Chapter 2 The Unification Movement in Korea






  Activities of Mobile Teams and Witnessing Teams



 Mobile team members at Chungpyung after training (1972)

The first appearance of the mobile and witnessing teams was in the initiation of pioneer-witnessing in 116 cities on July 20, 1957.

During the earliest days of the church, mobile teams had been organized from time to time to witness in the provinces. Team members would live and work together, lodging in the churches, for the duration of the team's activity. Their aim was to come to know the suffering heart of God who had lost His children, to experience True Parent's thorny path and to grow in their lives of faith.

Youth members in Soonchang after witnessingOn  the day following the blessing of 124 couples, July 25, 1963, those who had been blessed and select members of the church were mobilized on teams to various cities and counties throughout the country. Beginning December 1, 1970, when all blessed wives were mobilized to 120 locations nationwide, the tradition of three-year witnessing by blessed wive's teams was established.


IOWC members in South Cholla Province (1973)