Early Unification Church History

by Mrs. Nora Spurgin


Early Unification Church History - Part 3

Mrs. Ho and her followers could not deny their revelations and without understanding who Father was, both they and Father suffered severe torture. The great foundation of faith which had been made through Mrs. Kim and Mrs. Ho was never connected to the Lord they so longed to meet. Had they recognized and obeyed the Messiah there, history would be different. In 1950 when the Korean war broke out, long-suffering members of the Inside Belly Church were sent to concentration camps in North Korea and eventually killed.

Since Mrs. Ho did not accomplish the mission to connect with Father, the blessing of the inheritance of their foundation was passed on to Mother alone. Mrs. Hong (Mother's mother) was involved with this group. While Mrs. Ho was in prison, Mother as a six-year-old girl was introduced to the spiritual leader acting for Mrs. Ho. This spiritual lady gave Mother a great blessing. Thus, as Father inherited the foundation blessing from Mr. Kim, so Mother received this blessing as the bride of the Messiah.

Here, in Mother's own words given on May 3, 1977, we catch a glimpse of the painful reality of the preparation for this.

In Korea, there were many special spiritual groups which were unlike the conventional Christian churches which just blindly believed in the Bible and Jesus Christ, hoping to go to heaven. Those spiritual groups existed solely to receive revelations from God to prepare the way for the Lord of the Second Advent here on earth, and to search to find the heavenly bride.

Mother having been overcome with tears, Father explained:

Mother is very sorrowful because looking back to those days she remembers the impossible tribulation that those people, including Mother's own mother, went through. Those people who were receiving God's revelations had to suffer in so many incredible ways. They paved the way of indemnity and many died in very unfortunate circumstances, sometimes in prison.

Mother continued:

I was also sorrowful to once again think that those heavenly chosen instruments who were absolutely dedicated to God's revelations and whose one hope was to some day meet the Messiah never saw that day.

God had precisely unfolded to the His plan for sending His son here on earth, and under untold hardships they prepared for the day of the Lord. But unfortunately they did not see that day, and one after another they died away. Yet their mission continued on for three generations. As the culmination of one group which had such revelations, I was born. The final spiritualist to inherit the mission of unfolding God's plan to send His son here on earth recognized me at the age of six, and said that I would be the bride of the Lord.

The Restoration Process

In a speech on the history of the Unification Church, given on December 27, 1971, Father said, "The Lord of the Second Advent must restore the three lost disciples of Jesus. These three disciples will be the restored archangels. After that he will restore Eve."

He continued, saying that to restore Adam, God had to work through the Old Testament Age, the New Testament Age and the Completed Testament Age. Therefore, to restore the Eve position, Father had to make conditions to restore Eve in the three ages as well. Originally God wanted to love Adam and Eve together. But in the Old and New Testament ages God chose men in Adam's position: Noah, Abraham, etc. The right conditions for restoration of the Eve position had to be made by Father in the last days.

To restore the three archangels, God had to go through a three-stage providence. The man's mission was accomplished in three stages by the three successive male leaders of the spiritual group on the east coast. The women's group on the west coast went through a three-stage providence of succession of leaders as well. These two groups were to unite. Father said "If (Father) can restore one man, from the spiritual group, by that he can restore all the conditions for the restoration of Eve."

When Father went to the east coast church there were three women who testified to him. According to Father if these three women and their leader, Mr. Kim had become one with Father, then all the conditions would have been restored at that place and time; they would have become the perfection stage group.

In this same speech Father explained that had this group united with him, then a second Christian group would have been found which was united with the Christian ministers, representing the growth stage centered on Christianity. This Christian center would have in turn connected with the government becoming the formation stage group. At this time Korea had no president and no government yet - this formation stage (Old Testament), growth stage (New Testament), and perfection stage (Second Advent) providence would have provided a government.

At the time Christians should have become one with Father, Korea was under American military government. Through the Christians he could have united with the government. And through the government he could have united with the democratic world. And through the democratic world the communist world would have crumbled.

Since unity was not made, Father went to North Korea in 1946 where he found Won Pil Kim and three women who played the role of the four people who had been prepared to unite in South Korea.

The Unification Church

In the place of Christianity, a new foundation had to be established. This is the Unification Church (HSA-UWC), whose mission it is to indemnity the failures of Christianity to unite with God's providence for the fulfillment of the Second Advent. After Father restored certain providential numbers of followers in North Korea (for example, three male disciples from prison who restored Jesus' three disciples), Father could go to South Korea to begin the spiritual work out of which the Unification Church could be founded. By fulfilling this, Jesus' crucifixion could be restored. Once done, the continuing providence was to complete the work of the living Messiah which began in 1960.

Father had salvaged the restoration providence by himself inheriting the foundation made by the Christian group and creating a new group (the Unification Church) made up of his small group of disciples. Mother also inherited the blessing of the foundation of Mrs. Ho's church. These two great foundations of faith were finally united in our True Parents, and from this beginning they took the mission to unite Christianity to the next level, the worldwide level.

In 1971 Father said, "America is the archangelic nation in the he democratic world." In order to fulfill the mission of restoring one nation there are two areas of focus. One is the Principle which will unite the Christians and the other is anti-communists theory to end communism. These "two works must unite in America. The work to restore Christians must be done in America, and also to prevent communist domination."

So in 1985, on the foundation of his work and tremendous sacrifice in America, Father again asks us to take up the cross of Christianity, bring it into unity, and reach out to the non-religious world, in order to bring all God's children home to where our True Parents dwell as savior of us all.

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