Chapter 2 The Unification Movement in Korea






1971 - Securing the Unified Foundation



"From the 1960s until the present we have been advancing into the world and investing effort to pioneer an environment into which God's will can been conducting a war of attrition for the Unification Church itself and sacrificing to pay indemnity in order to break through the obstacles and external difficulties confronting us, rather than struggling for our own self-interest.

We are in the position to achieve a consolidated foundation as we face the coming decade from 1971 to 1980. During this period, we have to establish a new tradition according to the standard Heaven requires, centering on the Korean people."

The above statement is a part of the God's Day address given by Reverend Moon at the time he gave the motto for the year, Securing the Unified Foundation.

Meanwhile, at the new year regional leaders meeting on January 2, Reverend Moon explained the way forward for the activities they were to carry out, such as the establishment of the subjective self, the realization of families united with the Principle, the secure establishment of a church united with the Principle, the secure establishment of the world united with the Principle, and do forth.

Reverend Moon, unlike previous years, carried out as many as twenty regional tours, emphasized the strengthening of the church foundation and the education of members.

The most singular event of the year was the holding of a public lectures on the Principle for professors, at the pinnacle of the academic world, and Christian ministers, the leaders in the sphere of religion. Four invitational professors Principle seminars were held, in which 230 people participated, and eleven further public lectures on the Principle for Christian ministers were held with 887 persons participating that year. Public lectures on the Principle for church ministers and professors continued even after these events.

The most significant event of the year was the fact that Reverend Moon emigrated to America in order to personally lead world missions on the front line. On December 5, Reverend Moon, accompanied by Korean church president Young-whi Kim, end Mrs. Won-bok Choi, departed Korea for Japan. They flew on from Japan on December 11, and arrived in Toronto, via Los Angeles, on an Air Canada flight at 12:50 in the afternoon on December 12. Despite applying for visas to enter the United States there, however, the visas were rejected on the unreasonable ground that Reverend Moon and his party were engaged in communist activities. Finally, on December 17, with the misunderstanding of the authorities resolved, they received their visas, and flew to Washington, DC, on a chartered plane at eleven o'clock in the morning of the following day. Reverend  Moon had almost been prevented from entering America due to Satan's last-minute interference. Triumphing over the circumstances, however, he began the task of personally leading the worldwide mission on the front line.

Notable events this year included:

January 21: Opening ceremony of VOC Wives' Center.

January 29: 298 Japanese members' training in Korea.

April 28: Japanese Christian medical volunteers' visit to Korea.

May 8: Training for Sung Hwa College Students in Seoul.

July 13: First women's VOC Rally.

August 31: Publication of The Way of God's Will began.

October 8: Sixteenth special nationwide general meeting for the Sung Hwa Students     Association.

December 23: The Little Angels Performing Arts Troupe returned home after the     completion of their 6th world tour.

December 31: Inauguration of CARP in the United States.