Chapter 2 The Unification Movement in Korea






  Training and Education of Leaders in the Founing Days



 In the earliest days of the founding of the church, in particular the Pusan days, Reverend Moon taught his disciples the Principle directly and showed them by his example; his life with the members itself was education. Those who had been educated in this way were sent to the front lines of witnessing as his representatives, and they declared and testified to the Principle, thereby experiencing firsthand the heart of God. In other words, the type of education that took place was more informal than formal in those days.

Reverend Moon with participants taking a commemorative photograph at the third witnessing leaders workshop (1960)

As the Principle began to be spread more widely within the country and abroad, and churches were built in many cities, the raising of leaders who received systematic education became necessary. To respond to this need, missionary training was begun. This was the beginning of formal education within the Unification Church, and since then has become the model for all education and workshops within the church.

The first workshop for HSA-UWC missionaries took place from January 10 to February 20, 1959 at the Chungpadong Headquarters Church.

 Church workshop participants