Chapter 2 The Unification Movement in Korea






Church Holy Days and Historical Ceremonies

(True Parents' Day)



The holy engagement ceremony of Reverend Sun Myung Moon and Miss Hak Ja Han was held on March 1, 1960 by the lunar calendar (March 27 by the solar calendar). The church began celebrating this day as Parents' Day from 1961, marking the day when Reverend Moon and Miss Han were elevated to the position of the restored parents.

"Jesus came as the second Adam so he had to find the second Eve. Human beings had to celebrate the day when they could restore their lost parents. As man represents heaven and woman represents earth, Jesus, in representing man, came as the bridegroom. Jesus could not find his bride because the Israelites, his twelve disciples and Joseph's family did not fulfill their responsibility. He therefore couldn't establish the True Parents.

Today, owing to the fall, humanity's destiny is to wail in a place of eternal sorrow because of their blood lineage. However, Parents' Day is a day of hope when people can attend God on the earth and enjoy happiness and glory. Without this day, human being cannot go to heaven and thus to God.

Without Parents' Day, there can be no resolution of the bitter feelings the cosmos has borne. Unless this day comes, we cannot follow God's will. Without its establishment, fallen people would not be able to establish God's victorious foothold. It is the sealing of the day of God's victory. This is also the day of the liberation of believers. This is the day of making determinations in regard to the longings and ideologies of the universe. It is the day when heaven and earth are happy."