Chapter 2 The Unification Movement in Korea






Church Holy Days and Historical Ceremonies

(Day of the Opening of Heaven)



On February 1, 1985, Reverend Moon declared this day while in Danbury Prison. It signified the connection between the spiritual world and the physical world.

"Today is February 1, the day of the Declaration of the opening Heaven. What does this day signify? Literally, it means a day when we open the door of heaven. This day last year, Mother, centered on East Garden, and Father, centered on Danbury, respectively, finally opened the door through which heaven and earth are connected to each other. Thus,  good ancestors in the heavenly world come to their descendants on earth through hell. Only those who have been victorious over hell go to heaven.

What I did at Danbury centering on February 1, 1985, was an attempt to open the door, since the spiritual world and physical world were blocked from each other. We offered a special prayer in Danbury and East Garden. The door was thus opened. As it was fallen parents who had caused this door to be closed, it is the mission of the Parents who can restore things to open the door. It should be opened, and so we have accomplished that. As the door was opened, the way through which good descendants can witness to their evil ancestors, even though the ancestors might be in hell, was opened. Do you follow me?" [Yes]