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Special Memo from Rev. Kwak
Excerpts from Father's Words
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True God's Day Celebration in the Philippines
Dae Mo Nim's Report on the Blessing
FFWPU Broadcasters Conference
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Food For Thought
To be proud of and Love True God absolutely is to complete the 360 million couples Blessing and eradicate the blood lineage of the satanic world.
Memo from Rev. Kwak
Happy True God's Day
As we welcome the new year of 1998, I wish the hopeful start and the abundant love and protection of God and True Parents to the beloved blessed families and members around the world.
True Parents officiated the celebration of True God's Day and the Day of Victory of Love in the presence of National Messiah Temas from all over the world and the major leaders from Korea, japan and the United States, who altogether numberes over 650, at Punta del Este, Uruguay.
Be a Creditor, Not a Debtor
God's Day Message
by Mrs. Donna Howell, NM from America
God’s Day is a good time to reflect on  how much we owe True Parents for what they have done for us.  The debt we owe them is great and, though we can never repay them, we should always be ..........click here to continue 
Memo from Rev. Kwak
Happy True God's Day
As we welcome the new year of 1998, I wish the hopeful start and the abundant love and protection of God and True Parents to the beloved blessed families and members around the world.
True Parents officiated the celebration of True God's Day and the Day of Victory of Love in the presence of National Messiah Temas from all over the world and the major leaders from Korea, japan and the United States, who altogether numberes over 650, at Punta del Este, Uruguay. 
This event included the fishing and sports tournament to celebrate the victory of 40 million couple Blessing and the start for the 360 million couple Blessing, as well as the International Leader's Conference.

All leaders especially had the opportunity to learn the original harmonious relationship with creation in the midst of beautiful nature and to enjoy the shared happiness beyond national, racial and cultural boundaries. 
True Parents declared this year’s motto as: 
“To be proud of and love True God absolutely is to complete the 360 million couples Blessing and eradicate the blood lineage of the satanic world.”
I believe True Father’s basic directions, resolutions and speeches are widely being circulated by the Regional Directors. As I trust you will devote yourself to the actualization of those directions and thus accomplish your responsibilities, I would like to inform you of the practical points and important public directions:

1. The goal of each nation for the 360 million couple Blessing is determined according to the proportion of population for your continent. The date for the First Stage Blessing is set tentatively for June 13, 1998, and the Blessing Ceremony will be held in at least 12 different locations. Also, please concentrate on the effort to increase the number of matching candidates.  

2. The Blessing Donation should be offered COMPLETELY for not only the Matching Candidates but also for the Previously Married Couples. Last October I sent out a memo indicating that Previously Married Couples need to offer only 2% of the amount of the Blessing Donation for Matching Candidates of their nation.  However, these new directions apply: The Blessing  Donation for a Matching Candidate (one person) and a Previously Married Couple (husband and wife) is the same amount. Father emphasized that if Blessed Couples go to spirit world without fully offering the Blessing Donation, then they will face a great difficulty. Again, the amount of Blessing Donation for Previously Married Couples is the same as Matching Candidates. National Messiahs and leaders should implement the full donation of the Blessing Donation with urgency and should report to the True Parents the offering schedule plan within a short period of time through the WMD.  

3. True Father appointed new Continental Directors on January 4, 1998, as follows: 

    1. Asia*                Rev. Jin Hee Yu                 (72 Couple) 
    2. North America        Rev. Dow Soon Yim               (72 Couple) 
    3. South America        Rev. Sun Ho Jung                (Kisong PMC) 
    4. Oceania              Rev. Zin Moon Kim               (430 Couple) 
    5. Africa**             Rev. Bong San Yoo               (124 Couple) 
    6. Middle East  Rev. Sik You                    (124 Couple) 
    7. Europe               Rev. Myung Won Jung     (124 Couple) 
    8. Northeast             Rev. Geun Sik Song             (72 Couple) 
* Rev. Byung Wooh Kim will continue working as Director in Asia for six months. 
** Dr. Joon Ho Seuk will work as Advisor overseeing activities in the Northeast. 

4. Special Dedication Fund (Donation): The Korean Peninsula, South and North Korea, which stands in the central position in God’s Providence, is experiencing great difficulty on the national level. True Parents want to resolve this difficulty by Heavenly Grace and to accomplish the completion of the dispensation by making the unified fatherland. For this purpose, True Parents directed all Blessed families around the world to offer special dedication (donation) to help support charitable work on the Korean peninsula. Every individual in each Blessed family (husband, wife and each child) should offer this special dedication with wholehearted sacrifice. The amount should include the number 12 (such as 12, 120, 1,200, etc.). Every individual should promise the amount of donation and should send at least 50% of this dedication fund before True Parents’ Birthday on February 2. Further information will be provided regarding where to send the donation.  

5. Hoon Dok Hwe will become the precious tradition for Unification families in the future. True Father’s speeches should ideally be read in Korean every morning. However, if not possible, then the translated version should be read. (The translation effort into your national language should be based on the original language, as the already published English version contains some errors.) 

6. National Messiahs should reside in their mission country and devote themselves for the restoration of their nation.  

Rev. Chung Hwan Kwak 
FFWPU International President

Be a Creditor, Not a Debtor
God's Day Message
by Mrs. Donna Howell, NM from America
         God’s Day is a good time to reflect on  how much we owe True Parents for what they have done for us.  The debt we owe them is great and, though we can never repay them, we should always be working toward that end.  So this morning, I want to discuss the issue of indebtedness.  
         For Father, this is a serious issue.  Many times he has said that one should always give more than one receives.  If we live our lives this way then always others will owe us more than we owe them. 
We become a debtor when we owe others more than they owe us.  This is actually a dangerous position to be in, spiritually.  Father has said that  “if you are in debt, you cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven.”   This is because the Kingdom of Heaven is a place for those who live lives of giving more than they receive.  
         Father himself says that he has never incurred debt, but has instead inflicted debt on everyone, including the Unification Church and Korea.    Our goal as Unification church members is to live up to that standard.  So on this first day of the year we have to really think about what we owe and to whom we owe it.  Do we owe money, or time, or effort or heart?  Whatever the debt we have to pay it before we begin the new year.  If there is someone in your center or family who is always washing the dishes or cleaning the toilets and we never help them, then we owe them.  We must pay the debt.  If someone always works harder than we do, we owe them.  If someone shows more heart towards us than we do towards them, we owe them.   If we have borrowed things or money, we must pay it back.  And the best way to pay our debts back is to include interest in the payment - giving something extra in order to show gratitude for what has been given.  
         Of course, not all debts can be paid quickly or in full in the same way they were incurred.  Sometimes we can pay a monetary debt with heart or a heartistic debt with money.  The important point is that we always have the heart to pay the debt and that we do our best to return what was given and then give more. 
         Father says our goal is to be a creditor, not a debtor.  Therefore, I want to thank everyone who has been so helpful to our family as we make this transition to a new life in the Philippines.  There are many people we owe who have helped our family, so we will do our best to give you more than you gave us.  So let’s establish a heavenly competition for who can give the most.   In this way we can create the heavenly kingdom right here in the Philippines. 
Excerpts from Father's Words 
“Cutting Off Satan’s Lineage, 
Which Is The Origin of this Most Evil World” 
December 1, 1997

     While growing in the physical world, we need parental love.  If the parental love is incomplete, we will grow to maturity.  Restoration begins from true parental love, and it is elevated by stages.  
          If the fall had not happened, a true man and woman each representing God would have stood at the center of each level.  Unfallen Adam’s family would have been the center of every level reaching the world.  On each level, they would have been the public center.  In the family, parents.  In the village, the mayor.  The center serves as the bridge through which the entire group reaches the higher level.  That’s how we progress. 
          The teaching here is that the individual sacrifice for the family, the family for the tribe, and so on. 
These are the last days.  God cannot wait another 2000 years.  He wants to bring restoration and purification around the world at once. 
From now on, Father is launching this new campaign.  All people from the womb forward in age, drink the holy wine to be restored.  If it is not done, Satan can interfere with your family for seven generations. 
          The Holy Wine Ceremony, therefore, is so precious and fearful.  It is the turning point dividing the paths to heaven and to hell. 
The unity of mind and body defines a heavenly person.  Selfishness brings disunity of mind and body.  The body controls the mind, leading the person into the world of free sex. 
          The Blessing is the key to open the physical world and spirit world.  As Father has conducted the Blessing in the physical world, he has also done so in the spirit world. 
          First Father blessed his own immediate relatives.  Then he brought the Blessing to the Christian realm centering on Heung Jin Nim and Dae Mo Nim. 
          Beyond the third Adam’s course, there is no indemnity and we will be in the realm of the fourth Adam.  All families are in the condition of Adam’s family in the garden. 
          Father will be able to embrace and bless all families and bring them into the Garden by the year 2000.  Moses was 80 when he brought the Israelites out of Egypt.  We are on the world level now. 
          Let us complete the 360 million couples blessing by end of May 1998.  That is six months away.  We will celebrate it in 3 locations. 
The entire world will be watching and the world will be eager to join in.  The world will recognize the value of blessed couples.  The whole world will respect, follow and resemble blessed couples. 
          360 Million Couples equal 720 million adults.  If we connect 4 relatives on the wife’s side and 4 more on the husband's side, plus children, the total is 3 billion, which is over half the world population. 
          When we reach this level, we will build a world tribe, world nation and true world. 
          Rebirth by holy wine is the formation stage.  The growth stage is the restoration process.  The completion stage is the eternal life. 
There are 3 levels of Blessing for UC members, church, nation and world blessing.  The world level is the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.  We progress by investing and forgetting. 
          In the near future, we do not need any prayer.  Instead of praying, read and study Father’s life long victorious record which is recorded in Father’s speeches.  Follow Father’s standard of love with absolute faith, love and obedience. 
You can cut off satan’s blood lineage day and night, wherever you may be, by giving the Blessing.  (Always prepare and carry holy wine) 
          Establish the three generations of goodness in your family.  Then we can climb up the ladder and create one world under God.  This true family is the world of microcosm, in which all are equal.  Without this we will not be able to make any progress in spirit world.  If we achieve this, we can call our ancestors up to our level in the spirit world. 
          When Father takes a tour of spirit world, where will we go?  We will face Father, but what if you are in chains and you cannot go to Father?  You may not be able to reach Father.  You will be ashamed that on earth you did not work with Father more actively.  Father will not be able to liberate you there; if he tried to he would be violating his own teachings.  
The most evil thing is satan’s lineage.  It brings the separation of mind and body, man and woman, parents and children.  Once we clean up satan’s blood lineage, this is how the new world is born. 
          We recite Pledge #5.  This means that everyday, we bring the 360 million couples blessing.  So, don’t be separated from True Parents.  Drop the baggage you are carrying from the satanic world. 
Just wear gym shoes.  When you arrive in the new world, everything is there for you, waiting.  There are no boundaries.  You can have a big house, land, a hundred cows. 
          Study God’s words.  One compact disk can contain 500 volumes of Father’s words.  You can carry a library in your pocket.  Father’s talk today can be sent to the world today, by Internet.  This will surpass the interest people have in politicians.  The physical world and the spirit world will be full of Father’s words.  Even in bed you can hear Father’s words.  Father knows the Internet.  If it had a desire, what would it like to transmit?  True love, not cheap messages.  Headquarters can transmit a daily Principle exam to the world by Internet.  The computer also can grade the exams, checking for the presence of the key words.  The present-day school system will be outmoded.  This will be a project of the University Federation for World Peace.

How are we going to welcome this year 1998
by Rowena Cayme-Presente
Looking back, I can consider that 1997 was one of our successful years in the Philippines.  We garnered the 2nd place for blessing mobilization of 39.6 Million Couples, including the blessing of some of our VIP friends not only from Manila but from different regions as well.  We hosted also for the 1st time  the prestigious International 20th Mr. & Ms. University Pageant.  For a year, we covered the whole nation by our Tinig ng Pagkakaisa radio program that helped our mobilization become easier in witnessing to people.  More than all these external accomplishments that we have are the internal developments such as: the increase of Fulltime members, many blessed couples consummated their blessing, beautiful and great blessed children were born one after the other, the standard of our local leadership has improved a lot and most especially the undying commitment and sacrificial heart of our Fulltime members grow deeper and stronger.
Success!  God gave us opportunity to welcome this year 1998, a year closer and nearer to the fulfillment of God’s providential timetable.
How are we going to welcome this year bringing the victories of last year’s success?  In God’s timetable the last three years are very important yet very crucial.  For this reason I would like to suggest that as we enter this era we have to consider the past, the historical situation of our country and most especially what True Parents would like to achieve in life.
I want to focus on what True Parents would like us to fulfil as we enter a new age.  True Parents wanted all of us to live with them in the realm of true love.  To accomplish this, first thing that we have to do is to elevate our standard of faith and attendance reaching the level of becoming absolutely united with True Parents and Divine Principle.
For almost sixty two years of Father's  mission life, he has only one secret why he was able to accomplish such great things, that is his absolute faith, love and obedience to God.  This is his standard of attendance and that the way he showed his greatest love for God.  How about us?  When we accepted True Parents in our lives we have already made our commitment before heaven and earth.  We can’t escape from this destiny.  The more we try to create distance from this, the more we experience suffering.  Therefore what are we supposed to do now?  Let us settle for a common goal, “we have to resemble True Parents.”  Anyway that is their desire for all mankind as they did their best to resemble God.
As we enter this year, 1998, let us try to make some little improvements personally.  Our country’s providence is moving upward and God is expecting our individual standard to follow, our hearts will grow and our faith will become deeper.  Let us try to be conscious about our standard of attendance.  Dae Mo Nim and Heung Jin Nim showed the greatest attendance to God and True Parents and because of this, it became a very strong condition for them to stand as True Parent’s direct representative in the spirit world.  More than that, their level of faith, love and obedience qualify them to liberate us from evil spirits.
I cannot imagine I’ll be reaching this age, the era of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.  One time, Mrs. Julia Kim, our Continental Director shared to us True Parents’s message for all leaders about era of Kingdom of Heaven.  In her guidance, True Parents emphasized about the internal quality of his heart and attendance to God.  Kingdom of Heaven is the place where things move because of love and because of God.
We are all Blessed families, True Parent’s expectation is for all of us to become the extension of the true family where the lifestyle and tradition of the messiah can be clearly manifested,  where our children will become the pure offering to God’s altar.
Let us do our best that this year 1998 onward, we can make God happy in everything we do.  Let us fulfill our goal  individually, goal for the nation and the world.

True God's Day Celebration  
in the Philippines 

True God’s at Cabanatuan 
by Belen Agno 

God’s Day in Greater Visayas Region 
by Ann MG Montejo 

True God’s Day - a Heavenly Celebration 
by Ms. Fe Miranda 

Greetings in their Heavenly Names!
A Glorious Day has dawned and all creation rejoiced.  This was on God’s Day, January 1, 1998.  We really felt God’s Love for all of us during that day.  There were more than two hundred (200) people who attended the celebration including children.  It was the first time in Bicol to have such attendance and it was wonderful to have many people attending God’s Birthday and knowing the value of True parents which becomes the starting point of these families to attend and serve True Parents.
The Family Federation for World Peace and Unification (FFWPU), Bicol Chapter, held a significant celebration of its Most Holy Day, God’s Day.  The momentous event was held at the Camarines Sur Provincial Capitol Farm house, Pili, Camarines Sur. 
Most of the participants arrived at the venue in the evening of December 31.  At the same time, an enjoyable cultural program took place.  The highlight of the night was the “Search for Mr. & Mrs. of the Night,”  wherein the basis of judging was their expertise in Ballroom Dancing and their ability to raise money from the audience in support of their candidacy.  There were four couples who participated in the Search which also fostered a closer bond between husband and wife and provided an unforgettable romantic experience for both of them.  Cultural games for both young and old added spice to the night’s affair.  The program culminated with the Midnight Prayer that welcomed God’s Birthday and the Dawn of the Blessed New Year.
On January 1, 1998, the Pledge Service started exactly at 7:00 o’clock in the morning led by our very own Regional Leader, Mr. Ruben Olgado together with his wife, Mrs. Rosario M. Olgado.  After the Pledge, Mr. Olgado gave a brief message using the local language (Bicolano).  Representatives from the FFWPU Staff, MFT, and guests from various places gave their greetings, followed by the shouts of Manseis and official Picture Taking.
The prizes for the winners of the Grand Draw of the Pamaskong Handog Para sa Pamilya sponsored by the TINGOG NIN PAGKASARARO, a radio program of the FFWPU were distributed in the morning after breakfast.  Some participants spent the rest of the morning in the swimming pool while others preferred to dance.  Many gifts from Mrs. Hidda Suzuki and Mrs. Rosario Olgado were given to the families as well as the FFWPU staff.
In the afternoon, the Philippine Won Hwa Do Association Inc., Bicol Chapter, delighted the audience with their enchanting performances in Martial Arts, singing and dancing.  The title of the program was WUMAF Festival and Mini-Olympics.  There were three competing teams namely: Catanduanes, Albay and Camarines Sur.  Albay team was crowned as the Overall Champion.  After the Martial Arts presentations, a raffle draw was conducted for the participants present to be able to receive souvenir from the said gathering.  The activities ended at almost 5:00 p.m.
The staff went back to Albay for further celebration of the Day of Victory of Love on January 2, wherein we also had our Regional meeting for the mobilization this year as well as the determination of new mission and goals for most of us.

True God’s at Cabanatuan 
by Belen Agno 

Cabanatuan Family celebrated True God’s Day by having the traditional Pledge Service at 7:00 in the morning, cutting of cake and pictorials.  It was graced by two Japanese sisters, the wife of the Regional Leader, Jun de Leon, Akemi, Maeda, and the wife of the center Leader, Jess Arocena - Yumiko Okawa who just arrived at the later part of November last year.  Also present were two Thailand nationals - Mr. Kittiporn Rattanapanada and Ms. Nannalin Taengkao from the national headquarters in Thailand.   Other brothers and sisters who came from different centers here in the Philippines also joined  their spouses in celebrating this momentous day.  Some parents, family members and guests arrived earlier despite of their schedules and New Year’s visitors who are in their homes, just to catch the opening of God’s whole year blessing.  The rest of the day was mostly spent together in a cool relaxing spot in Pantabangan Dam.
Prior to that affair, the P-CARP Regional Staff and members held a Christmas party of games and dances.  Creating harmonious relationship and acquaintance among themselves, the very objective of that gathering was to activate “CARPing spirit” and welcome new comers.

God’s Day in Greater Visayas Region 
by Ann MG Montejo 
Greater Visayas Region celebrated the 31st True God’s Day with the traditional pledge service at 7:00 a.m.  The rest of the day was competition on Yute Norae, Questival, (quiz on the history of the Philippines) Oratorical Contest, Go-Bingo (question and answer regarding the Unification Movement), Solo Singing Contest, Drama Competition and Dance Competition.  There were around 40 members who participated in this celebration.  The next day which is the Day of Victory of Love is celebrated with interesting games like Visionary, Slam Dunk for Women, and Basketball for Men. 

True God’s Day - a Heavenly Celebration 
by Ms. Fe Miranda 
Millions of members of the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification from all over the world simultaneously celebrated the 31st True God’s Day last January 1, 1998.  This year, the Philippines Capital Region, Metro Manila, had their celebration at FFWPU-HQ starting 12MN of January 1st.  At 7:00 a.m. a pledge service was attended by hundreds of members from in and out of Metro Manila led by Mrs. Donna Howell.  Mr. and Mrs. Abel Lualhati were given award as the Most Number of Children in Blessing Batch 1988 having a son and a daughter while Mr. & Mrs. Raul Custodio having a daughter and two sons, Mr. & Mrs. Wency Manabat having two daughters and a son, and Mr. & Mrs. Arnold Mortega for having three sons in Batch 1989.  After the pledge service a mini-convention was held with sports festival spearheaded by Mr. Rey Decena at Amoranto Stadium, Roces Ave., Quezon City.  The title of the Champion was captured by the National Headquarters Team, being the winner in  Basketball, Volleyball, Track and Field, Table Tennis (Men), Scrabble and Word Factory.  HQ was followed by the NCR Team and the Business Team got the third place.  The following are the winners of the events that took place.
Track & Field: 50M (ind-W) 1st Rosalie Pipino, 2nd Fe  Miranda, 3rd Pilar Quiros; 70M (ind-W) 1st Fe Miranda, 2nd Liezl Garido, 3rd C. Cagumay; 100M (ind-M) 1st Ranier Atindido, 2nd N. Casumpang, 3rd Raul Gamboa; 150M (ind-M) 1st Ranier Atintido, 2nd Lito Juliano, 3rd N. Arellano; 210m (relay-W) 1st HQ Team (Karen Cortez, Emil Edchamag, Mila Monterde, Setpyul Kagawa, Fe Miranda, Jessica Lancaster, and Lina Kharbanova), 2nd Business (Melba Mamaril, Jessylyn  Dacanay, Alma Yandoc, Joy Aparte, Sarah Arzaga, Mai-mai Laranang, and Watsarin Songsali);  350M (relay-M) 1st NCR Team; 2nd Business Team, 3rd IWC (Ideal World Corporation) Team (Willy Jagopaas, Nick Latoza, Jojo Rabaño, and Jun Bustamante).
Walkathon: 100M (W) 1st Mila Monterde, 2nd Nora Embradura, 3rd S. Quipanes; 200M (M) 1st Marlo Peralta, 2nd NCR Team, 3rd Business Team.  Table Tennis (M) Champion - Dexter Truya, Table Tennis (W) Champion - Ritsuko Alde, Chess - Jet Lupogan, Word Factory - Kyle Kim and Celso Talaba, Scrabble Champion - Joey Bagaporo.
Basketball Champion - HQ Team (Tony Lee, Alan Suminguit, Edgar Tanate, Lito Juliano, Venus Agustin, Jun Maglangit, Ben Perono, Benedicto Corpus, Rey Decena, Dexter Truya):  Volleyball (M) Champion - Business Team (Romy Nuyana, Manuel Muring, Michael Alde, Nono Arellano, Edwin Granada, D. Walis, Leonardo Guilanas, Gil Flores.):  Volleyball (W) Champion - HQ Team ( Eulalia Belardo, Karen Cortez, Setpyul Kagawa, Fe Miranda, Midori Funami, Pilar Quiros and Aida Quiros)
The Sports Festival ended at about 4:30 p.m.
After dinner, a Cultural Competition was held.  The golden voice of Mahelia Dionio remain as the champion in the solo singing competition, Marites Villarubia placed second and Freddie Rayos took the third place.  While the perfect blending of Manny Quimson and Sally Paguigan’s duet has taken the first prize, Kyle Kim and Tony Lee got the second and George Gabatino and Marites placed third in the duet singing competition.  In the quartet competition, the angelic voices of the second generation composed of Kyle Kim, Tony Lee, Setpyul Kagawa and Michio Kagawa moved the judges’ heart to be the winner with their song entitled “Yesterday.”  Quiapo’s quartet followed them and the third was the  Sta. Mesa group.
Cash prizes and Gift packs solicited by Mr. Joey Bagaporo and Ms. Luz Apigo from the Family Members, were awarded to all the winners in the Sports Festival and the Cultural Competition before the happy celebration ended.  A “Disco for All”, which happens once in a blue moon, served as the finale number participated in and enjoyed by every Unificationist. 
Dae Mo Nim's Report on the Blessing
Released by Chungpyung Training Center Staff, December 29. 1997. This report comes from Chungpyung, and is for the benefit of the worldwide membership.
The November 29 Spirit World Blessing
First, we would like to congratulate all of those members who have come to Chung Pyung Lake Training Center in the past.  All of the spirits who were liberated and sent to Heung Jin Nim in the period preceding November 25, 1997, received the Blessing in the spirit world at the same time as the WCSF III Blessing of 39.6 million couples in Washington DC on November 29.  True Father said that those spirit people who received the Blessing are the spiritual children of the people who liberated them at Chung Pyung by sending them to Heung Jin Nim in the spiritual world.
Also, True Father has said repeatedly that this liberation work should have already been done a long time ago.  He said that it is very wonderful because when we go to the spiritual world these couples will be welcoming us there.  Many more spirit people would receive the Blessing in the future so that our church have more spiritual power.
The True Parents gave a special benediction prayer allowing Dae Mo Nim and Heung Jin Nim to give the Blessing to spirit world couples at Chung Pyung (The photo of this benediction scene is available.)  True Father desires that these Blessings be ongoing at regular intervals rather than waiting for the next major Blessing to occur.
Dae Mo Nim’s report about the Spirit World Blessing
On November 28 at 11 PM, the spirit world Blessing Candidates participated in a Holy Wine Ceremony.  On November 29, Dae Mo Nim arrived early at RFK stadium to prepare.  The blessing of the spirit world couples took place at the same time as the main Blessing Ceremony.  First, the angels came in and then those couples who were Blessed on the earth during their physical lives.  (They served as the ushers.  Next, those many, many millions of spirit world people who passed through Chung Pyung came in wearing beautiful white gowns.  According to Dae Mo Nim they were so beautiful, clean and pure looking.
Then True Father (physically) and Heung Jin Nim (spiritually) came into the stadium.  Some of the people participating were True Father’s ancestors up to seven generations, the founder of the four great religions, the founders of other religions, and those other spirits who went through liberation at the Chung Pyung workshops and special Chung liberations.  Heung Jin Nim matched all those spirits who were married before and went as singles through Chung Pyung.  They received the single Blessing and will be waiting until their spouses come later into the spirit world.
When resentful spirits were leaving Chung Pyung they looked so ugly and scary, but when they came into the Blessing site Dae Mo Nim was so surprised because she saw that they looked so beautiful.  After main Blessing Ceremony all the spirits went to 3rd level of the stadium and occupied the area where there were empty seats.
Since the time of the holy spire world Blessing of three couples was done at Han Nam Dong on August 24, 1995 for Chung Mo Nim’s couples (True Father’s Parents), Dae Hung Nim’s couples (True Father’s elder brother and his wife) and Dae Mo Nim’s couple, this was first time that spirit world people have received the Blessing.  True Father directed that after 40 days of the November 29 Blessing, the newly blessed spirit world  couples should come down to the earth to help the Blessed couples who sent them to Heung Jin Nim.  True Father asked that when they come down they should work to show some kinds of signs to that people can recognize that they are there.  Also, they are now so gentle and good natured that they must be trained to be strong and tough.
Up until this time Dae Mo Nim has worked to help us take off evil and resentful spirits, but from now on, once a month, she will also be giving us the chance to have ancestral liberation done as well.  This is an amazing change.
*** A note from the staff at Chung Pyung:  The above report is not absolutely complete.  We apologize for that, but we want to emphasize how important we feel it is for our brothers and sisters in True Parents to allow God, and the spirit world to help us in our life of faith.  True Father has said that all the members should use this opportunity in the Providence to go through the 40 day workshop (also the three and ten day workshops) at Chung Pyung, so that all the members can receive these wonderful blessings.
God Bless.
First Ever in Unification Movement 
Unification Broadcasters Conference
For the first time in the history of the Unification Movement, a Unification Broadcasters Conference was held at FFWPU Training Center, Victoria Valley, Cainta Rizal last December 27-28, 1997.  Twenty one (21) Unification Broadcasters of  the “TINIG NG PAGKAKAISA”  from all over the nation gathered for two days where a professional Broadcaster Robert F. Rivero of DZXL-AM (a nationwide radio station) served as a resource speaker, who spoke about the Role of Radio Broadcast in the Philippines, including the importance and influences of Media in the Philippines.  He also gave valuable suggestions on how to improve our radio program “Tinig ng Pagkakaisa.”  Rev. Lloyd and Mrs. Donna Howell inspired the group with the topic.  “The Role of Media in God’s Providence” and “Basic Communication Skills” respectively.
It formally started with the opening remarks of  Mr. Federico V. Niduasa, head of the Radio Ministry, followed by a very warm welcoming remarks by the Vice President of the FFWPU Mrs. Rowena C. Presente and an inspirational talk by Gen. Florencio Magsino, also a  broadcaster of the Tinig ng Pagkakaisa..  Gen. Magsino also shared the history and accomplishments of the radio program together with Mr. Federico V. Niduasa.  Mr. Niduasa served as the anchorman during the 2-day activity.
Region I was represented by Jovito Baquirin; Region II by Joy Florentino, Emiljun Rapada and Eugene Leones; Region III by Jess Arocena and Carlos Vidal; Northquad Region by Jess Mariano, Region V by Ruben Olgado and Wilfredo Alzaga, John Bastol represented Region VI, Greater Visayas Region was represented by Ann Montejo, Jun Jumawan and Cenz Obligar; SocSarGen was represented by Ulysses Dapon, Region IX by Ryan Ilustrisimo and from the National Capital Region, Atty. Celso Talaba, Edgar Tanate, and Fe Miranda.
On the second day, previous broadcasts of the different local stations airing the program were evaluated, positively criticized and everyone made their positive comments and contributions to ensure its success.  Before the seminar ended the group did the “mock” broadcasting that everyone enyojed.  The practice broadcast made a tremendous impact to all because everyone really did  a great job, more than we imagined.  Each one received a certificate of attendance handed by our very own FFWPU President, Mr. 
1998 FFWPU Calendar
•TRUE GOD’S DAY 1/1/68  
•Hyo Jin Nim’s 36th Birthday 1/1  
•Day of Victory of Love 1/2/84  
•Hyo Jin Nim & Nan Sook Nim’s  
 Blessing 1/7/82  
•Ye Jin Nim’s 37th Birthday 1/9  
•Kook Jin Nim & Soon Ju Nim’s  
 Blessing 1/10/89  
•72 Couples of the 2nd Generation  
 Blessing 1/11/89  
•1275 Couples’ Blessing 1/12/89  
•Shin Yul Nim’s 5th Birthday 1/17  
•Jun Sook Nim’s 30th Birthday 1/22  
•Shin Gil Nim’s 10th Birthday 1/24  
•Hoon Sook Nim’s 35th Birthday 1/28  
•Yeon Jin Nim’s 17th Birthday 1/30 
•43 Couples’ Blessing 5/1/69  
•HSA-UWC Established 5/1/54  
•Hyun Jin Nim’s 29th Birthday 5/5  
•36 Couples’ Blessing 5/15/61  
•Day of the Love of God 5/16/84  
•Shin Yeon Nim’s 8th Birthday 5/18  
•Ye Jin Nim & Jin Whi Nim’s Blessing 5/16/81  
•118 Couples’ Blessing 5/21/78  
•Declaration Day of Heavenly Parentism 9/1/89  
•Shin Goon Nim’s 15th Birthday 9/2  
•Shin Kwon Nim’s 9th Birthday 9/2  
•Young Jin Nim & Hwa Jung Nim’s Blessing 9/6/97  
•Hyung Jin Nim & Yun Ah Nim’s Blessing 9/6/97  
•In Jin Nim’s 33rd Birthday 9/8  
•Hwa Jung Nim’s 21st Birthday 9/9  
•Foundation Day 9/18/76  
•Shin Ji Nim’s 4th Birthday 9/20  
•Shin Joong Nim’s 5th Birthday 9/22  
•Hyung Jin Nim’s 19th Birthday 9/26  
•Day of Dispensational Reversal Toward  
 Unification 9/27/88  
•Father’s 78th Birthday 2/2  
•Mother’s 55th Birthday 2/2  
•Choongmo-Nim’s Ascension 2/3  
•1800 Couples’ Blessing 2/8/75  
•16 Couples’ Blessing 2/11/78  
•Shin Jung Nim’s 15th Birthday 2/12  
•Kwon Jin Nim’s 23rd Birthday 2/16  
•In Jin Nim & Jin Sung Nim’s Blessing 2/20/84  
•Heung Jin Nim & Hoon Sook Nim’s  
 Blessing 2/20/84  
•74 Couples’ Blessing 2/21/77  
•430 Couples’ Blessing 2/22/68 
•72 Couples’ Blessing 6/4/62  
•Young Jin Nim’s 20th Birthday 6/11  
•39 Couples’ Blessing 6/13/81  
•Jeung Jin Nim’s 16th Birthday 6/14  
•Day of One Heart 6/23/89  
•Day of Victory of Heaven 10/4/76  
•Soon Ju Nim’s 26th Birthday 10/5  
•6000 Couples’ Blessing 10/14/82  
•777 Couples’ Blessing 10/21/70  
•Shin Myung Nim’s 12th Birthday 10/27  
•In Sup Nim’s 26th Birthday 10/30  
•6500 Couples’ Blessing 10/30/88  
•Shin Won Nim’s 10th Birthday 3/8  
•Jin Sung Nim’s 36th Birthday 3/16  
•Shin Chul Nim’s 6th Birthday 3/25  
•Sung Jin Nim’s Birthday 3/28  
•Hyun Jin Nim & Jun Sook Nim’s Blessing 3/31/87  
•2075 Couples’ Blessing 7/1/82  
•124 Couples’ Blessing 7/24/63  
•Daemo-nim’s Ascension 11/3/89  
•Shin Eh Nim’s 9th Birthday 11/4  
•Shin Ok Nim’s 9th Birthday 11/6  
•Hwa Yun Nim’s 21st Birthday 11/8  
•Shin Sun Nim’s 8th Birthday 11/22  
•Yun Ah Nim’s 20th Birthday 11/24  
•Shin Hoon Nim’s 4th Birthday 11/24  
•3.6 Million Couples’ & 36 Million Couples’      Blessings 11/29/97 
•42 Couples’ Blessing 4/7/89  
•138 Previously Married Couples’ Blessing 4/7/89  
•57 Single Blessing 4/7/89  
•1265 Couples’ Blessing 4/10/92  
•Un Jin Nim & Jin Hun Nim’s Blessing 4/11/86  
•Shin Hwa Nim’s 10th Birthday 4/7  
•True Parents’ Blessing 4/12  
•36 Couples of the 2nd Generation  
 Blessing 4/12/86  
•Kwon Jin Nim & Hwa Yun Nim’s  
 Blessing 4/16/95  
•Sun Jin Nim & In Sup Nim’s Blessing 4/16/95  
•Nan Sook Nim’s 32nd Birthday 4/17  
•Jin Hun Nim’s 35th Birthday 4/21  
•Shin Bok Nim’s 16th Birthday 4/28 
•Day of Returning to the Home Country 8/1/93  
•Kook Jin Nim’s 28th Birthday 8/5  
•Sun Jin Nim’s 22nd Birthday 8/6  
•Total Victory Day 8/16/85  
•Declaration of the Providential Age of Salvation by     Love 8/20/89  
•30,000 Couples’ Blessing 8/25/92  
•360,000 Couples’ Blessing 8/25/95  
 AND  EARTH 8/28  
•Day of the Settlement of 8 Stages 8/31/89  
•Jin Whi Nim’s 35th Birthday 12/6  
•Shin Young Nim’s 12th Birthday 12/6  
•Heung Jin Nim’s 32nd Birthday 12/11  
•35 Couples’ Blessing 12/22/76