Chapter 2 The Unification Movement in Korea






1961 - Let Us Become Father's Representative


 Excerpt from Sung Wha magazine (reports of activities addressed to Reverend Moon and the church president), established 1958)

Representative of God! This was an amazing blessing and words that made one feel a grave sense of responsibility.

At the beginning of the new year, Reverend Moon emphasized that in order to become a representative of Father, one's desires, circumstances and heart had to become one with Father's.

The forty-day witnessing program for the winter under which 993 members were dispatched to 770 locations continued until January 20, and the testimonies of the missionaries who had battled with the extreme cold amid the snow and been victorious gave the impression that the entire history of humankind could be seen at a glance, as it was a time in which six thousand years of history were being indemnified horizontally. One member spent a night outside a gate, another young women was overwhelmed by the persecution and was on the brink of death, but in the end good heavenly ancestors were moved and the holy spirit worked to make her testify to God's words. Each member had unforgettable memories of this time.

Calligraphy written by Reverend Moon: Sung Ro ("Establishment of the Way")Reverend and Mrs. Moon praying together in the Headquarters ChurchNineteen-sixty-one was a year when the kind of tension that did not allow a moment of rest continued. With the blessing of the thirty-six couples, a new goal for Unification Church members was established. The May 16 coup d'état occurred as an external result of progress made in this internal dispensation, and a new opportunity to begin the modernization of South Korea emerged. In August, the improvement of the structure of the church through the launching of the regional system constituted a significant change.

Reverend Moon with members during a district tour       Reverend and Mrs. Moon with their eldest daughter, Ye-jin in front of the Headquarters Church


Notable events this year included:

January 23: Reverend Moon's nationwide tour of witnessing areas

January 27: Birth of Ye-Jin Nim

February 11: Sung Hwa Publishing Company registered

February 20: Publication of Sung Hwa Students Association magazine Sung Ro     (Establishment of the Way) began

April 17: Declaration of the Day of Resurrection of Substance

May 15: Holy Wedding of Thirty-three couples

July 13: Reverend Moon's nationwide tour