Chapter 2 The Unification Movement in Korea






Church Holy Days and Historical Ceremonies

(True Children's Day)



On November 19, 1960 (October 1 by the lunar calendar), Reverend Moon personally presided over a historic ceremony and declared Children's Day.

"Today is Children's Day, but what kind of children are we talking about? We are talking about true children. Are you true sons and daughters? True children must be born in the realm of God's love, grow up there and marry there, becoming the perfected sons and daughters of God. You have already been born and you are a reality on this earth: since you can never go back and be physically born again, we must create a way to achieve the same goal.

The Unification Church is going the way of indemnity. Reverend Moon has thirteen children. While those children were still in their mother's womb, the members of the Unification Church took the position of their spiritual twins, because they could not go back into the mother's womb. To the Western world such a concept is difficult to accept, but we think this way in the East.

The true meaning of events on Children's Day lies in offering ourselves for this common purpose and age-old goal. We must bring as many children as possible, transcending race and tribe, to accept True Parents. We are proud to celebrate Children's Day and proud to pledge ourselves to this common goal."