Chapter 2 The Unification Movement in Korea






Church Holy Days and Historical Ceremonies

(Day of Victory of Love)



On January 3, 1984, Reverend Moon declared this day of victory over death centered on love at Belvedere in America.

"The words ?Day of Victory of Love' mean to achieve victory centering on love, over Satan. It should have been be the Day of Celebration of Love, not the Day of Victory of Love. It should be the Day of Celebration of Love. We have to know the fact that all these additional words or qualifiers are a result of the fall. The phrases ?second advent' and ?blessed family' are all phrases that were undesirable. They resulted from the way of indemnity initiated by the fall. Originally, in the Principle world, there would have been no such thing as a blessed family restored from the fall. Original children were supposed to be born some months or years after parents reached the completion stage and loved each other centering on True Parents in the Unified sphere of direct and indirect dominion. Those would have been children. Would children have been born right after two people began their marital relations? This is upside down."