Chapter 2 The Unification Movement in Korea






  Church Construction and Membership Training

in the Early Days



The construction of Keunheung church in SeosanBefore the founding of the church, the circumstances in which Reverend Moon would convey the word of God and be rejected and pursued by the opposition were those of an underground church. Reverend Moon, who had been busy speaking God's word in different areas, built the first independent church in Pomnetkol, Pusan. Reverend Moon himself laid the bricks, and although his attempts were thwarted twice, the church that was finally built on the third attempt was the Pomnetkol Church.

Reverend Moon giving a sermon at Chuncheon Church during a district now Kimjae church leader Yong-su Seol speaking at an ourdoor meeting

After the HSA-UWC has been founded and the Headquarters Church was moved to Chungpa-dong, forty-day witnessing campaigns were begun. Throughout the country, mud brick buildings were built, and makeshift buildings or parts of houses were used, so that the churches  took on diverse forms during this period.

Members attending the Kongneung church dedication ceremony (August 15, 1957)

Member training was held for twenty-one days starting March 22, 1957. This was a special workshop for young members aimed at immersion in the Principle, led by Mr. Yong-seok Choi at the Kimpo Church in Kyung-gi Province.

Members from the Cholla Region at a Principle lecture competition (1958)

Within two years this early workshop system came to be reflected in the formal education system of the church. Training courses to impart the Principle ranged from three, seven, twenty-one and forty days. Taking the form of home church education groups, student training and retreats for leaders and scholars, among others, training was held for a broad diversity of membership groups.