Chapter 2 The Unification Movement in Korea






1968 - Let Us Make an All-Out Advance


 Reverend Moon speaking on restoration through indemnity on his 48th birthday

If it can be said that the goal of the past seven years was to become a representative of Reverend Moon, to show and be proud of the substantial results previously accomplished on the individual, family, race, and nation levels, and to thereby become a subjective man of victory, then, this year of an "all-out advance" being the first year of the new seven-year period, one seven-year period being already concluded had the meaning that the members were to intensify their activities while repenting for the past and reassessing the mission for which they had failed to take responsibility.

Reverend Moon therefore gave the following direction:

1. Maintain internal self;

2. Have a goal-oriented consciousness;

3. Share the experience of a defeated person.

The footsteps of heaven's new children were even stronger once they came to stand in the proud position to receive God's word, namely "Make an All-Out Advance" based on the foundation of the declaration of God's Day during the first hours of the new year, the first such declaration since the beginning of heaven and earth.

On the first day of the beginning of the second seven-year course, the church was partially reorganized. The Family Department (Director: Yo-han Lee), the Education Department (Director: Chang-sung Ahn), and the Secretariat (Chief Secretary: Chan-kyun Kim) were newly established.

On February 24, the celebration for Reverend Moon's forty-eighth birthday were held, including a speech contest. To mark the completion of the first seven-year course, prizes were given to 202 members who had clearly distinguished themselves. The prizes, awarded by Reverend Moon in person, included the grand prizes for the seven-year course (20 recipients), the twenty-one year course prize for distinguished service (4 recipients), the fourteen-year course prize for distinguished service (15 recipients), the prize for distinguished service (46 recipients), the prize for common suffering through spending time in prison (4 recipients). The church president also granted prizes for distinguished service (35 recipients), and for dedication (79 recipients), among others.

Brides and bridegroom of the 430 Couples Holy WeddingThe Holy Wedding of 436 couples, at the time when members were embarking on second seven-year course, brought the precious grace of Blessing for the church members who has worked hard under circumstances of hardship. As a number of years had passed since the 124-couple Blessing in July 1963, as many as 436 couples were able to participate, and the foundation  of the Blessing for the Japanese people was established by the participation of Osami Kuboki from Japan.

In addition, Victory Over Communism activities, which had been carried out in a fragmented fashion, were unified, beginning with the establishment of the International Federation for Victory Over Communism (IFVOC). Ecumenical activities progressed vigorously with the participation of prominent Christian ministers. Notable events included the First Christian Thought Research Committee meeting (January 27), a meeting for dialogue between church elders (February 29), a meeting for dialogue for clergy from different denominations (March 21), and the first inter religious Victory Over Communism symposium (May 22).

Reverend Moon speaking at a conference on the research of new religions sponsored by the Christian Academy

Most notably, Reverend Moon and numerous church leaders participated in a meeting for the research of new religions, sponsored by the Christian Academy House (director: Won-ryong Kang), from September 9 to 10. It provided an opportunity to eliminate barriers and the prejudice by creating a forum for dialogue among prominent representative from the sphere of religion, and other dignitaries. From the perspective of the Unification Church, this meeting signified the opening of the door to dialogue, and through it  the church could express that even its founder, Reverend Moon, was willing to participate under certain circumstances.

Reverend Moon writing calligraphy for IFVOC  Pusan CARP members with representatives of Japanese CARP who came to Korea to attend a VOC Korean-Japanese student rally

Moreover, IFVOC intensified  its  activities by unifying the activities of the anti-Communist organizations in each province. It was established, through a historic calling, to play a role in the vanguard of the confrontation with communism, and to assume the responsibility of standard-bearer in the restoration of the people and the establishment of a nation for God.

Japanese IFVOC members on a street marchThe importance of the organization can be understood from the quality of those appointed to lead it:

Chairman of the Board: In-Cheol Kim; Secretary; General;Younig-whi Kim; General Affairs: Hwan-chae Hwang; Director of Publicity: Kwang-yol Yoo; Director of Education: Ki-suk Lee; Director of Finance: Won-pil Kim; Director of Business: Chung-un Hwang; Director of Research: Sang-hun Lee; Director of Ideological Research: Chang-sung Ahn The Korean Federation for VOC was established, and its Japanese counterpart was launched on April 1. The first Korean-Japanese VOC Rally was held at the Shinmun Center in Seoul on December 23. Eighteen Korean members and sixteen Japanese members officially took part.

 Reverend and Mrs. Moon with participants of the nineteenth official workshop

Notable events this year included:       

February 25: Publication of the Sae Kong-san-Joosui Beepan ("A New Critique of    Communism")                                                                 

March 1: Initiation of the early morning ceremony of bowing to God. Reverend Moon    began to speak about this ceremony.

April 12: Blessing of nineteen married couples end eleven senior single ladies.

May 13: Initiation of counter communism lectures in  Seoul, sponsored by IFVOC.

July 31: Celebration of the Chil-seok (General Re-organization) Festival on the seventh    evening of July (lunar calandar).

August 5: Reverend Moon's nationwide tour to encourage summer-time witnessing.

October 3: First CARP Festival.

October 17: Reverend Moon's nationwide tour to preside over a general meeting for    church families.

November 15: Publication of the Church Leadership quarterly magazine (Hwae-Bo) began.

December 18: Fifty Japanese Unification Church leaders' visit to Korea.