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ICC - Questions And Answers - The Second Coming - Anti-Christ

QUESTION: 1. Is the anti-Christ here on earth now? As I have studied, the anti-Christ is one that will take over almost all of the world and many would be lead astray. If Rev. Moon is the Messiah now, what about the anti-Christ? I thought he would come just before Christ.

ANSWER: The anti-Christ is here on earth and taking over the world while the saints are asleep and fighting amongst themselves. The DMZ at the 38th parallel is the front line between God and satan. Satan's plan to destroy God's world centers around communist ideology. In this century, communism has murdered 150,000,000 (a conservative estimate) people. It is growing, two thirds of the world population is now under communist rule. Communism teaches:

* There is no God * There are no absolute values * Man has no spiritual, eternal nature * Goodness is that which advances communism * Religion is the opiate, drug of people and must be destroyed * Communism must rule the world totally in order to function * Communism will reach this goal through violent revolution

Communism is rising as World Christianity, divided and unsure of it's global responsibility, sits idly by. Communism is the supreme idolatry against which the Christian World should unite. God sent Rev. Moon to carry out this mission. There is a limited amount of time for us, this generation of Christians to fulfill our global responsibility.

QUESTION: 2. The anti-Christ will also walk among us as a man doing great works. How will we know the difference?

ANSWER: A bad tree cannot produce good fruit according to Jesus. The anti-christ is communism. Communism is a God denying, Christ denying ideology that exalts man as "good"

QUESTION: 3. Won't the uniting of the One World Church be a sign of the coming anti-christ?

ANSWER: The "One World" system will be a God denying, man centered movement for world dominion. This is Communism.

QUESTION: 4. From where do you derive your understanding of the anti-Christ?

ANSWER: You must understand the ideology and practice of communism to deeply appreciate it's "anti-Christ" spirit. Communism is a totally man centered, God and Christ denying and violence condoning movement for world domination. It has murdered over 150,000,000 in this century and yet millions are still turning to Marxist revolution for salvation. It, presently claims dominion over 2/3 of the world population and is rising. Marx hated religion and surmised that the true enemy of man was this foolish notion of God's existence. It is why, when ever communism takes over a nation, the first executed are the religious figures, the first book burned is the Holy Bible. The ultimate target is the USA, and the sole obstacle to that goal is a unified Christian foundation. The mission of the Second Coming is to extend salvation to the family level. We call this God's blessing to marriage. When God's blessing comes to marriage, it will begin the expansion process that is the Kingdom of Heaven. Like all opportunities, it should be understood first, and appreciated second. Then let those who wish to understand, do so.

QUESTION: 5. In terms of Christ's Second Coming, is Matt. 25:31-46 the pattern of Christ, anti-Christ the same as Cain and Abel etc.?

ANSWER: The foundation of Cain and Abel always begins on a small level and moves to the higher level. For example at the time of Jesus, Jesus was in the central Abel position. John and his foundation were in the position of Cain (John's baptism of Jesus bears the same significance as Jacob receiving the blessing from the angel). If John's foundation of people had come over to Jesus, then Jesus would be able to move to the next providential level. That would be Jesus and the people prepared for the Lord (John's former foundation) standing on the Abel side and the existing religious foundation (Judaism: Pharisees, Sadducees, Essenes etc.) standing on the Cain side. If Jesus had united this foundation, He would have then created the internal Israel in the Abel position on the next level. Herod (who by the way was a descendant of Esau) and the existing political foundation, external Israel, would stand in the position of Cain. If Jesus could have united this foundation, the Abel nation would be formed and Jesus would then be on a foundation to move to the world level. God had also prepared the world, dividing it into internal (Abel) and external (Cain) camps. The internal world was represented by the eastern religious cultural sphere. This would have been Jesus next target, the eastern world. That is why at His birth God had sent wise men form that developing eastern world. On the foundation of the Abel nation (Israel) Jesus would then move to the next foundation, that is, to unite the Abel nation (Israel) with the eastern religious cultural sphere in the position of Cain. This would have formed the internal (Abel) world sphere. The external world sphere was represented by the Roman Empire in the Cain position. Uniting this foundation would have then brought into substantial reality the prophesies of the Old Testament such as Isaiah 2, 9, and 11. This same process has been very much a part of the dispensation centering on the Second Coming. Basically the world, today, divided into two camps bears the same significance as the divided world of 2000 years ago, with communism as the representative of the anti-Christ in today's world.

QUESTION: 6. What about Jesus' warning in Matt. 24:23?

ANSWER: I'm not saying He is in the desert or in the inner rooms, I'm only sharing what God placed upon my heart and asking you to pray about the things you've heard. If Jesus called Rev. Moon, He will know and confirm it for you.

QUESTION: 7. There is a movement in the world which claims that a gentleman by the name "maitreya" is the awaited "Christ". Will the real Second Advent please stand up?! He is supposed to be living in London and will soon reveal himself to mankind.

ANSWER: If you will study history, especially Jewish history at the time of Jesus, you will find that Jesus was considered to be the "cult" leader of His day. I should say, considered to be another one of those cult leaders of His day. At the time of Jesus there were also many other figures and movements that were claiming to be the fulfillment of the Davidic Covenant and prophesy for the "anointed one". Jesus emerged out of such an environment. The reason we have such an environment as this today also relates to the very reason so many were groaning at yesterdays presentation. The period of history and the circumstances of history that Jesus faced have been recreated in this age for this generation for "Jews" to unbind the failure of the last generation of Jews.


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