Chapter 2 The Unification Movement in Korea






1963 - Let Us Become a Victorious Subject


 Motto for the year: Let Us Become a Victorious Subject

Following the three-year period starting in 1960, the annual motto Let Us Become a Victorious Subject was bestowed for the years from 1963 to 1967.

At the beginning of the year, New Year's greetings were offered to God together with the Dedication Ceremony of the newborn baby, Hyo-Jin Nim. Reverend Moon spoke on the new motto and delivered his New Tear speech. On this occasion, Reverend Moon explained that:

"The past three years was the time in which to prepare all the conditions that we could inherit as humankind; from this year, however, we are moving on to the next stage of the restoration of all things, for which we will continue to have the same motto."

He emphasized that until now, a defensive battle had been fought, but for the next four years we would take a more offensive stance.

Posters advertising the church's The seventh forty-day witnessing period of this three-year course was held from April 13 to May 22 as a mobilization giving the opportunity to settle all debts. Members went out to three thousand locations together, armed with the weapons of Heaven's heart. In particular the thousand-ri (almost 400 km) march from the Kyung-gi Province to the South Kyongsang Province, and the 500-ri (almost 200 km) march from Kangwon Province to South Chungcheong Province are worthy of the historical record.

May 22, when the seventh witnessing drive of this three-year course ended, marked a time in which the old third year and the new fourth year overlapped, and from this point forward various procedures were reorganized; all members submitted applications to re-gister their membership and settled unpaid church dues, thus providing an opportunity for each member to fulfill his portion of responsibility.

Reverend Moon helping with the construction of the ship Cheonseung-ho    124 Blessed couples  parading through Seoul in a convoy of cars following the Holy Wedding

Unification Church members, comprising one portion of the Korean race, who came to know the truth ahead of others poured their blood, sweat and tears into this land and its people for three years. During the course of the seven witnessing and education activities periods, they were able to build one thousand unification altars, stepping stones for the march of heavenly soldiers. Internally, they set the standard of life for those who had chosen to go to the path of heaven, and awakened the spirit of the people from their slumber or paralysis.

Reverend and Mrs. Moon praying following the establishment of the Day of All ThingsDespite the strategy of those on the side of Satan who attempted to uproot the unification movement completely, HSA-UWC was able to officially register as a charitable organization (No. 261) on May 31, 1963. On October 4, government approval was granted for an official foundation for its financial support.


On June 26, after the external condition of the launching ceremony of the ship Cheonseung-ho ("Heavenly Victory") had been established, a public dedication ceremony was held on July 26 (June 6, lunar calendar) at a gathering of Seoul members. On this occasion May 1 of the lunar year was declared as the Day of All Things. A precious day of celebration for offering all things in the satanic realm to Heaven had thus been established. On July 24 of this year, the Holy Wedding of 124 couples was conducted in a community hall, a precious occasion for the participants, and one that provided a good opportunity to testify to the growth of the Unification Church to the world.

Notable events this year included:

 February 8: Blessing of twenty-six previously married couple.

 March 25: First nationwide Principle lecture competition.

 March 28: Blessing of forty-one single elder members.

 April: Official registration of the Unification Church in America.

 April 7: Blessing of twenty-seven previously married couples.

 July 25: Assignment of witnessing areas of cities and countries to blessed families and

  leading members.

 July 27: Opening of the Dance Institute (Little Angels).

 September 16: Autumn nationwide special revival meetings.

 October 16: Reverend Moon's nationwide tour of the districts (8 days).

 November 8: First nationwide Sung Hwa students' alumni meeting.

 December 5: Seven-day Principle lecture meeting in Taegu.