Chapter 2 The Unification Movement in Korea






Church Holy Days and Historical Ceremonies

(Day of the Resurrection of Shimjung)



On April 17, 1960, Reverend Moon held a meeting commemorations Easter Day on the hill behind Samchung Park, and declared the Day of the Resurrection of Shimjung.

"Today the issue is about shimjung. We must become the valuable people God wishes us to be. So far there has been no one in heaven or earth who has accomplished complete resurrection. We must be grateful for the fact that resurrection is accomplished starting from the Korean peninsula where this pitiful nation is situated. If there were one person who reached that standard, his or her value would be so great that he could not be traded even for hundreds of thousands of dollars. He may seem to have lost everything, but he is the one who in fact has everything. That person would be a son or daughter who returns happiness and joy to Heavenly Father who has sovereignty over shimjung. Thus we would have to be connected to that person's world of heart.

God is our Father and the Lord is our bridegroom. God has allowed us to know what it means to long for heaven, and to come to know Godism and the  meaning of loyalty. Now we must unite ideologies with the heart of a father and son, husband and wife, and king and subject. There is nothing that cannot be forgiven, and nothing that cannot be forgiven, and nothing that cannot be solved for the sake of the Heavenly Father. There is nothing that cannot be sacrificed for the sake of the bridegroom. There is nothing that cannot be unified through loyalty to a king. This is the overall conclusion of resurrection of heart.

For forty years of my life I have wanted to say this, and today I am finally saying it. I hope you will regard this as a great privilege and keep it in your hearts."