Chapter 2 The Unification Movement in Korea






Church Holy Days and Historical Ceremonies

(Day of True All Things)



On July 26, 1963 (June 6 by the lunar calendar), Reverend Moon announced the Day of All Things as the old Headquarters Church and held the Hun-kong Shik (Ceremony of Offering Respect) through which all things were offered to God in the name of heavenly children.

Reverend Moon selected that day as the Day of All Things. The following year he clarified that May 1, by the lunar calendar, would be designated the Day of All Things.

"We have been doing fundraising with all our heart and love to restore all things from the false owner to the true owner. From the Principle point of view, we have been working together to restore all things into the realm of true love. Therefore, following the declaration of Parents' Day and Children's Day, the Day of All Things was proclaimed.

As can be seen in the Book of Romans, all things are in lamentation, longing to escape the grip of the false owner. As they want to be under the hand of God, entering God's sphere of dominion, they should be embraced in the dominion of true love. True love is what all things desire. They are truly disappointed and lamenting because they became like slaves, restrained by the false master. For everything nation, race, tribe, family, parents and children to go back to the sphere of the dominion of true love, there is no way other than to return to God's ownership."