Chapter 2 The Unification Movement in Korea






  Construction of A-Frame Church



 Prayer at Hapcheon church frame-raising ceremony (1967)      Members building a church

In the 1970s, with support from the Church Headquarters and members, church buildings came to replace the previous barracks and rented homes. According to the church policy at the time, an A-frame building design was adopted for the churches. This design was by church elder Duk-moon Um, and had been approved by Reverend Moon. Gone were the miserable days without churches when members moved from here to there, nervously holding services. Since then, this model has been improved upon, and new forms of churches have continued to spring up.

Members gather to celebrate the completion of a church                Modified A-frame church (Nowon church)

The first A-frame church, built in 1974 when Mr. Yeong-seok Song was church leader there. The construction of this A-frame model was an indication that more than twenty years after the founding of the church the organization had externally settled into orbit and begun to have a stable appearance.