Chapter 2 The Unification Movement in Korea






1993 - The New Family and the Unified Fatherland



Reverend Moon bestowed the motto for the year, The New Family and the Unified Fatherland, at the Headquarters Church on God's Day at midnight.

"When we think that True Parents stand on the foundation upon which they can serve God directly from the unfallen and perfected position, and that God can have a round-trip no matter where True Parents go, we are grateful. We are aware of the fact of Heaven's presence in their participation, position, and sovereignty. We are greeting the era when God can follow wherever True Parents go, when He can be active wherever True Parents are active, and when heaven and earth can be with True Parents wherever they are."

Reverend Moon further explained in his prayer that he had fulfilled his responsibility as the True Parents. He stated that he opened up a liberated path through surmounting persecution on the enemy's hill and by breaking through the wall of the individual, family, tribe, race, nation, world, and cosmos. From now on, the mission of the second generation was to create a unified Korea, inheriting the historical tradition bequeathed to them by Reverend and Mrs. Moon, experiencing that in totality, and restoring the family, tribe, race, and nation in this new era.

Ultimately, this is the historic age in which the second generation must sow new seeds to bring in the harvest.

Reverend and Mrs. Moon returned to America after presiding over the celebrations for the Day of Victory of Love. Before leaving, Reverend Moon declared that the Completed Testament Age had begun in 1993. The year 1992 was the time for the curtain to come down on the New Testament Age. Numerous members were aware that after the advent of True Parents, history would advance into the Completed Testament Age. While they were wondering when that would occur, however, Reverend Moon declared this year as the first year of the Completed Testament Age, announcing the beginning of the providential era of the second generation.

The Unified fatherland did not mean a unified North and South Korea. Rather, it meant the providential Fatherland. Ultimately, this was the Unified Fatherland that God had been longing for from the dawn of history.

On January 6, Reverend Chung-hwan Kwak was inaugurated as president of IFVOC, the FWP, and of the Citizens Federation, as the International Convention Center. Reverend Kwak already held the positions of Korean church president and chairman of the HSA-UWC Foundation. These new appointments meant that many organizations were revolving around one axis.

The church established the Second Generation Family Department in February, and appointed Kyung-du Um as director.

Training for church leaders was also held nationwide from April 12 to 14 to support the achievement of Reverend Moon's objectives in the first year of the Completed Testament Age. The theme of the training, held at the Sutaek-ri Central Training Center, was Let us gain the best witnessing result of our entire lives in the first year of the Completed Testament Age. Six hundred leaders participated. In his opening statement, Reverend Kwak stressed working for the revival of the church: "The church is the vertical axis of the providence. If the church is strong, victory will follow."

Reverend Sun Myung Moon carried out a twelve-city speaking tour in the United States from May 13 to 24. These public speeches, which began at the Manhattan Center in New York, attracted the attention of numerous dignitaries and other citizens right across to San Francisco. Reverend Moon delivered his speech with the title True Parents and the completed Testament Age in English. From May 26 to July 31, Mrs. Hak Ja Han Moon, president of the Women's Federation for World Peace, followed on by accomplishing a 44-city speaking tour. Notably, on July 28, after receiving an invitation from the US Congress, Mrs. Moon declared the advent of the women's era in her speech God, Women, and True Families on Capitol Hill. In her forty-minute speech, Mrs. Moon affirmed that only by finding true family values can evil in society be eliminated and the chain of civilization's collapse be broken.

In addition, on September 7, Mrs. Moon gave an invitational address at the United Nation Headquarters. Mrs. Moon delivered her message of love and peace based on the providence of God to representatives from many nations and asserted the peaceful role that the United Nation needed to play as a central stage for the world. Mrs. Moon gave her speech at the conference room of the UN Economic and Social Council the first Korean woman to speak there before an audience exceeding six hundred. Representatives of diplomatic missions from 103 nations, including both North and South Korea, 160 UN-related dignitaries, and four hundred other leaders from various fields, were among them.

From September 11 to 30, Mrs. Moon held a speaking tour throughout the major cities of Japan, including a speech at the Tokyo Dome Rally before an audience of 50,000 WFWP members. Mrs. Moon also delivered an invitational speech at the Japanese Diet.

Mrs. Moon's speaking tours probably set the record for speaking in the most nations in the least number of days. They included a speaking tour of forty universities (from October 4 to 31), an invitational address at the Korean National Assembly, and a worldwide speaking tour of forty nations (November 2 to December 22). This latter tour included invitational speeches at the Canadian Houses of Parliament, the National Assembly of Taiwan, and at the Indian Houses of Parliament. In each speech, Mrs. Moon declared that Reverend and Mrs. Moon had established the family of True Parents for the first time in the history of humankind.

During this period, in Korea, the Chungpyung Summer Faith Camp was held at the Chungpyung Training Center from July 22. Just prior to this, from July 5 to 9, summer training for the nationwide church leaders took place under the theme "Let's Inherit the Heart of True Parents," attended by the six hundred church leaders.

While Mrs. Moon was speaking all over the world, Reverend Moon educated 51,854 Japanese women at the Il Hwa International Training Center on Cheju Island over a period of seventy-seven days from October 6 to December 22. The training sessions, each three days in duration, were carried out twenty-five times in succession by Reverend Moon himself. The training was an opportunity to re-educate the Japanese members in religious faith while at the same time enlightening them on the significance of the family. Reverend Moon's guidance included a speech entitled: "The proper enlightenment of women will decide the future of society because the foundation of family education stems from the mother."

News from the CIS and Baltic States continuously arrived. The news that the Unification Church in Kazakstan had been registered with the authorities on December 28, 1992, made the members very happy on God's Day. A Principle seminar was held for Ukrainian leaders in the field of education. The seminar took place at a lakeside health resort near Kharkov, Ukraine, from April 3 to 5. One hundred university chancellors, professors, and education authority officials from twenty-five stated participated in the seminar. Seminars fro educational leaders were held in many nations of the Commonwealth of Independent Stated (CIS). Meanwhile a Principle-base textbook was published in the CIS for the Junior High  and High School students under the title My World &I--The Way to Unification. The text of 218 pages, was to be used in the education of students beginning the following term. The results of the seminars for the leaders in the CIS, and a positive response to the teachings of Reverend Moon, led to the publication of the text.

Meanwhile, On November 21, the minister of education and the chairman of a women's organization sent by the president of Kalmyckaja, a self-governing state, presented a gift in gratitude for the opportunity to educate their students in Reverend Moon's Unification Thought. The Education Federation of Kaliningrad in the Russian Republic presented a citation for the same reason.