Chapter 2 The Unification Movement in Korea






  Blessing of Three Couples



The blessing of three couples was held on April 16, 1960. Reverend Moon presided over the matching, and blessing in marriage, of Mr. Won-pil Kim with Miss Dal-ok Chung, Mr. Hyo-won Eu with Miss Gil-ja Sa, and Mr Young-whi Kim with Miss Dae-hwa Chung. This Blessing Ceremony was also divided into two parts, the first part being the "Ceremony for the Restoration of Children," and the second part being the main marriage ceremony. This ceremony signified the appearance of couples who have received the Blessing from True Parents.

Hyo-won Eu and Gil-ja Sa     Won-pil Kim and Dal-ok Chung     Young-whi Kim and Dae-hwa Chung

On the following day, April 17, the Day of Resurrection of Shimjung was proclaimed at Samchung Park so that the historical significance of the ceremony could be deeply appreciated.

 The Blessing Ceremony of three couples