Chapter 2 The Unification Movement in Korea






1965 - Let Us Become a Victorious Subject



This year, marking the third year of the latter four-year period of the seven-year course, began with a speech given by Reverend Moon early in the morning, entitled "Let Us Become a Victorious Subject."

Reverend Moon greeting members before leaving on his first world tour

If we were to mention one event characterizing the year 1965, it would be Reverend Moon's first world tour, which lasted ten months. Reverend Moon, who departed from Korea January 28, toured forty countries including the twelve countries in which mission departments had been established. With his victorious return to Korea on October 10, a world-level foundation had been established within the history of the providence. During this historic tour, Reverend Moon designated a Holy Ground at each place that he visited. He not only laid a spiritual and substantial base for the restoration of the universe, but also toured the United States for forty days to educate the missionaries and members.

Map showing Reverend Moon's 40-day itinerary in America

Having achieved a remarkable victory, Reverend Moon returned to Korea and embarked, on October 27, on a further regional tour of nine days to bring salvation to the people and to conduct crucial leadership change. From December 7, he spent sixteen days visiting different regions to conduct the blessing of regional Holy Grounds.

The Sun Hwa Children's Dance Troupe before their departure on a World tour Jong-gu Park polishing shoes in Myong-dong to raise money for building choongju sung hwa academy (spring 1965)

Domestically, he devoted his total effort to implanting the ideal of saving the country for the sake of its people, with Kangwon Province as a starting point. Reverend Moon, who could foresee that education with the ideals of VOC thought was necessary for all of the people at a time of confronting a communist regime, placed the members on the front line, in VOC teams. As a result, they received countless awards and recognition of gratitude from the various sectors of society.


Notable events this year included:

January 18: Public Principle seminar (Seoul Wedding Hall).

March 7: Cultural center and lecture hall opened in Myongdong.

September 7: First United States tour by the Sun Hwa  Children's Dance Troupe (100 days).

December 26: Blessing of twelve single elders.