Chapter 2 The Unification Movement in Korea






Church Holy Days and Historical Ceremonies

(Day of Victory of Heaven)



October 4, 1976 was declared a day to celebrate the Victory of Heaven at the old Headquarters Church in Chungpa-dong.

"We in the Unification Church are celebrating many Holy Days that the world is unaware of. One of these days is the Day of Victory of Heaven. Where in the world do the words, ?Heaven is victorious. This is the day to commemorate God's victory' originate from? If the universe began from the absolute God, everything should advance on the foundation of victory. Furthermore, everything that is thus established should be praised by all existing things and should become the central reality centering on which they can harmonize together. This is a natural conclusion.

Then how did the words, ?Day of Victory of Heaven' come to appear? They came to be because of the fall. We can say that they are a gift that the fall has brought to humankind.

The phrase ?Heaven is victorious' supposes the formation of a sphere of victory on the individual, family, tribe, race, nation, world (and, furthermore, spiritual world) and the cosmic levels. No matter how much victory and individual brings, when the sphere of the family victory is no established, there is no place for the individual sphere of victory."