Chapter 2 The Unification Movement in Korea






1967 - Let Us Become a Victorious Subject



As of March 1, 1967, by the lunar calendar, the seven-year course was concluded; however, activities continued until the end of the year and the second seven-year course actually began in 1968.

Ceremony to celebrate the Supra-denominational Christian Association's first anniversary, at the Walker Hill HotelWorthy of special mention is that the 21-year course Reverend Moon had embarked upon after receiving instructions from Heaven to go to Pyongyang, North Korea (he had arrived there on June 6, 1946 to begin his official course), also concluded this year.

At the beginning of the year, Reverend Moon again explained the significance of the seven-year course, and emphasized crossing over the final hurdle with one heart and becoming victorious people.

Reverend and Mrs. Moon with participants of the ninth nationwide witnessing leaders workshopActivities characteristic of 1967 were the increased activity centering on the Supra-denominational Christian Association Headquarters and the movement to bring religions together. For approximately two months beginning June 12, Reverend Moon and some leaders visited Japan. They devoted their efforts to training the Japanese leadership, to actualizing their life of faith, and to resolving the feeling of how different the Japanese and Korean people were. Remarkable achievements followed in the development of the Japanese church.

Young-whi Kim speaking at a Principle workshop given by Korean church leaders in JapanInterdenominational activities were carried out regularly held this year as will: Discussion seminar for leaders (January 5); Joint revival meetings (January 16, February 16); Seminar on religious teachings (March 28); Christian Thought Seminar (April 17); Question and answer session on denominations and doctrine (June 26); Get together for former ministers of Christian church (June 26, August 29); Meeting to comfort the families of martyrs (November 7); Discussion forum for Christian leaders (November 28). Many leaders from various denominations took part in these and gave encouragement during this year which led to the building of a foundation for interfaith activities.

On October 14 of the previous year, the Little Angels Dance Troupe had left for their second overseas tour to perform on the Ed Sullivan Show, at the National Press Club, and so forth. After eighty performances, they returned to Korea on February 8, 1967. On October 27 of the same year, they left for their third tour, this time performing at the Lincoln Center, and, upon invitation, al the White House, and giving one hundred performances in all by January 11 of the following year. They were in the limelight as envoys of beauty, sharing the spirit of Korea with the world.

Notable events this year included:

August 28 : Choongsaeng (rebirth) Prayer Hall opened.

October 1: CARP center opened.

November 10: Nationwide VOC rally for university students (Shinmun Center).