Chapter 2 The Unification Movement in Korea






1976 - The Realization of the Kingdom of Heaven through the Children of God



In announcing the motto for the year, The Realization of the Kingdom of Heaven through the Children of God, at the Belvedere Training Center in upstate New York on January 1, Reverend Moon urged members to march forward with new determination in the light of upcoming events?“the Yankee Stadium and Washington Monument Rallies.

Reverend Moon explained that, especially since the foundation for the East and West to be unified spiritually as well as physically was consolidated through the mobilization of the Global Team to Korea, these two rallies were destined to be victorious through bringing the  victory in Korea to America.

The essence of 1976 was that, with the victorious momentum gained in Korea in 1975 being transferred to the United States, victory was brought in the Yankee Stadium and Washington Monument Rallies. The foundation for substantial worldwide restoration, in both physical and spiritual terms, was established, and the point was reached where the fundamental conditions God needed to restore this earth were set up. Based upon this foundation, the Day of Victory of Heaven was declared on October 4.

Reverend end Mrs. Moon returned to Korea on January 28 and established a historic and significant condition, Tongil Sik (Ceremony for Unification), on the morning of the lunar new year. The celebrations for Reverend Moon's fifty-sixth birthday also took place. Reverend Moon's schedule was full, and his fifty days in Korea included visits to the headquarters of the church-related companies and federations, the HSA-UWC Foundation, the district churches, and to Cheju Island. He further presided over meetings for Japanese and Korea leaders. They left the United States on March 18.

In January, the Korean church held a meeting for members with public missions, at which it was determined to implement the church guidelines and fulfill the tasks assigned.

The Korean church held Day of Hope festivals in fifty-eight selected districts over the course of a month, from April 5. The first hundred-day witnessing drive was held from March 1 to June 8. The Korean church invested all its energy to support reparations for the Yankee Stadium Rally, including mobilizing all Korean members from April 1 further month in addition.

Yankee Stadium Rally, the second largest among three large rallies held in America, was successfully staged despite a rainstorm. On this occasion, celebrating the bicentennial anniversary of America independence, Reverend Moon delivered an address under the title God's Hope for America. The event was complimented by cultural performances by the Korean Folk Ballet and the New Hope Singers International. The rally was reminiscent of Jesus surmounting the hill of Golgotha to achieve his resurrection, and it was understood that Reverend  Moon has substantially gone beyond that path of Jesus on the worldwide level, without being killed spiritually or physically. The rally, which had seemed to be a fiasco at the beginning, turned into a "come-from-behind" victory, with the program unfolding smoothly before a miraculously large audience.

On this foundation, the Washington Monument Rally, which was the final grand event to restore the spiritual and physical foundations of substance on the worldwide level, was held on September 18 before an audience of three hundred thousand. After a festival of music and dance, Reverend Moon spoke on America and God's will. The success of this Rally signified a turning point in the providence of God, and marked the conclusion of the series of large public rallies.

Meanwhile, in May HSA-UWC had purchased the New Yorker Hotel to be used as the World Mission Center. This 42-story building, located on 34th street in downtown Manhattan, has two thousand rooms. With the Unification Church holding numerous public rallies and purchasing a skyscraper, the American media began to pay a great deal of attention to its activities. For instance, the June 14 issue of News week magazine featured Reverend Moon in its cover history.

Two hundred and eighty-five wives from the 1,800-couples Blessing who had been mobilized to the various districts home after receiving additional training from December 1 to 4.

Notable events this year included:

January 30: Establishment of Sun Hwa Arts Middle and High School.

February 29: First CARP closing of school year ceremony.

May 18: Opening of Il_Mi Dental Clinic.

December 31: Publication of the News World began.