Chapter 2 The Unification Movement in Korea






Church Holy Days and Historical Ceremonies

(Day of Victory over Resentment)



The Day of Victory Over Resentment, signified the declaration that the bitter feelings (han) of Cain and Abel had been resolved. It was announced on May 1, 1974 in the United States.

"What kind of time are we in now? So far Satan has attacked us but it is going to be the other way around from now on. So far Abel has been sacrificing himself for Cain. However, we have established a successful foundation on the national level. It is therefor the time when, since on this foundation Jesus' failure on the national level can be restored, Abel will sacrifice Cain, not himself, to accomplish God's will. Do you understand what this means? (Yes)

As such a time has come, your effort from now on becomes your property. If America works for the sake of the will, that becomes America's property. If the Unification Church makes effort, we shall valve all the blessing in the world to ourselves. The time will change before long.

It is May 1, 1974, the Day of Victory over Resentment. That is why I conducted a declaration ceremony before God and the satanic world on my way to Korea, following a conference in Hawaii. From now, we are meeting at the crossroads of history, on this day of May 1, 1974 twenty years since the Unification Church was established in 1954."