Chapter 2 The Unification Movement in Korea






1960 - Let This Be the Year of the Best Result of Our Lives 



The following is the essence of the words given by Reverend Moon at the beginning of the new year:

Bo-hi Pak receiving a Holy Paper Reverend Moon singing during an outing with student members

"Try to make this year the best year that all of you can offer before Heaven throughout the course of your life. Do not treat God's words lightly so that you regret it later on. In any area, you must make the your utmost effort. Heaven can utilize only those who still feel their shortcomings while having this kind of loyal heart. Self-centered thoughts are not permitted."

Reverend Moon with members in Chungcheon during a tourWhen the first day of the 1960s dawned, Reverend Moon announced the motto for the year, Let This Be the Year of the Best Result of Our Lives, and expressed the wish that we would not have any regrets later. The members were full of energy as the new year commenced, and one event took place after another as if every day were a special holy day.

After events forming the foundation of history of the dispensation took place, such as the fortieth anniversary of Reverend Moon's birth (speech contest, musical competition), distribution of holy paper, distribution of stones gathered by Reverend Moon on his tour, establishment of Parent's Day, declaration of the Day of the Resurrection of Shimjung. Following these, on March 16 of the lunar year (April 11, solar year), the Holy Wedding of the Reverend Moon and Miss Hak Ja Han  took place. Since this great event, the providential and historical seven-year course began, and an epoch-making cornerstone had been laid.

On March 1 of the lunar year, Parent's Day was declared and humankind welcomed the first day of a new origin, a day of joy in attending the True Parents. Thus the curtain went up on the seven-year course m which hailed the arrival of a new age.

Mrs. Won-bok Choi reading a letter from overseas at an outdoor service

As the motto expressed, all members, making a determination that this would be the best year of their lives, worked busily. The first true holiday celebrated in history was established, and other significant days followed. This indeed became the best year thus far for the members having the honor to take part directly in such historic events.

Starting  July 20, 659 members were called to go to 413 areas to begin a historic witnessing project. Reverend Moon himself started on a 21-day nationwide speech tour and was welcomed enthusiastically by the members. Throughout this tour, the signboard of the Unification Church came to be put in important places nationwide; it was indeed a year when the words, "The victor of suffering id the king of glory" could be felt to be true.

Notable events this year included:

January 31: First nationwide music competition

February 2: Reverend Moon's fortieth birthday

February 24: Holy paper distributed

March 13: Distribution of stones gathered by Reverend Moon while touring Korea

 April 11: Holy Wedding of Reverend and Mrs. Moon (March 16 by the lunar calendar);

  Distribution of Holy Salt

April 16: Holy Wedding of three couples

April 17: Declaration of the Day of Resurrection of Shimjung

October 4: Church magazine, Sung Wha (Establishment of Harmony), officially registered

October 14: Church structure expanded and appointments announced

November 19: Children's Day declared (October 1 by the lunar calendar)