Chapter 2 The Unification Movement in Korea






Church Holy Days and Historical Ceremonies

(Day of the Resurrection of Substance)



On April 17, 1961, Reverend Moon made a speech with the theme "Children's Resurrection of Substance through the Heart of Parents" and declared the Day of the Resurrection of Substance.

"April 17: this is the day when Jesus resurrected. What a wonderful day! When people receive blessing from Jesus in the spiritual world, they come to stand on Jesus' victorious foundation. You should appear as strong people who can win the fight against the arch-enemy of the world.

If you can only overcome this path, entering heaven is no problem. As Jesus' resurrection was a spiritual one, his goal must be to accomplish resurrection of substance. After he accomplishes this, we should congratulate him. We can become a brother to Jesus who has completed his resurrection. God shed tears and lamented on that day [two thousand year ago]. What is complete resurrection? It is the resurrection of substance that has fulfilled the purpose of creation.

If a person is to accomplish resurrection of substance, he or she must indemnify the historical standard and thus achieve victory, without falling down in the battles of real life. Only then can resurrection of substance be accomplished. The day when this comes to pass in the Day of Resurrection of Substance. With the establishment of such a standard, we can finally say, "Farewell to the world of sorrow! We are going back!" and thus the era of substance arrives. Only when the standard of the bride and bridegroom that Jesus longed for is established through this historic battle can heaven on earth, for which humankind has longed, be realized."