinned?

ANSWER: It depends on your definition of infallibility and sin. If you mean is "Rev. Moon the Almighty?" He would be the first to admit without God, Rev. Moon is nothing. If you are asking if Rev. Moon is all wise and all knowing, well, he would also freely admit that many times when he sees the sun on the horizon, he doesn't know if it is morning or evening. Rev. Moon was not born outside the realm of the potential to fail. He had to be trained and tested most severely to earn God's trust. This was not easy, and therefore his life was extremely difficult. If you are asking if Rev. Moon has been true to the calling and role in which God has placed him, I would answer an unequivocal yes. "Infallibility" in Rev. Moon's way of definition is not a standard to which one exalts himself. It is a mantle bestowed by God on whosoever fulfills his responsibility. That mantle will not fall upon the arrogant, haughty or puffed up. It will fall on the persons who go the way of the cross most perfectly. ..." be ye perfect as your Heavenly Father is perfect..."

QUESTION: 5. Does Rev. Moon feel that he will be the founder of a new Christian Church, the Unification Church, or does he believe others will be saved from all denominations?

ANSWER: The historical purpose of Christianity is to bring personal salvation to sinners. Most denominations have been doing that. However, there are many other responsibilities of Christianity that have not been fulfilled, such as the direction of Jesus that we be "one" as God and Christ are one. The purpose for which Rev. Moon was called is in relation to the fulfillment of the historical ultimate purpose of Christianity. The establishment of the Kingdom of God.

QUESTION: 6. How do you define "this generation" of the Second Coming? It is during Rev. Moon's lifetime? Will Rev. Moon identify Christ when He comes or will you all know Him? If He comes to Korea how will people of other continents know Him and hear His personal communications?

ANSWER: I believe that Jesus has anointed Rev. Moon for that role that I described in my final presentation. God has allowed man on the twentieth century to advance in science and technology more than any other time in order to fulfill the providential purpose of communicating a very important message in the shortest amount of time. That message is the message of the Coming of Christ and the establishment of the Kingdom of God. Christ comes on the foundation of Korea, but He comes for the whole world. God's Kingdom is for all people of all nations.

QUESTION: 7. Will Rev. Moon die? Who will carry on his work after his death?

ANSWER: Physical death is not the result of the Original Sin. Our physical bodies were created on the beginning to always be just a temporal body, needed only for a limited time (until we become on in heart with God and leave behind a lineage). God told Adam and Eve that on the very day they eat, they would die. However, they did not die physically on the very say they ate. They did die in spirit and the death of the spirit is the consequence resultant of the fall. Thus, the goal of salvation is the resurrection of the spirit and the restoration of life of the spirit that we look to as the ideal of life. Rev. Moon will die in the flesh someday, however, we are not following a man, we are following a tradition that was established by God from the very beginning. Not only are we to follow that tradition, but that tradition, through God's blessing, is transmitted to our descendants. Satan transmitted his tradition to man's lineage by the fall. Since the fall man he faithfully followed Satan's tradition even though satan never was found as a man on earth. If God's tradition can be passed through the lineage of man, likewise, all descendants will come under the glory of God. This was God's purpose in the beginning and it is why God set up Adam and Eve in the position to be the first parents of mankind. Unfortunately they failed. If the position of True Parents can be accomplished, God's tradition and blessing will link to man through the blood lineage.

QUESTION: 8. What is God's ultimate plan if Rev. Moon fails to meet the requirements as the Messiah?

ANSWER: I know of no other plan if Rev. Moon does not fulfill the role given to him by Jesus. However, the hand writing is on the wall if we observe the ever increasing tension, fear and danger in our world today. I know if we don't fulfill our global responsibility, this world will have to go a long course of suffering before God could work His dispensation here again. I believe, however, that Rev. Moon has thus far been true to his calling and I believe that the victory is close at hand.

QUESTION: 9. Why do the Unificationists lift up Rev. Moon instead of Jesus? 1Cor 3:21 says "Let not men glory in men".

ANSWER: How is it that you see we are lifting up Rev. Moon over Jesus? I think the only true way to lift up Jesus is not by the lip alone but by the life. In that regard, Rev. Moon is lifting up the name of Christ more than any man I have met. With regard to the purpose of this particular conference we are trying to clarify some of the misconceptions about Rev. Moon ad well as explain the dispensation of God that surrounds him. But above all remember that in 1936, it was Christ Jesus who called Rev. Moon. You can ask the Lord if Unification Church members or Rev. Moon himself are guilty of exalting anyone above the name of Jesus.

QUESTION: 10. I and many others here are very uncomfortable giving the title "Messiah" to any other man than our Lord Jesus Christ. Why does Rev. Moon allow others to confer a title on him that he does not use of himself. Why doesn't he issue a disclaimer so there would be no doubt or confusion regarding the use of the word "Messiah"?

ANSWER: Messiahship is a matter of recognition not a matter of proclamation. According to Jesus' own words in Revelation, He will share His messianic authority with a representative on earth. I will give him the right to eat from the tree of Life (Rev. 2:7, the original ideal sought by Adam). I will give him a white stone (Christ) with a "new name" known only to him who receives it (Rev. 2:17). I will give him authority over the nations, he will rule them with an iron scepter (Rev. 2:26-27 with Rev. 22:16). The question, then, isn't what Rev. Moon calls himself or who he is, to me, the question is...did he meet Jesus on that Korean mountainside in 1936. If there is some part of our mind and heart that can recognize the possibility that Jesus is fulfilling His role in this way, then it is worth our sincere prayer. If we pray with the sincerity of Anna the prophetess, we can receive the same confirmation that she did. No one recognized Jesus as a natural conclusion of their doctrine.

QUESTION: 11. How will those who have died gain salvation if it is to come about during Rev. Moon's lifetime?

ANSWER: Through the same vicarious link described in Hebrews 11:39-40. I recommend that you study the Divine Principle chapter on Resurrection, which we did not have the time to cover in this conference.

QUESTION: 12. What is the basis for your statement that "the time will come when men must make a choice?" Are these statements applicable to Rev. Moon's effort and how we relate to them?

ANSWER: In these last days, God is dividing the world into two distinct camps. On the right, will be those who believe in God and eternal values and on the left, will be those who believe in no God and in self-centered, human centered values. God has raised up Rev. Moon to be the central figure on earth for the forces of God and good. It is for this reason that Jesus called him. He is not another master set under a different authority than Jesus (see Rev. 2:26). If you decide, in this last struggle, that Rev. Moon is actually, in the same camp as the atheist, communist, drug lords, immoral and corrupt who will wholeheartedly agree with your view. Pray then reverently and watch who supports Rev. Moon and also, who opposes him and pray about what it means..."a house divided against itself cannot stand and neither can Satan drive out Satan".

QUESTION: 13. Is Rev. Moon looked upon as the founder of the Unification Church or like the Pope of the Unification Church?

ANSWER: Rev. Moon does not want to be known as the founder of a church. Jesus Christ appeared to him in the beginning of 1936 and called him to play a central role on the world wide level in the fulfillment of the dispensation of the Second Coming of Christ. A part of that role involves:

1. Leading the movement to unite Christianity in order to fulfill the prayer of Jesus (John 17:20-23) that all believers be one as God and Christ are one.

2. To unite all God believing persons to stop the rise of God denying ideologies such as Marxism.

3. Unite all moral people around the need for traditional morality and values, in order to stop the rise of ungodly immorality and the decline of the family.

Rev. Moon is pouring out his blood, sweat and tears in order to fulfill the call and direction of God.

QUESTION: 14. Though Rev. Moon may not proclaim himself as the Messiah, does the movement or people of the Unification Movement look to him as the Messiah?

ANSWER: No one needs to proclaim Rev. Moon. If we pray with the sincere heart like Anna the prophetess, God will proclaim who Rev. Moon is. Jesus is manifesting Himself in this age as vividly as He did after the resurrection till the day of Pentecost.

QUESTION: 15. You said that Christ will come to Korea. Do you mean Rev. Moon is the Christ?

ANSWER: Rev. Moon was called by Jesus to fulfill the role of the Second Coming of Christ. He is not replacing Jesus, Jesus called Rev. Moon to fulfill this role.

QUESTION: 16. Why not just refer to Rev. Moon as a modern day prophet who is very relevant, sincere, and powerful rather than emphasizing messianic qualities?

ANSWER: I have to be true to what God put upon my heart. However, if for you, he is only a prophet and you feel God is confirming this, then I will fully respect that conclusion as well.

QUESTION: 17. Who was Elijah for Jesus? For Rev. Moon?

ANSWER: Elijah was an Old Testament prophet. "Elijah" returned in spirit and power fulfilled by John the Baptist. There are many John the Baptist like figures in the world today. Basically, anyone who is in the position to influence a large group of people towards Christ would be considered to be in the "Elijah" role in this age. There was, however, a key chosen figure on the national level in Korea who was to make the basic foundation for this dispensation of the Second Coming. Unfortunately, like John the Baptist, he also failed in his mission. Rev. Moon's course of suffering and tribulation in the last forty years (and likewise the suffering of Korea) is a direct result of the failure of that providential figure who was prepared by God.

QUESTION: 18. Is Rev. Moon the John the Baptist of today?

ANSWER: Rev. Moon has had to fulfill the role of his John himself. At the time of Jesus, when John had failed, Jesus had also to fulfill the role of John the Baptist by Himself. Jesus should have never have had to gather disciples himself. Jesus prayed that though the harvest is great, the laborers are few. The laborers were few, because the "people prepared for the Lord" were still sitting at the feet of John the Baptist. Had John fulfilled his role, Jesus would have never have to gather His own disciples or try to convince the people who He was through miracles. The history of Rev. Moon is the same. Rev. Moon had to begin the Unification Church because the providential figures and foundations that were prepared for him, did not come to him ("first he must suffer and be rejected by this generation").

QUESTION: 19. Is Rev. Moon the Elijah?

ANSWER: No, he is the figure that Jesus speaks about in Rev. 2:17, 2:26, 12:5, 3:12 and 19:11-16. The figure I described in my final presentation.

QUESTION: 20. If Korea is the chosen place where Jesus will appear on His Second Coming, what will happen to the rest of the world or other Christians who are serving God in the name of His Son Jesus?

ANSWER: "Chosen" does not mean to be of higher, exclusive privilege. It means that Korea has been anointed by God to be the birthplace of the central figure of this age, and to be the birthplace of Heavenly Tradition, the absolute God centered culture. Korea's mission ad the Chosen Nation therefore is to serve the world on the fulfillment of this modern day conclusion of the providence of God. It most certainly is intended by God that all the world's Christians play a central role in ushering in God's Kingdom.

QUESTION: 21. If He is coming back to Korea, will it be the North or the South?

ANSWER: Korea is one nation in the eyes of God. This nation was divided owing to the failure of the key figure and people who were to receive him, as it was at the time of Jesus.

QUESTION: 22. If Christ is coming to Korea, what about all of the other people who live in other countries, like America, Africa, England, India etc.? They love Christ too.

ANSWER: "Chosen" does not mean "privileged" and everybody else is out of the running. The chosen nation must become a servant to the world, and the channel of God's blessing to all mankind.

QUESTION: 23. Korea is not the only nation that has suffered. There are nations in Africa, Latin America, and other parts in Asia that have had suffering as Korea. Why is Korea the third Israel?

ANSWER: Of course, many nations have suffered in human history. There are many necessary qualifications that must be fulfilled for a nation to be "chosen" in a providential sense, of which suffering is one. However, it isn't enough that a nation just suffer. That chosen nation must also gain the victory over suffering. No nation in history had come as far as Korea has to have earned the status in the world that it now holds.

QUESTION: 24. Does loving and enemy require South Koreans to allow North Koreans to rule and have dominion over half the country?

ANSWER: The military demarcation line that divides North and South Korea is not a political line. It is a line that represents the front line between God and satan. The world has been divided, Korea is a microcosm of the divided world, divided between God (the free world) and satan (the communist world). Communism and it's rise represents the fulfillment of the prophesy of the coming of the anti Christ in the Last Days. In this century communism has claimed over 150,000,000 lives, and they now control two thirds of the population of the world. Communism is rising while God's people, divided over various doctrinal issues, are declining. God has called Rev. Moon to reverse this trend by uniting Christians and join together in the effort to stem the rising tide of godless communism.

QUESTION: 25. Why did God choose Koreans (scripturally) instead of re-choosing the Jews, who were downtrodden for 5000 years?

ANSWER: The reasons, scripturally, why God did not re-choose the nation of Israel, I think, I have stated. God did not reveal which nation He would choose in this age until this time. 1Peter 1:5, testifies to the salvation that will not be revealed until the end times. Therefore, this salvation does not appear until the Christ is ready to be revealed. Jesus does indicate in Matt. 24:27 that the Son of Man will come from the East to the West as lightning. He did not mean that Christ would look like a bolt of lightning, but rather that Christ's coming would be revealed from and eastern local to a western local. God has sent many prophets to Korea to prepare this nation for this day, as He sent many prophets to the tiny nation of Israel to prepare them for their day.


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