Chapter 2 The Unification Movement in Korea






Church Holy Days and Historical Ceremonies

(Day of Total Victory)



Blessed couples in suburban New York gathered at the International Training Center in Belvedere at 3:15 in the morning of August 20, immediately following Father's release from prison. After some words of explanation by Reverend Moon, members attended a ceremony in which Holy Water was distributed by Hyo-jin Moon. This occurred on the foundation of Total Victory Day which had been held at East Garden at seven o'clock in the morning four days earlier, August 16. The significance of Total Victory Day was passed on with the Holy Water ceremony. The ceremony to declare Total Victory Day had been held to welcome Hyo-jin Moon who returned to America on the evening of the 15th, following a forty-day workshop for blessed children in Korea.

It was also a victory ceremony to commemorate a new start from August 16, the day following August 15, 1985, the fortieth anniversary of the end of the Second World War on August 15, 1945. The ceremony to proclaim Total Victory Day lasted from seven o'clock until ten thirty in the morning, during which time Father spoke, offered a prayer of benediction, and declared the establishment of elder son-ship through the Holy Water Ceremony.

"In order for me to go to the position of parents, Cain and Abel should be completed united. My children are in the position of original elder son, and blessed children are in the second son's position. Within forty years centered on Hyo-jin, the second generation should be united by bringing together all the blessed couples in Korea and Japan. For the Unification Church to indemnify everything, the second generation together with the blessed couples must completely establish the sphere of Cain and Abel on a worldwide foundation.

This time Hyo-jin called together the second generation and they united together. When Hyo-jin restored the number 40 centered on the second generation in Korea, he unified not only the blessed children but also the blessed couples. Thus a new beginning is made through the Unification Church in Korea and Japan creating a sphere in which a new revival could arise, and through CARP making a new start through the conditions surrounding each nation of the world. Thus August 16, 1985, the 41st year (since independence from Japan) is the Day of Total Victory when these things are been connected together.

So far we have been fighting to go up-ward, in order to develop vertically. However, we now stand in the position from which we can advance on the worldwide horizontal level. This means we are completely surmounting the condition through which the elder son, second son or Satan can accuse us. Parents can begin to settle down on the world level."