Chapter 2 The Unification Movement in Korea






1969 - All-Out Advance



 Hyo-won Eu with members at the Headquarters Church (1960s)

On the first day (God's Day) of the second year of the second seven-year course, Reverend Moon gave the motto All-Out Advance, the same motto as for 1968. He encouraged the members to restore through indemnity the responsibility not yet fulfilled, and to make a new start with a fresh mind. He emphasized that members should fulfill their responsibility as a tribal messiah by finding spiritual children.

Mrs. Won-bok Choi speaking at the fifth general meeting of Sung Hwa students, at the Headquarters ChurchIn particular, Reverend Moon spoke about the principles of living and making goals, and, in detail, on God's word, character, and heart, and on daily life, the church, the nation, the world and cosmos. He also wnt over a complex external strategy and indicated the direction the activities- such as a revival meetings, individual activities, VOC rallies, ecumenical conferences and business should be taking.

The unique features of the activities in 1969 was bringing to a close the mission of the 1960s, indemnifying what had not been fulfilled in the past, and consolidating the national and worldwide foundation for activities in the 1970s.

Concretely, the most significant was the second world tour made by Reverend and Mrs. Moon, accompanied by Korean church president Hyo-won Eu and Mrs. Won-bok Choi, over a three month period from February 2 to May 2, during which they visited twenty-one nations to encourage the members in their activities, and gave the Blessing to 43 couples throughout America, Germany, and Japan.

As Reverend Moon, who had just returned to Korea, was setting off on a nine day nationwide tour from May 12 to 20, he revealed that the entire world was crying out for the realization of God's will, and urged the Korean members to invest themselves with urgency.  

Hwan-chae Hwang speaking at the fourth national CARP workshop (February-March)Meanwhile, the church restructured its administration  by expanding its nine regions into thirty-four on July 1, and strengthened its administrative readiness for a full-scale march forward. Former regional leaders in the provinces were brought to Seoul while their replacements were selected from among the district-level leadership.

In addition, Nam-dong Suh, dean of the Department of Theology at Yonsei University, caused a stir among the Christian community, not to mention the academic world, by announcing on October 13 at the Saemunan Christian Church that Divine Principle was the most wonderful and systematic theological work in the world. With this as a source of momentum, the interest of the religious world in the Principle reached new heights, lecture meetings for the critique of the Principle were held regularly, and the Professor Suh's opinion became the new focal point of the religious sphere.

Reverend Moon with members at an outdoor serviceFinally, President Hyo-won Eu, who had guided the church's administrative policy during the 1950s and 1960s, was hospitalized in Seoul National University Hospital on October 20. As his condition was serious, he had three operations in a nine-month period of hospitalization to ease chronic arthritis of the hip, and tuberculosis. Carrying out his mission therefore became more difficult.

Notable  events this year included:

January 1: Partial restructuring of church (establishment of the Mission Department, closing of the Lecturers Room and Itinerary Workers' Office.)

February 1: Blessing of seventeen married couples.

May 20: HSA-UWC Offices moved to 170-1 Chungpa-dong 1 Ga.

May 27: First special training for regional leaders.

July 26: Reverend Moon's tour of the Seoul regions.

September 22: Publication of The Way of the World began.

October 16: Reverend Moon's tour of the regions.

November 16: Founding of Tohg-II Printing Co. (505 Sutaek-ri.)