Chapter 1 The Life of the Founder






 Struggle in the Courts

( Press Conference on Returning to Korea)



Esteemed Dignitaries and Representatives of the Media:

I sincerely appreciate your coming here at this late hour. I have returned to Korea, with the cordial understanding of the United States government, in order to supervise the 10th International Conference on the Unity of the Sciences (ICUS), to be held from November 9 through 13-the first in the series to be held in Korea. I am planning to return to New York on November 20 after successfully conducting this very large convention of scientists from around the world.

I will introduce the fact that Korea is proud of its cultural heritage and also, being a nation divided between North and South, its determination to confront communism.

I believe that through the media you will be well aware of the difficulties that I am experiencing in the United States. Regardless of whether it be East or West, present or past, those who have devoted their lives for the sake of God and justice have had to tread a difficult and thorny path, passing through great trials during their time on earth. One clear example was Jesus Christ, and numerous other instances can be found in world history. Since the time I decided to dedicate my life to God and this world, I have experienced a great deal of difficulty throughout the sixty years of my life. Knowing such historical lessons, how can I avoid the path of suffering at this time?

I do not feel angry at, offended by, or sorry for the fact that the American government has indicted me. Thinking that I am sharing in the suffering of God himself, who has borne more sorrow, suffered more unfairly, and has been more lonely than anybody, I would consider this "glorious hardship."

I do not feel any remorse. As I reflect on my life, I am confident that it has indeed been for the sake of God, and a life of sacrifice and service for humanity and the world. I do not have anything to fear. I fear no earthly law, nor anything beyond.

History cannot deny the fact that during the past ten years, I have loved America with all my heart, and have shed blood and sweat to revive the morality and spirit of America. This is because, from the perspective of God's providence, unless America gets itself together and truly becomes God's nation, there is no way for her to save the world from the evil hand of communism.

I have not received anything from America. I have pushed forward the Unification Movement at my maximum capacity in America. It has often been known that America is a wealthy nation and a nation that gives of that wealth. However, contrary to that, America has received material as well as spiritual support from the Unification Church.

If the fact that I have loved America like this was a sin, I will not hesitate to receive punishment and will not avoid the pain of the cross.

Today, if there are two flaws in that beautiful and great America, they are surely religious bias and racial discrimination. In particular, regarding racial discrimination, despite President Lincoln having paid the price in blood, there are still matters unresolved. In recent American history the renowned Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. become a sacrificial offering while fighting injustice.

Now this fight has become that of the Unification Church. The Unification movement, which crossed the ocean from East Asia, has become the representative and champion of all the ethnic minorities being discriminated against in America today.

Now, I have established the Minority Alliance for Civil Rights in America. I allocated the funds for this before returning to Korea. The Minority Alliance for Civil Rights, which has been raging like fire across America, will be the movement of justice for the 1980s. So long as God is alive and truth exists, history has no recourse but to move in that direction.

Through this indictment I think that God has given me the opportunity to establish a tradition of going forward courageously and audaciously, fighting against injustice in the world. This is something for which I am very grateful.

Furthermore, through this opportunity, I appreciate that I am able to demonstrate the pride and unyielding spirit of the Korean people. Waking or sleeping, I will fight on representing the honor of the Korean people.

I would like to offer my sincere gratitude for the ardent and cordial encouragement that numerous Korean nationals, and Korean immigrants in America, have shown me.

Believing that God will bless Korea as a glorious nation, I would like to conclude these brief remarks on my return to Korea. Thank you very much.