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A guide for all families wishing to improve themselves

Our society...

is held together by relationships, and relationships depend on love. The extent to which we can practice loving others is the extent to which we feel happy.

So it’s not what you have or who you know that's important, but what you do with the things you have and how you relate to others that’s important.

Regardless of wealth, position, knowledge or fame, a person can not feel completely fulfilled without perfecting love and since love is so crucial for our fulfilment, we find that there is an institution which is designed to teach us the lessons of love.

That institution is the family.

The school of love

God designed the family to be the school of love.

The relationships in our family are the most fundamental to our life, for through them we learn how to love. We learn the basics of love through our mother and father, and our brothers and sisters. Then we leave our parents home, marry and continue to cultivate our love through the relationships with our spouse and children in our new family.

All other relationships in our life are patterned after these primary relationships.

It is through these relationships that we learn to control our emotions and channel our desires through following the norms of true love.

When our emotions and desires are channelled in such a way, they can blossom into true love.

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